QuadriSpace announces Share3D cloud-based collaboration platform
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QuadriSpace announces Share3D cloud-based collaboration platform

Share3D cloud-services and collaboration apps enable teams to privately share 3D for reviews, instructions and catalogs.

Allen, Texas - September 18, 2013 - Today, QuadriSpace announced the immediate availability of Share3D™ ( www.share3d.com), a new cloud-based distribution and collaboration service with native apps for iPad, iPhone and PC users. Share3D empowers uses beyond engineering, supports best–in-class collaboration and provides a high level of security. 

Share3D directly leverages advanced 3D content. With 3D-based content, not simply models, the use of 3D in the cloud extends beyond engineering to downstream uses in manufacturing, marketing, sales and field service. In order to provide suitable content for these uses, content creation software enables the addition of informative content such as descriptive text, pre-captured and illustrated 3D views, step-by-step procedures, exploded views with balloons and custom parts lists. Access to QuadriSpace Publisher3D™, a leading 3D content creation software, is included as part of each Share3D user account so additional software purchases are not required. SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Pro/E, Rhino, Google SketchUp, DWF, STEP, IGES and other exchange formats are supported.   

Share3D apps are dedicated to enhancing the communication between collaborators leading to faster responses and fewer errors. During collaborations, the specific model view and newly created markups are associated with a comment to greatly enhance collaboration and team understanding.  Submitted comments are captured in the cloud, shared with other participants and archived for future reference.  Recalling a comment with one of the Share3D apps sets the 3D view to the viewpoint and applies the markups present when the comment was submitted.

The unique email-in-the-loop feature provides the ability for participants that are not using the Share3D web page or apps to engage in a collaborative session by simply replying to automatically generated emails. These email replies are captured, shared and archived in the same manner as other comments, extending the collaborative chain to everyone without requiring anyone to change their work process.

Share3D security is strengthened because native 3D CAD files remain local and only lightweight 3D information is published to the cloud, guaranteeing that original 3D CAD files are not available. Share3D is hosted on Amazon’s highly secure network where user files are encrypted using the AES-256 standard, which is the same encryption standard used by most banks to secure customer data.  Lightweight 3D content is shared privately and can only be viewed by those specifically invited to participate in a project.

Share3D offers a free plan that allows users to collaborate on up to 3 projects; new accounts can be created for free at www.share3d.com/accounts/new. Paid plans for Share3D enable more projects, more collaboration tools and more content creation features and can be explored online at www.share3d.com/plans. For more information on QuadriSpace products, cloud-services and collaborative apps, visit www.quadrispace.com.  

About QuadriSpace Corporation

QuadriSpace Corporation ( http://www.quadrispace.com) provides software, cloud services and apps that enable easy reuse of 3D for documentation and collaborative communication. Our solutions leverage software that allows the easy creation of content that can be distributed to others directly through print, by 3D PDF or by using our Share3D service for cloud-based delivery and collaboration. Founded in 2001 to help companies reuse informative 3D models, QuadriSpace has had a tremendous impact on productivity, time-to-market and communication effectiveness worldwide.

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Brian Roberts

President, QuadriSpace Corporation

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