myVR's revolutionary 3D maps for Norway's largest web-portal now supporting Mac users
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myVR's revolutionary 3D maps for Norway's largest web-portal now supporting Mac users

Schibsted's unique 3D map service at and, launched at the end of last year, is now providing support for Mac users. The myVR Software development team continues to deliver its unique 3D distribution and viewing technology for new platforms, and this time it's for Mac


Oslo, Norway - March 26th 2009: Schibsted (SCH), the leading Norwegian media-corporation has now released myVR's latest platform edition of its 3D mapping solution - myVR 3D MapView for Mac.


At the end of last year, and released a revolutionary 3D mapping service for all of Norway (, based upon the unique myVR 3D distribution and viewing technology. The solution was initially released for Windows users only with a commitment to deliver the same service for Mac and Linux users during 2009. And now support for Mac is available!


"This is an important step for us" says Per Eirik Marton, Product Director Mapping at, "since we are dedicated to deliver our services on all platforms. myVR is for us a perfect technology partner since they provide their advanced 3D mapping solutions for many platforms" he continues.


The launch of the 3D mapping service last year was one of the most successful introductions of new 3D technology in the Norwegian market with several hundred thousand users within the first week of service.


"The next platform"

"The release of a Mac version with the same functionality and performance as for our other platforms has been very important for us" says Rune Fjellvang, CEO of myVR Software. "As a 3D technology development company, with a dedicated focus on supplying our unique 3D technology on multiple platforms and technologies, this is a milestone" he continues.


The myVR 3D solution automatically converts and exports the 3D model to a streaming server for interactive access through myVR 3D MapView and/or myVR NetView from any PC with an Internet connection. The viewing applications are based upon an extremely efficient and "intelligent" rendering engine that the user can download freely to their PC. The patented compression and model-reorganization that takes place, limits the requirement to distribute and display large amounts of 3D data, enabling distribution and viewing on standard platforms and it works well even for networks with limited bandwidth. The myVR 3D MapView platform is a very flexible and configurable solution, making it both easy and quick to implement in web mapping solutions. Read more at


Numerous possibilities

myVR also supports multiple data sources within rich 3D models such as; audio, video, flash, images and more. This opens up for a wide range of new possibilities. E.g. property development and property sales, where you now can put ads in and on buildings, offer sightseeing and guided tours etc.


Currently myVR supports 3D-model data from multiple vendors like C3 Technologies, Norkart, Autodesk 3ds Max, Maxxon Cinema 4D, Google SketchUp, First Interactive. Support for other 3D formats will follow shortly.


About myVR

myVR software AS was founded in August 2003 after years with research and development projects on 3D distribution and viewing technology. myVR Software is a technology development company that licenses our patented real time 3D VR distribution and real time rendering technology to other industries such as; Oil & Gas, Building & Construction, government, Web Portals as well as to other traditional and emerging digital markets.


myVR Software patented technology platform enables high-resolution real-time interactive network streaming of 3D geometry and graphics over networks with even limited bandwidth (+256kbps) on any 3D hardware supported (OpenGL) client platform including mobile (OpenGL ES). Our vision is to provide a versatile state of the art technology platform that makes is possible to bring real time large scale 3D model viewing into the real world. This is the only way to maximize the ROI of existing 3D investments as well as dramatically improve the visual communication and understanding for everyone.


For more information:


myVR Software AS

Rune Fjellvang, CEO                                     

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Ryensvingen 15, 0680 Oslo, Norway

Ph: +47 24 07 13 00


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