County of Marin Collects on IT Investments with Tax System Upgrade
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County of Marin Collects on IT Investments with Tax System Upgrade

NEWBURY, England, & MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—July 23, 2008— Micro Focus (LSE.MCRO.L), the leading provider of enterprise application management and modernization solutions, and Tiburon Technologies, a partner and provider of a comprehensive suite of automated tools, today announced an agreement with the County of Marin that will enable the county to migrate its property tax system off the mainframe and onto a Microsoft SQL Server / .NET platform. With the support of Tiburon Technologies automated tools and methodology, the County of Marin will deploy Micro Focus solutions to ensure the fast, accurate and affordable transition of its COBOL applications into a .NET environment. As a result, the County of Marin will benefit from a more agile environment, lower costs and the ability to quickly and easily leverage additional features currently available on the network environment.

County of Marins property tax system took 10 years to create, with five people working full time on development. While well written, County of Marins sophisticated COBOL applications have experienced integration challenges with todays technology. Implementing Micro Focus Net Express® COBOL Compiler will allow the County of Marin to take full advantage of Web services, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and a host of other modern services that were not previously available.

Our business logic is encapsulated in COBOL and we need to protect this asset as best we can, said David Hill, CIO, County of Marin. While other counties are pouring tens of millions of dollars into rip-and-replace projects, we decided to take a step back and evaluate how we could leverage the IT assets we already have. Our choice to modernize our existing mainframe application allows us to extract and migrate a very complex system, with very little risk. This will enable us to take advantage of a plethora of services we would otherwise not have been able to utilize.

Finalized earlier this year, County of Marin chose Tiburon Technologies automated conversion process for its pilot migration project that allowed the complex, back-end COBOL-based property tax applications to integrate with services already existing on the .NET platform, such as job scheduling and print distribution software. The 100 percent accuracy and success of the pilot showcased the immediate return on investment benefits County of Marin can expect, and also allowed for the creation of a realistic timeline for deployment and the construction of a strategy for implementation.

The County of Marin is strategically approaching its modernization initiative in order to reap the greatest overall business benefits for the lowest total cost, said Kevin Moultrup, President, North America Operations, Micro Focus. Micro Focus is thrilled the County of Marin has chosen to utilize the suite of Micro Focus products in its transition off the mainframe into a .NET world on SQL Server, and looks forward to working with Tiburon Technologies throughout the countys modernization initiative.

Electing to modernize its existing COBOL-based property tax applications, as opposed to a complete systems overhaul, sets County of Marin apart as an early adopter of application migration initiatives. Micro Focus Net Express® COBOL Compiler was selected for its ability to preserve the business logic locked inside County of Marins sophisticated COBOL applications, while making them relevant and compatible with modern IT services.

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