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Optech re-invents lidar with the new multispectral Titan!


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Optech is shaking up the remote sensing industry yet again with Titan, the world’s first multispectral airborne lidar sensor. This revolutionary sensor integrates three active imaging channels of different wavelengths for day or night mapping of complex environments, opening up new doors in automated 3D target classification and enabling fresh approaches to existing applications.

Capable of capturing discrete and full-waveform data from all three channels, Titan has a combined ground sampling rate approaching 1 MHz that results in ultra-dense coverage. The sensor includes full gyro–stabilization compatibility for predictable point distribution and a fully-programmable scanner for significantly boosting point density with narrower FOVs. Passive imagery support is available via a selection of fully-embedded high-resolution metric mapping camera options, including multispectral, thermal, RGB, NIR and CIR options. A new era for lidar has begun, and you can be part of it!

“Titan is a paradigm shift from what has traditionally been possible using airborne lidar,” says Michael Sitar, Optech’s Business Manager for Airborne Mapping. “By combining multiple wavelengths we not only improve current methods and results for existing applications, but also open up completely new opportunities and applications for lidar moving forward. Titan represents a premium environmental mapping solution capable of much more than simple coordinate measurement.”

Users can now create enhanced map product deliverables, leveraging Titan’s multispectral capability. For bathymetric applications, Optech Lidar Mapping Suite’s AquaDX software extension automatically delineates the land/water interface for accurate water attenuation correction, an ability inherited from Optech’s deep expertise in lidar bathymetry.

Titan’s first data results will be unveiled by Optech VP of Advanced Technology, Dr. Paul LaRocque, at the European LiDAR Mapping Forum in Amsterdam this December. Dr. LaRocque’s presentation ‘New Multi-Wavelength Lidar System for 3D Land Classification & Coastal Bathymetry’ will quantify the accuracy of target classifications derived from Titan’s multispectral data and demonstrate Titan’s bathymetric capabilities from field results. This presentation will take place on Tuesday, December 8, 11:30-12:30 in Matterhorn 1. If you are attending, please drop by Optech booth 313 to learn more about the latest lidar technology evolution!

You can find out more about this amazing new development by clicking here.


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