Enhancing Software with Satellite Imagery Analytics to Meet Agricultural Businesses’ Needs
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Enhancing Software with Satellite Imagery Analytics to Meet Agricultural Businesses’ Needs

Mountain View, May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Innovations in equipment, crop protection chemicals, animal and crop genetics, and farm management have been positively influencing the production growth of the U.S. agriculture sector development since the middle of the 20th century. Total farm output increased by almost three times between 1948 and 2019, while the amount of land and labor used in farming decreased.

It’s safe to say that precision agriculture, which entails obtaining and using data about crops, soil, and weather conditions via remote sensing, plays a significant role in reducing human effort in farm and field management in North America. In 2021, the agtech market value in the region was the highest globally and amounted to $6,215.9 million (the market value in Europe was $2,792.3 million for comparison.)

Satellites are one of the data sources for precision agriculture. Hence, vendors of smart farming solutions can add value to existing products by integrating satellite imagery data and analytics into them. Also, IT companies planning to engage with agriculture sector customers need access to trusted sources of satellite imagery data and technical capability to process and make sense of it to solve business problems.

EOS Data Analytics, a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics, can meet the IT sector’s needs for satellite imagery data and its further processing and analysis.

“We are ready to work with IT companies by providing satellite imagery data and analytics. That way, businesses will be able to enhance existing products’ functionality and draw new customers from industries of interest while saving time and monetary resources on market analysis and custom software development,” says Diana Mistrova, Sales Manager at EOS Data Analytics.

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The company is developing its sources of up-to-date and high-quality satellite image analytics for agricultural needs. In 2022, EOSDA will launch the first of seven optical satellites that in 2025 will make the satellite constellation designed for agricultural monitoring — EOS SAT.

EOS Data Analytics will be the first company to launch the agro-focused constellation among those utilizing remote sensing technology in their products and services.

“As a result of the EOS SAT launch, our customers will get first-hand access to imagery with higher resolution and better tasking revisit time than open-access data. Plus, EOS SAT has been designed specifically to tackle agricultural issues. Consequently, EOS Data Analytics will provide users with all data-related services in-house, from data acquisition to processing and extracting actionable insights to support their decision-making,” notes Rim Elijah, VP of Sales at EOS Data Analytics.

Data Integration and Development Services for the IT Sector

IT companies can choose among three services by EOS Data analytics: API integration, white label, and custom solution. 

API integration. Developers get access to EOS Crop Monitoring API and its detailed documentation. The RESTful API allows for integrating raw, processed, and analyzed satellite data into an application or an existing GIS tool. 

Satellite imagery data from nine sources (e.g., Landsat, Sentinel, MODIS) is available for searching, visualization, and analysis. Users can define the types of actions they want to take on a data source via various call parameters.

The features available via API integration include:

EOSDA can also obtain data from additional satellites; acquiring data from these sources will require more time and cost.

White label solution. White label is feasible for companies who aim to engage with new customers while saving time and money on building a custom agri tech platform. On average, users can introduce software for a specific domain, with a handpicked set of features and custom design based on their branding, logo, and color theme, in six weeks. 

EOS Data Analytics provides two white-label options that differ in the level of customization and the number of services: Basic and Advanced. Under the Basic option, users get a customized EOS Crop Monitoring ready for partner users. Besides the desktop version of the precision agriculture platform, the advanced white-label option features a mobile scouting app and an admin panel for user management which customers can host on their domain.

Also, users can join the EOS Data Analytics Partner Program and benefit from tech support, services, and educational content (onboarding and training sessions, demos, and free conference admission.)

Custom solution. Sometimes the two above services can’t meet a company’s needs. If this is the case, the company can request the EOSDA team to expand the standard EOS Crop Monitoring’s feature set or build a solution based on its requirements. It's also possible to get a tailored product for solving a specific problem. The examples of custom solutions are: 

The company’s R&D and data science team will come up with an optimal solution to a given problem.

EOS Data Analytics is keen to share its expertise and tools to help IT companies use satellite imagery analytics to enter the agtech market or expand their market position. The company aims to support the agricultural sector and contribute to the world space industry through the EOS SAT constellation and the precision agriculture platform EOS Crop Monitoring.