GDC Europe Update
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GDC Europe Update

Game Developers Conference Europe 2013 | Cologne, Germany | 08.19.13 - 08.21.13

   May 22, 2013

GDC Europe 2013 First Set of Sessions Announced

With a record number of talk submissions (more than 275 talks, up 25% on last year's total), GDC Europe continues to expand.

This year's content will be hand selected by the GDC Europe Advisory Board, which retains some of the major pan-European additions from 2012, representing countries from Sweden (The Drowning lead Ben Cousins), Denmark (Mojang's Daniel Kaplan), and Finland (Remedy's Matias Myllyrinne) through a host of leading German developers, from Ubisoft Blue Byte's Christopher Schmitz through Bigpoint's Sven Liebich and EA Phenomic's Dirk Ringe. Check out the first set of selected talks.

Programming Track PROGRAMMING

Broken Age Broken Age's Approach to Scalability
Oliver Franzke (Double Fine Productions)
In this session, Oliver Franzke discusses scaling Broken Age across five platforms, focusing on authoring and rendering techniques for characters and environments.

Remember Me The Art and Rendering of Remember Me
Sebastien Lagarde, Michel Koch (DONTNOD Entertainment)
This talk covers techniques used for building of a plausible sci-fi city of Paris, and enhancing images with a simple rendering trick forRemember Me.

Business, Marketing & Management Track BUSINESS, MARKETING & MANAGEMENT

revolution The Revolution Will be Streamed: How Video Is Transforming Video Games
Matthew DiPietro (Twitch)
VP of Marketing, Matthew DiPietro, explores gameplay as content and the impact of online video in games.

This time it's different This Time It's Different: Treasures and Traps in the Next Gen Transition
Don Daglow (Daglow Entertainment LLC)
President & creative director, Don Daglow, dissects 15 years of next gen cycles, and the traps and treasures of upcoming platform transitions.

Game Design Track DESIGN

Designing Assasins Creed Designing Assassins Creed III
Steven Masters (Ubisoft Montreal)
This talk discusses the importance of team focus during a three year development cycle, and the design methodologies and philosophies used in creating Assassins Creed III.

Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time: Giving Players the Freedom to Create Their Own Story
Jim Brown (Epic Games)
In this session, the authored storyline vs. player story conflict is examined, and lead level designer, Jim Brown, explains how almost everyone has it wrong.


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