A new photogrammetric medium format camera with a 300 mm telephoto lens is now available for all Lead’Air oblique and vertical camera systems
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A new photogrammetric medium format camera with a 300 mm telephoto lens is now available for all Lead’Air oblique and vertical camera systems

October 07, 2019 -- Working closely together with Hasselblad in the USA and Sweden, Lead’Air has integrated the Hasselblad A6D-100C (100-megapixel camera) and the Hasselblad HC-300 mm f/4.5 lens in our line of aerial camera products.

The HC-300 mm is an exceptional lens that allows aerial mappers to collect high-resolution imagery from high altitude, i.e., 5 cm (2 in.) from 10,000 feet, or capture very high-resolution imagery from a safe altitude, i.e., 1,25 cm (1/2 in.) from 3,000 feet.

This camera system, used at high altitude to collect 5cm (2 in.), allows the survey aircraft to fly above congested controlled airspace without disrupting the flow of departures and arrivals at major airports. The 300 mm lens contributes to the safety of aerial survey operation as well as the safety of other aircraft by keeping survey aircraft outside and above controlled airspace. As the air traffic controller manages the flow of air traffic without the additional workload of preventing collisions with a low flying survey aircraft, the responsibility and the liability of the aerial operator is considerably reduced.

The HC-300 mm is sharp from corner to corner, even wide-open at f/4.5. It is coping remarkably well with high altitude photography through a haze, pollution, heat, etc., generating outstanding imagery, even from 10,000 feet altitude. Compared to other lenses used for medium format aerial photography, the HC-300 mm with the A6D has a low sensitivity to environmental conditions. Hence it is very stable, and it accurately retains its focus and calibration through time and changes of altitudes.

Lead’Air will deliver the HC-300 mm in two versions. A fixed focused at the specific altitude requested by the user or with a build-in focus adjustment system designed by Lead’Air. The Lead’Air focus adjustment system will allow the lens to be automatically refocused at a lower altitude while keeping its calibration. Telephoto lenses such as the HC-300 mm have a narrow depth of field, i.e., they remain sharp only within a couple of thousand feet from the distance at which they are focused. A 300mm focused at 10,000 feet will not be sharp enough below 7,500 feet. To allow the user to fly higher resolutions with the same lens system, such as 2.5 cm (1 in.) at 5,000 feet or even 1.25 cm (1/2 inch) at 3,000 feet, the lens will be able to automatically adjust its focus for the lower altitude while maintaining a proper photogrammetric calibration.

Finally, with a list price roughly half of the other medium format aerial cameras, the A6D + 300mm has an excellent price-performance ratio. This cost-benefit allows mapping companies to upgrade to medium format oblique photography without the need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The A6D + 300mm is a welcome addition to the list of outstanding cameras and lenses endorsed by Lead’Air to integrate with the MIDAS multi-camera systems (5 cameras or more) designed and manufactured by Lead’Air. MIDAS are mapping oblique cameras systems that were introduced by our parent company, Track’Air, in 2005. Over 150 MIDAS systems have been sold worldwide and have generated hundreds of millions of exceptional oblique images mainly used to produce 3D models.

Lead’Air Inc. specializes in custom systems designed and built on order. Lead’Air Inc, located in Orlando, Florida, employs a team of skilled mechanical, electronic, software, and aviation engineers who can create unique variants of the MIDAS system exactly per your specifications. Our CNC workshop, electronics laboratory, and software development teams allow us to make everything ourselves in house. For many years, Lead’Air has had requests to build MIDAS with five, nine, and even 17 cameras. We are now developing a custom MIDAS with 25 x 50 megapixels Nikon cameras! We can also combine the MIDAS with a LIDAR unit, and MIDAS can be installed onboard airplanes as well as helicopters or compatible with both.

Lead’Air also operates its fleet of survey aircraft used to develop and test-fly our systems. We own a Bell Jet Ranger, and two Piper Seneca’s, each with FAA approved 25-inch (65 cm) diameter camera holes cut in our aviation facility.

In short, if you do not find on the market the camera system or the survey airplane you need, Lead’Air will make it for you.

About Lead’Air, Inc

Lead'Air Inc., a USA Corporation, based at 113 Hangar Road in Kissimmee, Florida, provides professional oblique Aerial Survey Camera Systems to capture metric quality imagery for 3D modeling of cities and disaster relief areas. Our  MIDAS (Multi-Image Digital Acquisition System) is the most recognized and most used system in the world with over 100 systems capturing millions of images every year. These systems and the MIDAS name itself have become synonymous with quality 3D modeling around the world. Our extensive line of products incorporating from one to twenty-five cameras and more, along with LiDAR, flight management systems, fully stabilized mounts and precision Applanix Inertial Navigation Systems makes Lead’Air the Premier Oblique Aerial Survey System Company in the world. Find out more at   www.trackair.com

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