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List of Colleges and Universities offering degree programs in surveying.
Assiniboine Community College GIS Environmental Technologies Advanced Diploma - Distance Do you want to learn new skills using cutting edge Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technologies, but don’t want to leave your job? Do you feel like technology is changing so quickly that you are getting left behind? If so, and you already have a degree or diploma from a recognized institution, then the GIS Environmental Technologies (GET) advanced diploma distance learning program offered by Assiniboine Community College could be just the program for you! This highly dynamic program will give you hands-on experience using state-of-the-art software making you a hot commodity in a number of resource-based sectors, including precision agriculture, forestry, watershed management and municipal GIS. 31
Auburn University Montgomery Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing: Building Predictive Models to Explain Ancient Maya Locational Decisions 32
Autodesk Design Academy Plusgrade Autodesk is now offering a new opportunity for educational institutions to plusgrade stand-alone licenses to Autodesk Design Academy (ADA), a comprehensive pre-engineering and pre-architecture curriculum program. 6
British Columbia Institute of Technology The GIS Department at BCIT offers numerous education and training opportunities in GIS technology, including diploma and degree programs (full-time and part-time), continuing education, and online courses. 21
California State Polytechnic University California State Polytechnic University offers a Certificate in GIS, a major in Geography with an option in GIS, an interdisciplinary minor in GI Systems, a research center in GIscience, and a minor in Land Surveying. 17
California State University Northridge 0
Charles Darwin University Study Tropical Spatial Science in Northern Australia! Courses include; Graduate Certificate in GIS (6 months full time - COMPLETELY EXTERNAL PROGRAM) Graduate Diploma in GIS (12 months full time) Units available through undergraduate programs (eg Bachelor of Science) Units: Geographic Information Systems 1 (2nd yr) Geographic Information Systems 2 (3rd yr) Geographic Information Applications (3rd yr) Remote Sensing 1 (2nd yr) Remote Sensing 2 (3rd yr) Project in Geographic Information (3rd yr) Mapping for the Field Sciences (2nd yr) Landscape Ecology and GIS (4th yr) 15
City University, London MSc GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS and MSc GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION MANAGEMENT. Study a cutting-edge degree by ONLINE DISTANCE or FLEXIBLE learning with an award-winning world-class teaching team at City University, London. Full and part time options. Scholarships available. 71
Claremont Graduate University Specialized concentration in GIS with direct access to GIS Research Labs and an Esri Development Center! Full-time and part-time MSIST or Ph.D. in Information Systems and Technology offered. Visit our course listings at http://www.gis.cgu.edu. 0
Clark University M.A. in Geographic Information Sciences for Development and Environment
Clark University offers scholarship funding to earn a master’s degree in Geographic Information Sciences for Development and Environment. This program is unique because it integrates GIS with environmental science and economic development in industrial and developing regions.
College of William & Mary GIS in DC The William & Mary post-baccalaureate GIS certificate brings the high-quality research focused education of William & Mary to the DC area. The program is targeted at working professionals in the DC area who utilize, or plan to utilize, GIS in their employment. The focus of the program is to bring the full capability of Geographic Information Science to decision makers in DC including those in governmental organizations. In keeping with the W&M tradition, courses are taught in a small group setting with a focus on faculty student mentoring and contact. Although some course material is online, the majority of the courses are conducted face-to-face in the William & Mary DC office located in Dupont Circle. The program has a focus on analytical cartography and spatial analyses with a particular emphasis on policy relevant international databases such as the AidData international aid database and the social conflict in Africa database. 3
College of William and Mary Post-baccalaureate GIS certificate 0
Community College of Philadelphia A.A.S. Degree Program: A core sequence of ten GIS courses is offered which will enable students 1) to develop extensive theoretical and practical competencies relating to GIS; 2) develop foundational understanding and skills in the use of industry standard software; and 3) be able to demonstrate to employers the ability to perform GIS tasks and contribute to the solution of GIS problems. Cerrtificate Program: The GIS Certificate Program will provide students with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to develop and manage Geographic Information projects and to interpret and implement GIS as a decision support system. The core sequence of seven GIS courses is offered which will enable students 1) to develop substantial theoretical and practical competencies relating to GIS; 2) develop foundational understanding and skills in the use of industry standard software; and 3) be able to demonstrate to employers the ability to perform GIS tasks at the entry level. 10
Curtin University Bachelor of Science (Geographic Information Science) 14
Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science - available by online distance learning Graduate Diploma in Geographic Information Science - available by online distance learning Master of Science (Geographic Information Science) 8
Eastern Illinois University Professional Science Master in GIS. It is an interdisciplinary program designed to facilitate students' pursuit of an advanced degree with training in the Geographic Information Sciences, while simultaneously developing business skills highly valued by potential employers. 0
Elmhurst College GIS Certificate Program 28
Florida Atlantic University FAU's Department of Urban and Regional Planning offers both one to three day GIS Training classes and semster long GIS Courses. Taken in sequence, the semester courses comprise a Visual Planning Technology Certificate. This four-course certificate program is designed to build working knowledge and skills in understanding, applying, and managing geographic information systems (GIS) as well as other visual technologies within the planning environment. 11
Forest Resources Institue The misson of FRI is to serve as a "friend of the forest;" an unbiased monitor of forest health, trends and conditions in industrial, private non-industrial and public lands of the South. FRI will serve all legitimate stakeholders in the southern forest without preference. We are a service organization. 8
GateWay Community College We offered applied classes in GIS technology, including applied GIS classes for Water Resources, Homeland Security, and Health Sciences. Additionally, we are an ESRI Authorized Learning Center, offering ESRI classes. 8
GeoSpatial Training Services Google Maps For Your Apps
Mastering KML For Google Earth
Mastering Python for Geoprocessing
Google Earth & Google Maps Bundle
ESRI's Programmers Special
Google Earth for Everyone!
GISCI Certification Institute The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) is a tax-exempt not-for-profit organization that provides the geographic information systems (GIS) community with a complete certification program. GISCI offers participants from the first early years on the job unti 15
Intergraph Online Education Traning Program Introduction to Geographic Information Science (GIS) – online course 31
Jadavpur University (CAD Centre), Calcutta, India P.G. Diploma in Applied GIS and Remote Sensing 24
Johns Hopkins University Johns Hopkins University Online Certificate Program in GIS is a graduate program providing a strong foundational education that delves into the principles and real-world applications of GIS. Students explore the principle tenets of GIS by completing five (5) subject area courses that build their credentials and capitalize on a marketplace hungry for skilled employees. The entire program is ONLINE. There are no residency requirements for students wishing to obtain a strong foundation in GIS from one of the premier academic research institutions in the country. 9
Kingston Learning Centre GIS Technician 16
Kingston University (UK) - BSc (Hons) in GIS - BSc (Hons) in GIS with Business - BSc (Hons) in GIS with Computing - MSc in Aplied GIS - MSc in GIS (by research) - PhD in GIS (by research) 60
Memorial University of Newfoundland The Department of Geography at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador offers various programs in Geography, with the possibility to specialize in GISciences.

The undergraduate diploma program in Geographic Information Sciences (GISciences), offered in addition to our regular B.Sc. and B.A. programs, consists of a series of courses in cartography, geographical information systems, remote sensing and computer sciences. Throughout the program, students learn to compile geo-referenced databases, to design and produce maps, to analyze data in geographic information system environments, to produce digital elevation models, and to extract information from aerial photographs and satellite images. Two instructional field placement courses provide the students with ability to use their skills and to apply their knowledge to research or industry related problems.
Mesa State College Implementing Geotechnologies for Mining and Petroleum Industries 8
Michigan Tech School of Technology The School of Technology offers associate degree programs in engineering technology (civil, electrical and electromechanical) and bachelor of science degrees in engineering technology (options in electrical and mechanical engineering technology), computer network administration and land surveying. 1
Mountain Empire Community College Geographic Information Systems Career Cetificate using ESRI Virtual Campus courses via the web. The 24-semester hour program requires a speech and Power Point course to enable the student to do effective GIS presentations. 4
Murray State University The Department of Geosciences offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs which are strongly supported by course work in remote sensing, digital image processing, geoarchaeology, geology, and geographic information science (GIS). Graduate training builds heavily upon departmental faculty and staff expertise and the manual and digital processing equipment housed at the Mid-America Remote sensing Center (MARC) and the Wickliffe Mounds Research Center. The department is centrally aligned with the Kentucky Center of Excellence for Reservoir Research (CRR) housed at MSU. Geoscience students with remote sensing and GIS/GPS training and experience are uniquely qualified for professional careers in both the public and private sectors upon graduation. 8
NBCC Moncton Geographic Information Systems is a post-diploma program designed to prepare students for employment in the Geomatics Sector. GIS is computer-based mapping and analysis of objects and events. It combines the power of a database with the visualization capabilities offered by maps. The objective of the GIS Technician program is to complement an existing technical skill-base with core GIS concepts and an exposure to several industry-standard GIS software packages. 7
New Mexico State University Engineering The Surveying Engineering degree is divided into several sections. There is a core section of 31 credit hours that are required to meet University standards. These include courses in communication and humanities. There is a Math and Science section that also includes 31 credit hours. These courses satisfy the ABET criteria for Math and Science. Next are the Surveying Engineering courses consisting of 48 credit hours. Finally, there are other courses, including electives, that make up the remaining 18 hours of the 128* hour degree requirement. 4
Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology The Postgraduate GIS Program - An alternative to the traditional Master's Degree, the Postgraduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allows for the development of an application based skill set that compliments existing experience and expertise within the student's chosen field. 2
North Carolina State University NC State offers MS degrees in GISc and in Environmental Remote Sensing via the Natural Resources Graduate Program. In addition we offer a Graduate Certificate in GIS which may be taken as a stand alone credential (via lifelong learning) or as a minor attached to any graduate program. 21
Northeastern Illinois University GIS Certificate Program (undergraduate) GIS Certificate Program (graduate) 2
Northeastern University Northeastern University's Geographic Information Systems Graduate Certificate program provides hands-on training to give students the necessary skills and understanding to apply GIS competently and effectively. As a result of the certificate curriculum, students will be well versed in GIS theory, will have practical hands-on exposure to GIS software and hardware, will understand the representation of data in both mapped and tabular forms, and will know how to plan and construct spatial databases.The program can be completed online, on-campus, or a combination of the two. 4
Northeastern University College of Professional Studies MPS in GIT. USGIF accredited masters program. Diverse with strengths in GeoINT, remote sensing (including LiDAR, photogrammetry and CS4IR). Entirely online offering. All software accessible via a virtual lab. 0
Paul Smith Forestry Recreation Surveying - The forest management operations at Paul Smith’s College have received FSC Certification from Smartwood through the certifier’s partnership with the National Wildlife Federation. 1
Penn State Penn State's Online GIS Certificate Program - The Penn State World Campus Certificate Program in GIS is a noncredit program designed to meet the needs and busy schedules of full-time professionals. 8
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico Geomatic Sciences Department Land Surveying and Mapping Program 14
Purdue University Geomatics engineers design, develop, and operate systems for collecting and analyzing spatial information about the land, the oceans, natural resources, and the environment. These activities include, but are not limited to, cartography, GPS surveying, digital mapping, geodesy, geographic information systems (GIS), hydrography, land information management, land surveying, mining surveying, photogrammetry, and remote sensing. 3
Rio Hondo College For the past 15 years, students enrolled in GIS at the community college either work and have been requested to perform GIS, or changing positions or careers, graduated from university and job prospects require GIS or simply students exploring career options. GIS is a horizontal technology as reflective of our students including LAPD, County Sheriff to local fire, Department of Health, Public Works, Parks and Recreation to Education, Assessor, Children Services and many local cities. 145
SAIT Polytechnic Bachelor of Applied Technology - Geographic Information Systems 11
San Francisco State University The Department of Geography at San Francisco State University offers B.A. and M.A. degrees specializing in geographic information science, and a certificate of completion in GIS. The certificate offers students’ applications-oriented training in the use of this rapidly maturing technology. The certificate program is open to students seeking to add to their knowledge, but not seeking degrees. The courses are designed to provide students with skills and a conceptual base from which they will be able to develop and manage large or small GIS projects. 13
San Jose State University The Department of Geography at San Jose State University offers B.A. and M.A. degrees specializing in geographic information science, and a certificate in geographic information science. The certificate program is open to student seeking to add to their knowledge, but not seeking degrees, as well as those enrolled in degree programs. 5
Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology GIS Applications Specialist Post Graduate Program 4
Shippensburg University B.S. in Geography / GIS A rigorous undergraduate degree program with parallel sequences of GIS and Geography courses. Along with cartography, allied courses include programming concepts, databases and 2-D design. GIS Certificate Program A 12-credit (4 courses) undergraduate program open to all students in any major. The program provides a broad introduction to GIS and GISc and its many applications. 3
Simon Fraser University The Department of Geography at SFU offers undergraduate and graduate training leadingto the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. Major areas of study in the department include spatial information systems, computer cartography and remote sensing, biogeography, geomorphology, climatology, economic geography, and cultural (historical) geography. 3
Smithsonian National Zoological Park Conservation GIS Training 13
St. Mary Department of Resource Analysis Master of Science Geographic Information Science 4
St. Mary The Master of Science in Geographic Information Sciences program is a 37 semester hour graduate degree intended to prepare participants for careers in resource analysis and/or management. The program focuses on the application of modern spatial analytical skills utilizing "state-of -the-art" Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools. 1
St. Mary The Master of Science in Geographic Information Sciences program is a 37 semester hour graduate degree intended to prepare participants for careers in resource analysis and/or management. The program focuses on the application of modern spatial analytical skills utilizing "state-of -the-art" Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools. 4
St. Mary's University of Minnesota The Master of Science in Resource Analysis program - It is a 37 semester hour degree intended to prepare graduates for careers in resource analysis and/or management. The program focuses on the application of modern spatial analytical skills utilizing "state-of -the-art" Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools. 3
State University of New York (SUNY) College at Oneonta GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS TRACK 12
State University of New York (SUNY) Suffolk County Community College In Development 0
Tarrant County College Associate in Applied Science degree in GIS, Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Skills Enhancement 1
Texas A&M University We offer undergraduate education with a Bachelors of Science in Geographic Information Science with emphases in Geographic Information Systems or Geomatics. Graduate studies at the Masters of Science level are offered in Computer Science with a Geographic Information Science emphasis. 11
The University of Sydney The Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources offers a third year undergraduate unit of study in rural spatial information systems. The unit of study is a 6-credit points designed to impart knowledge and skills in spatial analysis and geographical information system (GIS) tools- in a rural context. 6
Universiti Sains Malaysia Starting the academic year 2004/2005 the Geography Section, School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia is offering a new MSc Geographical Information Science. 3
University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, Germany MSc in Photogramnmetry and Geoinformatics (in English) 15
University of Arizona School of Natural Resources 7
University of Calgary The Department of Geography at the University of Calgary offers a course based graduate program leading to the degree of Master of Geographic Information Systems (MGIS). Within the program, students develop competencies in three core areas: GIS, remote sensing, and spatial statistics. 2
University of California Riverside Extension Certificate in GIS-24 unit program GIS Summer School-Earn the Certificate in GIS in just 2 months. 14
University of California Riverside Extention There are three focus tracks in the Certificate in GIS -- GIS Management, GIS Data Collection/Data Generation, and GIS Data Analysis and Presentation. Certificates indicate which track you completed. 17
University of Colorado at Denver The Master of Engineering degree - Geographic Information Systems (MEng-GIS) option is directed to engineers and other environmental and urban infrastructure professionals seeking skills in using and managing these rapidly developing spatial data technologies. 3
University of Georgia The University of Georgia Department of Geography offers undergraduate and graduate (masters and PhD) degrees in GIScience, including GIS, remote sensing, and photogrammetry. Home of the Center for Remote Sensing and Mapping Science (CRMS). 2
University of Glasgow MSc Geoinformation Technology & Cartography This programme is aimed at those seeking a career in geographic information management or cartography. The focus is on understanding and managing the locational data underpinning Geographic Information Systems (GIS) together with visualisation and map production in a GIS environment. There is also scope if you are interested in various GIS application areas. 1
University of Glasgow MSc Geospatial & Mapping Sciences This programme is aimed at those seeking a career in geomatics: land and engineering; surveying; hydrographic surveying; land registration/cadastre and LIS; photogrammetric and remote sensing engineering; management of geospatial information. 7
University of Hartford Civil and Environmental Engineering 1
University of Hertfordshire BSc Geography BSc Environmental Science 4
University of Illinois at Chicago Public Health Geographic Information Systems Online Certificate Program

The UIC Public Health Geographic Information Systems is a fully online graduate level certificate program which provides students with an understanding of fundamental GIS tools and their practical applications. To earn the Public Health GIS certificate, students have to complete three graduate-level core courses and an integrative project for a total of 13 credit hours.
University of Kentucky The New Maps Plus online Graduate Certificate and Master of Science in Digital Mapping focus on open source mapping, JavaScript programming, and cartographic design for the web. Students will develop the technical skills and design fluency they need to make highly sophisticated web maps that are also elegant and impactful. 0
University of Kentucky The New Maps Plus graduate programs (certificate and M.Sc.) at the University of Kentucky offer students a challenging, intensive, digital mapping curriculum that emphasizes the acquisition of technical skills—coding, GIS, web development—while also preparing students to critically address the complexity of today’s information ecosystem. 0
University of Leeds MSc in GIS by Open Distance Learning 38
University of Maine Department of Spatial Information Science and Engineering - The department offers a new and exciting undergraduate degree program in Information Systems Engineering, an ongoing master's degree program in Information Systems, and leading-edge research-based master's- and doctoral-degree programs in Spatial Information Science and Engineering. 3
University of Miami This Certificate Program is designed to benefit students who seek to enhance their skills in geospatial technologies, especially Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and satellite remote sensing. Students will be exposed to standard software tools used in the industry including ArcGIS, ERDAS IMAGINE, and Idrisi, as well as image data from a range of optical and microwave orbiting satellites. A full suite of geospatial software is available in our GIS lab. Students who earn the Certificate will enhance their employment prospects and/or advance their careers in geospatial technology, particularly in job settings that stress the use of satellite remote sensing and vector- based GIS. 1
University of Minnesota Master of Geographic Information Science 6
University of Mississippi Geospatial Information Science and Technology (GIS&T) Graduate Certificate Program 2
University of New Brunswick Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering 1
University of North Texas Applied Geography, Bachelor's / Master's Degrees with GIS concentration 12
University of Pennslyvania The MUSA (Master of Urban Spatial Analytics) degree is a ONE YEAR masters program coupling spatial analysis skills-most notably Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-with substantive knowledge in an urban content area of the student's choosing. These include: criminology, design, economic and community development, education, local and state government, public health, real estate, urban land use planning, social welfare, transportation, and urban demography. While there are many university and college programs offering certificates in GIS, Penn is only U.S. university to integrate spatial analysis with multiple disciplines. 3
University of Sains (Science) Malaysia Staring from academic year 2004/2005 the Geography Section, School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia is offering a new MSc GIScience program. 3
University of Siena (Italy) Centre for Geo-Technologies Master in Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing for the Environment 12
University of Tennessee, Knoxville GIS for Transportation (GIS-T) program 13
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Mathematical and Computational Ecology Program 1
University of Texas at San Antonio The Department of Earth and Environmental Science offers a Masters of Environmental Science with a specialization in Environmental Spatial Analysis. Also offered is a 15 credit hour Professional Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science. A Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering encompassing GIS is also available. 12
University of the South Pacific Degree in GIS 15
University of Utah The Department of Geography 5
University of Waikato Department of Geography - Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Cartography and Spatial Analysis 3
University of Washington Master of GIS for Sustainability Management Offered by the University of Washington Department of Geography, the Master of Geographic Information Systems (MGIS), with a concentration in sustainability management helps working professionals enter or advance their careers in the field of geospatial systems and technology industries. Take an advanced approach to designing sustainable solutions for complex problems by incorporating GIS. Visit the website at https://www.gisonline.uw.edu/ 262
University of West Florida We offer quality online GIS education for novice and professional GIS users across the globe. We have a 6-week online GIS Training Academy. We also offer on-site corporate training as needed. Our one-year certificate program is offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level. We have also added a Professional Science Master's in GIS this Fall. 13
University of Wisconsin-Madison The Department of Geography at the UW-Madison offers an undergraduate degree in Cartography/GIS, a one-year graduate GIS Certificate, and a 2-year Master's degree in Cartography/GIS. 14
USQ Australia USQ is a dynamic, young University that offers award programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level by on-campus, off-campus or online study. Many students choose different modes of delivery for different periods of their study. The University believes that flexible delivery is about giving people what they want, where they want it, when they want it, in their style, in their place, in their time. We are regional, flexible and international. 20
Vancouver Island University Vancouver Island University (VIU) has developed as one of Canada's leading centers for GIS Education. VIU's Advanced Diploma in GIS Applications (ADGISA) is a post-graduate GIS diploma. Both Face-to-Face (8 month) and Fully Online (16 month) options are available. Please visit the program website at http://www.viu.ca/adgisa. The VIU Master of GIS Applications (MGISA) program is a two-stage program offering both Blended (Face-to-Face/Online) and Fully Online options. The program is designed for both students who have little exposure to GIS and for students who have already completed a post-graduate GIS Diploma. For students with little experience, the program is 24 or 30 months in length, depending on whether the Blended of Fully Online option is chosen. Those students who already hold a post-graduate GIS Diploma may be eligible for advanced entry into the final year of the program. For more information, please visit our website at http://www.viu.ca/mgisa. VIU has six experts in GIS and Remote Sensing, three of whom teach full-time in the ADGISA and MGISA programs. All of our instructors are dedicated to ensuring our students' success. 3
Virginia International University Virginia International University was established in 1998 with the goal of providing affordable, quality higher education for students preparing to meet the needs and opportunities of the 21st Century workforce. VIU is a private, non-profit university located in Fairfax, Virginia, just minutes from Washington, DC. VIU currently offers graduate and undergraduate programs in business, management and computer science, as well as certificates in a variety of professional and technical fields, including English as a second language (ESL). Our student body comes from more than 38 different countries. VIU offers tuition scholarships to high-potential students because we believe that higher education should be available to those who do not have the necessary funds to pursue it. ( http://www.viu.edu/financial/scholarship.html ) . 10
Waypoint Mapping 3 New Mapping Workshops Featuring Emerging Technologies! 10
Waypoint Mapping Our GIS instructor has over 14 years experience in GIS, including over 12 years in GIS for Emergency Response applications. He has taught as an ESRI Authorized Instructor for Texas A&M for over ten years and brings real-world experience to the classroom. 8
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GIS Developer for Farragut Systems at DURHAM, North Carolina
GIS Coordinator -IT Specialist 4 for State of Minnesota at Saint Paul, Minnesota
GIS Specialist/Developer for State of Minnesota at Saint Paul, Minnesota
GIS Analyst for City of Stuart at Stuart, Florida
GIS Specialist for LEAVENWORTH COUNTY at Leavenworth, Kansas
Aerial Camera Operator for LeadAir, Inc. at Kissimmee, Florida
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