Spicer's New Revisions of Imagenation® and Image a.X(TM) for Hummingbird Enterprise(TM) DM Released
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Spicer's New Revisions of Imagenation® and Image a.X(TM) for Hummingbird Enterprise(TM) DM Released

View, Print and Mark up Documents and Images Regardless of Format

KITCHENER, ON, January 24, 2005 - Spicer Corporation's Imagenation and Image a.X(TM) equip Hummingbird Enterprise(TM) DM users with universal viewing, printing and markup capabilities for virtually any electronic document stored in the Hummingbird document management repository. The latest revisions of Imagenation for Hummingbird DM and Image a.X for Hummingbird DM deliver redaction layers and standalone operation to users in records management, legal, all levels of government, asset management, transportation, and utilities.

The integration's tight connection to the DM repository provides check-in capability for new versions, new subversions, or new documents with or without links to external reference files checked in as attachments to previous versions. In addition, using the DM Documents browser, users can easily access repository documents directly from the Imagenation window.

"Imagenation and Image a.X simplify information sharing and bridge the communication gaps between an organization and its business partners," comments Tony Prilesnik, Imagenation Product Manager. "With the seamless integration to Hummingbird Enterprise DM, Spicer Universal Viewers improve productivity and effectively streamline the document lifecycle; users need only one application, rather than several native authoring applications."

Spicer will demonstrate its Image a.X for Hummingbird DM at Hummingbird's fifth annual worldwide conference and technology showcase, Summit 2005, at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, February 7-9, 2005.

Imagenation is an enterprise-wide viewing tool that lets users access, share and distribute company information. The integration of Imagenation with Hummingbird DM provides a single, consistent graphical view/edit solution for hundreds of file formats, including 2D and 3D CAD drawings, plot files, office documents, large-format scanned images, and new file formats AutoCAD 2005 and Microstation. It also includes direct scanning and cleanup of paper documents, and document markup and revision.

Image a.X is a combination of the proven view, markup, edit and print capability of Spicer's Imagenation and the flexibility of Microsoft's ActiveX technology. For Hummingbird DM users, Image a.X provides a single application viewing interface, advanced markup and redaction capabilities, and compliant printing standards, respective of the Hummingbird client permissions on document viewing, printing and editing. Image a.X serves as the core unstructured information management platform for the Hummingbird DM content management system, delivering a centralized repository for users while working in tandem with other modules for collaboration, instant messaging, workflow, records management, and reporting and analysis. Product Data Management (PDM), Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems integrators have recognized the ease-of-use, flexibility, and efficiency of Image a.X as an integrated component of enterprise-wide document archiving, workflow management, and supply chain management.

About Hummingbird

Hummingbird Ltd. (NASDAQ: HUMC, TSX: HUM) is a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions. The company's content management (ECM)solutions enable organizations to manage the lifecycle of enterprise content from creation to disposition. Hummingbird Enterprise solutions enable organizations to address critical business needs, such as information management, business continuity, compliance and risk mitigation. Founded in 1984, Hummingbird employs approximately 1,450 people and serves more than 33,000 customers, including 90% from Fortune 100 companies. Hummingbird solutions are sold directly from 40 offices worldwide and through our Alliance Network of partners and resellers. For more information, visit http://www.hummingbird.com

About Spicer Corporation

Spicer Corporation is a worldwide supplier of universal viewing solutions that enable the visual access, collaborative review, and distribution of data throughout an organization and with business partners. With Spicer's interoperable desktop and Web solutions, Imagenation, ViewCafe Image a.X(TM) and DocuJet, users can view, mark up, print and edit hundreds of industry-standard file formats including 2D/3D CAD, raster, vector, hybrid, and office formats. For more information about Spicer Universal Viewing, visit the company Web site at www.spicer.com, call +1.519.748.2462, or send e-mail to Email Contact.

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