Deriving High Value by Outsourcing Mechanical CAD Drafting Services to India
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Deriving High Value by Outsourcing Mechanical CAD Drafting Services to India

Nov 3, 2014 -- Mechanical 2D drafting and CAD conversion are some of the popularly outsourced services across the globe.  Mechanical drafting using CAD capabilities can be used to draft designs for a new concept, to convert an existing hand drawn mechanical draft into a CAD draft and to document an already existing and manufactured design. CAD allows a detailed visual demonstration of a mechanical design; it also allows engineers to represent the mechanical components and their calibration in a clear and concise manner.

What kind of value can manufacturers derive by outsourcing mechanical drafting services?

Mechanical CAD drafts developed using CAD capabilities are readily editable, easy to reproduce, extremely easy to archive and can be distributed easily over a network. The process of 3D modeling, design analysis and validation – that follows; also becomes easy if flawless and high quality computer generated drafts are available.

Some Prominent Benefits that can be Derived from Outsourcing 2D Drafting Services Include:

What do Engineers and Manufacturers Look for While Outsourcing?

While earlier – low cost was the major factor that attracted companies to outsource mechanical drafting services, today the scenario has changed. The outsourcing landscapes are changing, and for service providers, low cost no longer remains the only value proposition to offer; as a selling point for their services. Today several small and big mechanical drafting service providers are emerging across the outsourcing industry landscapes. However, companies that do not provide any additional value to the client get weeded out.

Manufacturers want to collaborate with 2D CAD drafting service providers who not only extend their services at cost effective rates, but also are capable of delivering the desired quality drafts, in time. Moreover, one of the most important factor or say a quality to look for in an outsourcing partner is scalability. Often CAD conversion requirements emerge in bulk, and scaling up workforce, and infrastructural facilities to handle immense workloads and still deliver on time, makes a service provider the most sought after partner.

Hi-Tech is an India based company offering a comprehensive range of Mechanical drawing and drafting services across the globe. The company performs mechanical drafting and CAD conversion work for all types of projects with advanced complexities, using the latest software tools like ADT, AutoCAD, Solid Works, Pro Engineer and Micro station.

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