EFTAS and RapidEye Extend their Collaboration in Distributing Satellite Imagery
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EFTAS and RapidEye Extend their Collaboration in Distributing Satellite Imagery

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Brandenburg / Havel, Germany, — November 03, 2010 — RapidEye, the only geospatial solutions provider to own and operate a constellation of five identical Earth Observation satellites, announced today that it has signed an extension of the data supply agreement with the geo-informatics company EFTAS of Münster, Germany, which began in 2008.

The RapidEye satellite system can image more than 4 Million km² of high resolution, multi-spectral satellite imagery daily. As a value adding partner, this gives EFTAS more flexibility to use RapidEye imagery for data analysis than ever before.

RapidEye's Earth Observation satellites can revisit any point on Earth once a day. In the event that clouds prevent an area from being imaged, the system is capable of imaging this area again 24 hours later, which is unique compared to other systems.

“Through this agreement we will extend our capacity to acquire remote sensing data“, said Andreas Müterthies of EFTAS. The agreement allows both companies to use RapidEye data as a base for complex analysis when the timeliness of the data offers new business opportunities. With its many years of expertise, EFTAS will take the position of the specialist for analyzing the remote sensing data. Joint collaboration might be an option for topics such as observation of locusts habitats in Africa and Asia or for early warning systems for agricultural protection. This also allows for faster collection and analysis of areas affected by large scale natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

The collaboration also includes services to achieve cross compliance commitments under the framework of the EU Agriculture policy. This policy controls subsidies that farmers receive for planning measures to maintain cultivated landscapes in the European Union.

About RapidEye AG

RapidEye is an ISO-certified geospatial information provider focused on integrating customized and industry specific solutions into the workflow of global customers in agriculture, forestry, energy, infrastructure, government, security and emergency. RapidEye experts and the technical system – a constellation of five satellites capable of downloading over 4 million km² of high resolution, multi-spectral imagery per day, and a ground segment for processing and archiving data – allow for cost-effective customized services. The unique combination of large area coverage, high spatial resolution and the possibility of daily revisit to an area provide for superior management information solutions. Currently, more than 130 experts from more than 20 countries are employed by RapidEye, with plans to grow the team to about 140 in 2010.

RapidEye benefits from a public-private partnership with the Space Agency of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). RapidEye has also received funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the federal republic of Germany and the State of Brandenburg in Germany. For more information on ERDF please contact Email Contact.

For more information about RapidEye, please visit www.rapideye.de.

About EFTAS Fernerkundung Technologietransfer GmbH

The company EFTAS Fernerkundung Technologietransfer GmbH, having its headquarter in Muenster, is recognized as one of the leaders in Germany providing services in the following domains:

  - Interpretation of aerial photos
  - Exploitation of satellite images
  - Digital Photogrammetry
  - Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  - Training/ Consultancy

Our clients comprise communal, national and international authorities as well as those from private industry. Whether for small communes or up to European institutions and other international organisations, we realise special solutions adapted to the need of our clients by means of remote sensing and GIS. The success of our work is based on the high quality of our products and services as well as the performance of the interdisciplinary team of EFTAS. www.eftas.de


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