Tekla BIMsight on MyArchiCAD.com
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Tekla BIMsight on MyArchiCAD.com

BUDAPEST, September 13, 2011 -- Tekla and GRAPHISOFT's long-term cooperation continues, as the Tekla BIMsight software application for building information model-based construction project collaboration becomes available on GRAPHISOFT’s MyArchiCAD.com.

For years, GRAPHISOFT and Tekla Corporation have dedicated themselves to offering the best software solutions in their respective fields of architecture, structural design, and construction management.  Since 2010, cooperation between the companies has developed beyond interoperability of technical data exchange formats into a commitment to promote open BIM. GRAPHISOFT now offers its professional and education users Tekla BIMsight for BIM model coordination as a free download from MyArchiCAD.com.

On the MyArchiCAD.com landing page, Tekla BIMsight is located in the ‘Other downloads’ section

Tekla BIMsight is a proven tool for all building and construction disciplines, including architects, to collaborate and share. Built on Tekla’s advanced modeling technology and revolutionizing the way companies license and utilize 3D modeling solutions for construction, Tekla BIMsight 1.2 is still offered as a free, downloadable application. Everyone from small to large construction companies can download Tekla BIMsight for free and begin to utilize their design files for 3D project collaboration purposes, for example, to detect clashes. Most importantly, the software enables its users to easily share the coordinated models necessary for effective collaboration among all team members.

“It is crucial for architects and structural engineers to be able to coordinate and construct with contractors, seamlessly,” said Laura Virros, director of the Project Delivery segment at Tekla. “We are happy to share a common belief in open BIM collaboration with GRAPHISOFT, and we are delighted to have them along as a Tekla BIMsight distributor.”

According to Miklos Szovenyi-Lux, GRAPHISOFT VP of Product Development,”Tekla BIMsight further strengthens OPEN BIM collaboration strategy between the various disciplines of independent platforms, making this an indispensable tool for architects and structural engineers alike.”

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GRAPHISOFT® ignited the BIM revolution with ArchiCAD®, the industry first BIM software for architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as the revolutionary GRAPHISOFT BIM Server™, the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment, and the GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner™, the world's first fully integrated building energy modeling application. GRAPHISOFT’s innovative solutions have fundamentally changed the way architects around the world design and collaborate.  GRAPHISOFT has been a part of the  Nemetschek Group since its acquisition in 2007.


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Tekla’s model-based software products make customers’ core processes more effective in building and construction and infrastructure management. Tekla Corporation has area offices and partner organizations worldwide. International operations account for more than 80% of net sales. Founded in 1966, Tekla is one of the longest operating software companies in Finland. Tekla Structures, the most advanced BIM (Building Information Modeling) software on the market, provides an accurate, dynamic, and data-rich 3D environment that can be shared by contractors, structural engineers, steel detailers and fabricators, as well as concrete detailers and manufacturers. More information at www.tekla.com


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