AIRBUS purchases the site license of SAMCEF FEA software for Structure Analysis
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AIRBUS purchases the site license of SAMCEF FEA software for Structure Analysis

AIRBUS purchases the site license of SAMCEF FEA software for Structure Analysis
Liege, Belgium, 26th of February 2009.

AIRBUS deploys the generic and multipurpose European FEA software package SAMCEF on all AIRBUS sites. The solution will be used for linear static, linear buckling and non-linear metallic and composite structural analysis.

This decision to purchase a site license of the FEA package edited by SAMTECH follows the recent deployment of ISAMI Analyst, the Stress Analysis CAE environment at the heart of new and global AIRBUS design and engineering strategy.

ISAMI is part the global strategy of the European Aircraft Manufacturer to harmonize its CAE infrastructure. It will be used for the first time for the structural sizing of the new AIRBUS A350 XWB aircraft. ISAMI is another technological joint venture between AIRBUS and the SAMTECH Group.

A word from Eric Carnoy, SAMTECH CEO:
"Our relationship with AIRBUS is extremely valuable to us. It is also very characteristic of how we like to work with our customers: as partners.
The recent developments come as a great reward to our values and ambitions: facing extreme challenges, working hard, meeting tight deadlines, completing ambitious projects, and in all aspects, deliver.
To achieve this, we rely on the high profiles of all the members of the SAMTECH family, throughout our worldwide offices. We are a global company providing global services at locally. We can be fashionable and say SAMTECH, the “Global” company…
Yes, we do! Through our offices in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and in China we wish to strengthen further our relationship to AIRBUS and increase our market share in the Aeronautical market."

The collaboration between SAMTECH and AIRBUS started with SNIAS and Aerospatiale in 1986 when the company was created.
SAMCEF has been used as a national tool for AIRBUS France ever since.
SAMTECH services have grown from a local consulting state to a collection of full scale transnational services in virtual testing, simulation, optimization and tool and process integration and software development.

• 90’s: SAMTECH modules are integrated into the fatigue analysis tool Safe and Application Composite.
• 2004: AIRBUS asks SAMTECH to take part in a strategic task: the harmonization of its methods and tools.
• 2005: SAMTECH delivers the first version of COMBOX, the preliminary design optimization tool for the A350 composite wing boxes. It will later be extended to fuselage design and all lifting surfaces.
• 2006: AIRBUS gives SAMTECH the mission to design a CAE platform where it will integrate its harmonized tools and methods. CAESAM by SAMTECH and ISAMI by AIRBUS are born.
• 2007: SAMCEF is voted the preferred transnational solution for Composite FEA. AIRBUS and SAMTECH sign the Master Agreement Contract (MAC). SAMTECH becomes officially a “referenced supplier” to AIRBUS Extended Enterprise.
• 2008: SAMCEF is deployed on all AIRBUS sites.

Today, SAMCEF is the preferred transnational solution for Composite FEA.
BOSS quattro powers COMBOX the global pre-sizing tool for the A350.
ISAMI Analyst is powered by CAESAM, the tool integrator platform designed by SAMTECH. The FEA engine of ISAMI is SAMCEF.

SAMTECH in a few words
SAMTECH offers Expertise in Computer Aided Engineering. SAMTECH is a software editor and a CAE services provider. The Group employs 240 staffs in 11 countries. Our company is certified to the ISO9001:2000 quality standard.

Key products include SAMCEF for generic FEA simulation, BOSS quattro for multidisciplinary optimization and task management, the Professional Solutions for Wind Turbines (S4WT), for Rotor Dynamics (S4R) and for Machining Simulation (S4M), and the open architecture framework CAESAM for CAE integration.

Key services include simulation methodology and best practice, specific software development and maintenance, CATIA integration (SAMTECH is a CAA partner of Dassault Systemes).

Visit and contact your local SAMTECH Professional for details on our Products and Services.

Contact: Didier Granville, Chief Marketing Officer
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