CompassCom Software™ Expands Mobile Resource Management System for Wyoming Department of Transportation
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CompassCom Software™ Expands Mobile Resource Management System for Wyoming Department of Transportation

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — 8 June 2010 — Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) through its Wyolink state agency is expanding their CompassCom Software™ system to an enterprise Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solution for the state of Wyoming. With the incorporation of CompassCom Software’s™ technology WYDOT is committed to providing its citizens and visitors with a safe, high quality and efficient transportation system.

With minimal customization of the system, CompassCom Software™ integrated their system with the Wyolink statewide Motorola Radio network, utilized Wyoming ’s investment in ESRI GIS, and captures data from snow plow instrumentation to make this project successful. WYDOT utilizes CompassTrac™ for real-time automatic vehicle location (AVL) and

CompassReports™ for historical analysis to optimize the use of the state’s resources. This solution provides better service and reduced costs while operating with the existing Wyolink radio network.

“WYDOT's Transportation Management Center (TMC) Operators are using the system to track maintenance vehicles. During storm events, such tracking can be critical.” said Vince Garcia, Program Manager for WYDOT. “During the upcoming year, our intent is to expand our use of the system and to gather detailed information from the plows through the AVL system. In doing so, plow operators can focus on plowing roads while sensors are reporting plowing operations to our TMC.”

WYDOT is committed to serving its citizens, tourists and commerce that travel their highways and interstate network. Installation of this enterprise MRM system supports driver safety, efficient use of de-icing material, accountability of assets and effective fleet management. Utilization of the CompassCom Software™ GPS based fleet management solution typically delivers 15% to 20% saving in fleet operations while improving customer service. This type of return on investment is critical for today’s government initiatives and provides more service with fewer resources.

“We are excited to support WYDOT in its efforts to provide the best possible service to the citizens of Wyoming ,” said W. Brant Howard, CEO of CompassCom Software™. “Our off the shelf solution delivers real answers to our clients to manage their resources efficiently.”

CompassCom Software™ provides a universal MRM solution that receives wireless GPS-based location and status information from vehicles in multiple fleets over different communications networks simultaneously. WYDOT purchased the CompassCom Software™ solution to monitor the locations and statuses of their snow plows and maintenance vehicles. Through the use of CompassTrac™, WYDOT has improved driver safety by knowing in real-time the location of their assets and which roads have been or need to be serviced.

“The integration allows WYDOT to combine the capabilities of its CompassCom Software™ vehicle tracking with its asset management solution to ensure they have the valuable information necessary for their snow fighting effort,” said W. Brant Howard, CompassCom Software™ CEO.

During this year, CompassCom Software™ is looking forward to future growth in the partnership with WYDOT. CompassCom Software™ is expecting to double the amount of vehicles they track for WYDOT by the end of 2010 and expand their AVL and mobile resource management solutions into other departments for the state of Wyoming .

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