Bentley and Tata Steel Facilitate Use of Tata Structura Components in STAAD.Pro V8i (SELECTseries 3) Models
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Bentley and Tata Steel Facilitate Use of Tata Structura Components in STAAD.Pro V8i (SELECTseries 3) Models

By ‘Working Smarter, Together,’ the Two Companies Save Users Time and Money During Steel Design Work

NEW DELHI, India – 22 October 2012 – Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, today announced that, in cooperation with Tata Steel, it has extended STAAD.Pro, the world’s #1 structural analysis and design software, to accommodate the use of cost-saving Tata Structura steel components in structural design work. STAAD.Pro allows users to assign any material to any steel shape. However, STAAD.Pro users had been challenged when it came to using Tata Structura components in their information modeling since these shapes are only available from Tata in specific grades of steel. Bentley and Tata Steel “worked smarter, together” to remove this obstacle, further enhancing productivity and saving users time and money during the project design phase. Bentley modified STAAD.Pro V8i (SELECTseries 3) so that specific grades of steel are automatically assigned to the steel members that incorporate Tata Structura sections.

“We see this additional functionality first introduced in STAAD.Pro V8i (SELECTseries3) as a real value-add for our company,” said Debasish Purakayastha, technical director, M N Dastur. “When applicable, we prefer to use Tata Structura hollow steel sections because of their greater compressive strength, lower slenderness ratio, and higher yield strength. Using these sections offers us as much as a 30 percent reduction in steel consumption compared to conventional sections and this, in turn, lowers handling, transportation, fabrication, and erection costs.”

“It was a pleasure working with the Bentley team in bringing this new capability to thousands of users in the marketplace,” said Atanu Chatterjee, design engineer, Tata Structura Studio. “STAAD.Pro has a long-standing reputation for handling just about any structural member, and the list of components it can accommodate just became all the more comprehensive. We know our users will appreciate being able to take advantage of our cost- and time-saving steel sections, while simultaneously benefiting from STAAD.Pro’s wide range of modeling tools and analysis and design options.”

Santanu Das, Bentley vice president, structural and bridge development, said, “Bentley is committed to working smarter, together with our users to drive innovation that helps them save time and money on projects and become more competitive and successful. We saw the addition of the Tata Steel Structura components to our STAAD.Pro offering as a way to provide our users in India and beyond with yet more flexibility in their design work, and the stellar cooperation we received from the Tata Steel team greatly expedited the process. We see this as a win for Bentley, Tata Steel, and our shared users.”

About STAAD.Pro

Bentley’s STAAD.Pro is the world’s leading structural analysis and design software. This general-purpose software for structural engineers is capable of analyzing any steel, concrete, timber, or aluminum structure exposed to static loading; a dynamic response; soil-structure interaction; or wind, earthquake, and moving loads. STAAD.Pro supports more than 70 international design codes and 20 U.S. codes in six languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Russian) and can be used for any project type, including for plants, culverts, bridges, tunnels, and stadiums. The software undergoes a demanding quality assurance program that meets the stringent software validation requirements of the nuclear industry in various countries, including the U.S. For additional information about STAAD.Pro, visit

About Tata Steel

Tata Steel is a top ten global steel maker and the world’s second most geographically diversified steel producer. It was founded in India in 1907. Since 2004, the company has expanded globally, acquiring Asian steel producers NatSteel and Millennium Steel (now called Tata Steel Thailand) as well as Europe’s second-largest steel producer, Corus (now called Tata Steel Europe Limited). For additional information about Tata Steel, visit

About Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Bentley is the global leader dedicated to providing architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. Bentley Systems applies information mobility to improve asset performance by leveraging information modeling through integrated projects for intelligent infrastructure. Its solutions encompass the MicroStation platform for infrastructure design and modeling, the ProjectWise platform for infrastructure project team collaboration and work sharing, and the AssetWise platform for infrastructure asset operations – all supporting a broad portfolio of interoperable applications and complemented by worldwide professional services. Founded in 1984, Bentley has more than 3,000 colleagues in 50 countries, more than $500 million in annual revenues, and since 2003 has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions.

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