Record Growth for Viewpoint Construction Software™
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Record Growth for Viewpoint Construction Software™

PORTLAND, Ore.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—February 2, 2009— Viewpoint Construction Software™, a division of Portland, Oregon-based Coaxis, Inc., announced today that it had set a new sales record in 2008 with the addition of 68 new customers, surpassing its previous new-customer record mark of 53 set in 2007.

Viewpoint Chief Executive Officer Jay Haladay said, “Contractors are recognizing software as a strategic asset, one that enables them to maximize resources and provide greater efficiencies when the job pipeline is leaner. Now is an important time for contractors to position themselves with the right software partner and we are gratified that record numbers are partnering with us.”

Twelve of the 68 new customers in 2008 are companies found on the ENR400/600 list.

Harry Scheid, President of Horst Construction, one of Viewpoint’s new 2008 customers, said Viewpoint is clearly the industry’s leading technology partner adding, “From its products to its people, Viewpoint has established a leadership position that is driving the industry forward. We’re pleased to call Viewpoint our technology and business partner.”

Viewpoint Vice President of Marketing Peter Guilfoyle noted that “Viewpoint is experiencing the confluence of three key factors: a software suite built on a modern .NET framework with a SQL Server data base that delivers fully integrated functionality; customers supported by long-tenured Viewpoint employees with deep industry knowledge and experience; and high satisfaction levels that enable customers to become willing, vocal and powerful advocates for Viewpoint.”

Guilfoyle projects new-customer sales to accelerate in 2009 as the downturn in the economy puts additional pressures on contractors to utilize technology to find new operational efficiencies and maximize profits on the jobs they have in the pipeline as well as position themselves for the economic rebound.

Kevin Gourde, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Wanzek Construction, another customer to select Viewpoint in 2008, noted, “With Wanzek’s growth and current volume, our organization could not afford to continue to try to patch together a system consisting of three different software packages. With Viewpoint V6 Software, all parts of our organization will be on one system working together as a team. We are very excited to be moving forward with Viewpoint as our software partner.”

According to the latest CFMA technology survey1, Viewpoint Construction Software is one of the leading providers of integrated Construction Enterprise Software solutions to contractors.

This marks the third consecutive year of record sales for Viewpoint Construction Software.

1Construction Financial Management Association 2008 Information Technology Survey for the Construction Industry – contractors with $26M+ in annual revenue.

About Viewpoint Construction Software:

Viewpoint Construction Software, a division of Coaxis, Inc., has been committed to serving the construction industry with proven leading-edge information solutions for more than 30 years with best-in-industry technology, products and support. Viewpoint V6 Software® integrates accounting, operations and project management information to help midrange and large volume construction companies increase efficiency and profitability. For more information, visit

About Coaxis, Inc.:

Coaxis, Inc. is a vertical-market software-development and management company based in Portland, Oregon. Since the late 1980s, Coaxis, Inc. has enjoyed sustained growth and profitability delivering innovative solutions and services that meet today’s most demanding business challenges in the commercial construction industry.

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