New Zealand-based ID Firm Taps modo for Visualization of "World's Fastest Jogger"
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New Zealand-based ID Firm Taps modo for Visualization of "World's Fastest Jogger"

phil&teds' Industrial Design Team Produces Engaging, High-quality Product Visualizations using modo 3D Software

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - April 19, 2010 - As the cost of product development and prototyping increases, pre-design visualization is becoming paramount to industrial designers. phil&teds, a manufacturer of stylish, adaptable children's products for active parents, is always looking for the best digital tools to help the company visualize and communicate their creative vision. When it came time for phil&teds to design its latest product, the sub4 jogger stroller, the company turned to modo 401 to visualize and create the fastest jogging stroller ever made.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, phil&teds was formed in 1997 and today offers a wide range of products, sold globally in 50 countries, that allow parents to retain a sense of self and live a more active and dynamic life with their children. phil&teds' design leader, Phil Brace, is now celebrating his 25th year in design. He won an Industrial Designers Society of America award for the creation of the dishdrawer - a modular dishwashing system in a drawer - and is enthusiastic about how the 3D modeling and rendering features of modo 401 have enhanced his design process.

"We are relentless about speed to market and, for me, modo is the obvious tool of choice," said Brace. "It is precise down to the micron, offers inverse kinematics for mechanics and has the dual benefit of both hard and soft modeling."

The sub4 jogger was created with athletic, bike riding and sports oriented parents in mind. Dubbed the "World's Fastest Jogger" due to its revolutionary low center of gravity, one hand control, unique frame geometry, motion control hub and dual disc brake system, the sub4 is truly unique and has no equal in the market. The jogger, which would be featured on the company Web site and in marketing materials, needed to look 'fast' and 'cool' so the pre-design visuals and renders created in modo 401 were a key part of the overall design process.

"At phil&teds we don't like to muck around with projects in the hope that we will invent something fantastic over time," said Brace. "We always test the waters in advance to reduce risk, but in this case, visualizing the final product in modo told us most of what we really needed to know. I can honestly say that modo is the best of the many software solutions I have used over the years."

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