Middle East Intelligence Summit
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Middle East Intelligence Summit

Fleming Gulf, the leading provider of specialist information and services for the academic and scientific, professional and commercial business communities globally, is delighted to announce a new addition to our Geospatial event portfolio. The launch of our Middle East Geospatial Summit. 13Th - 15th September 2011 Doha Qatar.

The Summit will provide an excellent opportunity to meet and network within the Middle Eastern and international geospatial community.

Through keynote presentations, panels and case studies, the speakers at this event will share their insights about the use of geospatial intelligence in the region and beyond.

The event will cover the latest technological advances as well as the new ways of using Geographic information in society, the integration of new real time measurements and it’s impact on end user capabilities, the emergence of Web oriented systems, IT interoperability, standardization as a means of creating a simple integrated platform that could reach billions of people. The event will also cover the latest on collaboration across organizations in the region.

Key topics:

Defence and Intelligence

Emergency Management

Crisis response

Infrastructure and Utilities

Construction and Engineering


Oil and Gas Exploration


Key speakers:

Professor Mike Jackson, Centre for Geospatial Science, University of Nottingham, UK
Board Member OGC, Director

Dr. Ahmed El-Rabbany, P.Eng, Professor, Geomatics Engineering, Graduate Program Director, Department of Civil Engineering, Ryerson University

Dr Omar Al-Emam, Arab Science and Technology Foundation
Space Technology Consultant Senior representative from the OGC

Mansoor Al Malki, Qatar Statistics Authority,  Director

Dr Basyoni A Abdul Rahman, University of Bahrain, Department of Social Sciences

Bhupendra Jasani, Department of War Studies, King’s College Visiting Professor

Sarah El-Khazin, Bouvier Senior Consultant, Regional Office for the Middle East UN OCHA

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