New Show-n-Tell™ provides breakthroughs in learning and communication
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New Show-n-Tell™ provides breakthroughs in learning and communication

Ease-of-Learning facilitates productivity. Effective communication gets the job done right and on time.

Melbourne, FL - Aug 12, 2008 - VX Corporation, specializing in CAD/CAM for consumer products, molds and machining, announces the release of its new Show-n-Tell™ communication tool at IMTS 2008. "Show-n-Tell" is built into VX CAD/CAM for on screen step-by-step lessons and to automate design review and markup as a 3D Markup tool.

The debate over the most effective CAD/CAM training method has been going on for over two decades. Users get frustrated by out-of-date printed documentation that CAD/CAM companies struggle to keep current. Videos are easier to keep current, but Show-n-tell interface most users do not like flipping back and forth from the video tutorial to their CAD system with every step. Nearly every professional CAD system offers the option to take instructor-led training (ILT) in a real or virtual classroom, but this can be costly. This style can either give you the best personal attention or "leave you in the dust."

With the "Show-n-Tell" tutorials, there are no video drivers or codecs to install or reams of paper to print. The "Show-n-Tell" tutorial is launched by loading a VX file. Users can step back and forth with a click of a button and all instructions are on screen eliminating the need to flip back to a video or hold a book open. No more grey-scaled images from a tutorial book. 3D models, showing the expected result, can be rotated and zoomed, giving the user better feedback and understanding. Users work at their own pace, not that of an instructor, so no one gets left behind. VX allows the user to save the "Show-n-Tell" tutorial session and reload it at a later date. Along with the new tutorials, users will also be able to launch the new QuickTips™ instructions from the help menu.

QuickTips™ covers common questions and provides productivity tips using videos, stills and text instructions. VX will initially include four "Show-n-Tell" tutorials with the release of this new enhancement, and plans are already in the works to make more available for download in the future.

Future tutorials will cover: parametric and open shape modeling; sketching; assembly; drafting; 2X and 3XCAM; automated hole drilling; importing and healing; part splitting; electrodes; direct editing; morphing; surfacing; and reverse engineering. "It is exciting to be on the forefront of making professional CAD/CAM easier to discover and learn. The new "Show-n-Tell" tutorials and QuickTips™ are just two examples of how VX is leading in the area of learning." said Bob Fischer, VX Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Show-n-Tell™ authoring is simple enough that a user can use it for both design review and markup. Show-n-Tell™ users can point out problem areas on a model or drawing by simply creating annotations and pressing a record button to capture the view orientation and zoom state. The person reviewing can click through the recorded slides/steps. What really makes Show-n-Tell™ great is that the reviewer can, at any point, rotate, measure and dynamically slice the model or zoom in on a detail drawing, then quickly return to the slides that the author intended for them to see. This is all done without having to load special viewing software.

VX Corporation is hosting a 9:00 AM press breakfast during IMTS-08 at Booth D-3139 on Wednesday, Sept 10th to unveil this breakthrough technology.

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