LizardTech Unveils LiDAR Compressor at the 2009 ESRI International User Conference
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LizardTech Unveils LiDAR Compressor at the 2009 ESRI International User Conference

SEATTLE — (BUSINESS WIRE) — July 13, 2009 LizardTech, a division of Celartem, Inc. and a leading provider of software solutions for managing and distributing digital content, announced the release of its latest product called LizardTech™ LiDAR Compressor at the 2009 ESRI International User Conference in San Diego this week where LizardTech is exhibiting in booth number 511. This brand new product enables users to turn giant point cloud data into efficient MrSID files that retain 100 percent of the raw data at just 25 percent of the file size. Unlike raw LAS or ASCII data, LiDAR files compressed to MrSID are easily managed resources from which derivatives can be extracted over and over again.

One of the key features of LiDAR Compressor is its ability to reduce LiDAR file sizes by 75 percent while retaining all of the points and all of the point precision and accuracy of the original file. If users need even smaller files, LiDAR Compressor can reduce LiDAR file sizes by 90 percent with no perceptible loss.

With the release of LiDAR Compressor, LizardTech also unveils a new and improved version of the MrSID format called MrSID Generation 4 (MG4). It is still the same MrSID format users have known for years, offering the highest quality with the most advanced compression technology available, but now with MG4 MrSID files support the compression of LiDAR data, which will allow users to view and access their LiDAR data faster.

“At LizardTech we are committed to listening to our customers when they ask us for new products and features,” said Jon Skiffington, LizardTech director of marketing. “With the explosive growth of LiDAR data over the recent years, our customers have been asking for ways to compress their point cloud data to MrSID, similar to how they’ve been compressing their raster data. Our LiDAR Compressor is easy to use and requires minimal training. Plus, since it comes with an improved MrSID Generation 4 file format, it allows LiDAR data to be viewed and accessed much faster than before.”

LizardTech LiDAR Compressor is available for purchase now directly from LizardTech’s website or by contacting one of LizardTech’s sales representatives.

About LizardTech

Since 1992, LizardTech has delivered state-of-the-art software products for managing and distributing massive, high-resolution digital content such as geospatial image data. LizardTech pioneered MrSID® (Multiresolution Seamless Image Database), a powerful wavelet-based image encoder, viewer, and file format, and sits on the Technical Committee of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for the purpose of extending the capabilities of JPEG 2000 to geospatial applications, driving cross-platform interoperability and rapid Internet distribution for geospatial imagery. LizardTech has offices in Seattle and Tokyo and is a division of Celartem Technology Inc. (Hercules:4330). For more information about LizardTech, visit or call 206-652-5211 or toll free 1-866-725-5211.

About Celartem

Celartem Technology Inc. develops and sells innovative technologies for storage, access and distribution of rich media content. Celartem has developed technology in the areas of digital image compression, scalable image viewing and secure content distribution and management. Celartem is listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange, Hercules:4330. Established in 1996, Celartem is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has a wholly owned subsidiary, Celartem Inc., with headquarters in Seattle.

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