Materialise USA Launches the Mimics Educational Program
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Materialise USA Launches the Mimics Educational Program

Lake Tahoe, CA (USA), June 17-21, 2009 – Materialise is proud to announce the launch of the Mimics Educational Program - MimicsSE (Student Edition). The program was unveiled at the ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference in Lake Tahoe, CA. Mimics SE was born out of a need expressed by professors to get cutting edge technology in the hands of students in order to set them apart as they enter the job market. The intention of this program is to provide professors with a complete curriculum package designed for ease of implementation with practical hands-on experience.

The Materialise motto is “Driving your innovations”. In order for us to achieve this goal, we recognize the importance of educating the future of the biomedical engineering industry. This has led to Materialise developing a curriculum based student version of our traditional Mimics software to equip students for the future with sought after software skills.

Mimics bridges the gap between medical image data and engineering design and analysis. Leading biomedical companies and research institutions around the world are using Mimics for endless applications. The personalization of medical care is a growing trend. The ability to use patient specific data to design better solutions is clearly important. Providing cutting-edge companies who are leading this initiative with employees who are prepared to hit the ground running is a goal for Materialise.

The Mimics Educational Program includes the student version of Mimics (MimicsSE), a course book and data sets. The course book teaches skills from basic segmentation to advanced FEA meshing through tutorials and homework assignments in a step by step, easy-to-follow format. The data sets are patient specific and range from cardiovascular to orthopaedic. In addition, students and professors have access to the NEW Mimics User Community so that they can interact with professionals who are currently using Mimics.

Professors who beta tested the program in their classrooms are enthusiastic about this opportunity. Dr Binil Starly from the University of Oklahoma said, “The students find it [MimicsSE] easy, yet powerful enough to handle complex design…inclusion in their resume makes them more attractive to medical device industry for internships and job opportunities.”
For more information on MimicsSE and other Materialise software, email us at Email Contact.

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