Rotoblock (RTBC) Targets Hi-Tech Manufacturing in China
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Rotoblock (RTBC) Targets Hi-Tech Manufacturing in China

SANTA ROSA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- Jul 27, 2009 -- Technology developer Rotoblock Corp. (OTCBB: RTBC) announced today business development talks with several companies in China involved in the manufacturing of hi-tech or advanced technology products, components and equipment.

The recent economic growth in China and its strong export figures in the past quarter have been a strong attraction for Rotoblock. In 2008, the World Trade Organization reported that Germany narrowly retained its position as the world's leading merchandise exporter last year, with exports of US$1.47 trillion, over China's US$1.43 trillion. China overtook the US as the largest exporter of high-tech equipment, according to 2006 figures from the Ministry of Commerce.

Rotoblock Chief Executive Officer Mr. Chien Chih Liu said the Chinese government has been very supportive over the past decade in boosting its manufacturing productivity by investing in better education, technology upgrades, automation, improved training and work conditions.

"The Chinese government has made a priority out of developing and manufacturing high-tech equipment and components like computer hardware and software, telecommunications, bio-tech, pharmaceuticals and more," said Mr. Liu. "China is no longer simply a manufacturer of cheap textiles; they make some of the best quality products in the world."

Mr. Liu said more and more manufacturing companies in China are obtaining hi-tech certifications that have a number of significant benefits under government programs, including lower tax rates, preferential government funding from the national Technology Development Fund, competitive commercial bank loans and subsidized interest rates. These programs are supported by China's Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation.

"The recession and comeback of China's economy are an opportunity for Rotoblock as we approach these potential partners for new business opportunities, design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution," said Mr. Liu. "I am finding a broader range of potential partners in many areas of the economy, people who are eager to do business with us, so I have the luxury of being more selective and negotiating better terms for the company. I am confident that we can find a work partner in a very short time. If they say that timing is everything, then in China that time is now."

Mr. Liu said he is very interested in new trends for hi-tech, consumer products, industrial equipment, alternative energy, transportation, environmental controls and others.

About Rotoblock Corporation -- Rotoblock is focused on the development and manufacturing of advanced technology, energy-efficient and environmental equipment in China for distribution worldwide. The Company was incorporated in Nevada and is headquartered in Santa Rosa, California. Visit Rotoblock's corporate website for details about the company, technology, and regulatory filings. For more info visit:

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