Z/I Imaging DMC II - first aerial digital cameras to be implemented in Open Sky Treaty
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Z/I Imaging DMC II - first aerial digital cameras to be implemented in Open Sky Treaty

Russian Radio Engineering Corporation “VEGA” begins test flights of its aerial based monitoring system installed on board of a Tupolev-214 OS aircraft, including three Z/I Imaging DMC II 140 digital cameras.

Aalen/Germany, 18 June 2012) – A digital aerial survey system based on three Z/I Imaging DMC II 140 digital cameras was delivered to Russian Radio Engineering Corporation “VEGA” after a 10 months period of manufacturing and system adaptation. The system has gone  through an intensive three-stage acceptance procedure and has been successfully installed on a Russian TU-214 OS aircraft. Currently first test flights are conducted.

The system is intended to provide fulfillment of the tasks within the frame of the Open Sky Treaty (Helsinki, March, 24th, 1992), providing nadir and perspective digital survey of various earth surface areas over territories (water areas) of the states-participants of the Open Sky Treaty, post-processing of the obtained data, data preparation and delivery of required information with the purpose of:


 “We have chosen the DMC II 140 digital cameras, produced by Z/I Imaging, primarily because we believe this camera is the most advanced camera in the field of aerial photography. We have carefully considered the possibility of other cameras and review the experience of companies that have purchased DMC II cameras before us. As a result, we have made a conscious choice and we are pleased to cooperate with Z/I Imaging”, said professor Vartan Shahgedanov, VEGA’s Deputy General Designer - director of "Open Skies" international program.

“For us this project was a technical challenge, because of the system complexity and special requirements. In addition, we had to fulfill a very tight time line” – noted Martin Welzenbach head of Z/I Imaging hardware development.

“It was very exciting for us to work as one team with engineers from VEGA on the system integration and we are impressed about their professionalism. Z/I Imaging is proud that our technology is now part of this important international treaty to provide information for a more peaceful world.” 

About Radio Engineering Corporation “VEGA”
Joint Stock Company “Radio Engineering Concern “VEGA” was founded in accordance with Presidential Decree of April 28, 2004 № 569. The main areas of activities are development of key technologies of radio engineering, radar and intelligence systems, and management of land, air and space-based systems in interests of defense and economy of Russian Federation.

Currently Concern VEGA is identified by the Russian government as prime contractor and leading developer of On board monitoring system (OBMS) for Open Sky Treaty monitoring flights.

About Z/I Imaging
Z/I Imaging is a leading manufacturer of airborne photogrammetry solutions to support professional mapping applications. For over 90 years, Zeiss and later Z/I Imaging have set standards in the airborne photogrammetric market with such products as the RMK TOP series and the DMC Digital Mapping Camera.

Following the acquisition of Intergraph by Hexagon in 2010, Hexagon Geosystems newly formed Geospatial Solutions Division has brought together Leica Geosystems Airborne Sensors and Z/I Imaging. Committed to continued innovation on all major product lines, the combined airborne sensor portfolio includes the widest range of medium and large format imaging as well as LiDAR technologies and offers a choice of sensor for every application. A full suite of software from flight planning to post-processing provides end-to-end workflow for high accuracy orthophoto generation, feature extraction and map production. In addition, Hexagon Geosystems operates a global network of customer service and support centers to ensure highest productivity. 



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