One of Europe's Largest Power Companies Selects to Implement Rontal's SimGuard as its New Incident Management Platform Nationwide
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One of Europe's Largest Power Companies Selects to Implement Rontal's SimGuard as its New Incident Management Platform Nationwide

MODI'IN, Israel, October 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Rontal Applications, Ltd. (, a pioneer and developer of innovative incident management and situational awareness systems, announced that one of Europe's largest power companies placed a multimillion follow-on order to standardize on the SimGuard incident management platform.

Last year SimGuard was installed at over 10 sites in Europe, including the control center at the company's headquarters, regional headquarters facilities, power plants, data centers and others. Manned and unmanned SimGuard 4000 local systems were installed at the various locations, and a corporate SimGuard 6000 multi site system to control and monitor the remote sites. The project included advanced algorithms, such as blast mitigation and crowd behavior management, and interfaces with various systems, including video surveillance, fire detection, intrusion detection and access control. In the follow-on order, close to 50 additional sites across Europe were added.

The SimGuard platform as well as all the required supporting systems has been implemented at the power company by a joint team from IDS GLOBAL ( and local integrator which have been the prime contractors of the IMS solution delivery.

SimGuard is not only enhancing the power company's security and safety, but will also contribute to maintaining a high level of operational continuity. While SimGuard contributes to faster and efficient incident management, it will also allow the corporate level to asses the impact of separate incidents on the organization and to take measures to assure business continuity. The power company is considering connecting the SCADA system to SimGuard at a later phase.

"The recent strategic decision made by this world-class power company to standardize on our system underscores SimGuard's comprehensive capabilities, and its ability to centrally monitor and control an unlimited number of critical sites, helping decision-makers take the necessary steps in real time," said Roni Zehavi, Rontal's co-founder and CEO. "This project demonstrates the ability of nationwide organizations to control all of their sites, whether manned or unmanned."

SimGuard 4000 local superimposes real-time incidents over a geospatial 3D presentation of the facility or compound it protects, providing an intelligent decision support tool to decision-makers at all levels. SimGuard 4000 local gives users a comprehensive, situational awareness of what is happening at their site regarding safety, security, facility management, and business continuity.

SimGuard 6000 (Corporate) multi site is a comprehensive incident management system for remote locations. SimGuard 6000 multi site enables an organization's headquarters to seamlessly detect and control any incident in remote manned and unmanned facilities. The system enables local police or other security and safety agencies to be alerted immediately if any kind of problem is detected. SimGuard 6000multi site can utilize any means of communication, including the Internet, phone lines, and wireless. SimGuard encompasses the four phases of incident management preparation and handling: planning, training, real-time and debriefing.

About Rontal Applications

Rontal Applications has developed an innovative approach to assuring operational continuity across a wide spectrum of government, civilian and business environments. Established in Israel by a group of Israel Air Force pilots in mid-2004, Rontal's vision is to apply modern aviation concepts to the challenges arising from today's uncertain world within the fields of security, safety and business continuity. Rontal's SimGuard is capable of fusing real time data into a single 3D, virtual-reality display for greatly improved situational awareness within command and control centers. With the company's headquarters in Modi'in, Israel and a regional office in the US, Rontal is a private company owned by the founders and private investors. For more information please visit

About IDS Global

IDS Global is an international security firm providing world class comprehensive security solutions in three main interrelated domains: critical infrastructure security; corporate security; and mega events

The company took part in security consultancy to the Athens 2004 Olympic Games where it performed variety of large scale security projects.

The company has its main office in Cyprus and associated bases in Israel, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, India, China, Nigeria


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