Former Intel CEO Andrew S. Grove's Seminal Business Book High Output Management to Be Published as an E-book for the First Time
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Former Intel CEO Andrew S. Grove's Seminal Business Book High Output Management to Be Published as an E-book for the First Time

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - November 09, 2015) - A book written by former Intel CEO Andrew S. Grove in 1983 -- considered a must-read for entrepreneurs and managers in Silicon Valley -- will be reissued and released by Vintage Books, a division of Penguin Random House, in November. For the first time, the book will be available as an e-book as well as in print. The new edition of HIGH OUTPUT MANAGEMENT includes an Introduction by venture capitalist and bestselling author Ben Horowitz.

HIGH OUTPUT MANAGEMENT was first published by the company known as Random House in 1983. The book sold hundreds of thousands of copies in hard copy and influenced generations of business leaders, from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to former Intuit CEO, Bill Campbell. Demand for a digital version increased over the years, so when the latest print run was poised to be depleted, Grove and a former student, Ian Tien, took the opportunity to make the book even better for the next generation of readers. They updated the original publishing contract to enable the book to be published in e-format -- which wasn't even on the horizon when it was first written three decades ago.

They also asked one of Grove's long-time admirers, Ben Horowitz, to write the book's Introduction. In it, he explains why HIGH OUTPUT MANAGEMENT is an enduring classic, and why its contents are still incredibly valuable for business people, no matter their industry.

"It has been an honor for me to learn from Andy Grove through the years and I am excited for everyone who is new to HIGH OUTPUT MANAGEMENT to join me in this experience," Horowitz writes in the Introduction. "I know that you will enjoy this marvelous book written by the best teacher that I have ever known."

Technology business leaders recently discussed Grove's work when he was honored at the 2015 Churchill Awards. At this event, former Intuit CEO Bill Campbell said "HIGH OUTPUT MANAGAMENT is a bible that every entrepreneur and every manager in the country should look at, read and understand." Internet pioneer Marc Andreessen, creator of the original Mosaic and Netscape web browsers, said that, "Andy exemplifies the best of Silicon Valley. Andy built the model for what a high quality Silicon Valley company could be." And Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted that, "[Andy's] book played a big role in shaping my management style."

The new e-book and print editions of HIGH OUTPUT MANAGEMENT will be released on November 18. More information about the book and where to buy it can be found here.

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