Ice and Snow Art, a Lifelike Fairytale World
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Ice and Snow Art, a Lifelike Fairytale World

BEIJING, Dec. 28, 2017 — (PRNewswire) — The temperature difference between 30 degrees C and -30 degrees C, the sunlight and sea versus the winter chill, ice and snow, these are some of the major contrasts in climate and landscape between Malaysia and China's northeast. As the winter season arrives, tourists from northeast China plan their travels to southern tropical islands for warmth and sunshine, while Malaysians look to experience the fairytale world of ice and snow sculptures in the north.

Ice and Snow Sculptures Brought to Life

As the world's largest ice and snow park where master crafters show off their lifelong devotion, Harbin Ice and Snow World creates a true winter wonderland experience for all. This winter, the Harbin Ice and Snow World will feature more than 2,000 ice & snow landscapes and over 30 pieces of entertainment to create a "Spring Garden of Ice and Snow & Fantastic Grand World". 

Harbin Ice and Snow World

The Harbin Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo will present the largest snow sculpture art collection in the world. For the 2018 edition, the Expo will feature five areas: "Dragon and Phoenix Welcoming Visitors"; "Sonata of Rhythm of Snow"; "Dream Back to Ice & Snow Sculpture Art Expo", "Northland Flair"; and "Symphony of Winter Olympics", where one can also exhibit entries for the world-class snow sculpture competition.

Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo

The provinces of northeast China can also be divided by their own unique characteristics. For example, at the Shenyang Qipanshan Ice and Snow World in Liaoning, the ancient feel of Dianjiangtai, Fairy Cave and Xiangyang Ancient Temple and the winter snow are perfect matches. While in Jilin, ecological resources are blended with ice & snow art. The Songhua Lake during the winter acts as a mirror, allowing smoke to curl up above its surface due to the significant temperature difference to the earth, causing frost flowers to coagulate on the branches of the bank to form the soft rime wonder where "thousands of pear tress suddenly blossom". The white icicles off set the endless blue sky to create the picture perfect opportunity for photographers.

Ice & Snow Calligraphy and Paintings: Converting Transience into Eternity

Under the "Northland Ice and Snow" tourism brand, China Ice and Snow Tourism Promotional Alliance launched 5 themed routes, among which includes the "Fantastic Ice and Snow Art Tour" which is a 7-day tour of Shenyang-Jilin-Mt. Baekdu-Jingpo Lake-Snow Country-Harbin, covering all the northland ice and snow classics.

The beauty of the four seasons will leave an impression on visitors that will last a lifetime as calligraphy works and paintings scatter across the northeastern provinces. In Heilongjiang, the art of ice sculpturing is exhibited in tandem with snow oil painting, ice engraving, and ice & snow hand drawing exhibitions. In Liaoning, history and culture are fused with ice and snow paintings created by masters of the art while in Jilin, landscape paintings of the soft rime are just some of the products and activities you can not only appreciate on site, but bring home with you. Furthermore, the northeast have developed a more modern, three dimensional twist on the traditional snow and ice appreciation by introducing song and dance, film and TV plays, and catwalks to add to the magic.

As the China Ice and Snow Tourism Promotional Alliance continues to vigourously promote the 7 provinces and municipalities - Heilongjiang, Beijing, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Hebei, the art of "Northland Ice and Snow" will become increasingly popular and well known to tourists the world over.  Ice and snow art is infinitely more beautiful in person and the northeast eagerly awaits its Malaysian friends to experience first-hand the endless charm of ice and snow in China.

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