Intersil Introduces New Multi-Channel Gamma Buffers with Integrated High-Speed VCOM Amplifier to Boost New TFT-LCD Display Performance
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Intersil Introduces New Multi-Channel Gamma Buffers with Integrated High-Speed VCOM Amplifier to Boost New TFT-LCD Display Performance

Industry-Leading Amplifiers Provide Fast Response to Help Eliminate Flicker in New-Generation Displays

MILPITAS, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—June 21, 2004— Intersil Corporation (Nasdaq: ISIL), a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog solutions, today introduced the EL5524, EL5624, EL5724 and EL5824, four new multi-channel gamma buffers designed to improve performance of new thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal displays (LCDs). The EL5524, EL5624, EL5724 and EL5824 integrate 4, 6, 8 and 10 gamma buffers respectively and each include a single high-speed V(COM) amplifier for higher performance and lower cost. These advanced ICs provide the added performance needed for new applications, particularly where the V(COM) amplifier processes charge injection canceling signals to help eliminate annoying flicker in newer-generation displays.

"These new multi-channel gamma buffers, with high speed V(COM), extend our family of gamma and V(COM) products which is already the largest in the industry," said Michael Jennings, director of marketing for Intersil's Display Products. "Building from our current family of integrated gamma and V(COM) products, the EL5524, EL5624, EL5724 and EL5824 include a higher-speed V(COM) amplifier that more accurately processes charge injection cancellation signals to further reduce flicker in the newest generation of panels. We attribute early adoption success of these new products to industry collaboration and careful application analysis."

The EL5524, EL5624, EL5724 and EL5824 deliver rail-to-rail input and output performance, a slew rate of 15 V/us and 140 mA peak output drive current. Each IC also includes a single high performance V(COM) amplifier that boasts of a 60-MHz bandwidth, a 90-V/us slew rate and 200-mA peak-output drive capability. The high performance of these new devices helps reduce picture-degrading flicker and improve the video-viewing experience offered by TFT-LCDs. Other current and previous-generation V(COM) amplifiers cannot process high-speed feedback signals fast enough to provide this level of performance.

EL5524 and EL5624 Key Features

-- 4-channel EL5524, 6-channel EL5624, 8-channel EL5724 and 10-channel EL5824

-- 12 MHz -3dB bandwidth

-- 15 V/us slew rate

-- 30 mA continuous current output

-- 140 mA peak current output

-- Low current drain - EL5524 5.4 mA, EL5624 6.8 mA, EL5724 8.3 mA, EL5824 9.5 mA

-- Rail-to-rail input (extends 500 mV beyond rails) and output (within 100 mV of rails)

-- Single high speed V(COM)

-- 60 MHz at -3dB bandwidth

-- 90 V/us slew rate

-- 60 mA continuous current output

-- 200 mA peak current output

-- -40 to +85 degree C industrial temperature range

-- Single supply operation - 4.5 to 16.5 V maximum supply voltage range

-- Heatsink Thin Shrink Small Outline Package (HTSSOP) with under-belly thermal pad

-- EL5524 in 14-lead, EL5624 in 20-lead, EL5724 in 24-lead, EL5824 in 28-lead

Availability and Pricing

Intersil's EL5524 and EL5624 are available now. The suggested resale price in 10,000-unit quantities is $1.46 for the EL5524IRE, $1.61 for the EL5624IRE, $1.75 for the EL5724IRE and $1.90 for the EL5824IRE. To learn more about Intersil's video products, visit the company's web site at:

About Intersil

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