Fashion meets Art : SPOON x Ello
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Fashion meets Art : SPOON x Ello

SPOON x Ello collaborate at the nexus of fashion and art delivering the antidote to dystopia.

BOULDER, Colo., May 6, 2016 — (PRNewswire) —  Ello - The Creators Network - is the only community platform designed and developed for the world's leading edge artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, architects and gif makers. Ello has doubled down on its values, its creator community, and supporting brands and publications looking for an alternative to mainstream social media for organic reach and direct connection with the followings they build. One such publication, well-known fashion mag and early Ello adopter, SPOON, understands this differentiation and the value.

Fashion meets Art : SPOON x Ello - SPOON x Ello collaborate at the nexus of fashion and art delivering the antidote to dystopia.

"SPOON | 04 IN UTOPIÆ ARCHIPELAGO explores the many connected people and places that offer an antidote to dystopia and challenge the prevailing mainstream media negativity we're all bombarded with" says SPOON co-founder, editor and publisher Patrice Fuma Courtis. "When Ello reached out about a collaboration, it was a natural fit, and we couldn't be happier with the results."

This SPOON x Ello www . ello . co / spoonxello collaboration features a special 30-page portfolio in SPOON | 04 comprised of renowned and emerging fashion artists curated with and from, and an exclusive conversation with Ello co-founders about design, creativity and building a positive community. The SPOON x Ello partnership will continue in future issues, real-world events, and more collab experimentations.

SPOON | 4  highlights new work from both a world renowned and emerging line-up of artists, including:

"When we discovered Ello, we knew we'd found a kindred spirit with their ad-free and human-centered values," notes SPOON partner and co-everything Karine Chane Yin. "We understand the importance of being able to speak directly with our audience, and Ello is just more aesthetically beautiful than the other social networks.The biggest decision we made when we repurchased SPOON was to make a completely ad-free magazine because we felt this was the only way to keep our publication independent, and free from commercial pressure."

It's not surprising that Ello is again seeing growth as a response to the manipulative behaviors of  the prevailing advertising platforms. Unlike the mainstream data farmers that peddle privacy and extract as much value from their users and serve as many advertisements to them as possible, Ello will never have ads or sell user data.

Ello CEO Todd Berger is ecstatic about the SPOON x Ello collab, "Patrice and Karine produce a super high quality arts & fashion publication and they understand one of our key principles: that authentically earned influence always trumps scale. We're developing partnerships where Ello can bring attention to its ultra-talented community members while enabling publications we believe in to extend their sphere of influence. Ello has a right and a responsibility to be wherever creativity lives."

About Ello - www . ello . co
Ello is the Creators Network. Launched in Fall 2014 by creators, for creators, Ello is the only online community specifically designed and developed for the world's artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, GIF makers, architects to discover, share, discuss, publish and promote their work, and the work and ideas of others that they love. Ello will be always ad-free and will never sell community member data. Ello is available on the web and as an iOS App, available in the Apple App store.

About SPOON - www . spoon - publishing . com www . ello . co / spoonmagazine 
SPOON is an ad-free, fine-Art and slow fashion photography magazine. Originally created in 1996 as one of the first fashion Internet publication, we printed our first special edition that same year. After 7 issues, co-founders Karine Chane Yin & Patrice Fuma Courtis left the company when the commercial protocol started to conflict with their creative goals and values. They recently re-purchased the SPOON magazine trademark, and they relaunched the version in early 2014.

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The love nut - Reunion Island - Patrice Fuma Courtis


Lola Dupre - Collage Artist - Spoon X Ello

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