Intergraph(R) Launches New Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Application
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Intergraph(R) Launches New Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Application

Geospatial software to enable governments and corporations to seamlessly share geospatial information and comply with industry standards

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Intergraph(R) has introduced new spatial data infrastructure (SDI) application software to ensure harmonized geospatial data exchange within the enterprise and between government, businesses and the public for improved communication, collaboration, productivity, ease of maintenance and reduced costs.

Intergraph's SDI application now includes the GeoMedia(R) SDI Pro product, which provides advanced Web services for implementing spatial data infrastructures and enables organizations to meet government data collaboration and compliance mandates. The application leverages open standards (OGC, ISO) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) and works with best-of-breed industry software including Microsoft, Oracle and others.

Intergraph's SDI application also includes GeoMedia Fusion, Intergraph's existing desktop data harmonization product, for facilitating compliance with INSPIRE and other government directives that ease geospatial data sharing. Future Intergraph SDI application components will include the GeoMedia SDI Portal, which will provide the building blocks for empowering existing browser applications with SDI technology.

"Intergraph's technology and expertise play an invaluable role in our SDI initiatives," said Arco Groothedde, Executive Board of Netherlands' Kadaster. "Netherlands' Kadaster is heavily involved in land registration, topographical surveying and geo-information delivery in the Netherlands and in 50 developing countries around the world. Intergraph's innovative, open product platform and experience in SDI helps these initiatives to be successful."

"Intergraph's open architecture, extensive experience working with governments and leadership in industry standards bodies and government directives including OGC, ISO and INSPIRE make us an ideal partner for organizations seeking a complete solution for spatial data maintenance, sharing and distribution," said Johann Jessenk, global industry manager for Government & Transportation at Intergraph. "Governments at the local, regional and national levels require current, accurate geospatially related information to make better decisions for emergency, infrastructure and land information management, as well as for security, mapping and public services. Intergraph provides a sustainable, flexible and interoperable turnkey application developed to meet these SDI requirements."

Geospatial information has become an increasingly critical component for government performance. SDI projects remove the barriers of geospatial data sharing, optimizing both internal and external workflows and providing organizations with a competitive advantage.

GeoMedia SDI Pro extends the value and capabilities of Intergraph's widely adopted and proven GeoMedia software for optimal operation in an SDI environment, addressing the availability and monitoring requirements of modern infrastructures. The offering goes beyond traditional geographic information system (GIS) functionality to foster secure data sharing, improve collaboration for organizations of all sizes, provide more control over service reliability and allow for the easy administration and configuration of Web services based on OGC and ISO standards. Advanced monitoring capabilities combined with secure Web service access results in greater stability and more seamless content sharing.

Intergraph GeoMedia has always enabled users to bring data from disparate databases into a single GIS environment for viewing, analysis and presentation, making it an ideal foundation for SDI implementations. Because all users are obtaining data from the same source, problems with redundant and out-of-date information are avoided and collaboration efforts are improved. With GeoMedia SDI Pro, organizations can now seamlessly share this harmonized data with internal and external audiences in the most ideal formats. An innovator in geospatial technologies for the past 40 years, Intergraph provides deep technical and domain knowledge in government operations dealing with geospatial information to ensure smooth and successful SDI implementations.

Governments around the world are already embracing Intergraph technology for SDI projects. These projects include, among many others, a land planning and management solution for the region of Galicia, Spain, a geospatial portal for the state survey agency of Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany, the building of a national SDI for the Slovak Republic and an SDI implementation on a national, regional and local level for Poland. Intergraph has also participated in many government-funded SDI initiatives, including GIS4EU, HUMBOLDT and eSDInet+, further demonstrating a deep understanding of and commitment to SDI.

Intergraph GeoMedia SDI Pro will be available in July 2009.

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