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Convert coverage to shapefile with field indexes download courtesy of Stephen Lead
Ron Schultz, ArcView 3.x
From Ron Schultz, for ArcView 3.x Flash! Flash.ave, and flash.avx (files attached) Ron Schultz
convert coverages to shapefiles with filled indexes download courtesy of Stephen Lead
When you put TNTserver on your web site, you can host large, interactive atlases that your visitors can browse with the free TNTclient product that downloads automatically into your visitor's browser. TNTclient offers a rich feature set for navigating and viewing massive atlases through the Web. Microimages
Use to "copy + paste" documents between projects. courtesy of Stephen Lead
Database of 13,445 World airport and city locations in dBASE format. airportcity
ArcInfo: Animate grids or images into a MPEG file ArcTools provides a "fly through" animation generator, which creates an MPEG movie file from a terrain surface and a flight path. Courtesy of Stephen Lead
Mr.SID free viewer LizardTech Software
Geodatabase Helper is an ActixeX DLL that allows you to maintain an ArcSDE Geodatabase without having to know ArcObjects! Courtesy of Richie Carmichael
GeoConsult graphic software for exploring and converting vector GIS files. Tanasoft
ER Mapper Free Compression Software ER Mapper
"Bearing" Arcscript for Avenue: Bearing//Show bearing, distance, and angle of PolyLine Courtesy of Ron Schultz
DMTI Spatial -- Free sample data DMTI Spatial Inc.
For ArcInfo, this script creates a textfile listing the X, Y and Z values for each cell in a grid. This might be useful when exporting GRIDs to a program which doesn't read the GRIDASCII or GRIDFLOAT output formats. Stephen Lead's Scripts
Snap Extension for ArcView greatly enhances digitizing in ArcView ( - 10 KB) The Omega Group
Create, manage and manipulate annotation objects with Annotation Suite v1.0 for CAD annobjects
Escambia County Existing
Prepared for the Escambia County Office of Planning and Zoning, this report addresses verification of land use, zoning and future land use map designation for approximately 60,000 parcels of Escambia County Escambia Office of Planning & Zoning
AutoSnap for ArcView 3.x When AutoSnap is on, Draw Point, Draw Straight Line and Draw Line tools will automatically snap to active theme. Works in edit or graphics mode. Courtesy of Ron Schultz
Geodatabase Reporter
Geodatabase Reporter is an extension to ArcCatalog. The extension will generate an HTML report describing, in detail, the structure of the currently selected Geodatabase in the ArcCatalog Table of Contents. Supports both Personal and ArcSDE Geodatabases. Compliments of Richie Carmichael
Digital Terrain Modeling
Generate 3D Digital Terrain Models and Digital Terrain Maps using free DEM data from the USGS, NIMA and other sources. Render them using POV-Ray, MicroDem, Terragen and 3DEM. Several SDTS and other file conversion utilities are offered at this site for free download. TerrainMap
Mr.SID free compression software LizardTech Software
ESRI ArcView_3.x
Add direction arrows to visible PolyLines of active theme. Courtesy of Ron Schultz
This ArcView 3.x extension emulates ArcInfo's NODEPOINT command, by creating a new point shapefile comprising the nodes in the input polyline or polygon theme. Courtesy of Stephen Lead
Drainage DEM stream flow downhill-(drain_direction) AML language Stephen Lead's Scripts
When AutoSnap is on, Draw Point, Draw Straight Line and Draw Line tools will automatically snap to active theme -- Works in edit or graphics mode ! Courtesy of Ron Schultz
GIS/RS application for the Unix platform FMaps
software for geo-data visualization and analysis of existing GIS databases for distribution purposes Tanasoft
task scheduling software (freeware for Windows 95, 98, & NT) The Omega Group
Avenue, ArcView 3.x Image catalog using individual colormaps for each image 2 fi les Stephen Lead's Scripts
Import & process AUSLIG Topo250K interchange files Courtesy of Stephen Lead
Shows total length of selected lines, total perimeter and area of selected Polygons, total number of selected points Courtesy of Ron Schultz
ER Mapper Viewer ER Mapper
shows area and perimeter of polygon, length of line, position of point for ArcView 3.x Courtesy of Ron Schultz
QuickLook Swath Browser from Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
Toggle view coordinates between DMS and DD courtesy of Stephen Lead
Geodatabase Reporter
Geodatabase Reporter is an extension to ArcCatalog. The extension will generate an HTML report describing, in detail, the structure of the currently selected Geodatabase in the ArcCatalog Table of Contents. Supports both Personal and ArcSDE Geodatabases. Compliments of Richie Carmichael
GIS Downloads
Here are some great resources that you can use to create free base maps, GIS viewers, image map based web map projects, and even mapservers. MapCruzin
Cadcorp Mini-Apps
Mini-Apps are provided free of charge to be used as productivity tools, enhancing some of the functionality of Cadcorp SIS for specific tasks New and enhanced Cadcorp Mini-Apps include Cool Labels, New Boolean, Db Text, Spatial Wizard, Quick Print, Cadcorp SIS ITN Tools and Cadcorp SIS Gazetteer. Full documentation is provided. Cadcorp
ArcExplorer 9.2—Java
ArcExplorer 4 (Free) is the Java edition of this useful software. ArcExplorer 4 can be used on Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Linux operating systems. Esri
Programming tips, macros, tutorials for ArcInfo, ArcView, Idrisi and Data Automa tion Kit users. Pierssen Publishing
EV8 for ArcMap
New! EV8 for ArcMap from Geokinetic Systems. If you are a GIS pro using ArcMap, this is well worth a close look. EV8 is an extension that transforms ArcMap into a fully comprehensive, lightning fast, and very easy to use 'power' GIS. For example; a 'clean and build' 3 times faster than arc/info, and a whole lot more besides. A site download is not practical, but a free trial of the complete package is available. Geokinetic Systems
Merges multiple themes in ArcView The Omega Group
ArcGIS 8: The Complete
ESRI ArcGIS is a scalable system of software for geographic data creation, management, integration, analysis, and dissemination for every organization, from an individual to a globally distributed network of people. The 8.x releases introduce a comprehensive, integrated system designed to meet the needs of a wide range of geographic information system (GIS) users. Esri
Rowekamp Associates, Inc. Provides links to lots of free stuff: extensions, scripts, geographic data and more. Rowekamp Associates , Inc.
Free aerial photo with any map from Mapquest. Mapquest
Get a map, get directions, download screensavers and product updates. Rand McNally
How to Pick a GIS
Power Point Presentation Central Connecticut State University Geography Department
Multifunction Desktop
Multifunction desktop calculator by Syntrillium Software Ibsystems
Scanned images from USGS topo maps
conversion program for many file formats A llegria Software
CrimeView 1.53 patch fixes some minor bugs The Omega Group
Full resolution LANDSAT orthorectified (15m RMS) nationwide and some world maps available for download in Mr.SID format, free. Stennis Space Center
The Geography Network's free geographic data sets can be found here Geography Network
IntelliCAD 2001
Free CAD software download from CADopia CADopia
Much of the free geographic data available on the internet comes in the form of ArcInfo export format files (*.e00). This utility will convert these files into a GeoMedia Access warehouse Courtesy of Lars Tungen
GIS Data and Map Layers
Free GIS data and map layers from MapCruzin MapCruzin
Image Georeferencing Tools
Image Georeferencing Tools extension contains useful tools for image layer processing. Rotating, shifting and resizing of images can be accomplished more precisely and more efficiently than with the new version of ArcView 8.1. Data East, LLC
GIS Perfect World... British Columbia Gas Utility
For ArcView 3.x, draw Vertices and nodes as graphics Stephen Lead's Scripts
Westside's Story - Local
The development and implementation of municipal GIS for West Springfield, Massachusetts. West Springfield is a suburban community of about 28,000, with the historic feel of a New England town, and a strong commercial/industrial tax base. Interestingly, it was also the home of the first Morgan horse. Courtesy of Michael D. Olkin
For ArcView 3.x (Avenue) Add points evenly along a line download courtesy of Stephen Lead
GeoSnap offers a variety of ArcView scripts and extensions on this page. GeoSnap
Make your own Paleo-Globe & Free ESH-GIS Time Slice PaleoMap Project
SVGMapper LITE 2007
SVGMapper is an extension for ArcView GIS (3.x) for exporting the View into SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format (which is very exciting new XML-based language for displaying vector graphics on the WWW). Vecor based web mapping. Information about pro version at SVGMapper Team
HTML Image Mapper 3.0 is the easiest and most affordable way to transform ArcView GIS maps and data into great looking interactive maps for the internet or to be cut on CD-ROM. Get your maps on the web within 5 minutes. Very intuitive - no training or pogramming required. New in 3.1: Zoom to 1600%, support of 6 languages ... alta4 Geoinformatik AG
Digital Terrain Modeling
Digital Terrain Modeling software add-on for IntelliCAD and AutoCAD DP
DIVA-GIS version 4
Free GIS application. Particularly useful for biodiversity applications. Reads and creates vector and raster data. Comes with global climate data. Nice graphical map output.
ProVec 4.0
ProVec is among the world’s premier raster-to-vector software brands, designed for professional users in the AEC, CAD and GIS markets. The unique features built into ProVec make it the most complete, productive, user-friendly vectorisation package obtainable. Sinclair Knight Merz
version 3.0 Free Web Map Publisher NAC Geographic Products, Inc.
Carbon County, Montana
When Carbon County, MT initially implemented a new addressing system, it was met by confusion among first responders and the public. To implement E-911 services that would shorten emergency response times and save lives, the county needed an accurate, centralized database of new addresses easily accessible by public safety personnel and citizens.

Carbon County, MT has produced a TerraGo GeoPDF digital atlas to improve emergency response times for non-GIS trained public safety personnel and first responders in support of an E-911 services implementation
TerraGo Technologies
Image Processing Methodology
A slide presentation detailing the work involved in an image processing project from data aquisition to image classification to accuracy assessment. Clark Labs
Using Aerial Imagery
Having complete accessiblity of ortho-images of a county will add a great resource fo farmers and organizations from forest service to utility companies. GIS Consulting and Training
Test drive EZ-Locate with an account for 100 free Geocodes Test drive ETAK Geocoding Server from interactive web page Etak
AGIS for Windows
AGIS for Windows is a simple mapping & GIS shareware package. AGIS
ArcView shapefile to DXF/DWG converter Arcv2CAD3.2 newly updated GuthCAD
PhotoSat's ER Mapper
View, pan and zoom full resolution samples of satellite imagery PhotoSat Information Ltd.
CADViewer 3.2
view all DXF/DWG drawing files up to AutoCAD 2000, HP-GL plot files, raster files GuthCAD
Creating A State Road
The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) contributes greatly to Illinois’ economic, social, and environmental vitality by providing an integrated network of transportation facilities across the state. While the core mission of the Illinois DOT is to provide a safe transportation system that ensures the mobility of people and goods, enhances economic prosperity, and preserves the quality of our environment and communities, technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) constitute a key element in helping IDOT monitor the transportation system and work more efficiently and effectively as an organization. GIS Solutions
Spatial Tools
an ArcView extension containing a collection of 32 tools that extend the capabilities of Spatial Analyst. USGS
Baklava from is a Sprite Java Toolkit that includes all the source code in the completely free download.
Idrisi Downloads
Idrisi downloads and trial software found here. Idrisi
apSource is compatible with all GARMIN GPS systems except the GPS 100 family of products (GPS 100AVD, GPS 100MRN, GPS 100MIL, SRVY II) and panel mount aviation units. GARMIN Corporation
Trimble Navigation Corporate
Trimble Navigation Corporate Presentation Trimble Navigation
a free georeferencing download Geo3D
Maptech?s Mapserver
Register for access, then download the Maptech's Mapserver-- online mapping resource for topographic maps and charts for land, sea, and air. Browse, view, print, and email the maps for free. MapTech
where you can download maps for free for use with TOPO! CD-ROMs, or post files that others can use on their adventures. This site also hosts a download of the week. National Geographic
AV Garmin
AV Garmin is an ArcView extension. Used with a Garmin GPS and either Waypoint+ or MapSource download software or GarTrip, AV Garmin allows you to easily create shapefiles in ArcView. Point, Line or Polygon features can be created from either waypoint or track data. Shapefiles can be projected into any ArcView supported format. California Department of Fish and Game
Traverse Adjustment Using
Simple two-dimensional traverses can easily be adjusted using Compass Rule or Transit Rule. However, when a traverse becomes more complicated with multiple junction points yielding redundancies greater than three, Compass Rule or Transit Rule adjustments will not be able to do an effective job, particularly when observations (distances and angles) have different weights. Although several least squares adjustment packages are available, Microsoft Excel provides another option for performing a rigorous least squares traverse adjustment. This paper provides: a brief overview of Excel’s Add-in Solver; basic theory of least squares as implemented within the Solver; advantages and disadvantages of the Excel Solver in least squares, and two numerical examples outlining the steps involved in carrying out a traverse adjustment. The reasons the use of Excel for traverse adjustment can be considered a viable option are: a. Excel is readily available in any Windows platform without any additional cost. b. Excel is easy to use. c. The data transfer to and from Excel is very flexible. The paper also provides some useful Visual Basic functions used in traverse adjustment. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
Free Data and Sample Maps
Manifold Systems offers free data and sample maps Manifold Systems
Oracle Interoperability
In today's environment, open systems that share geospatial information are increasingly important. Open systems help organizations work efficiently and move data from one application to another, one professional to another, and one department to another. In the past most solutions relied on proprietary technologies, but now organizations have the opportunity to invest in open and interoperable systems. To achieve interoperability among GIS applications, several major GIS software vendors are providing software interoperability kits for use in the Oracle? environment. Autodesk?, Intergraph?, Laser-Scan?, and MapInfo?, along with Oracle, are working together to further advance the standard geospatial data model in Oracle. Intergraph Corporation
Free Demo Scan2CAD 5.1d Scanning to CAD CADVANCE
Avenue scripts from the Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection... They include click, apply and update event scripts for controls in View, Table and Layout, docGUIS that add themes, label themes, identify themes, edit themes, select features, find features, print tables, and print maps freeware
Download map files from Census 2000 Tiger Files from Proximity One. Proximity One
Cadcorp SIS Map Browser
Cadcorp SIS Map Browser is a free application to browse geographic data served by OGC W*S services on the web. It has been designed to view and query data served using OpenGIS® Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Feature Service (WFS) specifications, as well as supporting Geographic Markup Language (GML) and Web Map Context XML data sources. Cadcorp
Intellisys Project Desktop
Intellisys Project Desktop is a visual tool to help plan and track business or home projects. It helps one organize the tasks involved in a complex project, assign budgets, estimate completion times and costs, create dependencies between, and automatically schedule tasks. Intellisys, Inc
Geography Network Explorer
The Geography Network provides access to a rich collection of digital maps from many of the world's leading map publishers. Geography Network

Save your layouts to load into other projects

Courtesy of Petio Zafirov
ShapeViewer free GIS and display viewer Ecological Software Solutions
ArcReader is ESRI's free and easy-to-use application that allows users to view and print maps. Esri
Tablets, Digitizers from Calcomp GTCO CalComp, Inc
Draw polylines using survey coordinates. Courtesy of Ron Schultz
ArcView Shape Editing Extesion
A suite of functions providing powerful editing of features, graphics and attributes in ArcView.Providing snap between features from different themes, offsetting boundaries of polygons and lines ,drawing normals from and to features and etc. Petio Zaffirov
vector 7 1/2 minute topo quads of the USA
Demo Version of SanTrack
Project tracking software Sanborn Map Company
Bidirectional translator between Mentor's Board Station and AutoCAD DXF formats Artwork Conversion Software, Inc.
Image Analysis with
Agenda • Introduction to ENVI • Introduction to ENVI EX • ENVI – ArcGIS Integration • ENVI for ArcGIS® Server • Industry Examples • Summary Esri Australia
free digital map - Europe
Digital maps for ESRI, MapInfo and other GIS from the largest digital map archive worldwide. Postcode and administrative maps are included. Europe for free download. GfK Macon
EZ Locate
EZ-Locate extension for ArcView(tm) allows you to geocode street addresses
JShape-JShape WWW Java GIS software JShape Software
Earth System History GIS
The Earth System History GIS (ESH-GIS) consists of. plate reconstructions for 50 time intervals from the Late Precambrian to the Present. The reconstructions are saved as ArcView shapefiles and can be viewed with ArcView or ArcView compatible GIS software. PaleoMap Software
PG-Steamer image processing
Pixoneer Geomatics' image processing software, PG-Steamer, offers several robust tools integrated into one geospatial data analysis package. These tools allow the user to preprocess, visualize, manipulate and analyze remotely sensed imagery and other geospatial data in an single, integrated environment.
Note:Earth image processing software is the former name of PG-Steamer

Pixoneer Geomatics
Assorted MapInfo
ALOV Map. Free Java GIS
Portable Java application for publication GIS data to Internet and interactive view on web browsers. ALOV
Arcview extension to export a view as a geo-referenced JPG file Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
Data conversion tools from U. S. Forest Service Digital Visions U. S. Forest Service Digital Visions
Free Screensaver from
The Solar & Heliospheric Directory ? Free screensaver ?Now showing live from the sun to your computer? SOHO
Spatial Data Standards
Geographic information system (GIS) technology is evolving beyond the traditional GIS community and becoming an integral part of the information infrastructure in many organizations. The unique integration capabilities of a GIS allow disparate data sets to be brought together to create a complete picture of a situation. GIS technology illustrates relationships, connections, and patterns that are not necessarily obvious in any one data set, enabling organizations to make better decisions based on all relevant factors. Organizations are able to share, coordinate, and communicate key concepts between departments within an organization or between separate organizations using GIS as the central spatial data infrastructure. Esri
Unleash the power of
Surveying and coordinate geometry software add-on for AutoCAD or IntelliCAD. DP
Managing Natural Resources
  • Reading multidimensional datasets Working with charts
  • Looking at space/time change with animation tools
  • ModelBuilder tools
  • Suitability models
  • Running and executing models on remote geoprocessing servers
  • Sketching tools
  • Esri
    Sanborn Company Presentation
    Sanborn: Total Geographic Information Sanborn
    Check out Maptext's Map Gallery MapText, Inc.
    PhotoSat Sample Dataset
    Regular grid of elevation data derived from the elevation points and breaklines of the 1:20,000 scale BC TRIM project. Available formats: 1) ER Mapper/ArcINFO .bil - 16 bit signed integer file. 2) GRD with CSV FIle - 16 bit signed integer file. 3) XYZ ASCII File PhotoSat Information Ltd.
    Military users can download a set of military symbol fonts developed by ESRI. Select the "Mil fonts" file in the Symbols and Fonts list. Red Hen Systems
    Datums & Projections
    Interactively converts the coordinates of a point between geographic coordinate spaces, as defined by 225 supported datums and 24 supported projections. TatukGIS
    4304, beta version
    Global routes, maps, services-download town maps to your Palm OS 3.0 free
    It allows anyone in your organization to view maps in the form of tables and workspaces created and arranged by MapInfo Professional users. MapInfo Corp.
    Google Earth – Explore,
    Want to know more about a specific location? Dive right in -- Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips.
    • Fly from space to your neighborhood. Type in an address and zoom right in.
    • Search for schools, parks, restaurants, and hotels. Get driving directions.
    • Tilt and rotate the view to see 3D terrain and buildings.
    • Save and share your searches and favorites. Even add your own annotations.
    Features include standalone CAD to shapefile conversion, translates all AutoCAD DXF and DWG up to & including 2000i, attributes translation.
    Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) is free software that incorporates tools from environmental assessment fields into an effective problem solving environment. These tools include integrated modules for vi sualization, geospatial analysis, statistical analysis, human health risk assessment, cost-effective analysis, sampling design, and decision analysis. Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance
    An Introduction to High
    An Introduction to High Resolution Land Cover Mapping Sanborn
    Just for fun-Run the Open script (ArcView Project) and choose your favorite Presidential candidate download courtesy of Stephen Lead
    ALG Data Server adds the ability to display geometry files to Intergraph's GeoMedia in order to spatially locate the data. Intergraph Corporation
    This extension allows the 'Draw Straight Line' tool to work in edit mode. Courtesy of Ron Schultz
    GAMMA Tools -- free trial software designed to help business professionals and other end-users extend the ability of MapInfo Professional to manage, view and analyse data geographically. The six add-on tools comprise: SQL Wizard, Voronoi Polygon, MetaData Manager, DocView, Floating Layer Control and Workspace Recoverer Gamma Ltd
    GIS Survival Guide
    Primer and Survival Guide from GeoData Institute GeoData Institute
    FireViewer is the new version of Image Viewer, and makes large, scrollable color images possible on your Palm device. Firepad, Inc.
    CartoMAP free viewer is designed for ease-of-use, to be used with Microsoft Windows compatible software CartoWorld
    HUD Environmental E-Maps
    Search by zip code, city or state, and zoom in to learn about HUD or EPA projects in a given area. HUD
    J2Dpoint NAC Geographics Products Inc.
    Interfaces a Garmin GPS to a Windows 95/NT program Brent Hildebrand
    Terrain Tools
    Terrain Tools Freeware Edition is a quick and easy mapping package. Coordinates can be entered using the mouse, typed in, or imported from external files. Scanned topographic maps, air photos and other bitmap images can also be incorporated. softree
    MapDotNet Version 4.1
    View This Flash Presentation about MapDotNet Version 4.1
    • What is MapDotNet
    • Why Use MapDotNet
    FME Suite
    Safe Software invites you to download a fully functional 14-day evaluation version of the Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) Suite -- an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool for spatial data. FME Suite is the complete translation and transformation environment: it supports over 100 formats and consists of a translator, a transformation editor and a viewer. Safe Software
    Free downloadable 500m resolution DEM data in industry-standard MSI Planet format. Current coverage is of the African continent and Middle East. ComputaMaps
    3D Data Generation
    3D Data Generation - 16MB ppt ERDAS, Inc.
    MGRS Conversion Utility Mentor Software Inc.
    A free utility that allows you to combine, merge and mosaic grids. Pyramid Development
    2D CAD Imsisoft
    USGS -- The Advanced National Seismic System: Management and Implementation USGS
    The Geographic Calculator
    The worlds leading Coordinate Conversion tool now offers FREE conversions and full functionality in the evaluation mode. Blue Marble Geographics
    Rapid Mapping Application:
    Featured Paper By Steve Linger, Doug Walther, Marcia Jones. Our cartographic laboratory produces a large volume and variety of maps for a diverse set of customers. Turnaround time and consistency are key concerns for our customers. The Rapid Mapping Application (RMA) is an ArcMap based tool that enables rapid creation of maps to meet these customer needs. The tool is constructed using VBA, ArcObjects, and ArcGIS templates. The core capability of ArcMap is extended for custom map production, by storing specifications associated with a specific template in a companion XML document. These specifications include settings and preferences used to create custom maps. The tool is integrated into our enterprise GIS, which enables spatial data management and delivery using ArcSDE, ArcIMS, Oracle, and a Web-based request tracking system. Los Alamos National Laboratory
    nVision Viewer
    nVision was developed by Fugro Geosoft Solutions (A division of Fugro Survey Pty Ltd) and has been released free. It is a lightweight viewing product that allows users to readily view ECW files with a range of vector format files. Fugro Geosoft Solutions (a division of Fugro Survey Pty Ltd.)
    Columbia Mapping
    A ton of freebies including railroad symbols, mailing labels and a bitmap legend in View utility. Make sure to also check out the dialog examples from the 1998 NW users group Columbia Mapping
    Global Mapper
    Download the latest version of Global Mapper here Global Mapper
    GeoTools is a free Java based mapping toolkit that allows Maps to be viewed interactively on web browsers without the need for dedicated server side support. GeoTools
    This script reduces the dramas associated with trying to open an ArcView project file when the component datasets have been moved. Courtesy of Stephen Lead
    Introducing GIS to Emergency
    Featured paper by Allen Jakobitz. The State of Washington's Emergency Management Division introduced GIS in 2001 after the 6.9 Nisqually earthquake. This presentation will retrace the steps that were taken to build a GIS in Emergency Management. It will explain how the difficult choices were made--what base layers to provide, where to obtain the datasets, how to maintain metadata, what software to use, how to distribute themes, what training to provide to employees, and most importantly how to use GIS as another tool in the emergency manager's daily activities. Washington State Emergency Management
    Digital Visions
    Free tools from the US Forest Service, Departmentof Agriculture ?Digital Visions Digital Visions
    Vector based map viewer for handheld computers Evolutionary Systems Pty Ltd.
    The Location-aware Enterprise:
    The convergence of remote sensing and geospatial technologies with wireless and Web technologies has created a significant opportunity for businesses – public and private – to enable improved decision support, planning and operations. From small companies to large government agencies, organizations are experiencing enhancements in workforce mobility, business integration, decision support, and return on investment. Booz Allen Hamilton calls this new way of working the “location-aware enterprise.” Executives and staff members in decision-making roles or involved in business operations become fully informed – or aware – by using location information to integrate multiple workflows and disparate databases across the enterprise. This presentation includes the framework for establishing an organization as a location-aware enterprise and shows how solutions such as GeoMedia are critical components in this process. Booz Allen Hamilton
    free GIS maps
    free digital maps for ESRI; MapInfo and RegioGraph from the largest digital map archive worldwide. Postcode and administrative maps are included. Available maps sets are frequently updated. EUROPE and SOUTH AMERICA available GfK Macon
    Sanborn Impact Movie
    Critical Solutions Sanborn
    LIMM Mapping Tool
    Local Information Mapping Model (LIMM Project) The Inner Coast Natural Resource Centre (ICNRC) Stream Habitat Mapping Project (the Local Information Mapping Model or LIMM Project). Interactive on-line stream habitat data entry and mapping tool primarily for the use of Northern Vancouver Island Stewardship Groups. The web map site can be viewed at or on the website. Inner Coastal Natural Resources Centre
    from Luc Devroye, McGill University Courtesy of Luc Devroye
    Windows software package supporting the viewing, manipulation, and conversion of dozens of the most popular vector, raster, and elevation data formats. Global Mapper Software
    Predictive Analysis -
    Intelligence analysts are confronted with an information bottleneck of unprecedented proportions. The omnipresent digital domain has combined with communication technology to enable new forms of information (e-mail, voice-to-data), expanding the incoming information by an order of magnitude. ObjectFX
    a free GIS applet for web pages NAC Geographic Products Inc.
    ArcView plug-in for Mfworks
    requires a fully registered copy of ArcView 3.1 for Windows and the registered version of MFworks 2.6+ for Windows. The version currently available fixes a known issue with files containing Lat/Long geometries exported from ArcView. It also corrects a problem caused by having ArcView installed on a locked volume. ThinkSpace Inc.
    This zipped file contains all the Visual Basic 6 code used to generate the GlobalOrigin.exe program Bentley Systems
    Migrating Parcel Data
    Featured paper by Brent Mainzinger. Digital parcels need to be migrated into a geodatabase to realize the power of the geodatabase. We will uncover, demonstrate, and compare the various ArcMap and ArcCatalog tools used to import data into a geodatabase. We?ll demonstrate how to move CAD data into a geodatabase without losing the attribute intelligence of a CAD based mapping system. Coverage data that is imported using ArcCatalog is not necessarily optimized to exploit the full potential of ArcMap. The creation of subtypes and relationship classes to increase the analytical power and streamline the maintenance workflows of the cadastral geodatabase will be shown. The Sidwell Company
    FireViewer 5.1
    Palm Powered, Platinum Certified, and Customer-RatedSM!!! The standard in Palm imaging just got better, with a quality stamp that's straight from Palm Inc. FireViewer supports video, larger-than-screen graphics, HTML, and hyperlinks for wireless users. Zoom in and out of huge maps, photos and diagrams on your palm. FireConverter (unregistered version included) easily converts JPEG's and GIF's into FireViewer images and converts standard AVI and MOV files into FireViewer format. Firepad, Inc.
    TimeSeries Manager for
    The TimeSeries Manager now adds the capability to ArcGIS™ for viewing, plotting and analyzing time series data. DHI Software
    Easy Layout for ArcView GIS attends to your layout management needs. Potomac Graphics, Inc.
    Iowa Geographic Image
    Iowa Geographic Image Map Server, an online source for geographically referenced imagery Iowa State University
    Vextractor 1.80
    Vextractor is a vectorizer tool for transforming raster images into vector formats by building centerlines and outlines. This tool could be used for vectorizing of charts, maps, schemes and other similar images for input to CAD & GIS systems. VextraSoft
    The free ECW Compression program lets you compress images of up to 500MB in size. ECW Compress
    Vectorize scanned pictures and export to Handmap format Evolutionary Systems Pty Ltd.
    Earth image processing
    Pixoneer Geomatics? image processing software, Earth?, offers several robust tools integrated into one geospatial data analysis package. These tools allow the user to preprocess, visualize, manipulate and analyze remotely sensed imagery and other geospatial data in an single, integrated environment. Pixoneer Geomatics
    Mark Cattini, President

    Mark Cattini President and CEO MapInfo Corporation
    As President and Chief Executive Officer, Cattini oversees the day-to-day operations of the company, bringing to the position his broad experience with MapInfo's business worldwide and his familiarity with MapInfo customers. Previously, he served as Group Vice President and General Manager, American/European Sales. During Cattini's three-year tenure in managing sales in the Americas, revenue for the Americas grew a total of 150%. Before assuming responsibility for the Americas, Cattini served for two years as General Manager of MapInfo's UK office and Regional Director for Western Europe. In that capacity, he was directly responsible for redesigning and restructuring the UK sales channel, resulting in a 78% increase in sales revenue over a two-year period.
    MapInfo Corportation
    a web image mapping software available for Windows and Macintosh operating systems, Linux and java-enabled Linux systems.
    SACS Desktop database, Geochronology and Isotope modelling software, image database software for Zircon Geochronology, normative mineralogy calculation software. South Africa Council for Geoscience
    Tool for viewing,redlining, printing 3D CAD Drawings Allegria Software
    Education Module
    The Education Module consists of well-organized introductory and advanced curricula that provides in depth knowledge of remote sensing and geospatial technologies. The overarching goal of this effort is to empower educators of remote sensing, to stimulate students with engaging curricula, and to encourage educational institutes to incorporate remote sensing and geospatial technologies into their programs. Please note: This download is a sample module Pixoneer Geomatics Inc
    GPS software for navigation & AVL, with free maps & sounds for any country, automatic vehicle location & tracking, via radio, cellphone, or satellite. Sunninghill Systems
    Road and Bridge Maintenance:
    In one of a series of small-scale applications developed for Walker County, Texas, by the Texas Research Institute for Environmental Studies (TRIES) at Sam Houston State University, researchers designed and implemented a road and bridge maintenance application to track maintenance and repair activity on county roads and bridges and on the equipment managed by the county commissioners for that purpose. The specifications for the application required a Microsoft Visual Basic interface controlling a Microsoft Access database. One of the critical components in the maintenance process is the swift and accurate identification and location of road and bridge resources within the county and the use of that information to minimize data entry costs and their associated errors. GeoMedia was the tool of choice to provide one-click identification of road and bridge resources and the piping of GIS data into the Visual Basic application. Intergraph Corporation
    The Impact of GML on
    Impact of GML on Data Development Galdos, Inc.
    Use this fully functional demo version for free - any images and animations created with it are yours! This demo nev er expires. From Martin D. Adamiker
    Avineon Presentation 2005
    Corporate Overview Avineon
    EV8 for ArcMap - Geokinetics
    Professional tools ... Fast Easy Efficient Automatic Geokinetic Systems Inc.
    A customized ArcIMS application designed for The Wilderness Society to assess economic variables in an environmental context. Applied GIS Inc.
    The digital map data consist of geology, landforms, and hydrography on separate layers in .DXF, .MIF, or .E00 formats, and accompanying metadata. The metadata include the bibliographic file (OF 3046) containing references to the published maps that were used in the compilation of 1880A. Natural Resources Canada
    a HandSpring Visor Addon NEXIAN, INC
    Assorted MapInfo
    Delorme Solus Basic
    Delorme Solus Basic is a free application that allows users to upload single maps and route directions to a Palm OS. Solus MapMaker, a source of maps, can also be found here. Solus
    An improvement enabling coordinate conversion freeware
    Validating Your Geospatial
    Featured paper by Rod Erickson. The use of georeferenced data in the decision making process continues to grow exponentially across government and private organizations. Large investments in technology and data development are made to achieve visual situational awareness for the decision-maker. But what are the implications of the types of decisions being made utilizing georeferenced data? If challenged, is the data legally sufficient? Is your investment worthy of the potential challenges it could face? This paper presents measures you can take to validate your data, set accuracy standards, and protect your investment and credibility in the process. Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
    WWW – WebMap Without
    How to Run a WebMap Server and Sleep at Night! Naturgas Midt-Nord
    Software programs SPCS83 and GPPCGP are used to convert Geodetic Positions to State Plane Coordinates and conversely. These two programs require State Plane Coordinate Zones as input. NGS State Plane Coordinate Zones
    microOLAP MBBuilder 1.5 is the first Rapid Application Development environment for MapBasic that fully supports all MapBasic features. With MBBuilder 1.5, corporate or individual developers can create MapInfo MapBasic applications quickly and easily. microOLAP Technologies LLC
    MapDotNet GIS Suite
    MapDotNet is a rapid GIS development suite of ASP.NET server controls and web services for ArcGIS that bridges the skills of the Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET developer and the GIS professional. MapDotNet does not replace your investment in ArcGIS, it enhances it. Rather than trying to manage thousands of lines of JavaScript in an HTML viewer, with MapDotNet you can drag and drop components and build sophisticated web applications in hours instead of weeks. No longer are you locked into canned frameworks or portal builders; MapDotNet allows for maximum flexibility and functionality while at the same time reducing cost of ownership. Using ESRI’s ArcSDE® and ArcIMS® products, MapDotNet allows the developer to easily and rapidly create and deploy GIS-enabled web applications and portal sites. MapDotNet
    StreetMetrix Plus for Fargo, North Dakota, and GIS Viewer, both in Arc View and Mapinfo formats Datametrix
    PhotoWorks 2.0 -
    PhotoWorks 2.0 is a robust stand alone system that enables users to accurately register legacy air photo's and image data using a variety of options. Other features allow users to crop, mosaic, index, and enhance image data. LandPro Systems
    Palm Navigator, a free hardware sensor module that plugs into your Palm Pilot
    GeoTrack is a freely distributed standalone redistricting solution for use with autoBound redistricting and reapportionment system. The goal of the software is to provide users unfamiliar with the operation of a Geographic Information System with the ability to perform redistricting tasks and more importantly review plans under consideration. Digital Engineering Corporation
    A geodesist calculator. A program to convert coordinates (geographic,UTM, G-K, Mercator, Lambert, rectangular), compute distances, Geoid undulations and many other cartographic paramenters EOSGIS S.L.
    MapInfo plug-ins
    Triangulator-for creating contour maps, Hot Spot visualizing densities in point data, Grid Contour creates map of polylines or polygons representing contours. MapInfo
    Integrating GIS in the
    Featured paper by Matthew Redmond, Paul Newton. Drawings alone are no longer a sufficient format to manage complex project data. To establish a competitive advantage in a very competitive industry, engineers, planners and designers must embrace the benefits of enterprise wide project data sets. This paper presents an approach that transforms the traditional engineering design project lifecycle by synthesizing drawing data, planning applications based on ArcGIS and ArcSDE software, designing workflows and methodologies, and applying this approach creatively to the existing process. The result is a centralized and organized data store that may be distributed quickly, efficiently, and digitally to reduce project costs and duration. The TSR Group
    Develop your own GIS application. New version of the inovaGIS project, based on IDRISI files is now free to the public. inonaGIS
    Create a TFW file for export to ArcView or other software Intergraph Corporation
    Mapfinder T Online
    MapFinder? is a PDF (Portable Document Format) based searchable catalog of USGS (United States Geological Survey) paper maps and USGS digital data availability on CD-ROM. Digital Data Services
    GeoWise ArcView PrintWizard
    : GeoWise ArcView PrintWizard Extension is designed to allow ArcView users to produce maps quickly GeoWise
    provides easy interactive rotation of graphics appearing in a View or Layout document Quantitative Decisions
    Luratech offers free downloads
    Luratech offers free downloads including plug-ins, command line tools, SDKs, and Java applets to be used with LuraWave software, which uses wavelet based compression format. Luratech
    Using imagery to aid

    - Using ENVI, Dr. Winemiller and his students were able to easily process imagery gathered from many different satellites and prepare it for viewing and analysis.

    - The integration of ENVI and ArcGIS allowed Dr. Winemiller to seamlessly integrate the processed and analyzed imagery into ArcMap where detailed maps were created.

    - Satellite imagery that was processed and analyzed in ENVI gave emergency responders in Japan critical situational awareness about areas devastated by the earthquake and tsunami.
    Exelis VIS
    This extension includes a number of tools to aid in working with CAD files in ArcView freeware
    Leica-Geosystems Downloads
    Various downloads such as Instrument Explorer for Pocket PCs, DISTO interface software, Leica Survey Office data management solution for TPS Instruments, GIS DataPro complete office suite and FieldLink data acquisition and management software -- and much more. Leica Geosystems Inc.
    GEOMania/3D is a sophisticated software which creates, analyzes and visualizes surface data conveniently. This advanced 3D analyzing solution displays the surface data in various ways such as shade, elevation, aspect and slope in 2D Window, 3D Window and 3D-view Window. With GEOMania/3D, you can create grid surfaces by importing DXF files, perform view-shed analysis, fly-through simulations, and calculation of distance, area and volume. GEOMania Co., LTD
    AVALabel 2.1 adds many new capabilities to ArcView's labelling funtionality Map Logic Corp.
    Techniques for Integrating
    Featured Paper By Robert Gage. In the course of implementing an integrated system for management of facilities information at NASA Langley Research Center, many issues were encountered in integrating the various ESRI and Oracle technologies. This paper summarizes the solutions and techniques which were discovered. Topics addressed are in the use of database views to simplify map generation and web development, using multiversioned data in non-ArcSDE clients, options for implementing custom object behavior using both client side COM/ATL and server side PL/SQL and Java, and techniques for implementing a quality controlled editing process with change visualization and tracking of change metadata. Raytheon - NASA Langley GIS Team
    Infotech - Creating Business
    Infotech Enterprises is a global technology services company specializing in geospatial and engineering design solutions. We are committed to helping clients across diverse industries improve their speed to market, optimize resources and reduce costs, thereby creating measurable business impact. Infotech Enterprises Limited
    LandInfo has map samples, free map layers. complete digital mosaic of high resolution Landsat 7 imagery for the continental United States. View, zoom, and pan samples online LandInfo
    CAD file editing in ArcView Cogiterra
    GML Enables the GeoSpatial Web
    Geography Markup Language Enabling the Geo-spatial Web Galdos, Inc.
    JustCad 4.00 is a point and click cad program pre-setto produce a good result with little or no cad skills.Drawing Tools: Line, 2pt. Circle, 3pt. Circle, 2pt.Arc, 3pt. Arc, Ellipse, Point, Polygon, MultipleLines, Place Text, Ortho Dimension, Radial Dimension, Angular Dimension, Leader, Snap Point, Snap Object,Snap Midpoint, Snap Percentage, Snap Perpendicular,Snap Tangent, Snap Intersection and more... JustCad
    Free evaluation software ER Mapper
    Free Landsat 7 Global
    The ResMap ArcGIS URL pack for the Landsat 7 ETM+ global tile collection is now available for download from here: This is a self-extracting archive that will unpack the URLs into the default directory for the ArcGIS plug-in. If you have installed the ArcGIS plug-in on a drive other than the c-drive, please redirect the unpacking to the appropriate drive. The URLs are organised by Country & Administrative unit (State/Province/Territory). If you need a SHP file index of the mosaics, it can be downloaded here: These URLs are intended for use with the ArcGIS ECW plug-in. If you are not running the most current version of the plug-in it can be downloaded from here: ResMap
    WinZip web site for downloading WinZip
    The inovaGIS project makes available to the general public a wide variety of free geographic information software that use the inovaGIS library. These application are free and with the source code released. InovaGIS
    R2V: automated raster to vector conversion software for mapping and GIS applications. Able Software Corp.
    Roadmap to Implementing
    To improve the efficiency of existing emergency response and facility management systems, many utility companies choose to implement the ArcFM GIS. Based on my experience designing and implementing an ArcFM GIS for the Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO), Washington D.C., this paper provides a road map through implementation of an enterprise-wide GIS using technologies built-on ArcInfo 8 platform (Geodatabase, ArcFM and ArcSDE). The paper summarizes the implementation process in four phases: Data Model Design, Building a Geodatabase into a Multi-user GIS, Migrating CAD Data to a Geodatabase, and GIS Deployment and Data Maintenance Strategies. Major roadblocks related to each phase are identified, and alternative solutions are provided. Avineon
    ArcPad downloads an image or map layer via wireless technology. ArcPad can act as a client to ArcIMS, ESRI's Internet Mapping and GIS software ArcPad software
    Tiger/Line Map_Server
    Tiger/Line Map Server U.S. Census
    TopoZone USGS Map Symbols
    TopoZone USGS Map Symbols--The USGS provides very detailed information on its topographic maps. This information is communicated by a rich set of symbols. These symbols are shown here for your reference. This information has been provided by the USGS - if you'd like to learn more about reading and using topographic maps, please visit the USGS Topographic Map Symbols page. TopoZone
    Digital Terrain Model
    Barnawi uses Landsat images and ENVI to create useful surface representations in the Komodo National Park. Barnawi creates DEMs that provide him with accurate representations of surface features in regions of interest. ITT Visual Information Solutions
    Description: Free downloadable versions of DOLGIS GIS products can be found here. This efficient vectorizing software rests upon the foundation of simplification and popularization without losing any powerful features or essential functions. This software requires almost no hard disk memory. DolSoft, Inc.
    City'O'Scope is an interactive tool for visually analyzing prices and earnings around the world. City'O'Scope is available at no charge for the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Macrofocus GmbH
    a library Fortran/C utilities NCAR Graphics Software
    Sanborn Company Presentation
    Sanborn: Total Geographic Information Sanborn
    GML ? Experiences from
    One of the most powerful aspects of GML is the freedom it gives users to define their own custom application schemas. While this capability provides extraordinary flexibility to data modellers, it also creates significant challenges, particularly when the data is interpreted. Since GML is a relatively new and complex technology, there may be misconceptions about what it does and does not solve. These issues will be discussed and clarified. In addition, there have been several significant deployments of GML as a solution to data archive as well as data interchange. Several implementations will be surveyed and an analysis of the different approaches will be presented. The lessons learned from these early adopters would be of great interest to anyone planning to use GML in their own projects for data input, archive, or interchange. Safe Software
    GML in JPEG 2000 - Applications
    GML in JPEG 2000 is an emerging OGC standard that makes JPEG 2000 a powerful and extensible geographic imaging format. With GML in JPEG 2000, you can store not only image descriptions (image geometry) and image data (e.g. image radiometry with units), but also embedded annotations and geographic features, coordinate reference system, and units definitions in a single data package. This presentation will provide an overview of the specification and discuss its applications to image capture, image interpretation, smart masking, and image content representation for geospatial intelligence. Galdos Systems, Inc.
    Autobound is a GIS-based system for redistricting, reapportionment, and resource allocation . Digital Engineering Corp.
    Arc2Earth Community Edition
    Need to use Arc2Earth on a small project? Try the Free Community Edition Please fill in the following information to obtain your free serial number. A valid email address is required for verification and to receive your number. It can only be used on a single computer. The Community Edition contains most of Arc2Earth’s functionality except it has lower limits KML Export/Import – 250 features All map tiles are watermarked Can read and write any Arc2Earth Cloud Layer! See all limits Arc2Earth LLC
    Script Saver recover's scripts from corrupt project file This extension allows you to recover scripts from a corrupt project file - or even to just share scripts between project files. Courtesy of Stephen Lead
    FREE ER viewer features interactive roaming and zooming with very large image files. Ability to view images in UDF, TIFF, BIL, GeoTIFF, ER and SPOT formats ERMapper
    GPS Cartographer is a PC freeware that helps you to build your own world maps database for your Palm. Get your maps from the digital Atlas (Internet, CDsRom) or scan your own and in a moment download them into your Palm. GPS Pilot
    Kriging Interpolator
    The Kriging Interpolator extension implements the geostatistical kriging commands available in 3D Analyst. It allows you to interpolate a surface grid based on a point theme with attributes. Nieuwland Automatisering
    Loading Data From External
    Featured paper by Chris Musial. This paper presents an approach to solving problems of automating the process of effectively loading data files obtained from external sources into ArcSDE that supports an ArcIMS application. The requirement was that the data could be downloaded at any time and needed to be loaded into ArcSDE as soon as possible. The solution was the development of an application that continually monitors the download directory(ies) and uses the ArcSDE Visual C++ API to load the data. The process provides a method of on-going automated updates with no human intervention and supports loading of multiple disparate types of data sources. Kinetic Solutions, LLC
    Integrating CAD Into
    Featured paper by Steve Murphy. The PUD in Truckee, California maintains Electric and Water facilities. Although Electric facilities are designed in-house, more than 85 percent of new Water facilities are designed by Engineering firms using CAD software. Historically, as-built information was often delivered without a coordinate system, not to scale, and unstructured. Using tools from ArcScripts, internal development, and as-built standards, the TDPUD has created a scenario that allows Engineers quick access to the Enterprise GIS in CAD format, which in turn puts designs in the proper Coordinate system, to scale, and with proper structure to quickly and easily load new designs into the GIS. Trukee Donner Public Utility District
    Tools for Integrating
    Featured paper by Ilir Bejleri, Alberto Vazquez, Clara DiBella. Palm Beach County Engineering and Public Works receives traffic crash reports from the 33 agencies within its jurisdiction and enters pertinent information into a nonspatial database. In order to capture, display and analyze the spatial location of crashes and other transportation related data, the department is migrating to the ArcGIS Transportation Data Model. This paper presents the strategies used for implementing the Data Model, describes tools developed in VBA for integrating crash data as events into the Model and concludes with lessons learned from this experience in an enterprise setting. University of Florida
    Terrain ToolsTM - Freeware Edition is a quick and easy mapping package. Coordin ates can be entered using the mouse, typed in, or imported from external files. Scanned topographic maps, air photos and other bitmap images can also be incorporated. Softree Natural Resources Software
    Migrating ArcView 3.x
    Featured paper by Jaishankar Jayaraman, Jafrullah Mohammad, Arindam Basu. The ArcGIS suite--the latest architectural re-structuring of the gamut of ESRI products under a single umbrella is a unique convergence. With many users having acquainted with the ESRI suite for the past several years, we are now confronted with re-organizing our delivery capabilities in the new suite. This paper aims in highlighting a typical case of migrating the desktop GIS ArcView 3.2 to ArcView 8.x. The issue's discussed includes the migration path, the ease of migration, potential advantages and pitfall and benefits. InfoTech Enterprises Limited
    Building the Technical Architecture to Support K-12 GIS Research Kansas Geological Survey
    Mobile GIS: How to Get
    Featured paper by Bryan Hassin. Mobile GIS is a new and exciting area of GIS. Whether you are managing customer information, facilities data, or work assignments, most GIS information involves field data. Advances in mobile hardware and the increasing sophistication of ESRI's ArcPad software have made Mobile GIS a reality. Despite this progress, Mobile GIS presents a number of key technology challenges, including data synchronization, security, and architecture. In this presentation we will cover Mobile GIS application development from start to finish, discuss technical challenges that you will be facing, and examine techniques to overcome these challenges so you can produce high-quality Mobile GIS applications today. R7 Solutions
    SDE Implementation Issues
    Featured Paper By Angela Mills. This paperl presents the challenges and victories of implementing ArcSDE in a local government environment that has an established GIS of 14 years. It addresses issues such as annotation created in ARC/INFO 5 and its migration to SDE, distributing data to multiplatformed users, and integration with Internet mapping tools. Additional focal points are the impact of transitioning from a tile-based data storage format to County-wide formats for daily data maintenance and the intergration of a parcel solution. Prince William County - Office of Information Technology GIS Division
    ArcView 3.x Script
    Update date+time information when printing layout. Attach this script to the Print menu and button to automatically update the date and time information each time a layout is printed (other document types will print as per normal). Compliments of Stephen Lead
    TNTlite is an integrated GIS and image processing software system. It is designed for small projects and learning geospatial analysis. MicroImages, Inc.
    Data Replication and
    Spatial data warehouses are becoming more common as government agencies, municipalities, utilities, telcos and other spatial data users start to share their data. Data sharing is driven by the need to maintain more accurate and up-to-date spatial databases, but at the same time reduce data acquisition and maintenance costs. In other cases, organizations may maintain identical databases at different locations in order to reduce network loads and improve response times for the data users who are spread over a wide area. In this case, data replication is used to ensure all users are working from identical and most current data. This paper illustrates some of the issues that arise when undertaking data replication and data sharing. Safe Software
    Add maps to your site. Mobile Maps
    ArcView Oracle Data Translator
    An extension of ArcView GIS 3.X, that allows translation of Oracle spatial and non-spatial data to ArcView without presence of an ODBC connection. The main functionality of the extension : - Importing spatial and attribute data from ORACLE; - Exporting spatial and attribute data to ORACLE; - Executing the SQL and PL/SQL statements in ArcView environment; TechnoLogica LTD
    Predicting Future Urban
    Featured paper by Peter Olson. Urban economics dictate that cities must grow to maintain their vitality. Small cities increase their population and economic base, thereby expanding their city limits. Large cities manage growth so that expansion is controlled, avoiding real estate and economic depressions. Former Albuquerque Mayor David Rusk argues in Cities Without Suburbs that cities with aggressive growth strategies prosper while land locked cities lose vitality, economic base and eventually, population. The City of Madison, Wisconsin is on the threshold of being prohibited from growing by its neighbors. Using ArcView software, an "annexation potential" formula was developed to identify and analyze growth limits, generating an Ultimate Growth Area map. City of Madison
    Access Connect
    Connects a theme to a MS Access 97 database. V 1.10 has DB table browsing facilities
    System Design of an Enterprise
    Featured Paper By Christopher Kroot, Michael Smith, Stuart Rich, Jonathan Ives
    Maine DEP (MDEP) has successfully implemented an enterprise GIS utilizing ArcGIS 8.1 software, Oracle Enterprise Database, Citrix application-serving software, and a number of custom objects that integrate with ArcGIS. This combination allows MDEP to provide full-functioning GIS for more than 150 users via LANs, WANs, and the Internet. The use of Citrix as a tool for enterprise GIS application serving is discussed as well as issues pertaining to licensing and other software issues. Data and storage models focus on MDEP's implementation of ArcSDE 8.1 and Oracle8i on Sun servers and the use of gigabit ethernet in the server farm for GIS. Business requirements that could not be met with out-of-the-box software and how these requirements are met by designing and developing custom objects using Delphi, VBA, and C++ is discussed.
    Main DEP
    free downloads and patches for improved print quality Infowave
    Free base station data CompassCom
    Sanborn Data Conversion
    A well-planned and well-developed geographic information system can significantly improve the decision-making and planning efforts of the professionals who rely on accurate, readily available data. As any GIS user knows, a system’s effectiveness directly corresponds to the quality of data it contains. Sanborn
    Active Server Component web map sampler Cadcorp
    30 day trial period.Active Map Components gives you the tools to create a wide variety of products, for the deliverance of mapping and geographic analysis capabilities to your customers. ActiveMap
    NAPIS Lite
    Free software from White Point BioMarine White Point Systems
    Christine GIS system is free GIS software allows you viewing and spatial querying vector and raster data, creating and editing tabular data, creating light user's applications by integrated script language, and so on... Christine-GIS
    Re-Engineering: The Art
    Featured Paper By C Jordan. This paper is an actual case study in action. The City of Pasadena is located in South Eastern Harris County, a 'suburb' of Houston. However, Pasadena is not a typical homeowner suburb (it is highly industrial and has a small mobile population), and like many cities of similar size (150,000 population) and with a proximity to large a metropolitan city; we are expected to deliver 'big products' on a 'little budget.' Thus is born the notion of re-engineering. The paper will elaborate how a mid-size city can successfully implement ArcGIS 8 from the ground up. It will further document how to address the needs of the users while maintaining an 'infant' GIS, and provide hard results to the city leadership (Mayor, Manager, and City Council). Re-Engineering will document the rites of passage from conceptual design, to department use-case analysis, to implementation and pilot projecting to the actual step of re-design and re-implementation. It will prove that this process can be efficient, and that mid-size cities can be self-sufficient (i.e., without the aid of consultants). City of Pasadena
    ADE Remote Presentation
    Acquis ADERemote is a unique data editor for Oracle 10g Topology, Oracle 8i/9i/10g Spatial & Locator that supports connected and occasionally connected editing of Oracle complex data types with full support for Oracle GeoRaster. Acquis, Inc.
    AnySite Online
    AnySite Online is an Internet based mapping and reporting system. Try out a free version. AnySite Online
    GeoVista Studio provides rapid, programming free development of complex applications for data exploration, visualization, geocomputation, and knowledge construction. GeoVista Center at Penn State
    Point Based Addressing:
    Featured paper by John Fisher. The geospatial data industry is on the cusp of a revolutionary shift in the manner in which addresses are captured, stored, and used in GIS applications. Point addresses have fundamental advantages over range-based addressing. The one-to-one relationship between discrete addresses and their associated attribute data results in a dramatic improvement in reliability, accuracy and precision. The pros and cons of point-based address management is discussed in this session. DMTI Spatial Inc.
    Automatically finds ArcView shape files and Arc/INFO coverages anywhere on your computer's disk drive(s) and permanently saves them in a list of the found theme sources. When you press ArcView's add theme button, a selection list of ALL available shape files and coverages appears. Simply select one or more of the theme sources from the list, press the [Add Theme To View] button, and the themes are added to the current view. GeoSnap Software
    Skyline Software download
    3D visual location info, view digital earth environments interactively online. Skyline Software
    ENVI Download
    ENVI, the Environment for Visualizing Images, is the easiest-to-use advanced remote sensing package. ENVI offers industry-leading hyperspectral tools and a full suite of image information extraction tools. In addition, ENVI's vector tools can create, update, and query vector layers, allowing you to integrate remote sensing and GIS data. Research Systems Inc.
    GPSMAP 296
    GPSMAP 296 Updates & Downloads GARMIN Corporation
    Enterprise GIS Projects:
    - Business Process Management Approach

    Enterprise GIS projects are complex. These projects involve coordination and communications between multiple parties. These parties include stakeholders, project teams, IT organizations and external vendors, etc. These projects start with stakeholder interaction and lead into complex technofunctional tasks associated with data conversion/ migration, software development, testing, acceptance and deployment. The teams are required to coordinate and integrate the deliverables from internal and external parties in a concerted sequence to achieve the overall objectives. This paper presents a unique process-based methodology, to establish the configuration management for enterprise scale technology implementation projects. In particular, this paper will cover task assignment and processes for communications, requirements management, environment utilization (dev / stage / test / prod), data loading/merge, data quality assurance and acceptance, backlog posting, software functional testing, software acceptance etc.
    ERDAS IMAGINE AutoSync™ Presentation ERDAS, Inc.
    CAD/GIS Utility converts a DXF file to an XYZ file Guthrie CAD/GIS Software
    Potential of the Z/I
    The Forschungszentrum für Geoinformatik und Fernerkundung (FZG) department at the University of Osnabrueck has studied the semantic potential of Z/I Imaging's Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) for so-called typical remote sensing applications. Of particular interest are the multispectral bands of the DMC with respect to their semantic potential and integration possibilities with the panchromatic band. Fusion of pan and multispectral information is a widely used technique for processing remotely sensed images. Image transforms, such as the intensity-hue-saturation (IHS) or principal component transforms, are used to fuse panchromatic images of high spatial resolution with multispectral images of lower resolution. These techniques create multispectral images of higher spatial resolution but usually lose the original color or spectral characteristics of the input data. Presenters of this session will compare a new method for image fusion with the techniques used for the DMC, based on the standard IHS transform combined with filtering in the Fourier domain. University of Osnabrueck
    download for version 2.62 (707 KB) Garmin Corp.
    free website run by Microsoft Expedia, Inc.
    Free mapping and tracking service, as well as fleet tracking software NAC Geographic Products Inc.
    Pushing GIS Technology
    Featured paper by Jesse Moore, Bernie South, Michael Sullivan, Joseph Paul. Many business organizations utilize GIS as a means of capturing, managing and delivering spatial data. Using GIS as an 'information kiosk' has in some instances caused it to be perceived as a peripheral service function, separate from the core technical work process of the company. This paper discusses techniques developed as a result of regular use of GIS by multi-disciplinary exploration geoscience professionals in a project team environment. Based on many years of experience we have implemented a series of compilation, collaboration, synthesis, and analysis tools that integrate seamlessly into the business of geotechnical evaluation of regional geology play mapping. ExxonMobil Exploration Co.
    Using multiple data modalities

    - NOAA used ENVI to extract and fuse information from sonar, LiDAR and optical imagery so that sea floor depths and habitats could be determined.

    - The integration of ENVI and ArcGIS enabled NOAA to easily move habitat maps and other information derived from imagery in ENVI into ArcGIS for additional analysis and the creation of applications.

    - Habitat maps created in ENVI provide up-to-date, accurate information that help resource managers determine the best rules, regulations and practices to preserve and conserve vital habitats.
    Exelis VIS
    Getting from Here to
    Multnomah County, Oregon, is moving Assessor Map maintenance from a familiar MicroStation CAD environment to an ORACLE-based OGC-compliant database. The legacy data includes more than 4,000 high-quality COGO maps showing 250,000 taxlots. The paper-to-digital migration took more than ten years and was completed in 1997. Project managers used more than six million deeds, surveys, and other documents in the construction process. Preserving and maintaining this investment is essential. Motivated by a statewide initiative to complete the Oregon Map (, managers based the next digital-to-digital migration on a custom Assessor Map data model designed by Intergraph. The database will become smarter over time by using both attribute and spatial analysis that create logical data relationships. Manual overrides will sometimes be necessary, with experienced cartographers in control. Multnomah County
    Portal for ArcGIS
    Portal for ArcGIS is a private, collaborative, geospatial content management system. Through a series of demonstrations and presentation slides, attendees will learn why this might be a solution for their organization and what components and functionality are included with the product. Technical implementation requirements and patterns will also be covered.

    Featured Paper by Paul Ross, Wittaker Mathot
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GRASS GIS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) is an open source Geographical Information System (GIS) with raster, topological vector, image processing, and graphics production functionality that operates on various platforms through a graphical user interface and shell in X-Windows. It is released under GNU General Public License (GPL). GRASS Development Team
    Cadcorp SIS Map Reader
    Cadcorp SIS Map Reader: provides users of Cadcorp SIS with a powerful free tool to easily view, query and print ‘published’ map data. The strength of Map Reader lies in its ability to view over 150 formats that are open to Cadcorp SIS as long as they reside within a Published Window Definition (PWD).

    Generated by any of Cadcorp SIS Map Manager, Map Editor and Map Modeller, your PWD viewed by Map Reader can now open up new possibilities. Imagine viewing all your SHP files, DWG drawings, TAB files, Ordnance Survey data, ECW images and more in an integrated whole – that’s the power of Map Reader.

    For more sophisticated geographic data viewing, Map Viewer provides valuable additional capabilities.
    This script dissolves common lines of polygon boundaries freeware
    Pipeline Integrity Management
    Featured Paper By Bonnie Freeman. Pipeline safety rules are currently being promulgated by the Department of Transportation regarding integrity management for hazardous liquid and natural gas pipelines. This paper describes how a GIS can integrate data about the pipeline (e.g., engineering aspects, internal testing results) with data in the environment (e.g., ecological resources, drinking water resources) to facilitate compliance and improve communication and decisions about the pipeline from the planning department to the emergency response team. MFG, Inc.
    NASA DEVELOP's 3D Visualizations
    Featured paper by Amanda Kiser. NASA's Digital Earth Virtual Environment and Learning Outreach Project (DEVELOP) is a student-led project headquartered at NASA Langley. DEVELOP allows students to demonstrate remote-sensing techniques that are used to create visualizations which aid communities in solving problems. Students use Autometric EDGE Viewer and ESRI ArcView to layer remote sensing data such as NASA and USGS topography maps using Landsat 5 & 7, NASA SeaWIFS and MODIS Imagery, and one-meter resolution DOQQs, resulting in a greater understanding of complicated issues through 3-dimensional visualizations. DEVELOP students gain an in-depth knowledge of GIS, GPS, and remote sensing techniques used in community planning. NASA DEVELOP
    Free imagery
    ECW v2.0 support
    Experience the full power of ER Mapper algorithms from within ArcView GIS ER Mapper
    free surveying data collection Command line DXM for Windows applications software Leica Geosystems Inc.
    Using ArcIMS to Solve
    Featured paper by Bob Earle, Mark Perry. How can GIS be leveraged to address the diverse needs spanning an entire organization? Is there a way to use our GIS data assets to reduce redundant tasks, and improve staff efficiency, customer service, and decision making? A suite of ArcIMS powered solutions has been implemented at Sacramento County and answers these questions. The ArcIMS solutions serve as a GIS portal through integration with several other information systems, including document management, maintenance management, permits, and an enterprise-wide shared property database. The Web-based solutions, developed by GeoPrise.Net, present and integrate enterprise data including parcel based tax/assessment, sewer/transportation infrastructure, water resources flooding call center, and capital improvement project data. Sacramento County
    Software for viewing USGS digital cartographic data USGS
    Register for free monthly Orbview-2 satellite image TerraServer
    PurVIEW for ArcGIS -
    Use PurVIEW ArcGIS extension to quickly transform the ArcGIS Desktop into a precise stereo-viewing environment enabling 3D visualization and data capture Data quality is central to any GIS implementation, and positional accuracy of features, efficient data capture, and viewing ease are paramount for an effective and reliable GIS. The ability to view 3D stereoscopic data using PurVIEW provides a source for new datasets and a valuable resource that quickly reveals data inaccuracies and feature omissions. I.S.M. International Systemap Corp.
    Geographic Info & Geoprocessing
    Geographic information and geoprocessing tools to allow on-line access to baseline map and imagery data for the San Francisco Bay and near coastal areas. This is a collaborative effort undertaken by the UC Berkeley Research Program in Environmental Planning and Geographic Information Systems (REGIS), the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), and the National Ocean Service (NOS) within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). REGIS/BCDC/NOS/NOAA
    GeoTec 2004 Pictures
    Pictures taken by at GeoTec 2004 Internet Business Systems
    Raster to Vector Software
    WiseImage is an image editing software that enables users to vectorize raster images that could be used in ArcView or other GIS programs that use vector images as a tool for analysis. WiseImage greatly reduces the amount of tedious time spend on tracing or redrawing images using the editing tools in ArcView and other image editing programs. IDEAL
    inViso 3.0
    Informative Graphics Corp. offers free AutoCAD viewer inViso 3.0. An ultra simple CAD viewer that is available as a small desktop executable as well as a thin ActiveX component. Supports viewing of AutoCAD DWG, DXF and DWF file formats. Offered on the OpenDWG Alliance web site under DWGViewer.exe Informative Graphics Corp.
    Solus Basic is a free application that gives users the ability to upload single maps and Route Directions to a Palm OS handheld from several sources. Delorme
    The Reality of a Pie-in-the-Sky
    Featured Paper By Cheryl Spencer, Jennifer Weintraut. The City of Indianapolis/Marion County GIS embarked on an ambitious ArcIMS endeavor in 2001. During the implementation of the initial ArcIMS plan, many unforeseen challenges arose that were. These challenges and how the team overcame them changed the course of the implementation. This paper focuses on how the Indianapolis team modified its implementation tactics to fit within the limitations of the project. Indianapolis/Marion County - Information Services Agency - GIS
    Use GeoDATA Explorer to access, view and download geospatial databases containing data from the USGS and other government agencies. USGS
    Request for Proposal
    In the Fall of 1997, Lincoln County passed an ordinance (Appendix 1) to assume the responsibility of addressing effective January 1, 1998. This ordinance divided the responsibilities of addressing (issuing new addresses, fixing errors and updating maps) to four separate departments and multiple people in each department. These county departments have been working together to make the addressing process function more efficiently. Unfortunately, with the number of people and departments involved, problems in the process have occurred that have created a complicated process and errors. The most common errors are missing signs, wrong rural address numbers, N and W addresses on the same road, duplicate road names or multiple addresses on one driveway. Licoln County
    Getting Started Using DOQQ Imagery - a Primer Louisiana State University Atlas
    CountyRezone command for GeoMedia will allow the user to input a complete or a portion of a parcel number or street address. The command will locate the subject parcel, return those parcels surrounding the subject parcel that fall within the specified distance, and generate a mailing list of surrounding parcel owners. Intergraph Corporation
    Practical Uses of a Geodatabase
    Featured paper by Guy Singer, Brian Wopershall. The City of Cleveland Division of Water has developed a GIS to work in combination with a hydraulic model. The City of Cleveland provides water to more than 1.5 million people in 76 communities. Although the GIS was developed with the primary purpose of storing, maintaining and serving the data used for the hydraulic model, there are many practical GIS applications used by the Cleveland Division of Water employees which save considerable time. Examples of these applications include spatial queries on a number of features, such as hydrants etcetera, outage traces in emergencies, and rapid calculation of pipe footage for planning improvements. City of Cleveland Division of Water
    MapsGo is the simple free raster GIS for the DesktopPC and PocketPC. You can do also the export to MapMap GIS for PalmPC. With MapsGo you can *move map, search and show the point database *edit and delete the point database (also on the PocketPC) *measure the distance and use the navigation window. Jan Simkovic
    Using GIS as a Helping
    Featured paper by Sidney Santos, Gilberto Hernandes, Alessandro Diniz. Natural gas market growth in Brazil has required around US$ 1.3 billion in pipeline expansion. To face this challenge Petrobras has decided to use a GIS System to manage the projects information and also make the information available in a network with accuracy, reliability and security. This paper presents the configuration adopted in the implementation of a pipeline database. The current issues points to a database model with capacity to manage attribute data and geographic data maintaining the integrity of both. The results of this implementation must be deliverable to the Web environment using a flexible and compliant solution. Petrobras
    Finds the change in different polygon themes for the same area freeware
    GIS on a Budget for Small
    A continual problem for small water and sewer utility districts is the lack of accurate maps and information about pipes that have been placed through the history of the district. Often a substantial portion of the knowledge is contained only in the memories of senior field personnel. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
    Download color table plot files for DesignJet, and multiPLY 2000 R6.2x complete evaluation copy. TenTime Plotting Software and Services
    Pan European Environmental GIS and Information Database EGIS
    Desktop Cover Sheet Agent
    Under the direction and guidance of the Virginia Land Records Management Task Force and the Virginia Supreme Court, ILS developed the software that creates the official Land Records Cover Sheet for Virginia.

    The Desktop CSA software will start downloading to your computer when you click on the download icon below. Select "Save this file to disk" and designate a location on your computer where you want to save the program installation file. Once the download is complete, double click on the program installation file. This will install the Cover Sheet Agent on your desktop where you may run the program for up to 4 hours at no charge. Once the four hours are up, you will need to purchase a license for $49.95. Please use the register feature found under the help menu item in the program to send ILS a license key request. Email technical support is provided as part of this payment.

    International Land Systems (ILS), Inc
    provides basic image viewing capabilities. Better Solutions Consulting LLC
    sample MapPoint data
    Data sample downloads for MapPoint 2002 users. MP2K Magazine
    Using GIS to Develop
    Featured paper by Gary Waters. GIS integration is a loosely used term to describe a feature of many land records management solutions. The definitions and limitations placed on this term vary as greatly as the levels of integration their definer achieves between GIS and other land records systems. Using real case studies as examples, this paper will detail how to set and meet goals for integration of GIS and land records management systems. NovaLIS Technologies
    Free ASTER Geospatial products are available on our website. ORTHOCOVERAGE is a new15 meters package (orthoimagery + DEM + ortho-anaglyphs). Available datasets in : Algeria, Bolivia, Iran, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Madagascar ... Thoses free samples can be used without restrictions (formats : GeoTIFF, TNTmips/TNTlite, and more coming soon). Product website : 3-GIS
    Utility to help locate which USGS topo sheet you need U.S. Geological Survey
    Download to your product bin directory, and keyin bil2tif.exe Intergraph Corporation
    Long Term Ecological
    Featured paper by Mark Joselyn. Capturing, analyzing, and retrieving ecological field data presents ongoing challenges of data management for the employees of the Watershed Management Division in Seattle's Cedar River Watershed. The use of mobile computing devices, ArcSDE, and ArcGIS facilitates the entry, maintenance and analysis of these valuable data. A database design that leverages the capabilities of relational databases and integrates vegetation plots, transects, and forest plots will be presented. The primary goals of the database are to support long-term monitoring and ecological research as well as to provide an organizational framework for all field data. City of Seattle Watershed Management
    MapViewSVG 3.x
    MapViewSVG is an extension for ArcView 3.x and ArcGIS 8.x by ESRI. It gives you the opportunity to convert maps from ArcView/ArcGIS into the SVG format. You can then use these SVG files to publish them on the Web or on CD-ROM. MapViewSVG does not need any additional software on your Web Server. uismedia Lang & M?ller
    converts HPGL and HP-GL/2 .plt files to DXF Guthrie CAD/GIS Software.
    CamMap is an interactive map guide to the city of Cambridge, England. You can navigate any direction and choose level of detail. Can be used with CamWAP (wireless application) CamMap
    view Mr.SID images within MapInfo Professional 5.0
    For ArcView 3.x --Places pennant marker symbol at angle indicated by mouse 18.791015625 KB Courtesy of Ron Schultz
    Design simple random samplings with ArcView 3.2 Quantitative Decisions
    Vextractor 2.50
    Raster to vector conversion tool for CAD and GIS systems. VextraSoft
    Programming ArcIMS ActiveX
    Featured Paper By Rohit Patil, Robert Elston, Jr. The Biological Resources Research Center is developing a Web-accessible biodiversity atlas for Nevada and the Great Basin. We want to present as rich a cartographic experience as possible for the widest number of users. This necessarily precludes the use of an out-of-the-box ArcIMS solution, since not all browsers/platforms (particularly Macintosh browsers) will reliably display pages generated by ArcIMS. We are developing a solution with ASP and JavaScript for ArcIMS that is accessible to all standard Wintel and Macintosh browsers providing much better performance and wider accessibility to standard GIS data formats through ArcSDE. We will discuss methods, problems, and solutions. Biological Resources Research Center - University of Nevada, Reno
    SHPTRANS - Shapefile
    A high precision, high performance projection utility for shapefiles. NTv2 datum transformation support. Esri Canada
    Monitoring Land Use Change
    Featured paper by Michael Hickey. Tulare County's program of monitoring land use changes consists of three parts. First, on a quarterly basis the county's current parcel theme is compared with the earlier parcel theme to identify land use changes. Second, the county has created a "resistance to development" model which predicts the susceptibility of each parcel to become urbanized. On a quarterly basis this model is refreshed to reflect the impacts of recent development. Third, the actual land use changes are compared to predictions and the resistance to development model is improved over time. County of Tulare-Resource Mgmt. Agency
    access samples to see maps of specific areas of South Carolina and North Carolina for real estate, vacationers, brokers. Real Maps makes custom maps for brochures and other information sources. RealMaps
    Using GIS to Derive Base
    Featured Paper By Evan Brown & Brent Johnson

    The Planning & Development Services Business Center of Sarasota County, Florida processes applications for construction permits. A critical element of each permit application is the minimum buildable elevation to prevent structure flooding. Staff previously used various paper map sources to formulate estimates in their analysis of an application. Hydrodynamic models and spatial data were developed to enable staff to provide a more effective and efficient determination of the minimum buildable elevation. An application was created using Avenue in ArcView 3.x to analyze the data and provide staff with essential information about the permit application. The application relates information about the location of the applicant parcel and, most importantly, supplies staff with the essential minimum buildable elevation. The GIS application enhances productivity and provides documentation for the application determination. The application was recently re-written in ArcObjects for use in ArcGIS 8.x and is now being ported to ArcGIS 9.x.

    Sarasota County Watershed Management
    Parcel Based Stormwater
    Featured paper by Andrew Swift. Complaints about stream and sewer flooding have been increasing. Many departments need to do accurate stormwater calculations but lack affordable and useful software tools. Quantifying stormwater in a fair, accurate, and economical way was so difficult that these calculations were seldom included in the review of subdivisions or building permits. When such calculations were made, sharing them throughout the enterprise was difficult. We've developed a runoff calculator with a twist for local government. Hydrologists and engineers usually calculate stormwater data for watersheds (drainage areas) the majority of a local government's work is based on individual parcels and addresses. C.A.G.I.S
    Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world Atlapedia Online
    GT Cadscript
    Convert coordinate files into autoCAD script files which automatically draw Points, Labels, Lines and Polylines. Geosurface Technologies
    Edit Tools
    EditTools is an ArcView Extension which main purpose is to help ArcView users to edit with easy. Along with the numerous Arc/Info functions implemented, it provides extensive (CAD - like) tool sets for editing, copying and pasting features and attributes. Ianko's gis Page
    helps load images in bulk Intergraph Corporation
    Center for Global and
    Many interesting download links to software from the University of Iowa's GIS department. University of Iowa
    The LIDAR Analyst™
    The LIDAR Analyst extension for ArcGIS is a necessary tool for anyone who has LIDAR data. LIDAR Analyst completely automates the extraction of 3D terrain surfaces, buildings, trees, and forest areas from LIDAR. Comprehensive testing of LIDAR Analyst by the U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center (TEC) shows the accuracy of terrain, buildings, and trees is outstanding for both leaf-off and leaf-on conditions, often generating trees and buildings at a rate of over 1,000 per minute. LIDAR Analyst also automatically extracts attributes of features, such as building height, area, perimeter, roof type, tree crown width, and tree stem diameter. Visual Learning Systems, Inc.
    Mapping and Analysis
    Featured paper by Christine Seidel. During the summer of 2000, a pilot capping demonstration project was conducted on the Palos Verdes, CA, shelf to examine the feasibility of capping existing contaminated seafloor sediment with clean sediment. To aid in estimating the thickness of cap material that was placed, sediment profile image (SPI) surveys were conducted periodically through the course of the study. This paper will provide a general methodology for interpolating SPI cap thickness data using ArcView Spatial Analyst. Discussion of Inverse Distance Weighting analysis will be covered including the input parameters used during the analysis. SAIC
    Rapid Orienteering Map
    Featured paper by Michael Hendricks. Orienteering is a sport of navigation with map and compass that requires detailed large scale maps, typically 1:15,000. These maps must communicate the features which are obvious on the ground to competitors while running. This presentation will describe a rapid orienteering map creation process that utilizes ESRI's ArcPad software for data acquisition with customizations made with ArcPad Application Builder. In addition, the creation of ArcGIS styles and templates for cartographic production of orienteering maps will be discussed. Lessons learned from the process to include form building, differential correction, cartographic sketching in the field, and other issues will be described. United States Military Academy
    free download for version 2.07 GARMIN Corporation
    ArcGIS for Desktop -
    Featured Paper by Charmel Menzel, Scott Cecilio

    ArcMap is the main component of Esri's ArcGIS for Desktop suite of geospatial processing programs, and it is used primarily to view, edit, create, and analyze geospatial data and create maps. This presentation and demonstrations will offer tips and tricks for working with ArcMap that will simplify your experience of performing your daily tasks.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Demo software for Review
    Allegria Software evaluation download demo software for review plug in Allegria Software
    Managing Fish and Aquatics
    Featured papers by Christian Weik, Rich McCleary. The Foothills Model Forest (FMF) is a non-profit partnership conducting research on sustainable forest management. The Fish and Watershed program and its partner agencies have traditionally stored field-collected data in ad-hoc, non-spatial spreadsheet and database systems. Foothills Model Forest
    IMAGINE AutoSync™
    Imagery always needs to be geometrically corrected to a map coordinate system to be useful. For certain applications such as change detection, resolution merge, mosaicking and even simple layer stacking, the geometric correction needs to be highly accurate.

    IMAGINE AutoSync™ is a new add-on for ERDAS IMAGINE® that takes two (or more) images of potentially dissimilar type, such as IKONOS and SPOT5, and automatically generates thousands of tie points between the images, producing a geometric model which ties the images together with high accuracy. This method can be used to improve the registration between already georeferenced data sets, or it can be used to correlate new raw imagery to an existing georeferenced image base to quickly georeference the new imagery.

    A second workflow, Edge Matching, allows for a localized model to be applied in the overlap region of image pairs. Using a process similar to the first, tie points are generated in the region of overlap to pull misaligned features into alignment.
    ERDAS, Inc.
    The Ricoh 500SE GPS-ready
    This presentation covers an overview of the functions for the Ricoh 500SE including camera functions, from image capture (with embedded GPS) to integration with GIS.

    You'll also learn how the camera's memo feature allows for metadata collection and ultimately attribute creation within a GIS.
    Ricoh Americas
    Applying GIS, GPS, and
    Featured Paper by NIJAZ KARACIC

    The first decade of the twenty-first century has led many in the surveying profession to adapt to and embrace the technological applications of GIS. The progress made with GPS and mobile LiDAR now allows surveyors to accurately collect more topographic shots than ever before.
    Obesity GIS Data Library
    Featured Paper by Ilir Bejleri

    Obesity GIS Data Library and Tools for Obesity Research
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Semantic GIS, Ontologies,
    Featured Paper By Tom Van Buren. Drawing on the World Wide Web Consortium standards and semantic Web activities where "information is given well-defined meaning and better enables computers and people to work in cooperation," the City of Seattle's Cedar River Municipal Watershed is developing a "semantic GIS" that will lead the City's GIS to its full potential. Using Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Resource Descriptor Framework (RDF) technologies and tools developed by the Apache Software Foundation and ESRI, the City's providing an information service of watershed content for all users--like a good library--multivariate, multitemporal, and high resolution. City of Seattle - Watershed Management Divsion
    Vehicle Tracking Applet Demo
    This demo features a very thin Java applet that allows you to track and interact with two vehicle "accounts". Each presently operates via recorded historical tracking data stored in a relational database. This tracking data was acquired from real time GPS positional feeds. ObjectFX
    Using GIS and Satellite
    Featured paper by Jay Rauschkolb. The purpose of this project is to show it is possible to use remote sensing techniques to detect oil seeps and oil spills and use ArcView to determine the hydrocarbon locations. Modern remote sensing software was used to process NASA's ASTER Multispectral Images. The files were loaded with Band 3 (0.76 ? 0.86 um) as Red, Band 2 (0.63 ? 069 um) as Green and Band 1 (0.52 ? 0.60 um) as Blue. ASTER's 15 m ground resolution and image enhancement techniques allowed the identification of offshore oil seeps in California and the detection of oil leaking from offshore production platforms in Azerbaijan. San Diego State University
    Sampling and Determination
    Featured Paper By Sebnem Duzgun. In many GIS applications, it is essential to perform an accuracy assessment analysis which basically relies on sampling method and number of selected samples. This paper outlines the process of employing simple and stratified random sampling and finding the optimum sample size in GIS. Two sampling methods such as simple and stratified random sampling are implemented on G?ven?iver basin, Ankara, Turkey in order to draw samples for the variables of elevation and slope in GIS environment. For various sample sizes and grid dimensions the optimum sample size is established for each sampling scheme as well as assessing the efficiency of the sampling methods. Middle East Technical University
    Managing the Quality
    Featured Paper by Christine Hopkins, Sherry Smith

    With GIS data being published and used throughout the federal government, it is more important than ever to ensure the quality of data published by your agency. Learn how to use ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension for Desktop to help you simplify and improve the quality control process, reducing your costs and improving confidence in your data.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Pankaj Desai, P.E., President

    Pankaj Desai President and CEO Sanborn
    PANKAJ DESAI, P.E., is president and chief executive officer of Sanborn. He has over twenty years of senior-level management experience in all aspects of business in the engineering, healthcare, and mapping industries.

    A licensed professional engineer, Mr. Desai initiated and developed comprehensive GIS services at Sanborn for tax parcel mapping, photogrammetric mapping, data conversion, and database development. A hands-on executive, Mr. Desai has assisted numerous municipalities in selecting an optimum approach for GIS implementation consistent with their needs and budgetary constraints.
    Britain?s Ordnance Survey
    Check out Britain's Ordnance Survey Page for ?Free and Fun? maps, games, fly-throughs, a mapping index and more. Ordnance Survey
    ArcGIS App Templates
    Featured Paper by Cardona James

    ArcGIS App Templates for JavaScript and ArcGIS API for JavaScript
    Esri Users Group Conference
    software for the creation of flyround movies in Cadcorp SIS V5 Cadcorp
    Many free downloads available here when you sign up. Virtual World Viewer and Navigator--This is the FREE viewer and navigation program for Earthworks VROOM! virtual world models. GO! is useful for board presentations, environmental impact assessments, feasibility study presentations, corporate PR and enhancing your company. Rockware Geology Software
    GPS Data Files
    GPS timing data and information maintained by the U.S. Naval Observatory. US Naval Observatory
    Web-based Data Distribution
    This paper describes the challenges and benefits surrounding a web-based data distribution system. Safe Software
    Tutorial on using DOQs with ArcExplorer North Carolina Geological Survey
    Creating Three-Dimensional
    Feature Article By Patrick J. Kennelly, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology ArcUser Magazine
    Use of ArcMap for 3D
    Featured paper by Binod Tiwari, Hideaki Marui, Pankaj Bhattarai, Akichika Ishibashi, Kazuo Nakagawa, Kiyomichi Aoyama. Different methods of stability analysis ranging from 2D simplified methods to 3D methods are used in the world. However, due to the time consumption and overestimation of factors of safety, 3D stability analysis has not been more widely used. In the preexisting landslides, 3D stability analysis is very important as all prevention measures are planned based on safety factors. Although there is plenty of 2D stability analysis software, 3D stability analysis software is very limited in number, and are very complex and time consuming. ArcGIS Spatial Analyst and ArcGIS 3D Analyst extensions were used to calculate the stability analysies of preexisting landslides. Simultaneous calculations were possible for both 2D and 3D analyses. This paper deals with the methodology of simultaneous 2D and 3D stability analyses using ArcGIS extensions for six preexisting landslides in Japan. Niigata University
    ArcCadastre is a next-generation software for handling geographic information and the production of cadastral and other maps for a range of activities carried out by local authorities. ArcCadastre is the modern replacement for AutoKa-PC. ArcCadastre was released in December 2002. Lantmäteriet - ArcCadastre
    assorted scripts Pierrsen
    creates a diamond marker symbol in one of four different colors (diamond.avx) 18.158203125 KB Courtesy of Ron Schultz
    NCGS--Convert Decimal Degrees to Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds NCGS
    Wastewater Management
    Featured paper by Shawn Summers, Kevin Perkey. Nested within the typical scope of wastewater infrastructure management lies the hurdle of data transfer. We ever-increasingly rely on the various crews of our authority to collect specific system data and deliver it to administrative personnel. Due to escalating regulatory requirements, Authority has begun a venture to create a seamless transition between field data acquisition and end user format. Utilizing ArcPad with ArcPad Studio we are creating custom forms, which allow field personnel to record their findings in great detail. This information is then updated daily into our ArcGIS database for immediate use by internal decision-makers. The McCandless Twp. Sanitary Authority
    Automating Feature Extraction
    Featured Paper By Michael Hewett

    LIDAR data can be overwhelming to use for manual feature extraction, and specialized feature extraction software can be expensive to purchase. ArcGIS provides tools that can be utilized to help get more out of LIDAR first, last and intensity returns through automated processes. By following a few basic principles, it is possible to extract some common features such as vegetation, stream banks, some buildings, etc. This session is aimed at general ArcGIS users who wish to start making better use of their LIDAR datasets by automating extraction of features with the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension.

    ADE Remote Overview Flash Demo
    ADE Desktop - 3 levels of architecture in 1 application ERDAS, Inc.
    A street directory/map viewer with powerful search and navigation functions. Scalable vector maps available for most of the U.S. The Handmap Network
    Henry Stueber, President

    Henry Stueber President and General Manager
    After serving in the US Navy, Henry joined GE more than sixteen years ago. Henry held several strategic positions within GE Aircraft Engines, GE Energy Services and GE Energy Products.
    GE Network Solutions
    In version 3.1 there is a new legend tool for layouts which gives you many more options than ArcView's standard legend tool. MapLogic Corporation
    MADdening Addresses:
    Featured paper by Richard (Rick) Petrecca, Jr. Addresses are vital components of local government data. However, different government agencies think of addresses differently and store them differently within their information systems. This leads to redundant data and data inconsistencies between and within agencies. Recognizing these facts, Indianapolis and Marion County have embarked on the creation of an enterprise-wide Master Addressing Database. The project's ultimate goal is to reduce redundancy, improve consistency, and enable better integration of City/County information systems. This paper presents key aspects of this on-going project. Points discussed include: database design considerations, organizational issues, data cleanup issues and tools, current status, and future goals. Indianapolis Marion County
    Amiglobe 2000 is a world atlas and database. You can use it for 30 days free of charge. Amiglobe 2000
    Now is the Time for GPS
    GPS technology's ease of use - coupled with affordability and accuracy - make it a time saving tool that can win jobs and boost the profitability of any size surveying outfit. Thales Navigation
    Using API in Visual C++, pro gress reporting and other bugs and quirks. Pierssen Publishing
    Delorme file formats Courtesy of John & Beth Werner
    Prehistory and Prediction:
    Featured paper by Seth Johnstone. The utilization of ESRI's ArcGIS software greatly facilitates the management of cultural resources on Federal lands. Correlation between archaeological sites and environmental variables can be rapidly accomplished through the analysis of both vector and raster data sets. The ability to join multiple feature classes based on spatial location has greatly aided the identification of areas of high, medium, and low probability for prehistoric site locations. Applications of relatively simple statistical techniques, such as chi-square evaluations, can then be applied to this spatial data to weight different environmental variables for final model production using the Spatial Analyst extension. Southeast Archeological Center
    Forestry GIS
    Don't let the name fool you. This application is a full featured free GIS editor very reminiscent of ArcView 3.x. Very easy to use and very powerful. I can't believe it's free! LaudonTech
    FireConverter 3.7.1
    Palm Powered, Platinum Certified, and Customer-RatedSM!!! The standard in Palm imaging just got better, with a quality stamp that's straight from Palm Inc. FireViewer supports video, larger-than-screen graphics, HTML, and hyperlinks for wireless users. Zoom in and out of huge maps, photos and diagrams on your palm. FireConverter (unregistered version included) easily converts JPEG's and GIF's into FireViewer images and converts standard AVI and MOV files into FireViewer format. Firepad, Inc.
    Geographic Information
    A slide presentation that introduces the concept of Geographic Information Systems and how they work. Examples like modeling, buffering, and overlay analysis show why GIS is useful to managers everywhere. Geographic Resource Solutions
    GeoRover software for
    SAIC GeoRover software products for ESRI® ArcGIS® Desktop: Locus Track:Powerful tools for geospatial feature data creation, editing, and geospatial data fusion. RPF Tools:High-speed indexing, display, and management of large file-based raster product format (RPF) datasets, typically map and imagery data. Digital Data Tracker: Field data collection tools Range Tools:Geospatial feature data creation, editing, and ingestion of ring, ellipse, and arc feature data. SAIC
    Building Tools with Python
    Featured Paper by Evan Caldwell

    A geoprocessing tool does three types of work: it defines its parameters, validates them, and executes code that performs the actual work. This session will focus on the first two types-parameter definition and validation. At the end of this session, you will know how to define parameters using data types, direction, filters, dependencies, and multivalues.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Arcscript for Avenue: Draw line with anchor at end Courtesy of Ron Schultz
    Digital Visions
    Data conversion tools from Digital Visions Digital Visions
    XML Spy is the first true Integrated Development Environment for the eXtensible Markup Language that includes all major aspects of XML in one powerful and easy-to-use product: download a free 30 day fully functional version. O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
    Robert Shanks, President

    Robert Shanks President and Chief Executive Officer GlobeXplorer
    Mr. Shanks has dedicated his career to expanding and promoting the benefits of spatial technology and associated information. A pioneer in Internet and Intranet-based map and information sharing technology, he has extensive experience leading the development of innovative technology products and services. Prior to founding GlobeXplorer in 1999, he was Executive Vice President of HJW GeoSpatial, a leading geographic technology company. At HJW, he developed state-of-the-art spatial information systems for a wide range of business services in both the public and private sectors. He holds a Master of Arts in Geography (Geographic Information Systems specialization), from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he also earned undergraduate degrees in Geography and Environmental Science.
    GlobeXplorer, LLC
    an upgrade extension to ArcView that allows you to easily rearrange, sort, activate and turn on and off groups of themes in a view's table of contents. MapLogic Corporation
    Maptician 2 Redistricting
    Maptician 2 is designed to work with ArcView shapefiles Digital Engineering Corporation
    Maverick Professional
    GIS/CAD/Database Translator and Web Publishing Software. A single package to access over 40 common formats (Coverages, CSV, DBF, DGN, DWG, DXF, E00, MDB, Oracle Spatial, SDTS, Shape, Tiger, XLS,...). Includes List and View utilities, plus a COM Automation for developers to read and write the supported formats, Translate, and add Web publishing into their applications, the Enterprise version has Royalty-Free distribution of the COM modules. Collins Software
    WinQuery for WinGIS
    WinQuery for WinGIS unveals the full potential of WinGIS. WinQuery offers a powerful way of linking any database to WinGIS 2000. Connects to multi-user databases like SqlServer, Oracle, SQLBase, Sybase, Interbase, MySQL... rankSolutions
    The GeoWise ArcView WebMapper - developed for the generation of 'lite' web sites. Use ArcView as a web authoring tool. This extension allows you to create interactive web pages from an ArcView View including scale thresholding and database attribution. GeoWise
    Using Remote Sensing
    Featured paper by Chris Johannsen, Pamela Whitney. This study is prepared by the NRC Steering Committee on Space Applications and Commercialization. It addresses the opportunities, potential challenges, and policy issues associated with the application of remote sensing data in the public sector and draws upon case studies of remote sensing applications in regional, state, county, and local government. Included is an analysis of approaches and procedures for using such data. The report is primarily focused on non-technical managers and decision makers. Its findings and recommendations assist those officials in making use of remote sensing data for a broad range of geospatial data applications. National Research Council
    Real-Time Traffic Information
    Featured paper by Michael Wlodyka, Dan Nual, Napol Phiu-Nual. Real-time traffic information for all major roadways in an urban area is one of the most important pieces of information necessary to produce a dynamic route guidance system. Recent GIS development has included many new capabilities for traffic engineering applications. This paper describes work using the latest GIS technology along with advanced traffic analysis and simulation models to produce real-time traffic information. The overall experience has been that GIS has provided great benefit for all phases of development and that new GIS technology has made the presentation and dissemination of real-time traffic information easier and more effective than ever before. Traftools
    CartaLinx--The Spatial
    30-day Trial Version. CartaLinx vector digitizing and full topological editing software with support for over 300 tablets, on-screen digitizing and live GPS data input. Output Shape, MIF and other GIS formats. Clark Labs
    All About ActiveCGM Maps created by GeoMedia Web Map Louisiana State University Atlas
    Free Map Viewer from IBIS IBIS
    Crime Mapping Made Easy !
    Offering an unparalleled feature set, CRIMESolvTM brings the power of GIS technology to Crime Analysis. From identifying activity hotspots to generating detailed reports, CRIMESolvTM provides a complete array of tools to get the job done. ARcbridge Consulting
    Download Digital Maps
    Convince yourself! The worldwide digital maps from GfK GeoMarketing are high quality. Download free digital maps of postal and administrative boundaries for the GIS RegioGraph and DISTRICT as well as ESRI and MapInfo products. GfK GeoMarketing GmbH
    To improve the efficiency of existing emergency response and facility management systems, many utility companies choose to implement the ArcFM GIS. Based on my experience designing and implementing an ArcFM GIS for the Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO), Washington D.C., this paper provides a road map through implementation of an enterprise-wide GIS using technologies built-on ArcInfo 8 platform (Geodatabase, ArcFM and ArcSDE). The paper summarizes the implementation process in four phases: Data Model Design, Building a Geodatabase into a Multi-user GIS, Migrating CAD Data to a Geodatabase, and GIS Deployment and Data Maintenance Strategies. Major roadblocks related to each phase are identified, and alternative solutions are provided. Avineon
    GEOMania Professional
    GEOMania Professional is desktop GIS software which runs on Windows 95/98/2000,NT. GEOMania Professional as a tool integrating GIS & CAD functions offers you a sophisticated tool which you are able to build database linked spatial and aspatial data and get dynamic information from querying and analyzing data. GEOMania Co., LTD
    Adding Value to LiDAR Data
    Although many organizations own or have access to light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data, most of those organizations only use their data in the format provided by the vendor and for one or two specific purposes. LiDAR is a significant investment for any organization, so it makes sense to maximize that investment. Many LiDAR data users already have the tools they need to get more out of their LiDAR first, last and intensity returns through the use of ArcGIS software from ESRI ( and its Spatial Analyst extension. The simple ArcGIS processes outlined here may not provide the highquality feature outlines delivered by a dedicated feature extraction software package or by manual compilation, but they can be used to extract common features such as vegetation, stream banks, buildings, etc. Sanborn
    ENVI Overview
    ENVI-The Complete Image Processing Platform

    ENVI is the leading, high-performance product for image processing. Developed for more than 14 years by experts in software technology and remote sensing science, ENVI offers:
    • The most advanced spectral processing tools
    • A full suite of image analysis tools
    • Powerful 3D visualization capabilities
    • Extensive file format and satellite sensor support
    • Terrain analysis tools and capabilities
    • Geometric and radiometric correction tools
    • Vector editing functionality
    • Customizable image application development
    • Many workflow-based tools
    ITT Visual Information Solutions
    Reports is a command that creates an Excel(TM) worksheet in an existing XLS file. The sheet is populated with the contents of the active data window Intergraph Corporation
    EU Web Demo
    Kivera took their award-winning technology powering the North American engine and translated it to Western Europe. (Requires IE 5.5 or above on Windows) Kivera
    Using ArcIMS for Real-Time
    Featured paper by Ryan Whitley, Joseph Wong. The Port of Tacoma (Washington) desired to implement a real-time Web-based Rail Management System for the purposes of intermodal decision support visualization and data display, management, planning, and for facilitating operational analysis. The Port currently uses SignalCC software and an array of distributed sensors throughout the Port facility for real-time rail data capture. The solution for rail analysis and visualization consisted of ArcIMS in a .NET environment linked to SignalCC and SQL Server 2000. The paper and presentation will detail the specifics of the project and demonstrate the software. Intergal GIS, Inc.
    Lidar for Mapping and
    Understand today's Lidar technology and learn how to make the right choice for your project Sanborn
    4MAT2KML is a stand alone application that allows users to convert tabular data (DBF format) into a KML file format. The tabular data must reside in a DBF format and it must contain LAT/LONG numeric data stored in decimal degrees. Product Highlights include: • Quickly create custom KML files from personal geodatabases / shapefiles • Extract only the records you need • Change the description on the field labels • Select icons you wish to use or use a custom icon • No pre-installed GIS software required G-Tek Solutions
    free demo version GPS CoursePlotter
    Bruce Gittings' Digital
    This catalogue includes details of elevation and bathymetric data, together with a section on available software for the display and manipulation of these data. Download the catalogue. University of Edinburgh
    Building 3D subsurface
    Featured Paper by Norm Jones, Douglas Gallup , Gil Strassberg, Timothy Whiteaker

    Building a 3D subsurface model is a complex task that requires the assembly of many GIS datasets including terrain models, borehole data, geologic maps, faults, etc. These data are combined to derive a set of interpolated datasets that represent the subsurface to our best knowledge. We present a workflow for creating subsurface models within ArcGIS using a combination of standard ArcGIS tools and custom tools that are part of the Subsurface Analyst toolset.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Project your shapefiles on a magnificent globe !!Xatellitesheet spreadsheet mapping software works with Microsoft Excel®. With Xatellitesheet, you can quickly and easily display Excel® data on detailed 3-digit zipcode or 2-digit postcode maps. Shale Software
    Secure Access Control
    Featured Paper By Sahadeb De, Caroline Eastman, Csilla Farkas. The environments in which GIS is being implemented and used are changing rapidly, thus producing a rapidly growing need for consideration of the information security in these systems. The Earth Sciences and Resources Institute and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of South Carolina collaborated to define an access control model to protect data integrity and confidentiality in a multiuser geodatabase within an enterprise-level GIS environment. This paper discusses the issue in implementing the model to enforce access control in spatial databases created with ArcGIS 8.1, ArcSDE 8.1, and Microsoft's SQL Server 2000. University of South Carolina
    Modeling Water Quality
    Featured paper by Thomas Bishop, Sabine Grunwald. Our objective of the research was to model water quality using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) interfaced with ArcView. SWAT requires the integration of a range of GIS data layers; digital elevation model, soil types, land use, stream networks, water quality monitoring sites and climatic observations. Prior to modeling water quality with SWAT, ArcView was used to delineate the watershed boundaries and create soil-land use complexes. The interface of SWAT with ArcView enables the seamless integration of model input pre-processing, simulation of water quality, and visualization of the spatially distributed results. University of Florida
    MobileMapper Interactive Demo
    For turn-key simplicity, MobileMapper™ combines full GIS and navigation capabilities into a compact, rugged device. With support for industry standard GIS data formats, expandable SD memory card, optional sub-meter post-processing capabilities with MobileMapper Office software and streamlined user interface, MobileMapper offers unparalleled efficiency and value. Thales Navigation
    Introducing ENVI EX and
    The image processing and analysis solution for GIS users ITT Visual Information Solutions
    Let GIS Help You: Technology-Driven
    Featured paper by Heather Dermyer, Robert Czachorski. The value of a GIS lies in what it can do for you. As an alternative to application driven GIS, a technology-driven utility department will begin to help you from day one. Taking the plunge and integrating technology into your daily work schedule will document, communicate, and aid in decision making of the municipal government's utility operations. In this paper we will explain how to use tools (such as the geodatabase, GPS, and your staff) to make the transition to a technology-driven utility department. Several examples and case studies will be presented to illustrate this approach. Ayres, Lewis, Norris & May, Inc.
    The Use of ArcGIS 9 to
    This paper describes how ArcGIS tools were used for generating countrywide and US statewide DEM datasets derived from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data. ArcGIS tools were selected because of their superior end-to-end functionalities and capabilities for producing large raster DEMs. For example, ArcView’s World Political Boundary Shapefiles were used to determine the extent of each country and US state; Intermap Technologies
    Cadcorp SIS Gazetteer II
    perform address searches based on Ordnance Survey Address Point data. Cadcorp
    For ENVI users, an easy way to print the current IDL Direct Graphics window. Research Systems, Inc.
    Survey and GIS Integration
    Featured Paper by Yongmin Yan, Joe Betit, and Tracy McLane

    IT and Development - Approaches to Web GIS
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Mapping A Response -
    Feature Article By John Moore Federal Computer Week
    Data Integration and
    Agenda •Seamless integration between GIS and CAD •CAD Support in ArcGIS •Using GIS Data in CAD •Editing GIS Data in CAD Esri Australia
    Understanding Dynamic
    Feature Article By Cadkin, ESRI Technical Industry Marketing Specialist ArcUser Online
    Parcel Mapping Technology
    Often when a county experiences rapid growth it has a hard time keeping up with parcel edits. This can be a serious problem as an accurate parcel layer is important for planning decisions. Some of the fastest growing counties rely on text-to-vector software for increasing parcel mapping productivity. This presentation will discuss and demonstrate the latest in text-to- vector, COGO, and other parcel mapping technologies. UCLID Software
    Sanborn Data Acquisition
    Through the use of our comprehensive, in-house resources, we can acquire data in the most efficient manner possible to serve as the foundation of your GIS or mapping project. We can select and use any of the following methods: Sanborn
    A Library to Read/Write Compressed E00 Files
    HandMap Pro Installable
    HandMap Pro supports installable 'plugins'. Plugins are Palm PRC files, which the user install onto their Palm with the standard Palm Install Tool. MapIt!
    WorldClim global climate data
    Free 1-km spatial resolution global climate data (grids) WorldClim
    MicroStation users: Publish DGN and DWG models from your desktop to the Google Earth™ 2D/3D environment. Zoom to any place on the planet with the touch of a button. Bentley Systems
    16 MB.AirPlan is an easy to use, graphical user interface based flight planning program for general aviation pilots. AirPlan uses great circle routing to plan flights anywhere on the earth. Razor
    MapTree, for MapInfo, gives a windows explorer style "tree view" of all your tables and workspaces. Open and close your tables with a single click. Customised trees are perfect for distributing your data to casual MapInfo users. Features: Advanced Find tool, workspace previews, metadata. ALIGNED ASSETS
    GIS Data: Classification,
    Featured Paper by Steve Whitney

    Better Decisions with GIS: Avoiding Data Misuse
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Export Wizard
    Bypasses problems normally encountered in exporting views to Adobe software freeware
    Samples of vector data are shown over one of the MSGIC supported base maps to illustrate how they relate to each other. MSGIC
    Epi Info and Epi Map
    Epi Info and Epi Map are public domain software packages designed for the global community of public health practitioners and researchers. Both provide for easy form and database construction, data entry, and analysis with epidemiologic statistics, maps, and graphs. Epi
    WebStaticMapper is a MapInfo tool for publishing Maps and related data in a format readable by a web browser. rea - ricerche ecologiche applicate s.c.r.l.
    Cadcorp SIS Dataset Plug-ins
    For Cadcorp users, the current Cadcorp SIS Dataset Plug-ins. Cadcorp
    This utility converts angles from decimal degrees to degrees, minutes, and seconds. Degrees and minutes are also supported. Mentor Software
    The Rasterviewer is an addition to the Atlas web site that allows users to see Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs), satellite imagery, and DOQQ images before they download the data. Louisiana State University Atlas
    Integrating High Resolution
    Featured paper by Diane Lesko, Clare Hess. Limited water supplies in the arid western United States are under increasing demands from a burgeoning population. An important conservation issue is the over-irrigation of landscaping at commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and recreational sites. Some water utilities in California are using GIS to combine high-resolution landcover maps with parcel polygons and weather data to create water budgets for their customers. These water budgets are then compared to per-customer water use data to identify customers who are significantly over watering. City of Santa Rosa
    ViewPoint AVCatalog lets you store ArcView documents outside of ArcView project files Eagle Information Mapping
    Location maps, databases, images for Nova Scotia from Nova Scotia Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Branch. Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
    MapWindow GIS 4.0 Open
    The MapWindow application is a ready-to-use spatial data viewer, and a tool that can be modified into a new custom application. Customization is done by editing the MapWindow Configuration File, and/or a MapWindow Project File. These are the two files that control the look and feel of MapWindow. Both are XML-format files that can be edited directly through notepad or an XML editor. MapWindow
    GeoPDA Solutions
    GeoPDA solutions can transform a Palm OS 3.5 or higher device into a versatile field mapping and utility kit with bi-directional support for ESRI ArcView shapefiles. Geo InSight International, Inc.
    Register for 100 free geocodes Etak
    In order to install EvokeBrowser, save EvokeBrowser.exe to temporary space on your disk. Double click it to run the install. An install wizard will appear to guide you through the installation process. EvokeBrowser
    Aerial Photography -
    Feature Article By Paul Rogers San Jose Mercury News
    Animal Movement
    An ArcView extension containing over 4 functions specifically designed to aid in the analysis of animal movement. USGS
    Getting Started with
    Featured Paper by Charmel Menzel, Ken Gorton

    Are you interested in ArcGIS for Server but don't know where to start? Perhaps you've worked with ArcIMS and want to know what ArcGIS for Server can offer you. In either case, this is the session for you. You will learn how to make your maps, globes, and other GIS resources available to others by publishing them on a server. You will learn how to create web mapping applications.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The PL94 site provides free access to the most current Census 2000 data from Claritas Claritas
    Population Viability Analysis
    A powerful method for evaluating the probability of extinction in the face of variation, in contrast to traditional models such as the Leslie matrix that are strictly deterministic. USGS
    ShipTracker: Near Real-Time
    Featured Paper By Tiffany Vance, Jason Fabritz, Dennis Shields. This Web site provides graphical plots illustrating the current location of various ships in the NOAA fleet and the latest detailed weather and ocean conditions received from each ship. The site utilizes ArcIMS to generate the maps displayed on the site in near real time. Messages are sent automatically by the Shipboard Computer System (SCS) on NOAA vessels. The messages reach a server at PMEL through e-mail. From there these messages are processed and the data is uploaded into a central database. Periodically the process examines the database for new information and regenerates the images displayed on the Web site as appropriate. The service was implemented using the Java programming language. It communicates with the ArcIMS map service through HTTP requests written in Extensible Markup Language (XML). The Web site itself is a combination of static HTML pages, images updated by the map service, and JavaServer Pages (JSP) for the interactive portions of the site. NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
    ArcGIS Runtime SDK for
    Featured Paper by David Cardella

    DevGeo - ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS - ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS allows you to extend the reach of your GIS on the Apple iPod touch platforms. The API can access data from ArcGIS Online or your enterprise servers and allows developers to implement custom ArcGIS functionality in iOS applications. During the second half, ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android will be discussed.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Open Systems Mapping Technology from BBN Technologies, a part of Verizon. A JavaBeans based toolkit for building applications and applets needing geographic information. Using OpenMap components, you can access data from legacy applications, in-place, in a distributed setting. BBN Technologies, a part of Verizon
    Teaching Site Selection
    Featured Paper By Donald Leone. There is an abandoned railroad track between Union Station in Hartford, Connecticut, and Griffin Park in the Town of Bloomfield. The Griffin Line supported active rail and freight service between downtown Hartford and it's northwest neighborhoods and suburban communities from the late 1800s until the last freight service ended in 1982. Recent plans call for the use of the Griffin Line as a light-rail commuter transporter. Based on site defining criteria and data available from the State of Connecticut, students are asked to select candidate sites within the Town of Bloomfield for a commuter station using ArcView. Esri Users Group Conference
    Remote Sensing in Response
    Featured paper by Charles Huyck, Beverley Adams. The emergency response to September 11th was a breakthrough for remote sensing technology in emergency management. The need to coordinate activities in the midst of a dense, yet relatively small area, made the combination of imagery and mapped data particularly useful. This paper provides analysis and recommendations covering the use of remotely sensed data with ESRI software. Findings are based on interviews conducted with key emergency management and GIS personnel for the MCEER/NSF report "Emergency Response in the Wake of World Trade Center Attacks: The Remote Sensing Perspective." ImageCat
    Introducing ArcGIS Online
    Featured Paper by Bonnie Stayer, Paul Ross

    The growing demand for accessible geographic information is a constant challenge to GIS departments everywhere. Now, with Esri's new ArcGIS Online subscription, organizations will have the ability to store, manage and host their mapping services in Esri's cloud and easily publish their geographic content using cloud services. Join this session to learn what you need to know to be cloud ready.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    CMSBalloon is sort of a "pop up hint" tool for features Coulter Mapping Solutions, Inc
    Sample DEM and Land Survey data in ArcInfo and ArcView, MicroStation GeoGraphics, MapInfo and DXF formats. WhiteStar Corporation
    Online Asset Management
    Featured paper by Janusz Kwiatkowski, Scott Barnwell. Last year, Arlington Heights collected digital images of its roads and right-of-way assets to enhance its GIS. Using these stereo images TRANSMAP Corporation created an accurate road centerline network and precisely inventoried 25 different roadway assets--including more than 45,000 trees that lined the streets. The digital images are available to different departments on the village's Intranet through a custom ArcIMS application. The latest addition to Arlington Height's online system is mobile computers equipped with tiny GPS receivers and running ArcPad. Workers access the infrastructure information directly in the field to keep the system up-to-date. Village of Arlington Heights
    It allows you to imbed a GeoConcept map in a document created for any client OLE application GeoConcept SA
    Using Internet-based
    Featured Paper By Wei Sun, Peggy White, Kevin Brown. This paper presents GIS as an essential information accessing and retrieval tool for water management at the St. Johns River Water Management District. The assessment looks at the integration of GIS with RDBMS in the development and implementation of enterprise computing solutions that address the daily operational requirements of water management in an integrated computing environment. This project focuses on developing Internet-based ArcIMS tools connecting GIS data sets with water management relational database and accessing water management database tables through a GIS interface. Information Resource
    Seamless Integration
    Featured Paper By Charlene Howard. This paper explains how the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) Department of Transportation Planning is using the traditional ESRI coverage model and workstation version of ArcInfo to improve linkages between its GIS and transportation planning software. Ultimately, this multi-part project will provide MWCOG with a comprehensive spatial database for transportation applications. Most importantly, the master transportation network, used for several transportation planning activities, will be wholly maintained in a GIS environment. Customized menus and tools will allow network users to easily edit networks, select a network by year, and import the selected network into COG's transportation planning software package. Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments - Department of Transportation Planning
    Putting Richmond, Virginia,
    Featured Paper By Raymond Freeland. The City of Richmond needs cutting-edge Internet mapping applications developed that effectively deliver GIS and City database information to browser-based users. The project is utilizing ESRI's ArcIMS and ArcSDE technology, GIS data, and a live link to a data warehouse pulling data from multiple City legacy systems. The application will be used by both the public and City of Richmond staff. Functionality modules include Permitting, Crime Reporting, Citizen Requests, Thematic Mapping of Parcel Information, Property Identification/Mapping, and Ground Control Monuments Research. Robust querying and reporting tools, as well as a custom administration module, will also be part of the application. Louis Berger Group
    AVAtlas is an ArcView extension providing all the tools necessary to create a printed atlas within ArcView Map Logic Corp.
    Display GPS points
    This command is a GeoMedia v. 4.0 command written with Visual Basic 6.0. The command reads COM1 via the Microsoft COMM control and parses the longitude and latitude from the string read. The long/lat value is then displayed via the GeometryEditService in the MapWindow. The command is based on the Garmin GPGLL string. Intergraph Corporation
    Mapping Service
    MAPPING service at the Information Center of the Environment, UC Davis UC Davis
    The GeoWise ArcView Print Wizard - designed to make map production within ArcView easy. This tool dramatically increases your plotting productivity. GeoWise
    New Modular Web-Based
    Featured paper by Charles Bridgman. As Web mapping applications, particularly ESRI's ArcIMS, are embedded within an organization's IT environment, they are integrated with other applications and platforms. New application frameworks are emerging to handle the complexity of deploying and maintaining Web based enterprise GIS. In this new architecture, ArcIMS and other applications are incorporated into a modular software framework. This paper focuses on architectural design of a modular system, benefits and risks of a modular system, and components of a modular Web mapping framework architecture. TDC Group, Inc.
    GITA 2005 Pictures
    Pictures taken by at GITA 2005 Internet Business Systems
    Flood Map Desktop 9™
    Flood Map Desktop 9™ (FMD) is a completely free ArcGIS 9.1 extension used to create Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRM), DFIRM databases, and metadata. FMD allows the user to work in their own ESRI desktop environment from a personal geodatabase to create the FEMA mapping, database, and metadata requirements of Flood Insurance Studies (FIS) that comply with FEMA’s Guidelines and Specifications for Flood Hazard Mapping Partners. No internet connection is needed to use the extension. User support is provided through The completely free download requires a one time user registration and includes sample data and a training manual. Be on the lookout for the ESRI ArcGIS 9.2 version coming soon! PBS&J
    New U.S. Census Population
    Register for free download from MapInfo of population and household data just released by the U.S. Census MapInfo
    earth image processing software Pixoneer
    GIS & risk assessment
    GIS technology is increasingly being used in spatial decision support systems. In the past few years, GIS has emerged as a powerful risk assessment tool and is being put to use to assess risk to property and life stemming from natural hazards such as earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, and floods. RMSI
    Christopher Roberts,
    Chris Roberts is the co-founder and CEO of PixSell Inc. and has primary responsibility for business development and corporate finance. An experienced business entrepreneur, he has served as the chief financial officer for three successful startups. Mr Roberts has almost 20 years experience in the aerospace and information technology industries.
    Challenges facing companies include administering their geospatial information systems, both public and private, and providing easy data access and efficient management for users who may not be experienced specialists. GeoManagement software is a standalone application that integrates GeoMedia in a model of the georeferenced digital libraries type. GeoManagement functions include publishing data, maintaining databases, and managing statistics on active users. A search gateway provides the beginning user with a genuine search engine. The software provides a powerful tool for handling a geospatial information system. Town-hall of La Rochelle
    Forestry GIS (fGIS)
    A compact freeware shapefile editor and GIS data viewer from the University of Wisconsin. Use fGIS to customize layered views, draw map objects, query and search spatial data, annotate maps, print to specified scale and much more. Wisconsin Division of Forestry
    ESRI Conference 2004 Pictures
    ESRI Conference 2004 Pictures taken by Internet Business Systems
    GeoDataSource World Cities
    Free database of worldwide cities in text format suitable for any applications requiring a comprehensive list of cities and country code. GeoDataSource
    colleges and universities can sign up for Missing Maps of the Month Club
    Large format plotter/printer files CalGraph Technology Services, Inc.
    registers waypoints for Garmin GPS DigiBuy
    Maptech Mapserver "My Maps"-Personalize any Maptech aeronautical charts, aerial imagery, topo maps and satellite images with your own labelling of locations. Maptech Mapserver
    Kivera Location Engine Demo
    A simple Web portal interface to the Kivera Location Engine that will work on any Web browser. Kivera
    Dubai GIS Center
    The Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates established the Dubai GIS Centre, at Dubai Municipality, with the goal of creating a logically-centralized and physically-networked repository of geographic information for the Emirate. This system, with centralized base geographic data and networked business specific data, would provide accurate and up-to-date spatial data and GIS related services to departments of Dubai Municipality, other government organizations of the Emirate, the private sector and citizens to facilitate real-time mapping and decision making. Orion Technology Inc.
    GT Cogo
    GT Cogo Freeware Program for Windows Geosurface Technologies
    Using ArcGIS to Apply
    Featured Paper By Jeffery Nighbert. Shaded or "painted" relief backdrops add tremendous visual interest and value to cartographic products. The addition of relief backdrops to maps has proven to be an effective technique for portraying realistic landscapes and geographical situations, and it is widely practiced in cartography today. Bureau of Land Management
    GeoMedia Viewer
    GeoMedia Viewer is an easy to use, FREE GIS software application for desktop viewing and distribution of geospatial data. It allows an organization to maximize the value of its geospatial data by extending availability to novice users who wouldn?t otherwise have access because of the barriers of purchasing and learning how to use a full GIS software application. Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Data Quality Objectives downloadable software. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    ESA Web Mapping Application
    This application is built on IONIC WMS Framework V2.0/Web Edition, IONIC WFS Framework V2.0/Web Edition and IONIC Portrayal Engine for GML. Practice interoperable access online through OpenGIS interfaces to many different GIS servers distributed over the world: check the Info Layer button to discover the catalog of Earth Observation data accessibles (NASA, ESA, NOAA, JPL, Digital Earth, ...) European Space Agency (ESA), IONIC Software
    Acquis ADE & Oracle 10g
    ADE editing Oracle 10g Topology and Oracle 10g Feature layers Acquis, Inc.
    Input an address. Eagle will match it and return information about the address and (optionally) a map to go with it. Etak, Inc.
    Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC) viewer that reads in S-57 data. Displays S-57 objects according to IHO S-52 standards, Vector Product Format (VPF) and BSB files, TIFF and GeoTIFF images, and transient symbols, lines, polygons and text. CARIS
    The Role of GIS in Response
    Featured Paper By Ron Langhelm. The emphasis of the talk is a factual chronology covering the initial 30 days of GIS support for WTC. The presentation includes input from Columbia University, FEMA, FEMA Urban Search & Rescue, FDNY, Hunter College, NASA, NIMA, NYC, NY State, USACE, and others involved in the response operations. FEMA - Region X
    Use of GIS in Educational
    Featured Paper by Fawad Raza

    Education is a critical determinant of economic and social development and also of household livelihoods and food security status. Public sector educational data is compiled and released almost every year in Pakistan. Lengthy tabulated report with missing geographic visualization is less friendly for the intended audiences. There was a need to improve this information, not only in terms of data quality but also in terms of linkages with technological leverage like GIS and WWW.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    ERDAS ViewFinder 2.1
    ViewFinder 2.1 is a free viewing tool from ERDAS that provides basic image viewing and manipulation capabilities. ERDAS, Inc.
    Using the Geodatabase
    Featured Paper By Ron Brush. PODS (Pipeline Open Data Standard) is an emerging standard data model in the pipeline industry that can be tightly integrated with the ArcSDE geodatabase. This technical paper will describe ways that PODS linear referencing can be used with ArcGIS route events in a geodatabase. This paper discusses challenges unique to the pipeline industry such as centerline maintenance, handling station equations, and managing event tables. In addition, this paper discusses geodatabase versioning and the applications of geometric networks. This presentation will include examples from current pipeline GIS projects. New Century Software, Inc.
    EasyPlot, an exciting new plotting utility for MapInfo, is the easiest and fastest way to create customised layouts and print maps to scale. Features: Batch Print, Rotate, copyright watermark, labelled map grids, cookie cutter, logos, and more. ALIGNED ASSETS
    Safe Software Presentation
    Safe Software Corporate Overview Safe Software
    Lessons Learned From
    Featured paper by Conn McAnally, Bryan Lynn. Lessons learned from how to perform routine translations of large number of rubber sheeted CAD datasets to SDE 8.X for use with ArcIMS. Overview of how one local governement takes 4500+ CAD files with attributes from the city utility and tax assessors office to an SDE warehouse for ArcIMS on weekly basis. Solutions of translation issues ranging from annotation to geomerty type differences between CAD and SDE. Show how ArcIMS as the end user of data can drive translation decisions. Additionally, an overview of developing a website with tips from our DBA and developer. KGIS
    AutoCAD Map 3D and Autodesk
    With open data standards, CAD integration, and a shared API, AutoCAD® Map 3D and Autodesk MapGuide® Enterprise software products streamline workflows and maximize the value of geospatial data seamlessly—from the desktop to the Web. Autodesk
    map your address online Geographic Data Technology
    BioMapper is a kit of GIS- and statistical tools designed to build habitat suitability (HS) models and maps. It is centered on the Ecological Niche Factor Analysis (ENFA) that allows to compute HS models without the need of absence data. Uses same file format as Idrisi Courtesy Alexandre Hirzel
    MapInfo Professional Demo
    MapInfo Professional is a powerful Microsoft Windows-based mapping application that enables business analysts and GIS professionals to easily visualize the relationships between data and geography. MapInfo Corp.
    GIS Integrations - Maximizing
    Featured Paper by John Dirkman, Christopher Folta Esri Users Group Conference
    Natural Resources Database
    NRDB is a GIS-tool for developing and distributing environmental databases. Data may be output as resource maps, graphs and reports using simple selections or powerful queries. The program supports the import and export of data to and from shapefiles and supports universal (UTM) and other transverse mercator projections. Data may also be imported from Excel files, Access databases and text files. NRDB Foundation
    Spatial Analysis of Firearm
    Featured Paper By Edward Castillo, Alan Smith, Leslie Upledger Ray. The significance of charting the geographical distribution of firearm deaths has been underutilized. This study examines the geographic distribution of homicides and suicides associated with firearms in San Diego County, California. ArcView GIS and spatial analytic methods, including K-Function, Weighted K-Function, and Local Gi Statistic, were used with county medical examiner and census data to describe the geographic patterns of firearm deaths. The findings of this study will be important for prevention planning efforts in addition to supporting the need ongoing county geographical surveillance of firearm deaths. Emergency Medical Services - County of San Diego
    Integrating Geographic
    Featured paper by Anne Skinner. Organizations need to integrate customer data to serve many corporate information systems, including CRM and data warehouses. Incorrect customer data can cost companies millions of dollars and irreparable damage to their integrity. Customers are now looking to GIS to provide the missing link. Learn how geography can help you manage and cleanse your data, and help your organization to realize new opportunities. DMTI Spatial Inc.
    Mladen Stojic, Vice

    Mladen Stojic Vice President, Product Management and Marketing
    With over 10 years of experience within Leica Geosystems (including time at ERDAS), Stojic has extensive product development and management experience, coupled with a broad understanding of the rapidly expanding geospatial markets. Stojic has held several Product Management positions within the company. In 2004, Stojic became the Director of Enterprise and Visualization Solutions, spearheading the market strategy and vision for Leica Geosystems’ growing enterprise and visualization portfolio. Now a Vice President, Stojic provides direction in product management and marketing strategies. Stojic holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto, Canada and a Master of Science from University of Western Ontario in London, Canada.
    ERDAS, Inc.
    an interpreter for the Postscript language and PDF Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin - Madison
    A free image viewer that allows display of large scale images, such as aerial photos and topographic maps, that are stored in standard formats. IBIS Software
    National Scale Orthophoto
    A national joint database for digital orthophotos is being established in Norway as a result of increased demand for and intensified production of digital orthophotos. The database development is a joint undertaking of the Norwegian Mapping Authority, the Norwegian Road Authority, and the Norwegian Institute of Land Inventory. The database will include all orthophotos produced in Norway, currently covering 70,000 square kilometers – 22 percent of Norway. Using Intergraph’s TerraShare Orthophoto management system and GeoMedia WebMap, project managers have made both historical and updated orthophotos available on the Internet for a multitude of potential uses. The solution, called “Norway in Images,” is being hosted by Norconsult Information Systems. This presentation will explain the background of the project and provide an overview of the implementation. The presenter will demonstrate the GeoMedia WebMap-based viewer, the third-party GIS applications, and management of the database. Norconsult Information Systems
    McDonalds - Choosing
    McDonald's needed to evaluate the appropriateness of its restaurant sites and assess the suitability of new sites. Critchlow Associates
    Idrisi and USGS DRG images Pierssen Publishing
    Requirements: This system requires that you to enter a street address along with either a city and state OR a zip code. FFIEC
    Interactive Web-Based
    Featured paper by Deepinder Deol, Tim Udoyara. This paper describes the development of an interactive, Web-based, spatially explicit modeling environment for predicting pesticide runoff losses in a watershed. More specifically, this paper shows how embedding the pertinent modeling equations within the GIS facilitates the application of the system to large areas and improves the user friendliness by eliminating the use of computer programs for input/output data transfer. This simplifies the modeling process and enhances detailed display and visualization of model outputs. The model also improves environmental decision making by providing for analysis of "what-if" land-use, land management, and pesticide use options. Iowa State University
    The Relief_Utilities - MapInfo shareware mbx application is made up of 20 different useful tools: ColorInfo, ScaleIt, Find Selection, Make Layer Editable, Select All, Select All Where Object, Select All Where Not Object, Move Nodes, Message Window, Show Labels, Show Line Direction, Show Centroids, Show Nodes, Show Style Override, Find Column Values, MI 3.0 Symbols, Clear Query Tables, Copy Column Names, Update All Columns, Clear All Columns. Relief
    ObjectFX Corporate Presentation ObjectFX
    The Status of GIS Education
    Featured Paper By Halil Tas. Though some studies have been done, there are many gaps to fill in GIS education at higher education institutions in the United States. The expectation of the business world, individuals, government offices, and universities on GIS education unknown. Whether the types of university and GIS programs (coorespondence GIS education, certification, and degree programs) have any relationship to one another is not known it is essential, however, to know the current trends to make aproper prediction for the future of GIS education. This paper compares universities using the Carnegie Foundation's classification and analyzes the types of GIS programs based on students, targeted markets, and GIS service areas. Oklahoma State University - Department of Geograpy
    MapViewSVG 3.x
    MapViewSVG is an extension for ArcView 3.x and ArcGIS 8.x by ESRI. It gives you the opportunity to convert maps from ArcView/ArcGIS into the SVG format. You can then use these SVG files to publish them on the Web or on CD-ROM. MapViewSVG does not need any additional software on your Web Server. uismedia Lang & M?ller
    ProVec Color 4.0
    ProVec Color 4.0 is the complete professional solution for Raster to Vector Conversion. Developed in Australia by the Spatial Division of Sinclair Knight Merz, ProVec is designed to convert raster engineering, mining, geological and architectural drawings, information, to vector formats suitable for use in common CAD and GIS applications. The new ProVec Version 4 retains all the best features of the earlier black and white versions, including an easy-to-use graphical interface, OCR, layer separation, a preview facility, a parameter assistant, powerful raster editing, and batch processing. It adds an expanded range of input and output format handling capabilities, greyscale, and 8 and 24 bit colour functionalities including colour reduction, colour separation into layers for vectorisation, and palette manipulation. Download this 30 Day evaluation version and try the software on your applications. Sinclair Knight Merz
    Utilizing GIS for Emergency
    Featured Paper By Rebecca (Becky) Ault, Pembina County Emergency Manager/911 Director. Pembina County has digitized road information and incorporated resident addresses for the 911 system. The County has automated the link between its 911 database mapping system generating a map of the location of the caller. Route identification for responders is automated. A fax feature was implemented for emergency responders enabling them to receive a map of the call location as well as other information the dispatcher may send. What started as a project for the 911 system has evolved into a multiple department, multifunction system. This paper attempts to show participants how digitized mapping can aid in emergency planning and also used in day-to-day operations in multiple departments. Pembina County Emergency Management
    How to Capture, Visualize,
    Featured Paper by Adam Mollenkopf

    Agencies often need to integrate and analyze real-time data, such as live GPS or sensor inputs with their GIS to manage operations and support situational awareness. This session will show how you can use the ArcGIS Tracking Analyst extension with Esri Tracking Server to monitor and analyze dynamic temporal data to meet these needs.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    PowerCAD CE Viewer 5.2
    Free trial - Instantly usable 2D and 3D AutoCAD compatible viewing & markup system for mobile/wireless devices. Direct support for drawings saved in industry standard DWG, DXF or FLX file formats. Includes VoiceNOTE audio note keeping, AutoCAD style interface, pen based EnterPoint data entry system and more. Runs as an independent CAD system or mobile companion for your desktop CAD systems. GiveMePower
    FME Suite
    Safe Software invites you to download a fully functional 14-day evaluation version of the Feature Manipulation Engine(FME) Suite -- an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool for spatial data. FME Suite is the complete translation and transformation environment: it supports over 100 formats and consists of a translator, a transformation editor and a viewer. Safe Software
    Overcoming Barriers to
    Featured Paper By Wes Standish, Mark Evans, Robin Kloot Earth Sciences and Resources Institute at the University of South Carolina (ESRI-USC) has partnered with the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service in South Carolina (SC-NRCS) to assist in the transfer of GIS technology. The primary role of ESRI-USC is to provide ArcView training at the field office level. While working with conservationists in more than 40 counties throughout South Carolina and Mississippi, ESRI-USC has recognized several barriers that hinder the ability to learn and understand ArcView and the Customer Service Toolkit. This paper discusses these obstacles and recommends various training methods that enable one to teach ArcView more effectively to SC-NRCS staff. University of South Carolina
    Second Generation Orthophotography:
    Featured paper by Phillip Merrill. The second-generation orthophoto process has become popular throughout the GIS industry as a cost-effective way to replace or update an old orthophoto dataset while retaining accuracy and a quick turn around in production. The presentation will address what is needed for a second-generation product, the benefits of a second-generation orthophoto, the reasons to go with a second-generation product and the potential pitfalls with a second-generation product. The presentation will also include examples and scenarios from real projects. Sanborn
    Understanding Rural Vehicular
    The Application of GIS in defining "Rural Trauma;" A Preliminary Report University of South Alabama
    Commercial Real Estate
    The German state of Hessen has a portal for available real estate and commercial properties. The portal will be extended with a GIS in order to facilitate communication and benefit economic development. The ATKIS geodata from the Hessian state surveying office (HLVA) is being used as a basis for the required maps. The OGC-compliant Web server, based on GeoMedia WebMap, will serve as a WMS server. In a second phase, the project will use WMS and WFS services provided by the HLVA as the basis for the map, thus providing an OGC-gateway service for HLVA data. GIStec GmbH
    GIS as a Tool for Rainfall
    Featured Paper by Noel Estwick

    This paper examines the application of GIS as a tool to analyze rainfall events on a farm in southeast Texas. The study area is located in the Western Gulf Coastal Plain eco-region within close proximity to two other eco-regions. A case-study approach was adopted to explore the spatial variability of rainfall over a two year period. The objectives were to identify trends in rainfall events over the study period and determine if proximity to the two other eco-regions influenced the average rainfall in the study region.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The Districting Extension for ArcView GIS allows you to create defined groupings of geographic data such as Census tracts, zip codes, and precincts by creating a districting plan. Districting Extension
    Draw polylines using angle and length-- azimuth.avx, azimuth.ave Courtesy of Ron Schultz
    South America
    Free digital maps for ESRI, MapInfo and other GIS- The largest digital map archive worldwide provides South America for free download. Administrative maps totally attributed can be downloaded. Northwood Technologies Inc.
    MAP2PDF for ArcGIS
    Tutorial Video TerraGo Technologies, Inc.
    ET GeoWizards
    Version 8.6 available. ET GeoWizards is a set of functions for ArcGIS 8.x packed in a user friendly wizard type interface that will help the ArcGIS users to manipulate data with easy. It enables ArcView 8.x users to perform some data processing functions currently available only in ArcEditor and ArcInfo. The surface functions make possible to do 3D analysis in ArcMap with no need of? 3D Analyst. Ianko Tchoukanski
    Producing GEOINT with
    Featured Paper by Brian Demers, Eric Ray

    As publishers of data and maps critical to national security, defense and intelligence organizations require highly tuned data and map production technology. Learn how Esri Defense Mapping standardizes and streamlines production of geospatial intelligence (GEOINT).
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Convert an annotation subclass to a line coverage, preserving the text angle and orientation, and saving the text information as an attribute. Courtesy of Stephen Lead
    TechnoLogica Internet
    Pure Java software for creation and management of applications delivering GIS services in an Internet/Intranet environment. Allows processing, extracting and visualization of data stored in Oracle Spatial, ESRI Shape files, and raster images. Free trial version is available. TechnoLogica Ltd
    Maporama --Free maps and driving directions Maporama
    Sample imagery
    Sample imagery from Goldin-Rudin Goldin-Rudin
    Free maps from HandMap, only viewable on HandMap products. Evolutionary Systems Pty
    First seen on Caitlin Dempsey's GIS Lounge ( Geodashing is a game in which players use GPS receivers on a playing field that covers the entire planet. The waypoints, or dashpoints, to be reached are randomly selected.Join and play! Geodashing
    The Automatic Generalization
    Featured Paper By Marco Moreno, Miguel Torres, Seguei Levachkine, Ivan Fajardo. This research has been developed to solve one of the basic problems in cartography, "generalization." To modify the scale of vector layers from 1:50,000 to 1:250,000 of automatically processing requires a GIS. In a certain sense, it is possible to solve it in a universal way, but in this case, the generalization would not satisfy the topologic particularities, logic and geometry of certain objects. On the other hand the main idea of the work was to develop solution applicable to specific cases. Vector layers are hydrological networks and contours. The implementation of all algorithms as made in ArcInfo. Centro de Investigaci?n en Computaci?n, IPN - Geoprocessing Laboratory
    Routing Programming for
    Driving Directions Demo MapMart
    Utility Corridor Mapping
    Featured Paper By Mike Renslow, Jim Gibson. Increasing delivery capacity of existing natural gas pipelines is key to solving the energy shortage in the western United States. This project required detailed digital elevation models and two-foot resolution, color digital orthophotos for a 612-mile corridor to be delivered in 10 weeks to support a complex ArcGIS-based application. This paper describes an innovative approach using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and aerial photography collected with airborne GPS and inertial data. By greatly minimizing ground survey requirements and traditional mapping procedures, all of the required data was delivered on schedule. The mapping will be validated with samples from GIS. Essex Environmental
    Land Records Integration
    Featured paper by David Hansen, Lorri Peltz-Lewis, Charles B. Johnson Jr. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is the official land records management organization for federal agencies. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) has many land record transactions which at some point must be reconciled with BLM. This seemingly straight forward process is critical for the accurate spatial representation of Federal fee lands. Developing an effective process requires the involvement and close coordination between the reality and GIS staff of both organizations. U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
    Wireless Tower and Rooftops site locations - Fairfax County, VA Tower Maps
    Modeling Population Growth
    Featured paper by Shruti Tandon, Majed Khater. Las Vegas in the last decade has experienced rapid development, presenting the government with the challenging task of estimating population growth. Past studies have estimated growth based on historical census data. Unfortunately, constraints with such a model are its inability to spatially determine the number and specific locations of the dwelling units, and time line related to the expected growth. Instead, the current study proposes growth estimation based on parcel modeling. This approach has the advantage of modeling the actual location of growth factoring in the dynamic nature of land use as opposed to simply predicting population growth. Community College of Southern Nevada
    Custom Map Books in Arc10:
    Featured Paper by Jennifer Sylvester

    The presentation outlines two ways to create custom map books in Arc10. It also introduces the ArcPy mapping module and provides a set by step explanation of the data driven pages toolset, map template setup and adding and running scripts. The presentation provides a detailed explanation of creating map books using the new python tools and the ArcPy mapping module.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using Spatial Statistics
    Featured Paper by Julie Spangler

    Using Spatial Statistics to Analyze Trends in Poison Center Data
    Esri Users Group Conference
    MapInfo Script for batch tables MapInfo
    Counties Discover Many
    Featured Paper By Uclid Software Uclid Software
    Bringing Building Data
    Featured Paper by Don Hong

    Building data is key to developing a GIS capable of supporting design assessment; construction planning; and real property, asset, and facilities management. Many organizations have invested a large amount of resources in collecting building data in a variety of formats. This session will discuss and demonstrate best practices for importing building data from common data formats-CAD, lidar, and building information modeling-into GIS as well as discuss the importance of utilizing a GIS data schema that corresponds to industry standards for facilities classification and taxonomy.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Geo-Images Project
    The Geo-Images Project at UC Berkeley makes images that are useful in teaching geography including virtual panoramas, western history of the U.S., and daily life in Morocco. UC Berkeley
    free telecom data, sample files, documents, etc. MapInfo Corp.
    Street Trees: A Model,
    Featured Paper By Peter Godfrey. The efficient management of street tree resources within an urban setting can impact fiscal expenditures, economic development, and overall resident quality of life. As one of the most visible resources within an urban setting, these resources are truly part of the urban infrastructure fabric, and proper management is critical. This paper will discuss the definition of a street tree and suggested data model, review typical business and data flow processes that encompass street tree systems, describe real-world examples of inventory creation (including GPS, voice recognition data gathering, and pen-based field data collection), and make suggestions for system design and implementation. Camp Dresser & McKee
    Flow Direction
    This extension creates lines representing the flow direction for a given point on a TIN surface freeware
    Glenn Vlass, President

    Glenn Vlass President Spatial Data Technologies
    Glenn received degrees in Geology and Business Administration from Western State College, Gunnison, Colorado. As a field geologist, he worked for a number of years in Alaska, and subsequently in Montana and Colorado.
    Spatial Data Technologies
    CoordTrans converts geographic positions between different coordinate systems. Convert between UTM and WGS84. Convert between UTM and NAD27 / NAD83. And more... grids from 17 countries supported. Convert geographic coordinates (latitude / longitude) between different datums.
    Metadata Monitoring System
    Featured paper by Jason Edmondson, Warren Wortman, Mark Walter. Making a metadata standard available to an enterprise GIS does not ensure users will document their spatial data. The FGDC standard can inhibit metadata compliance and metadata might not be created without an oversight mechanism. This system reconciles these two issues in an effort to gain more participation in the metadata process. Taking advantage of some Microsoft development tools and ESRI ArcObjects, this system contains, among other things, a simple one-page input form, synchronization of all GIS data on demand, and email reminders sent directly to the GIS file owner that contains a hyperlink to the input page. U.S. Army CHPPM
    Download the Smallworld
    Increase operational efficiency and cost control through effective deployment of network assets Improve service reliability through the analysis of assets and infrastructure to predict network failure and repair schedules GE Energy
    allow you to design custom map symbols for lines and points in vector and CAD objects. Microimages
    GIS Programmer
    OLIVER is MassGIS's OnLIne data ViewER. Written as a stand-alone Java application (and deployed via Java Web Start) OLIVER allows you to browse, view and download any layer which MassGIS has available for public distribution. This includes close to 200 datasets styled into almost 1,000 themes! View Aerial Photography and Topographic Maps OLIVER includes access to incredibly detailed Aerial Photography of every square meter in the state! Mainland Massachusetts was flown in Spring 2001, and Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and the Elizabeth Islands were flown in Spring 2003. The imagery is available at 1/2 meter per pixel resolutions, and can be overlaid with any other data layer MassGIS has to offer. OLIVER also includes USGS Topographic maps. Download data directly from our database Most non-image layers can be extracted as shapefiles onto your local computer. Want to integrate MassHighway roads into your architectural plan? Extract the relevant portions of the "MHD Roads" layer using OLIVER - roads for several towns or several blocks, it's up to you. You'll be able to see the data before you download it to make sure that it's what you need. Want to know the percent of permanently protected Openspace in your town? Extract the Openspace datalayer, and analyze away! MassGIS
    MicroStation95 MrSID Viewer
    MrSID Geo MicroStation95 Module displays geo-referenced images stored in the MrSID format while working in a MicroStation graphics session. The MrSID image format allows you to quickly pan and zoom in and out of massive raster imagery while working with your vector data
    ALLTRANS can be used for world wide professional coordinate transformations. Transformations between State-Plane-Coordinates (NAD83, NAD27, Gauss-Krueger, Transverse Mercator, Lambert, Soldner-Cassini, Mercator, EOV, Krovak, LV95, ...), UTM-, Geographical- and 3d-Coordinates. Moduls to calculate datum shift parameter and interface to geoid models (EGM96, EGG97,...). English/German program design. Allsat GmbH network+sevices
    Survey-Grade GPS Field
    Featured Paper by Raymond Brunner

    GIS Integrations and Justifications in Municipal Government
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Display GPS Points Intergraph Corporation
    Idrisi GIS, maps and statistical database for the Baltic sea region Baltic Sea Region GIS, Maps and Statistical Database
    AddStyle is a Digitizing Tool for MapInfo and helps you easily chose among 540 MapInfo Symbols, 118 MapInfo Line types and 68 MapInfo Region Patterns. Different Styles can efficiency and quickly be changed from user defined toolbars. This is a fully functional 45 day shareware Relief
    Robustness of Kernel
    Featured Paper by Michael Camponovo

    GIS for Public Safety and Emergency Management
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Quo Vadis
    Quo Vadis is a street level moving map system with full GPS support. MarcoSoft
    Philadelphia Assembles
    Featured paper by James Querry, Robert Cheetham. The City of Philadelphia's GIS Services Group is using the .Net Framework to develop a set of Web-based eoservices as a flexible and extensible way to provide geographic data and spatial analysis services to internal City departments including both GIS divisions and traditional application developers that have not yet been able to take advantage of the City's spatial data assets. The core Web services will include Authentication, Address Parsing and Scrubbing, Geocoding, Gazetteer, Point-in-Polygon, Nearest Facility, Map Generation, PDF Report Generation, and Logging services... City of Philadelphia
    Imagery Management and
    Featured Paper by Anthony Calamito III, James Michel III

    This session will focus on new management and analysis techniques in ArcGIS 10. The new Mosaic Dataset and Image Analysis window provides enhanced capabilities for the management, analysis, visualization, and dissemination of imagery in ArcGIS 10. This session will also look at the operational use of imagery, discuss management of imagery with web applications, and help users understand when to use imagery or cache for their work.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    This extension helps find duplicate values in a table freeware
    City of Philadelphia
    Avineon was selected as an integral part of the CH2M Hill GIS Conversion Team to develop seamless ArcGIS coverages with associated MS SQL and/or Access database records for the City's water,high pressure fire supply,and wastewater/storm water systems using the PWD raster image digital and hardcopy files.The database records collected conform to the data model developed by PWD.In addition,PWD provides a digital basemap used to geo-reference the primary source maps.Spatial placement of facilities is performed by utilizing the dimensions and angles shown on the primary source maps.Numerous logical validation checks are performed to insure proper network connectivity and conformance to engineering standards. Avineon
    The Open CASCADE Object Libraries are reusable C++ object libraries for producing all types of domain-specific graphic modeling applications Open CASCADE
    MapInfo geological structural symbol plotting tool Rod Holcombe, University of Queensland
    Enabling Distributed
    Featured Paper By Simon Doyle and Martin Daly Cadcorp
    Maximizing the Use of
    Featured paper by Gina McFetridge, Cynthia Kempt. Individuals in the assessment industry are still realizing the benefits that wider use of GIS technology can bring. This paperl discusses how the ability to move seamlessly between a GIS environment and Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system enhances the assessor's capability to see, query, analyze, and manipulate data in both spatial and database environments. NovaLIS Technologies
    Digital Imagery - Vexcel:
    • Digital Camera classes
    • Digital Camera characteristics
    • Types of cameras
    • Benefits
    • Conclusion
    Using ArcView to Process
    Featured Paper By David Jordan. Intera is assisting the Texas Water Development Board with its Groundwater Availability Modeling project. The focus of the GAM project is to provide a methodology to evaluate groundwater supplies over a 50-year planning horizon. A large volume of data must be processed, analyzed, and converted to MODFLOW format for the GAM project. In particular, information on a large number of streams must be processed into input data for the MODFLOW stream-routing package, which simulates both stream flow and stream-aquifer interaction. We have developed a variety of automated techniques for creating the MODFLOW stream-routing package input files from ArcView GIS data. Intera, Inc.
    The Process for 911 Geofile
    Featured Paper By Ed DeYoung. Building a 911 geofile for emergency Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) can be a time consuming and tedious process. There are tools and tricks I have learned in building the geofile for three cities that help this process become as accurate and smooth as possible. Will review GIS methods available to overcome the hurdles in geofile creation. GLOBAL InfoSci
    The U.S. Army's use of
    Featured Paper by Ray Caputo

    The U.S. Army Geospatial Center's [AGC] GeoPDF Project has implemented a third party extension for export and import of the GeoPDF file format within ArcGIS. These tools plus the ArcGIS native PDF Map export gives the Army the ability to produce better 'looking' mission specific products that are easier to view by the non-mappers in the Army.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    MrSID GeoViewer 2.1
    software product allows users to display,explore and work with imagery in MrSID format LizardTech
    An ellipsoidal calculations software program Mentor Software Inc.
    MicroStation Design File Color Settings Ramsey Systems, Inc.
    Mapopolis for handhelds
    Mapopolis for handhelds automatically generates driving directions using Navigation Technologies' digital database. Free map viewer. Mapopolis
    Using GIS to Help Government
    Featured Paper By Edwin Gaskin and Raymond Freeland. With the advent of Web-based GIS applications, government executives are asking for GIS tools to aid in critical decisions. The objective of a GIS should be that executives use GIS without drawing inaccurate conclusions or having frustrating experiences. A well-designed GIS application will lessen the executive request workload on GIS staff. This paperl coves:
  • How executive expectations can be managed to ensure a positive experience with GIS
  • How GIS staff should interact with executives to ensure program support and system use
  • How Web-based GIS applications can be designed for government executives, citizen groups, and community organizations
  • City of Richmond, Virginia
    Geomatica FreeView
    Geomatica FreeView is offered by PCI Geomatics to the geomatics community as a public service. FreeView is a state-of-the-art viewing environment for working with a large variety of data, including imagery, vectors, and graphical bitmaps. FreeView includes a modern interface with many useful display tools, including fast roam and zoom, image enhancements, numeric values display, and attribute table display. Envia Oy
    Tim Devine, President,

    Tim Devine President, CEO and Director ObjectFX
    Tim Devine spearheads the growth and next generation platform strategy at ObjectFX. He brings over 19 years of experience in the communications and computing industries to ObjectFX. Tim founded Ovation Communications, Inc., a Minneapolis-based competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) in January 1997 where he was the President, CEO and Chairman from its inception until the company was sold in March 1999 to McLeodUSA, a publicly traded national CLEC. He continued with McLeodUSA as Chief Technology and Development Officer, overseeing 2,500 people until he resigned in October 1999. In January 2000, he founded and served as the CEO and Chairman of Dantis, Inc., a complex web-hosting firm for Fortune 2000 companies. Previously, Tim was the first corporate marketing executive at MFS Communications, which was sold to MCI WorldCom in January 1997. He holds a bachelor of science degree in Political Science from Arizona State University, and a master of arts degree in Telecommunications Policy from George Washington University.
    Arc Hydro Groundwater
    Featured Paper by Water Resources

    Arc Hydro Groundwater is a data model (geodatabase design) for representing groundwater information within ArcGIS. The data models helps archive, display, and analyze multidimensional groundwater data, and includes several components to represent different types of datasets including: representations of aquifers and wells, borehole data, 3D hydrogeologic models (including cross sections, fence diagrams, and volume models), temporal information such as water level and water quality measurements and associated interpolated surfaces, and data from groundwater simulation models with focus on MODFLOW models.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The Parcel Puzzle
    Featured Paper by Wendy Amy

    Land Records Management: System Integrations and Emerging Technologies
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Simple GIS Tools for
    Featured Paper By Kevin Keller. Many companies are marketing complex programs for integrating GIS and noise modeling software. While these programs are impressive, they require the user to have expansive knowledge in both the noise and computer software fields. This paper demonstrates simple, out-of-the-box GIS tools that improve noise modeling, impact analyses, and the implementation of mitigation measures. Techniques for presenting the noise data and analysis results through the use of GIS generated graphics are also shown. Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc.
    Building a Business Case
    Overview • What is ArcGIS Server? • What are the advantages of ArcGIS Server? • Business Case preparation and writing • Building the ArcGIS components into the Business Case • Summary Esri Australia
    Using GIS to Visualize
    Featured Paper by Mark Carrozza

    Using GIS to Visualize Canadian Primary Health Care and Clinical Service Areas
    Esri Users Group Conference
    DRG clip
    Converts USGS DRGs to grids and "clips" away the area outside the map freeware
    GSRMS MapViewer
    GSRMS applet is a client part of WEB cartographic server. It can get data directly from database (Oracle Spatial) or from local files (ArcView shapes) RPC UkrEngGeodesy
    Avineon Presentation
    Corporate Overview Avineon
    Avineon Geospatial Solutions
    Avineon is a global technology company specializing in information technology, geospatial, and engineering services for government and private industry.

    We deliver total system solutions that provide outstanding value by applying our innovative approaches, skilled people, and disciplined processes.
    ProfileExtractor 6.0 for ArcView No Spatial Analyst or 3D Analyst required Extracts cross section profile from a TIN (3D Polygon theme). Has the same features as the popular PE 6.0 for Spatial Analyst and PE 6.0 for 3D Analyst, but does not require Spatial or 3D Analyst. The source Elevation Model can be: 1. Created using the free TIN function? of EditTools 3.0 extension. 2. Exported from a 3D Analyst TIN using the script provided at http :// Ianko Tchoukanski
    Integrating Realtime
    Featured paper by Clive Reece. Weather is an important variable that impacts energy companies. Distribution engineers monitor radar and lightning to manage field crews. As storms move into the service area, dispatchers need to know where to be prepared to send repair crews and whether or not to pull them off jobs or put off-duty crews on standby. By overlaying realtime storm and lightning data with transmission and distribution assets in a GIS, engineers can better determine the cause and location of system failures and dispatch service crews more efficiently. Our paper reviews and contrasts the benefits of weather-enabling ArcMap and ArcReader for outage management. Meteorlogix
    ExpressView Browser Plugin
    Express View gives standard Web browsers the ability to natively view MrSID images. The intuitive graphic interface allows you to view, magnify, print and save images. Express View is free for individual use and is easily installed as a plug-in for Netscape? and Internet Explorer web browsers. LizardTech
    Seasonal Crop Classification
    Featured Paper By Pat Daly. Annual crop acreage and aerial distribution data supports improved cultivation management practices in three counties in central Washington's Columbia Basin where agriculture activities have been linked to elevated levels of groundwater nitrates. This paper presents a process developed to identify major crops on more than two million acres during cultivation season using 30-meter Landsat TM satellite images and GIS. Multispectral classification used field training sets, multitemporal images, and more than 31,000 field boundaries to classify 23 crops. Classification accuracy was 84 percent overall, and exceeded 93 percent for several crops. Areas of relative leaching potential were determined using crop inputs to a Leaching Index. Franklin Conservation District
    30 day Free Trial Period. DriveX DK Street Routing Software is for Developers/Programmers and End User who want to find the shortest or the quickest route between two or several points, or to define a Drive Time or Distance around a point, based on Street Networks and speeds. Download Drive X and GeoCodeX Development Kit. DiabSoft
    Oceanographic Analyst
    This extension was created especially for the Glacier Bay oceanography project, but is designed to be used with any oceanographic data set. USGS
    ArcIMS 9 Architecture
    The ESRI® ArcIMS ® 9 architecture and functionality have been engineered specifically to publish maps, data, and metadata on the Web. The software is designed so that it is easy to create maps, develop Web pages that communicate with the maps, and administer a Web mapping site. The software is also designed to be distributed across a network and to be scalable as the demand for maps increases. Esri
    Mississippi Choctaw's
    Featured paper by Brenda Burroughs. This paper shows how the Mississippi Choctaws Indians are using GIS/ Remote sensing to manage, maintain and acquire tribal lands. Digital mapping is being used to evaluate the 8 Choctaw Communities and plan for growth. Leica GPS with ArcPAD is being used with vector and aerial data to collect and map the Tribe's 2002 Demographic Survey/Census. The Tribe uses GIS/Remote sensing on a daily basis to plan and develop Tribal Communities, assess Tribal Lands, and plan land acquisitions. Choctaw Geo Imaging
    MDLG converts USGS DLG-3 files to/from MGE map design files. Intergraph Corporation
    Multimap maps for Ireland and Great Britain Multimap
    NewCyber3D ( provides full Source Codes CDs for 3D Graphics, Scientific visualization, GIS/RS, Visual simulation, VR, Volume visualization, Image processing, Web 3D, Stereo display. Many demostrations and AVI movies for Fast DEM Generator, 3D Terrain Engine, 3D Info Query & 3D Edits and other products can be downloaded directly. NewCyber3D
    3DInControl tries to give the user control over the positioning of the Observer and Target. The user can walk interactively (or along predefined path) through 3D scene he has created
    Lowrance GPS Data Manager V.6
    Allows you to upload/download data from your GPS unit to the computer Lowrance Electronics, Inc.
    EarthBase Vector GIS Atlas
    The GIS Atlas sample packages give users a chance to explore Go Spatial data products. This FREE package includes our EarthBase Vector GIS Atlas product at 1:1,000,000 scale. Three raster image products at 1KM/pixel include a Digital Elevation Model (DEM), a Shaded Relief Image, True-Color Satellite Image and Land Cover data. Go Spatial Limited
    FireConverter is the official image conversion tool for FireViewer. Firepad, Inc.
    free downloads and patches for improved print quality Infowave
    Solving Complex Problems
    Featured Paper By Ronald Sznaider. The use of GIS, combined with new types of advanced and localized meteorological data sets, can be used to solve a wide range of complex business and safety issues. Examples to be demonstrated include improved fleet transportation routing efficiencies, more accurate energy industry load forecasting, precise analysis of hurricane damage potential, enhanced public safety with lightning monitoring, water district management, flash flood forecasting, and improved emergency response to possible airborne bioterrorist attack. The unique combination of GIS with appropriate meteorological data sets produces intriguing synergies and possibilities for the future. Meteorlogix
    Streamside Management
    Featured paper by Brian Mitchell, Donald Williams, David Butler, Jerry Griffith. Riparian areas are critical interfaces between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Protecting and enhancing them by implementing streamside management zones (SMZs) is an essential practice of sustainable forestry. SMZs provide ecological functions including protection against non-point source pollution, promotion of water infiltration, contribution of beneficial nutrients and coarse woody debris to streams, and protection against increased temperatures that alter aquatic communities. This research will demonstrate how fine spatial resolution satellite imagery can be integrated with geographic information layers to efficiently and accurately delineate SMZ boundaries with minimal external inputs, thereby providing a useful tool to planners, managers, and policy makers worldwide. University of Southern Mississippi
    SAL GeoViewer
    SAL GeoViewer represents a new generation of geospatial viewing technology with updated features and enhancements from previous GeoViewer versions. Simmons Aerofilms Limited
    Implementing a GIS-Based
    Featured Paper by Candice Ottley-Francois Esri Users Group Conference
    add maps and directions to your website MapInfo Corp.
    Import aeronautic maps from the web using GPS Pilot Aeroplanner. GPS Pilot
    The City of Calgary's
    Featured Paper By Michael Szarmes. The City of Calgary is renowned for its high-quality spatial information and management base. The Single Line Road Network is one of four key corporate base spatial data assets utilized throughout the organization. An 18-month corporate priority project was initiated in Q3 2001 to enhance the road network functionality and addressing capabilities within the ArcGIS environment. This paper discusses the Corporate Addressing and Mapping Project at the City of Calgary. Emphasis is placed on project framework, base mapping management concepts and subdivision processes, maintenance environment, work flow management, system/data/application architectures, and supporting end user applications. The City of Calgary - Engineering Services
    MapE Library
    The compact and fast C++ GIS library for Windows platform MapESoft
    Coupling of ArcGIS with
    Featured Paper by Christoph Rapp

    Numerical hydrodynamic models are the basis for the establishment of flooding hazard zones, and GIS is a strong tool for geodata management. Combining both potentials are the condition for a better process support and optimization of flooding risk prevention.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Mr.SID Viewer for Photoshop
    View and use Mr.SID images in Photoshop
    Free 30 day evaluation of the popular BeyondGeo Internet Mapping Solution Blue Marble Geographics
    From the Back Office
    In the 2004 budget, United Kingdom Chancellor Gordon Brown announced a major drive to increase efficiency within the civil service, citing the reduction of back office functions as a key aspect. As a result, South Somerset District Council has been striving to deliver back office functions using front office staff. GeoMedia WebMap has been critical to meeting this challenge. This presentation will detail the history and challenges faced - from the implementation of a single corporate address gazetteer to the delivery of key services using a Customer Relations Management system, with GeoMedia WebMap at its heart. The presenter will demonstrate key service deliveries that rely heavily on GeoMedia WebMap to provide information quickly and effectively to staff as well as the public. This presentation will not ignore the problems, mistakes, and lessons learned. South Somerset District Council
    Free plug ins for SWEGIS GeoWebShare, MetaPicture lets you upload pictures as part of your metadata. GetObjType lets you automatically get the object type from a shapefile. SWEGIS
    HighView is an advanced image fusion and pan-sharpening software program. It successfully merges low-resolution multispectral bands with high-resolution panchromatic band of recent satellite images (e.g., QuickBird, IKONOS, and Landsat 7 ETM+). For more information, please see Geosage
    DecisionViewer GIS ActiveX
    DecisionViewer is a cost-effective (only $19-95), royalty-free ActiveX control for GIS, mapping and GPS developers. It can read ESRI shapefiles and relational GIS data, and offers GPS and tracking capabilities Relational Logic
    Mapbook Generator for
    MainStreetMapbooks is a plug-in for use with ArcGIS that helps you easily create a custom mapbook. It walks you through the creation of a grid layer, if you do not have one, and automates the exporting and printing of each mapbook page. MainStreetGIS
    GIS is a tool for Pipeline
    Featured Paper by Americo Gamarra

    GIS has proven to be a key tool for Pipeline Management during construction and operation phases. The first challenge was to daily report the progress of pipeline construction activities. Non-gis field crews reporting progress to be summarized in a map report useful for senior management and external organizations. Initial solution was to implement ArcSDE and use linear referencing capabilities of ArcGIS with a custom ArcObjects tool.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Bentley DATAExchange
    DataExchange provides Bentley SELECT subscribers access to a wealth of shared data, including cell libraries, image files, font resource files, and more. Bentley Systems
    ASCII Grid Reader for ArcGIS

    The ARIS ASCII Grid Reader adds native support for ESRI ASCII Grids and some non-ESRI ASCII Grids to ArcMap and ArcCatalog. So this tool does not convert ASCII Grid files but reads them directly as an ArcGIS image.

    ASCII Grid Reader makes it possible to preview ASCII Grids directly and without conversion in ArcCatalog, and to use them in ArcMap. All the usual raster operations in ArcMap (for example the Raster Calculator) can then be applied to the ASCII Grid.

    No temporary files are created, whereas a conversion always produces a new file on the hard disk, which needs to be cleaned up after some time. Floating-point and integer type ASCII Grids are recognized automatically, whereas ArcToolbox creates a floating-point raster by default, unless explicitly specified by the user. An important difference between floating-point and integer type rasters is that a Unique Value Classification is available for integer rasters.

    When an ArcGIS projection file (.prj) is placed next to the ASCII grid with the same name but different extension (e.g. world.grd and world.prj), the projection information is passed automatically to ArcCatalog and ArcMap.

    ARIS ASCII Grid Reader calculates automatically MIN and MAX values in order to display the grid in the applicable range.

    ASCII Grid Reader recognizes the following file extensions:

    • .agr
    • .aig
    • .asc
    • .grd

    New features
    The ARIS ASCII Grid Reader for ArcMap 10 has some exciting new features to support also some non-ESRI ASCII Grids:

    • Non-square cell size by using keywords XCELLSIZE and YCELLSIZE
    • Non-square cell size by using keywords XDIM and YDIM
    • Non-numeric Nodata value like "NULL", "NA", "mv", "!", "-"
    • Any order of the keywords in the header

    Required is one of the following ArcGIS 9.3, ArcGIS 9.3.1, ArcGIS 10.0, ArcGIS 10.1 or ArcGIS 10.2 licenses:

    • ArcView / ArcGIS for Desktop Basic
    • ArcEditor / ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced
    • ArcInfo / ArcGIS for Desktop Enterprise

    The Spatial Analyst extension is not required.

    Available as 5-day trial version.

    ARIS B.V.
    Leica ADE Enterprise
    Leica ADE Enterprise Ordinate Tolerancing Flash Demo ERDAS, Inc.
    Geographic Masking Using
    Featured Paper by Su Zhang

    Better Decisions with GIS: Avoiding Data Misuse
    Esri Users Group Conference
    3D Visualization of MODFLOW
    Featured Paper By Bruce Rindahl, Monique Ammidown Brown and Caldwell
    MobileMapper Datasheet (PDF)
    Industrial Strength Mapping Solution
    MobileMapper™,from Thales Navigation, combines full GIS data collection and navigation software in a compact handheld GPS receiver. Enhanced by its internal WAAS/EGNOS receiver, MobileMapper provides real-time accuracy to within 3 meters. Its powerful office support software provides clear and simple data display, editing and export capabilities. MobileMapper is ideal for anyone who manages positioning assets in the field, including utility workers, foresters, farmers and resource managers. Use MobileMapper to create or update maps for analysis and storage in a Geographic Information System.
    Thales Navigation
    The SAL TIFF-QC program simplifies geotiff and Tiff file analysis and editing associated with digital aerial photographic processing. This easy-to-use and robust program makes it a snap to handle even bulk quantities of huge ortho image files. International Land Systems (ILS), Inc
    Realizing Your Geospatial
    Styli Camateros, Bentley Geospatial vice president, presented Bentley solutions that enable governments, utilities, and communications providers to realize their vision for creating, managing, and exploiting the geospatial and related AEC information that defines our geography, infrastructure, and society today and in the future. Bentley Systems
    Cross-Domain Spatial
    For years, the same spatial data has been repeatedly replicated and hosted on multiple security domains so that users with different clearances could access it. This has led to complicated and costly schemes for upward and downward synchronization of data. Moreover, it has required the acquisition of multiple hardware and software instances, for which each require individual operations and maintenance (O&M) budget. ERDAS, Inc.
    Winning the War on Weeds
    The control of non-native invasive weeds is of great concern in current ecosystem management. These invaders are recognized by scientists and land managers as one of the primary causes of biodiversity loss as well as a critical threat to local ecosystem processes and plant community structure and composition. Trimble Navigation
    Wastewater Flow Estimating
    Featured Paper By Dave Bramwell and Devang Parikh. The City of Los Angeles has one of the largest and most complex sewer infrastructures in the United States. To manage this system, modeling techniques were developed in 1990 and have proven to be very effective in supporting short- and long- range master planning (up to 100 years). The model uses a GIS sewer network, census data, land use, and other planning-related data for population projections; current and future flow estimates; and data preparation for dynamic hydraulic models. This paper demonstrates the processes of flow estimating and addresses how this model has been upgraded to ESRI's new data geodatabase model and application development framework. MapVision Technologies
    Map India 2004 Pictures
    Pictures taken by at Map India 2004 Internet Business Systems
    The Next Dimension of
    Featured By: William S. Holland STRATEGIC DISCONNECT? 49% of employees spend only half of their time at work focused on activities or endeavors linked to the organization’s most important priorities. GeoAnalytics, Inc.
    Download free samples of software and data products Stopwatch Maps, Inc.
    Download test map data for StreetNet Connect. StreetNet Connect contains well-elaborated and complete sets of information about street and road networks. TeleAtlas
    GIS Politics May Be Tougher
    Feature Article By John Moore Federal Computer Week
    Easy-to-use and powerful freeware for viewing, analyzing and processing remote sensing data for Windows. ScanEx
    Geodatabase Designer
    GD2 is set of tools to export and import geodatabase schema using XML. Exported XML documents are dynamically "transformed" into a HTML schema report. GD2 also includes a geometric network connectivity rule editor. Esri
    AGI Viewer
    This new freeware enables you to turn proposals, presentations, and web pages into dynamic deliverables by seamlessly embedding STK scenes into PowerPoint, Word, HTML, or by simply using AGI Viewer as a stand-alone demonstration tool. AGI
    GIS Explorer
    GIS Explorer is a user friendly freeware Geographic Information System from BMT Cordah. It supports many spatial data formats (Oracle Spatial, DGN, ESRI Shape, GeoTIFF). Besides just opening and viewing files, the viewer supports an extensive list of features including layer properties control, spatial querying, map measurements, raster, Flash and PDF export and much more. BMT Cordah
    empowers users to construct, navigate and share knowledge models represented as concept maps. The toolkit is platform independent and network enabled. Users can collaborate with others on the network during the construction of their concept maps, and share others' models. University of West Florida
    Transaction Management
    Featured Paper By Tom Lonski. Besides the size of an enterprisewide ESRI implemenation, another aspect that sets these implemenations apart is the level of systems integration with other customer computer systems. This combination of systems integration and large numbers of users creates special data management issues. While implementing a large ArcView 8 project, SchlumbergerSema delved deeply into ESRI's transaction management and versioning implementation. This paper presents the data management challenges encountered by SchlumbergerSema and the solutions developed to these challenges. SchlumbergerSema
    Time series analysis
    Featured Paper By Kevin McMaster - Land development often necessitates draining or filling jurisdictional wetlands. However, negative environmental impacts are mitigated by construction of new wetlands elsewhere in the same watershed. This paper presents the integrated use of fieldwork, GIS and time series analysis in determining which areas were successfully converted into wetlands for a case-study project. Using an array of 30 monitoring wells, 86 sampling dates, and 1200 spot elevations measurements, all areas that successfully met wetland criteria were identified. A subsequent interactive computer animation helped researchers identify the links between groundwater, precipitation, and variable wetland boundaries. Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
    Floodplain Mapping
    Cornerstone Engineering requires high-quality digital terrain model (DTM) datasets to map alluvial fan floodplain areas that can impact multi-million dollar land development projects. In order to conduct vital floodplain studies, the firm’s engineers needed large topographical datasets that detail expansive areas across California’s complex and varied terrain – from rugged mountain ranges and farm-rich valleys to arid deserts and coastal plains. “We had been using the outdated U.S. Geological Survey data,” said engineering supervisor Alan Whitten. “We would have to combine this old topographic information with time-consuming field surveys just to get basic data. Basically, we needed quality data in order to serve our customers better and reduce costs.” Intermap Technologies
    Oil & Gas Exploration
    Marathon Oil Corporation needed high-quality 3D topographical data for its onshore oil and gas exploration project in part of a 1.2 million-acre block off the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Intermap Technologies
    TOXMAP: Environmental
    Featured Paper by Darren Gemoets

    TOXMAP: Environmental Health Maps Now Powered by ArcGIS Server
    City of Bakersfield
    Orlando Maps
    Various maps of Orlando, Florida (including Historical, Annexation, Street, Neighborhood, Attractions, Downtown etc...) City of Orlando, Florida
    Using ArcIMS to Facilitate
    This paper documents the use of ArcIMS to implement enterprisewide access to GIS applications at the city hall of a residential community with a population of 38,000 residents. "Enterprise GIS," by definition, contemplates every department that could potentially be enhanced by the use of GIS technology using a customized application, such as ArcIMS, as the vehicle for fully functional access to such technology. This paper focuses on describing how ArcIMS can be instrumental in enabling multiple departments to maximize their interaction with GIS applications: in effect, moving GIS from single user "project- based" applications to a multiple user "enterprise application" facilitated by ArcIMS. City of Coconut Creek, Florida
    Roadmap Through Implementing
    July 2002, ESRI International User Conference Xiaodong Hong, Avineon, Inc. and Mike Ashurst, Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) Avineon
    Merging Technologies (4.5MB)
    Recent mapping technology advances such as direct digital imagery acquisition and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)- derived datasets are quickly changing the remote sensing industry’s service offerings. In fact, the two technologies have begun converging into a single acquisition and georeferenced platform, enabling faster data collection and processing. Sanborn
    GIS for the FaceBook
    Featured Paper by Daniel Miller

    The web is full of complicated GIS and mapping applications which are laden with tools, checkboxes and dropdown menus. These systems are designed (usually by GIS experts) for GIS experts, and are mostly unsuitable for the educational audience. Our goal was to design a powerful mapping application aimed squarely at the iPod and FaceBook generation - kids who never read the manual, but expect things to "just work".
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Tkgeomap, like Tcl/Tk, is a "tool kit." Tkgeomap is a set of extensions to Tcl/Tk for displaying and interacting with geographic data. Runs on UNIX and Linux systems.
    SpatialDirect is a powerful tool enabling users to download spatial data in the format and projection of their choice. SpatialDirect provides an extremely capable solution for providing access to remote data while at the same time retaining all of the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) capabilities of the standalone FME products. SpatialDirect is your "Clip, Zip, and Ship" solution. Safe Software
    Integrating the National
    Featured paper by William Samuels, Rakesh Bahadur, Jonathan Pickus. The purpose of this project was to analyze the improvement in calculating the fate and transport of waterborne contaminants using the NHD with the RiverSpill modeling tool. The operational version of RiverSpill uses the Enhanced Reach File (ERF1), a 1:500,000-scale stream network. The value of ERF1 was that it contained, on a national scale, mean flow and velocity information that could be updated to reflect real-time conditions. In this pilot study, covering three hydrologic units, NHD was populated with mean flow and velocity values. This pilot data set was integrated into RiverSpill. Comparisons were made between ERF1 and NHD derived results. SAIC
    Foot and Mouth Disease
    The devastating impact of the Foot and Mouth Virus in the UK during 2001 precipitates the necessity of utilizing a highly accurate GIS, fused with a DEM for a number of practical and critical applications. Intermap Technologies
    Bushfire Simulation with
    Project Overview 1. Federal funded grant by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE) under the Digital Regions Initiative. 2. Project timeframe – May 2010 – June 2013 Esri Australia
    ArcGIS for Intelligence
    Featured Paper by Anthony Calamito III, Chris Albert, Suzanne Foss

    ArcGIS for National Government is a system that provides useful GIS maps and apps focused on enabling national government agencies and other authorities in accomplishing their missions - that is, to run their operations more efficiently; to communicate more effectively; to save money; to engage with the public; and to understand, plan, and set policies.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    People and Ecosystems--The Fraying Web of Life World Resources
    A Simplified Total Station
    Electronic total stations enjoy widespread use in surveying practice. From time to time these instruments need to be calibrated (testing against true values and evaluate “true values”). These calibrations usually require a large amount of effort and investigations into various influences such as temperature, air-pressure, and so on. Such a process while required, involves high cost. An alternate method of checking the total station’s performance (not calibrate) in an easy to operate measurement scenario is described in this paper. By executing some 5 to ten shots (measurement of horizontal and vertical circle readings and slope distances) to arbitrary target points a number of significant computations is executed that provide necessary and sufficient information on total stations measurement accuracy. Results from both, a three-dimensional free station position and the point accuracies from a three dimensional co-ordinate transformation using minimax technologies, reveal practical information on the total station for the surveyor. In this age of “black box” technologies, when monitoring the state of operation of one’s instruments is difficult, the authors propose this method to help surveyors track the performance and reliability of their instruments. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
    Autodesk DWF Viewer
    Use the DWF™ file format to electronically share 2D and 3D designs. DWF files are small, secure, and retain rich design data. DWF is easier to use than any other format, thanks to one-click publishing from AutoCAD® software and other design applications. Autodesk
    HydroPlus® CE Demo
    Integrates a Windows CE computer, a multiparameter water quality probe, and a GPS receiver. Electronic Data Solutions
    Web Editing - The Transition
    Featured Paper by Tim Lesser

    IT and Development - GIS Deployment Best Practices
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Redistricting and Census
    Featured Paper By Robert Pincus, William Mumbleau, Jeff Letterman. This paper will cover the Avenue scripts written to aid in the redistricting process of Riverside County. The underlying geographic unit of the ArcView project and scripts used were the Census 2002 Block groups and their associated population data. By selecting single aggregate areas of these block groups and displaying the population, users were able to quickly get an idea of the effect the reassignment would have on the supervisor's constituency. The selected block groups could also be permanently assigned to a supervisor. The population for each supervisorial district could then be viewed and further modifications made. Scripts were also written to save various proposals for reference or further modification. County of Riverside
    The Road Ahead: Using
    Featured paper by Andrea Johnson. The Census Bureau is exploring the feasibility of using handheld census computers in future enumeration activities. Recently, in Sussex Co DE, the Census Bureau tested the feasibility of using maps on hand-held computer and the increases in productivity that resulted from the addition of a GPS receiver, a route display, and turn-by-turn directions to the maps. This session will describe the objectives and implementation of the test, discuss our findings on the interaction between field staff and the hand-mobile mapping, and describe plans for the future development and testing mobile mapping at the Census Bureau. U.S. Census Bureau
    LIDAR Hydrographic Surveying
    NOAA has a requirement for LIDAR hydrographic surveying services to support nautical charting and related products for the coastal and adjacent ocean areas of the United States (including possessions and territories), the Great Lakes and other inland navigable waters. One three-year indefinite delivery contract, at an estimated $10 million per year, is scheduled for award in FY 2006 with performance of first work order commencing in 2006.

    Work orders under this contract will consist of but are not limited to:

    1. acquiring shallow water airborne hydrographic LIDAR sounding data;
    2. acquiring shoreline and coastal topographic LIDAR;
    3. installing, operating, and removing water level (tide) stations;
    4. acquiring related supporting data (e.g. water level correctors, secchi depth readings, etc.);
    5. processing the data, including tidal tabulation, computation of tidal datums, tidal zoning determination, applying water level correctors to determine the true depths, and compiling reports, final smooth sheets, and digital data; and
    6. performing quality control during data acquisition and processing; and
    7. the delivery of the data, reports, and sheets to NOAA for archival and application to the nautical charts and associated nautical products.
    Three-dimensional Mapping
    Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR or INSAR) is attracting increased attention in the geospatial world. The technology has matured as a cost-effective tool with its unique operational advantages for three-dimensional wide area mapping. IFSAR mapping is being conducted in single-pass mode using two across-track antennae onboard a single platform, or in dual-pass mode with a single antenna passing over the area twice Intermap Technologies
    Managing Geospatial Content
    Featured Paper by Billie Leff, Sherry Smith

    Government agencies face pressure to produce authoritative data and maps quickly, with quality, and under tight budgets. This session will explore how Esri Production Mapping can help you publish standardized data and maps with exacting quality and output requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    sample maps Caliper Corporation
    UCLID Software Presentation
    Next Generation Coordinate Geometry (COGO) UCLID Software
    MapDotNet is a rapid development suite of ASP .NET server controls and web services for ArcGIS that bridges the skills of the Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET developer and the GIS professional. MapDotNet does not replace your investment in ArcGIS, it enhances it. Rather than trying to manage thousands of lines of JavaScript in an HTML viewer, with MapDotNet you can drag and drop components and build sophisticated web applications in hours instead of weeks. No longer are you locked into canned frameworks or portal builders; MapDotNet allows for maximum flexibility and functionality while at the same time reducing cost of ownership. MapDotNet
    GIS and Asset Management:
    Featured Paper by Ming Zhao

    Utilities are facing significant challenges and opportunities in developing cost effective business processes for managing infrastructure and assets. Central to that task is the development of accurate and easily accessible asset related information. Whether it is cost, criticality, condition, life expectancy, or decision support - GIS tools and technologies are at the core of the design.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    PG-Steamer - Pixoneer
    Pixoneer Geomatics Software Tools for Exploitation and Management of Earth Resources Pixoneer Geomatics Inc.
    Exploring the ArcGIS
    Featured Paper by Ben Conklin, Carolyn Fish

    This session will begin with an overview of ArcGIS as an enterprise system for defense and intelligence. We'll cover examples of how thousands of users across the spectrum are utilizing ArcGIS to better support the warfighter and national policy maker. We will explain GIS as a system, linking the different kinds of users from national to tactical levels, as well as introduce new ArcGIS 10 workflows that are important to this community.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Introduction to ArcGIS
    Featured Paper by Gary Sheppard Jr

    Developers seeking to support modern platforms, including Windows (32 and 64 bit), Linux (64 bit), Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone should attend this session to learn about building powerful, small-footprint, easy-to-deploy GIS applications with ArcGIS Runtime. Java and Qt developers can build cross-platform solutions, WPF developers can build Windows solutions, and mobile developers can build apps for the platforms of their choice.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Implementing the Esri
    Featured Paper by Tim Abdella Esri Users Group Conference
    Smart Management of Digital
    Featured Paper By Miriam Buzi. Digital geospatial imagery presents unique challenges for archiving, retrieval, tracking, distributing, and analyzing. These large, complex imagery files and associated reports represent valuable assets that, if properly managed, can shorten the cycle and improve the accuracy of geospatial analysis. The author describes an integrated solution for geospatial imagery and analysis management that automates the cataloging, distributing, tracking, and preserving of all the original files and derivative products. Through a single browser interface, users retrieve imagery and reports and download their analysis tools. Solutions are scalable and individually configured for required processing speed, total storage, and simultaneous users. Lockheed Martin
    Terrain Analysis Using
    Featured paper by David Tarboton. This paper describes methods that use digital elevation models (DEMs) in hydrology, implemented as an ArcGIS toolbar using Visual Basic and the ESRI object library. I describe generalized channel network delineation to objectively estimate drainage density and by using terrain curvature accommodate spatially variable drainage density. The multiple flow direction field determined from a DEM also serves as a basis for routing overland and topographically driven subsurface flow useful in water quality, erosion and terrain stability modeling. New DEM derived quantities, such as downslope influence, upslope dependence, decayed accumulation, downslope accumulation, and transport limited accumulation are illustrated. Utah State University
    17th Annual GIS in the
    Pictures taken by at the 17th Annual GIS in the Rockies Conference Internet Business Systems
    Upcoming Changes to the
    Featured Paper by Dave Minkel

    Better Decisions with National Datasets
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Find a business or get a map Zip2/My Way
    Use GeoSnap's free extension to recover Avenue scripts from damaged ArcView proj ect files. Scripts can be browsed, selected and viewed in AV Salvage before moving them to a new ArcView project. AV Salvage will soon handle other types of ArcView documents. GeoSnap
    IcoMap for ArcGIS v1.5
    Parcel mapping software - increase your productivity 84% with this ArcGIS extension. Fully functioning 15 day free trial - see how fast and easy it is to create and update survey accurate parcel maps. UCLID Software
    Creating Spatial Data
    Featured Paper by Marten Hogeweg

    In this presentation, users will be introduced to the concept of geoportals and their role in spatial data infrastructure (SDI). We will talk about Esri's open source Geoportal Server and explain how users can benefit from and contribute to the further development of this product when realizing SDI or open government data sharing applications. The session will also address other steps from Esri into the world of open source software.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Creating Spatial Data
    Featured Paper by Marten Hogeweg

    In this presentation, users will be introduced to the concept of geoportals and their role in spatial data infrastructure (SDI). We will talk about Esri's open source Geoportal Server and explain how users can benefit from and contribute to the further development of this product when realizing SDI or open government data sharing applications. The session will also address other steps from Esri into the world of open source software.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The Parcel Puzzle
    Featured Paper by Wendy Amy

    Land Records Management: System Integrations and Emerging Technologies
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Choose selection color with ArcView 3.x Script "Color" Courtesy of Ron Schultz
    A Geoscript for building areas from boundaries (lot areas from boundaries) Bentley Systems
    The Citrix Delivery Center Extends Impact and ROI of ESRI ArcGIS

    ESRI’s mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) help fight forest fires, determine new national boundaries during peace negotiations, find promising sites for fast-growing companies, rebuild cities around the world, support optimal land-use planning, route emergency vehicles, monitor rain forest depletion, contain oil spills, and perform countless other vital tasks every day...
    GIS Technology Supports
    Featured Paper by Alessandro Monteiro

    Pipeline projects are capital intensive and their construction and assembly involve many activities and risks that need to be handled in an effective and productive way to guarantee (a) project quality, (b) to stay under budget and (c) manage construction schedule as planned. PCMS is as integrated, GIS based, platform using ArcGIS technology as user friendly graphical interface.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Incorporating Stereoscopic
    OUTLINE • The SEPP 14 Wetland Mapping Improvement Project - inherent problems with mapping wetlands • Concepts: 2D, 3D modelling, and Stereo Visualisation • Our Approach • The Future of 3D GIS Stereo Imagery and the Spatial Planner Esri Australia
    2001 GIS Market Overview
    This 2001 industry forecast provides detailed projections of GIS revenue growth, market share, market segmentation, and market share within segments for 2001. Key trends in the GIS market revealed by the statistics in this forecast are highlighted below. Daratech
    Real-Time Moving Map
    Featured Paper By Dianne Haley. The Calgary Police Service has used a helicopter for a number of years to assist in the apprehension of offenders and other public safety activities. Part of the instrumentation of the helicopter included a personal computer. The City of Calgary GIS Centre of Excellence used MapObjects, shapefiles, and GPS to provide an application to be used by the flight crew to locate, in real time, a target address relative to the position of the helicopter. This presentation will discuss the development and use of this application and will demonstrate the results. The City of Calgary
    Calculating Impervious
    Featured Paper by Julia Cole

    In April 2008, MSD implemented a revised structure for charging customer stormwater services. Fees were calculated based upon the quantity of impervious surface on the customer's property. Considerations included landuse type, multi-unit billing situations, estimations for buildings under construction, and allowances for environmentally friendly building practices.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Visualizing Australian
    Featured Paper by Andrew Bazemore

    Visualizing Australian Primary Health Care
    Esri Users Group Conference
    LandGrabber 1.0 Demo
    LandGrabber 1.0 is a stand-alone program that allows the user to batch download USGS topo maps and photography with a user-friendly interface. Requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher to function. Documentation, Tutorial, FAQs at JDGIS Consulting
    A GIS Model for Predicting
    Featured Paper By Stephen Brown, Susan Stuver, Vincent Romero. As the cost of disposing trash, garbage, and construction materials continues to increase, it is likely that there will also be increasing incidences of illegal dumping across the United States. This paper will demonstrate how a GIS model was developed by the University of Texas at San Antonio to predict the susceptibility of urban areas in San Antonio, Texas, to illegal dumping. This paper will also demonstrate how the model was developed using the ModelBuilder utility of the ArcView Spatial Analyst extension and how illegal dump site data collection can be streamlined using GPS. City of San Antonio - Public Works
    Mapping the Enterprise
    Featured paper by Steve Couch, Quentin Rund. The Potash & Phosphate Institute produces agronomic literature for crop consultants including periodicals, bulletins, and brochures. PPI is using ArcGIS to map the distribution of their publications in relation to the distribution of crop acres, certified crop advisers (CCAs), and other factors. Using ArcGIS, PPI has learned more about the patterns of distribution and has identified areas in need of increased coverage. This paper shows how PPI adapted this new technology to monitor and manage publication distribution. Potash & Phosphate Institute
    3D GIS Analysis for Redevelopment
    Featured Paper by Cory Whittaker

    Land-Use Planning, Redevelopment, and Urban Form
    Esri Users Group Conference
    A Data Management Approach
    Featured Paper by Liz Sabeff

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has 160+ offices from which we administer over 250 million acres of U.S. public land. Programs and projects are often managed out of local, autonomous offices, contributing to diverse, individualized datasets throughout the Bureau.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    What’s New in ArcGIS
    Installing ArcGIS Server 10.1 • No install dependencies • Faster setup time - Cut time in half • Must be 64 bit operating system • Setup launches Software Authorization Wizard • ArcGIS Server Manager is opened after software authorization completes Esri Australia
    Using GIS for Analyzing
    Featured Paper by Yang Xu

    Using GIS for Analyzing Optimal Organ Allocation for Liver Transplantation
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Oracle Application Server
    A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. This is particularly true when trying to capture the complexity of interactions among people, resources, products, and business processes distributed over geographic space. For many centuries people have relied on maps to capture and simplify these complex relationships, turning them into readily consumable, powerful packages of unambiguous information. Beginning with Oracle10g and Oracle Application Server 10g, the basic Oracle platform delivers this powerful, universally understood capability to every developer. Acquis, Inc.
    Developing Spatial Applications
    This white paper introduces briefly the main features of Oracle Spatial 10g and Oracle Application Server MapViewer 10g. Through a case study we also show that these off-the- shelf products can serve as effective building blocks for large-scale spatiotemporal data analysis and knowledge discovery projects or applications. Acquis, Inc.
    ArcGIS for Mobile - An
    Featured Paper by Bonnie Stayer

    Mobile GIS extends the reach of GIS from the office to the field. By implementing an effective mobile GIS solution, you can improve the efficiency of your field work force as well as the accuracy and timeliness of your geospatial data. During this session, you will learn how to leverage Esri's ArcGIS system to build focused mobile GIS solutions that target the needs of your field work force.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GIS for Targeted Clinical
    Featured Paper by Stephanie Foster

    GIS for Targeted Clinical Preventative Services
    Esri Users Group Conference
    StanConvert for AutoCAD 14 Softco Engineering Systems Inc.
    Spatial ETL: The Essential
    Business intelligence. It is what data extract, transform and load (ETL) tools have been bringing to both private and public industry for a decade. Spatial ETL tools aim to bring geospatial intelligence to organizations by bringing the potency of the geographic position to the desktop. Safe Software
    Wireline Market Analysis
    Featured Paper By Maria Pereira, Adriano Junqueira, George Almeida.

    A solution was customized to understand the structural factors of the Brazilian cities for cross-selling purposes. The ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst extension was used for exploratory spatial data analysis and to create a statistically valid surface. The analysis was developed using a municipal Geodatabase (more than 800 variables and 5,561 cities). The final cluster (market segments) was compoused for 12 groups with different patterns for cultural, infrastructural, and urban behavior. The results were integrated to marketing users of one big Brazilian wireline operator for forecasts and cross-selling purposes.

    Brasil Telecom
    GIS in the fight against
    Neil McLeod relates how improved data access and sharing via a web-based GIS is helping Bedfordshire tackle crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour Cadcorp
    Land Use and Planning
    Tejon Ranch Company did not have current topographical information on its 426-square-mile property, which features some fairly remote locations. “We had old 30-meter U.S. Geological Survey data,” said Leah Metzger, geographic information systems (GIS) director for Tejon Ranch Company. “There have definitely been changes since those datasets were created, and we wanted more up-to-date GIS resources with higher accuracy.” Specifically, the Company required enhanced, superior-quality geospatial datasets for water resource planning, agriculture management for livestock and farming, real estate development planning, natural resource planning, and cartographic visualization. Intermap Technologies
    Developing a National
    Featured Paper by Kuldeep Pareta

    Natural Disaster Risk Management is a complex and critical activity that can be more effectively addressed with the support of Geospatial technologies and Spatial-Decision-Support-Systems. The development of better processes, capacity, and systems integrating Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, and Geospatial Modelling is a rapidly evolving field in Vietnam.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GeoSpace for Singapore's
    Featured Paper by Ming Khai Lim

    GeoSpace is the central infrastructure of Singapore's SDI. It is an integrated framework of spatial data, metadata, and tools that can be used by public agencies to share, discover and access spatial data in an efficient and flexible way on a whole-of-government level.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using Nation-wide Imperviousness
    Featured Paper by Erin Marchand

    Better Decisions with National Datasets
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Reenacting the Civil
    Featured paper by Jamie Christensen, William Allen. The Conservation Fund and WorldView Solutions, at the request of the Civil War Preservation Trust, are undertaking Rapid Open Space Assessments of historically significant Civil War battlefields. Each Battlefield assessment identifies key lands for protection and contains a GIS database integrating historic battlefield maps, existing land records information, natural resource data, and other supporting data. In addition to describing the project's goals and objectives, local and regional planning applications will be explored. The open nature of the assessment design allows the process to be customized to any geography or particular conservation or planning interest. WorldView Solutions
    Partnering With Topcon
    Topcon Partner Presentation Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.
    A Schema and Delineation
    Featured Paper by Jean Dupree

    The basin boundary is a fundamental entity used in studies of surface-water resources and for planning water-related projects. Drainage-basin areas published by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in annual Water Data Reports and in National Water Information System (NWIS) are still primarily based on hardcopy methods.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    To Bike or Not To Bike:
    Featured Paper by Carrie Carsell

    The ultimate goal with any bicycle master plan is to increase the number of persons who bicycle for transportation to work, school, and errands, and for recreation. Sacramento County's Bicycle Master Plan Update was intended to guide and influence bikeway policies, programs and development standards to make bicycling in Sacramento County more safe, comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable for all bicyclists.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using GIS for Evaluating
    Featured Paper by Abdulkader Murad

    Using GIS for Evaluating Accessibility to Health Care Centers in Jeddah City
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Geographic Explorer
    FREE! The Geographic Explorer extends the Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT Explorer to view and find map files. The Geographic Explorer provides a number of powerful utilities. Blue Marble Geographics
    Using ArcGIS for Traffic
    Featured Paper By James Miller, Kevin Broecker. The presentation covers the process needed to integrate data from third party software into ArcGIS 8.1 for traffic signal optimization on a countywide basis. The purpose of this study was to determine where and when traffic signal timing needed to be adjusted to help optimize the flow of traffic for more than 300 signalized intersections. The paper reviews the work flow for reformatting data from the Synchro Traffic Signal Timing software and making it useful in ArcGIS. Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc.
    Risk Mitigation Pro
    RiskMitProTM offers great benefits for property and casualty insurance companies, allowing carriers to perform a wide array of tasks more quickly and efficiently?often reducing once-complicated tasks to minutes instead of hours. RiskMitProTM presents data in visual formats that are easy to use, interpret, and analyze, revealing powerful information once buried in tables or lists. RiskMitProTM enables insurance companies to assess and manage risk, respond to claims, market new and existing products, develop products, and plan for future growth. SoftPOWER, Inc. and Spatial Data, Inc.
    Using Information Effectively:
    Featured paper by Fred Busche, Kirk Boothe, Tom Everly. Business Intelligence is a key and critical ingredient to success in Today's ever-evolving and demanding financial services marketplace. This paper deals with the integration of SAS analytics, ESRI geographic information systems, and IBM's data warehousing to deliver a complete solution for customer analytics for financial organizations known as "The 10 Letter Solution for Finance." IBM
    GIS ObjectLand
    GIS ObjectLand is a universal Geographic Information System for Windows. Free noncommercial version. Key features: vector-raster maps; multiuser data editing; import/export for MIF/MID, SHP, DXF, DBF, CSV; access permissions for users; using other DBMS (ODBC); COM interfaces. Radom-T
    Extend Crime Analysis
    Featured Article By Lauren Scott and Nathan Warmerdam

    Crime mapping using traditional GIS analysis techniques has been helping law enforcement agencies track crime incidents and produce density maps showing overall crime patterns. With improvements in the availability and quality of crime data in digital format and more robust GIS software, police departments have expanded the use of GIS. They are using spatial data analysis to assess crime patterns, optimize resource allocation, and improve emergency call response. The spatial statistics tools in ArcGIS enhance spatial data analysis of crime data by supplying tools that use statistical methods designed specifically for use with spatial data. This article describes how the Hot Spot Analysis, Mean Center, Linear Directional Mean, and Standard Deviational Ellipse tools, available at all license levels, can be used for more sophisticated types of crime analysis.

    ArcUser Magazine
    GIS in Irrigation Districts
    Featured Paper by Alejandro Paolini

    Henry Miller Reclamation District (HMRD) selected DCSE, for converting their stock maps into GIS and track their irrigation infrastructure. DCSE designed an Irrigation Data Model (first of its kind) to maintain HMRD's infrasructure. A major part of HMRD's business process is to maintain accurate land records. The accuracy of these land records translates to an owner's "stock" or owner's equity within the Company. DCSE used Merced County Assessor Maps and HMRD stock Maps, and the survey information in them, to rebuild HMRD's stocks.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Visualizing the Health
    Featured Paper by Sean Finnegan

    Visualizing the Health Workforce of the United States
    Esri Users Group Conference
    tell it where you are or where you're going and it can find the nearest and best places to eat, shop, and play, in 20 major cities. Vindigo
    Towards Immersive Virtual
    Featured Paper By Hardeep Bajwa and Udoyara Tim. Geographic information systems have become increasingly valuable tools in flood modeling and play an integral role in decision making processes for flood prediction and mitigation. A distinct activity has been the development of GISdriven visualization including realistic visual simulations. Typically, these sciences have been undertaken on discrete, noninteractive problem solving domains. The increasing availability of high-performance visualization tools offers new opportunities to combine interactive hydrologic/environmental simulation models with emerging immersive visualization and decision support environments. This paper describes the development of such a system, with particular emphasis on exploring the role of virtual reality in enhancing hydrologic and ecologic modeling. A component of the study was to develop tools to access and display geographic data and spatially explicit outputs of overland flow predicted by the hydrologic model (HEC-HMS) in a microcomputer-based three-dimensional virtual environment using the head-mounted display, hence increasing perception and realism. The combination of the analytical approach with more subjective visual assessment offers the advantages of both worlds in terms of information transfer and decision reliability. Iowa State University - Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
    Mohawk Valley Water Authority:
    Featured paper by Orest P. Ciolko, Elisabetta DeGironimo. This paper addresses the development of an ArcGIS software-based water distribution system basemap and hydraulic model, where ArcIMS, ArcSDE, and WaterGEMS will join ArcInfo and ArcView at the Mohawk Valley Water Authority (MVWA). MVWA serves more than 125,000 people in the Central New York State Region. Within a service area covering more than 150 square miles, the MVWA maintains approximately 700 miles of pipe, 24 storage tanks, 3 reservoirs, and 22 pumping stations. Wendel Duchscherer Architects & Engineers
    Three-Dimensional Visualization
    The legacy of geology maps of Sulawesi, Indonesia, dates back to the early days of Dutch occupation in the country. Despite that mapping in these days was undertaken manually, using the available optical measuring instrument through survey work, the maps produced were at the 1:250,000 scale. Recently, the Geological Research Institute Centre (GRIC) in Bandung, Indonesia, acquired high-resolution airborne orthorectified radar images and digital elevation models as part of a national geological mapping program update. Intermap Technologies
    Antarctica Digital Database
    Version 3.0 is a free premier source of vector topographic data for Antarctica, provided in ArcInfo uncompressed export format, compressed & encrypted for download using zip. Antarctica Digital Database (ADD)
    Plotting the War on Terror
    Smart mapping systems can predict the spread of viruses, replace paper charts, and help aid teams pool life-saving data. Featured Special Report from BusinessWeek. BusinessWeek
    Object-Oriented GIS for
    Completely User Configurable! USMapTM is a rules based, object-oriented GIS complementing the Autodesk Map product series with a user-configurable set of tools to model and define objects specific to your environment. Electric, Gas, Water, CATV. whatever, you build and integrate the system to suit the GIS mapping, maintenance, workflow and application needs of your organization. Utility Sciences Corporation
    Data Interoperability:
    Presentation from GIS in the Rockies Conference PlanGraphics, Inc.
    Leica ADE Demonstration:
    Case Study and Live Disconnected Demonstration ERDAS, Inc.
    A Business Perspective
    Featured Paper by Andrew Hendrickson, Marwa Mabrouk

    This session will cover models and platforms for deploying ArcGIS for Server in the cloud from a business perspective. We will help you understand how to think about costs when deploying ArcGIS for Server in cloud infrastructures, private clouds, and so forth.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Stewart Asbury, President

    Stewart Asbury President SpatialAge Solutions Division, Byers Engineering Company
    Stewart Asbury has two decades experience in the design and implementation of data conversion systems and AM/FM software applications. Asbury came to Byers in 1980 after ?cutting his teeth? with Arthur Andersen & Company's Management Information Consulting Division. Promoted to president in 2001, Stewart oversees the management of client relations, technical services and product development, and is responsible for the division's financial performance.
    SpatialAge Solutions Division, Byers Engineering Company
    Find dupl
    Searches and Locates duplicate values in an attribute table freeware
    An Integrated ArcGIS
    Target Audience •Defence (Navy) •Customs/Border Protection •Search and Rescue •Climate researchers •Operational forecasters •Maritime industry (shipping, fishing) •Recreational maritime users (yachting, fishing) •Commercial ‘value-add’ service providers Esri Australia
    Neighborhood Models to
    Featured Paper by Scott Bell

    Neighborhood Models to Identify MAUP Effects Using Spatial Regression
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using ArcGIS and Problem
    Featured Paper by Kristi Frederickson

    Using ArcGIS and Problem Based Learning in the Secondary Classroom
    Esri Users Group Conference
    B.I.T.S Polygon Tool
    This extension extends the capability of Arcview's polygon heads-up digitizing. Barr Information Technology Services
    Water/Wastewater Authority
    Featured paper by Lance Babbitt, Peter Godfrey, John Marchetti. The Lehigh County Authority (LCA) located in Allentown, PA, serves approximately 13,000 customers (residential, commercial, industrial) and maintains both a large network and smaller satellite systems throughout 11 municipalities within Lehigh County. This presentation will be a case study of the turn-key process LCA underwent from Needs Analysis and Implementation Plan through full enterprise-wide ArcGIS implementation. Particular detail will be given on the water and wastewater geodatabase design, pilot conversion and prototype applications, database design refinement, conversion strategy, and implementation. Special attention will be paid to lessons learned throughout the three year process. Lehigh County Authority
    Developing a groundwater
    Featured Paper by Derrick Whitehead

    Developing a regional groundwater simulation model includes a wide array of information on subsurface formations, climate, water sources, discharges, land use, and more. For planning purposes, there is a need to predict how some of these variables will change over time, and how these changes will affect availability of groundwater resources.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Rapid Damage Assessment
    Featured Paper by Tom Counts, Allen Kniphfer

    Partner Solution Sessions
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Serving USDA NRCS National
    Featured Paper By Michele May, J, Nechero. The USDA NRCS National Cartography and Geospatial Center is the technical leader for NRCS in cartography, remote sensing, global positioning systems, and geographic information system (GIS) technology. In May 1996, NCGC was designated the NRCS clearinghouse for geospatial data for the agency. As a major distributor of geospatial data to support national, state, and local field needs, providing up-to-date information about the status and availability of various data layers developed, maintained, or distributed by the NRCS is an ongoing challenge. Several status maps, including SSURGO, DOQ, HU, and WRP layers, are now being served via ArcIMS using a combination of SDE layers and shapefiles. These maps were formerly provided online as JPG or PDF files. The transition to ArcIMS has led to more highly automated, efficient maintenance processes and has provided increased functionality for end users while affording ArcIMS experience applicable to other projects. USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
    Professional raster to vector conversion software ideal for design involving any type of printing or modeling. Ideal for design, prepress, print, CAD/CAM, and 3D modeling professionals. Vector convert directly from any scanned result directly within the program, made possible through it's TWAIN support. MagicTracer has many useful raster and vector editing tools for manipulating raster and vector data during pre-processing and post-processing. Elgorithms
    PLSS as a Spatial Framework:
    Featured paper by Steven Hope. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) initiated the Geographic Coordinate Data Base (GCDB) project to digitally portray the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). The GCDB solution utilized the cadastral record as the spatial framework for a multipurpose cadastre. The survey measurement based strategy anticipates future surveys with the construction of templates, which catalogue the rules of survey that apply to the data set. The template construct provides an elegant method to update the spatial framework. The project has evolved through multiple generations of collection technologies starting with "in house" software development and culminating with the current NILS partnership. Bureau of Land Management
    Precision Forestry: Geoprocessing
    Featured Paper by Joabel Barbieri

    The objective of this study was to develop a potential forest productivity map for the convertion of a farm to a Eucalyptus plantation using geoprocessing techniques and soil samples (Chemical and physical) and relief characteristics collected from a sample grid. Site-specific forestry supported by advanced sensing and analytical tools is called precision forestry. The plantation was separated into three distinct multi factorial classes each with different potential productivity.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GIS Integration: A Multi-Enterprise
    Featured Paper by Carlos Wilderman

    Land Records Management: System Integrations and Emerging Technologies
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Maximizing GIS Performance
    Featured Paper by Chris Cushenberry, Arnisa Davis, Steve Veltman

    Leading Edge Applications of GIS
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Rapid Damage Assessment
    Featured Paper by Tom Counts, Allen Kniphfer

    Rapid Damage Assessment and Recovery When Seconds Count
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Kivera/WebSphere Portal
    Kivera enables location applications, which enables companies to build next-generation portals with Java-based component architecture that is ideally suited for integration.(Contact for ID and Password) Kivera
    GlobixData - Free World Cities
    Extensive City data for developers. Over 3 million world cities to download at no-cost! GlobixData
    IKONOS, the World's First
    Animation of IKONOS in orbit. Animation showing IKONOS tasking, image collection, data transmission and processing sequences GeoEye (formerly Space Imaging & OrbImage)
    Advancing Geology: From
    Featured Paper by Rachel Lyles

    The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) has been creating geology data and maps for many years. However, the processes from which the geologists create these products have continually evolved. From software packages to new file structures; USGS 7.5' Quadrangles to LiDAR derivatives; and simple symbology to cartographic representations: DOGAMI's entire methodology has undergone significant changes in order to produce a better product.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Integrated Enterprise
    Featured Paper by Biju Misra, Sridhar Devineni

    GIS Addressing Business Processes and Needs
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Preserving a Piece of
    Featured paper by Kimberly Wraight. The struggle between development and historic preservation has long been an issue for communities interested in preserving their cultural history while encouraging sustainable development. This prompted the Washtenaw County Historic District Commission to implement a planning tool that will help planners and preservationists better assess historical and cultural resources unique to their community. The HDC scanned 10,000 documents to create a baseline inventory of historic resources in Washtenaw County. The GIS program mapped these resources and developed an ArcIMS Web site that allows users to map, query, and view the original documents, and research state, local, and national registry nominations. County of Washtenaw
    Terrain profile tool
    The new tool allows to interactively explore terrain profile along a user defined polyline. The computed profile may be saved as an ACSII data file or be exported as an image file. SpacEyes
    Integration of GIS with
    Featured Paper by SANJIV SHEKHAR

    In 2006 Metropolitan St Louis Sewer District(MSD), St Louis, MO evaluated and decided to migrate all its GIS and Asset information to ArcGIS 9.1 platform. MSD partnered with ESRI to identified its core areas that can be integrated with the GIS system. Areas identified for integration were Environmental Compliance, Billing & Collection, Asset Management (Maximo7.1) and Financial System (Oracle EBS R12.1).
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Use and Evaluation of
    Featured Paper by Tegan Callahan

    Use and Evaluation of GIS in CDC's Emergency Operations Center
    Esri Users Group Conference
    IPW is a UNIX-based image processing system. IPW includes several UNIX filter programs which can be pipe-lined together to form complex and powerful image processing algorithms.
    Methodologies to Improve
    Featured paper by Francesca Pozzi, Gregory Yetman, Deborah Balk, Andy Nelson, Uwe Deichmann. This paper discusses some of the technical issues involved in the development of a georeferenced population database, including urban extents, currently being developed by CIESIN and partner organizations, using ArcGIS. The database will be available as three separate data products--human settlements database (points), urban extents (polygons) derived from satellite imagery and additional geographic data sources (such as DCW), and urban-rural surface (grid). CIESIN, Columbia University
    MIKE View
    MIKE View is a stand-alone visualization tool for numerical model results from a wide selection of water, stormwater, sewer and river modeling packages:
    • Any Model, which provides standard SWMM 4.4 result files
    • Any Model, which provides standard EPANET 2.0 result files
    DHI Software
    GIS Data Verification
    A slide seminar presented at the 1995 IGUG conference in San Jose, CA that outlines strategies for dealing with problems and solutions in GIS data. Topics include graphical problems such as overshoots, database problems such as duplicate IDs, and solutions such as line cleaning and customized SQL statements. Geographic Resource Solutions
    GIS Management Workshop
    Featured By: Peter Thum, John Leonard Records Automation and Management Resource Inventory and Mapping Asset Management Operational Decision-Making Records Automation and Management Resource Inventory and Mapping Asset Management Operational Decision- GIS as a Tactical Resource GIS as a Tactical Resource GeoAnalytics, Inc.
    High Resolution Image
    Featured by:Dave Vanderzanden, Remote Sensing Specialist, Mike Morrison

    The availability of new high-resolution satellite image sources (e. g. IKONOS, SPOT 5, Quickbird 2) provides an opportunity to map ground features that was not previously available using medium resolution imagery (e. g. Landsat, SPOT 4). However, standard per-pixel classifiers have proven ineffective at extracting information from these new data sources. Feature Analyst, a software product developed by Visual Learning Systems, provides an automated tool to use with high-resolution imagery and shows promise for more detailed information extraction. This software uses spatial context as well as spectral information and has machine learning capabilities to revise initial errors. The USDA Forest Service Remote Sensing Applications Center has tested this software on several data sets.
    ERDAS, Inc.
    Perspectives on the Future
    Featured Paper by Anthony Vannozzi

    Beginning with an examination of the role of the surveyor in society, this presentation will explore the most significant paradigm shift in the history of the surveying profession. Specifically: GPS and GIS technology are combining to fulfill the destiny of the profession on the one hand while rendering those reluctant to change obsolete on the other. Through a detailed examination of recent practice trends and the impact of emerging technologies, new pathways for practitioners to remain relevant and leverage technology in order to prosper will be presented.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Lessons leading the fusion
    Scope -Setting the scene -BIM – What it is and where it is at -What does it mean for GIS and geospatial professionals -Some lessons or observations -One view of the future Esri Australia
    Using ArcView to Provide
    Featured Paper By Kenneth Driese. Spatial transport is critical for ecological processes, but ecologists lack a formal framework for modeling transport through heterogeneous environmental space. A new book on this topic introduces ecologists to strategies used to model transport in many fields (e.g., hydrology, atmospheric science) and comes with a CD that includes eight example models. We developed an ArcView interface that allows users to adjust model input variables and examine the changes in model output in a spatial context. Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center
    Temporal and Spatial
    Featured paper by Hua Lu, Fang Qiu, Yiling Cheng. There is evidence that ozone may cause asthma. However, this relationship among younger children is not clear. This study presents the relationship of daily peak ozone level and asthma hospital admission in California South Coast Air Basin area. Ozone data were interpolated to surface. Peak ozone levels were calculated for related area by zip codes. Multivariate Poisson regression model were used. The results demonstrate that asthma hospital admission rate in children age less than 5 years will increase 11% after adjusted for seasonal effect and secular trend when peak daily peak ozone level increases 50 air quality indexes. University of Texas at Dallas
    Automated well permitting
    Featured Paper by Scott Kudlas, Thomas Griffiths , Alan Lemon

    Permitting new wells is a common task undertaken by many state agencies. In some cases, processing the permit requires running a groundwater simulation model to predict the influence of new wells on drawdown or flows within the regulated aquifers. This case study demonstrates the development of a workflow to automate the process of well permitting in Virginia. The workflow is based on a combination of ArcGIS and MODFLOW Analyst tools that together enable execution of a regional MODFLOW model and the generation of maps with outputs required for the permitting process.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Cadastre Information
    Featured Paper by Fernando Gil, Luís Mata

    The presentation will consist on the Cadastre Information System, designed to support Surveying and Expropriation activities. The presentation includes a brief description of project life cycle and its main milestones, business requirements, scalability, interoperability and standards issues. It will proceed with a demonstration of the solution focusing on key business processes and activities, including quality control, tracing and a platform for the approval process by the client. The demonstration will show the different map management capabilities focusing geographical, alphanumeric and imagery handling as well as associated documents and business outputs.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    A GIS Powered Smart Utility
    Delivery of energy, water and sewerage services to 80,000 customers (pop. 230,000) across 1.3 million square kilometres of central desert and tropical north at the top end of Australia. Esri Australia
    Distributing Data via
    Featured Paper by Mark Stoakes

    Distributing Data via XML from ArcGIS
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Planning 2.0: Facilitating
    Featured Paper by Elizabeth Stahlman and Gregory Hildreth

    Government - GIS Supporting Local Government
    Esri Users Group Conference
    MaponUs has maps, routes, yellow pages for free MapOnUs
    The Analysis of Greening
    Featured Paper By Kinya Kamishima, Keita Kohmura, Kanichiro Mochizuki. In urban area in Japan, heat island phenomenon, in which heat is confined, is causing much trouble. It is known that the repression of rise in temperature is effective by green in urban area. Therefore, administrations proceed with the policy increasing green. But, the distribution of green including that on the rooftops has not been caught precisely in the present condition. So, to study green position character spatially, the places covered with green was extracted from IKONOS image, and it was analyzed using GIS. As a result, we could find the size of potential space to increase green. Analytic results by GIS became useful in order to increase green effectively. Pasco Corporation
    Attribute Editing with
    Swipe It! is a fast way to enter attribute data found on scanned maps. Faster and easier than typing, this ArcMap extension automates attribute editing. UCLID Software
    Modern Technology Holds
    Smithsonian Anthropology Project Uses Ashtech GG-Surveyor from Thales Navigation for Mapping of Early American Burial Sites? Thales Navigation
    GeoPAD - Free GIS software
    GeoPAD - Free GIS ( Geographical Information System) with eVC++ customization source code for Pocket PC. Supported with customize query (not supported in Arc/PAD) using eVC++ user can develop application like Arc/PAD application Builder. Hardware: Desktop PC ( for Development ) Pocket PC ActiveSync Cable Software:eVisual C++ for application development using GeoPAD library (user can customize). ActiveSinc software for Data transfer Geo Soft
    Putting Youth On the
    Featured Paper by Nancy Cassie, Estella Erbstein, Hartzog Geraghty

    Putting Youth On the Map: An Instrument Assessing Youth Well-Being
    Esri Users Group Conference
    MapInfo MapX Mobile
    MapInfo MapX Mobile is the premier Windows-based software developer's tool for creating customized mapping applications on Pocket PC devices. With MapX Mobile, developers can easily create custom-made applications that empower the mobile workforce with the ability to access, gather and analyze critical business information, resulting in increased productivity and enabling them to make faster, better-informed business decisions. MapInfo Corporation
    Spatial Analysis Utilities
    The study of the distributive characteristics of settlement patterns is one of the most important topics in the reconstruction of historical landscapes. Unfortunately, advanced knowledge of GIS techniques, as well as quantitative techniques and methods are required in order to achieve positive results in this area. Furthermore, the application of spatial analysis in the archaeological research requires a large and expensive investment of software and hardware to accomplish such tasks. In order to address all these issues, this year we started the development of an analytical tool for the study and analysis of spatial distributions. This software rather than a GIS application shall be conceived as a general utility for data processing. In fact, the main aim of Spatial Analysis Utilities is to accomplish in a quick and easy manner the entire quantitative process. The philosophy of the software is to provide conclusive statistical data with just some mouse clicks to non advanced GIS users University of Siena
    Determining and Analyzing
    Featured Paper by Jordan Hamm

    SD1 is a regional agency in Northern Kentucky that manages the treatment of waste water. Since 2003, SD1 has also played a large role in managing storm water for thirty-three municipalities within its jurisdiction. Recently, the vast majority of these governments transferred their storm water infrastructure to SD1.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The 21st Century Utility:
    Featured Paper by Jason Bethke

    Data Access for Decision Makers and the Public for Asset Management
    Esri Users Group Conference
    WiseImage Raster to Vector
    WiseImage allows you to edit and update scanned maps. With WiseImage you can:
    • Color separation tool for separating color on various layers for easy raster editing
    • Clean up raster noise
    • Edit raster symbols with the raster object selection feature that enables you to select raster lines, arcs, and circles using tools similar to those for vector selection.
    • Create raster copies of vector objects and add them to the raster image.
    Mileage Validator
    This Tow Truck Dispatch Application is the most accurate way to verify towing expenses. (Contact for ID and Password) Kivera
    Implementing a Modern
    Featured Paper by Jennifer Kuchar

    Esri Users Group Conference
    BTS Data Viewer
    for use with the NTAD and NORTAD ASCII format files. Bureau of Transporation Statistics
    EQuIS for ArcGIS 3D Subsurface
    This 2 minute video created with EQuIS and ArcGIS shows a 3D below-ground animation of geological and chemical features. Boreholes and wells are rendered with actual geologic patterns and true-to-life well screen graphics. Geophysical data are shown adjacent to boreholes. Geologic cross-sections created using RockWorks 2002 are displayed as multi-colored panels in three dimensions. A chemical plume created in EVS is shown with groundwater contours and flow direction arrows. EarthSoft, Inc.
    Use of GIS for FEMA Flood
    Featured paper by Rob Brown, Steve Fuchs. Being the first in the state of Indiana, Vanderburgh County Building Commission incorporates GIS into community flood zone determinations. GIS format greatly increases ease and accuracy of such determination, ultimately increasing FEMA community rating and decreasing cost of flood insurance. Our community in joint effort with FEMA has used the accuracy of this digital platform to create new flood insurance rate maps for Vanderburgh County. GIS digital format easily displays current Q3 maps and their preliminary revisions on an online platform accessible by the public. Vanderburgh County Building Commission
    Something for Everyone:
    Featured paper by Charlene Howard. The objective for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) Department of Transportation Planning was to develop a comprehensive transportation database robust enough to satisfy GIS professionals yet simple enough for non-technical people to use. MWCOG, like other regional associations, consists of member organizations with varying degrees of sophistication in both spatial data products and users. Therefore, the department utilized a "clearinghouse" approach, packaging regional data in an easy-to-use format, currently a customized ArcView application. The product, called the Regional Transportation Data Clearinghouse, is designed to be used by both GIS professionals and laypersons (such as department directors) alike. Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
    Featured paper by Mark Leipnik. Examples of use of GIS to create and disseminate geospatial data among multiple law enforcement agencies in the same metropolitan area, county, region, state, and between national police agencies are presented. Cases illustrating application of GIS and related technologies to the analysis of crime patterns, to specific series of homicides, to deploy resources and to inform the public will be highlighted. Sam Houston State University
    Research on GPS Derived
    This paper discusses three different methods in deriving orthometric height from GPS ellipsoidal height, that is, the conicoid fitting method (CFM) frequently used in China, the Geoid Modeling GEOID99 developed by National Geodetic Survey (NGS) in USA, and the recently developed new method – the “Hu-method”, based on neural network concept. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
    Glendale Water and Power
    Featured Paper by Nagarajan Murali

    Leading Edge Applications of GIS
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Leveraging LiDAR Efforts
    Featured Paper by Richard Garcia

    Trends in the Transmission Market
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GEOTRACT Internet mapping tool U.S. Fish & Wildlife
    Storm Drain System Inventory
    Featured Paper By Douglas Brice, Heather Kelley. The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), in order to meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act and the nine state Regional Water Quality Control Boards (RWQCBs), enlisted Burns & McDonnell to field inventory all stormwater features contained within Caltrans property for Districts 4 and 12. Stormwater inlets, outfalls, discharge points, drainage areas, and facilities (i.e., maintenance stations, park and rides, etc.) were inventoried using a combination of submeter GPS units, pen-based computers, laser range finders, and digital cameras. The project serves as a tool for the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit compliance process. The project encompassed 900 highway miles in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as 310 miles in Orange County (Southern California). The accumulated data set gives Caltrans engineers a clear vision of existing storm water features and allows them to identify sites where best management practices (BMP) could be employed. Burns & McDonnell
    Mississippi Pollutant
    Featured paper by Gary Hennington, Greg Jackson, Daryl Cook. Managing the environmental impacts of human influence on surface waters for the state of Mississippi includes the monitoring of many different sources. One important source of pollution is Publicly Owned Treatment Works which discharge treated wastewater to the surface waters of the state. This project designed a field collection procedure utilizing an ArcPad interface for field collection specialists to survey and verify all of the permitted point source discharge locations in the state. Information Management Systems, Inc.
    GpsTools ActiveX / .NET
    GpsTools ActiveX / .NET is an easy and cost efficient way to include GPS and mapping support to custom applications. The rich set of samples and documentation makes it easy for consultants and software developers that are new to this area to get a quick start.
    Integrating GIS and SAP
    Featured Paper by Bart Reynaert

    Pidpa is a Belgian water utility, offering drinkingwater and wastewater services to 65 communities in the Antwerp province. Over the past few years, Pidpa has implemented and extended an ArcGIS based solution, to maintain geographic information on drinking water and wastewater networks. With an important focus on integrating GIS and 'location awareness' in several workprocesses for technical as well as customer departments.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Tree Mapping: Cluster
    Rapidly expanding application of Feature Extraction, Image Processing and Computer Vision to populate the Geospatial Information Repositories – i.e. Roads, Trees, Buildings, Water, Signs (ground-based), Cars, People, Electricity Transmission Lines, Pools, Driveways, etc Esri Australia
    Best Practices and Options
    Featured Paper by Steve Anderson

    IT and Development - GIS Deployment Best Practices
    Esri Users Group Conference
    ArcGIS for Demographics,
    Featured Paper by Charmel Menzel, Evan Caldwell, James Tedrick, Laura McNulty, Thomas Gibbs

    ArcGIS for National Government is a system that provides useful GIS maps and apps focused on enabling national government agencies and other authorities in accomplishing their missions - that is, to run their operations more efficiently; to communicate more effectively; to save money; to engage with the public; and to understand, plan, and set policies.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Got ArcGIS Server? Create
    Featured Paper by Donald Barker

    IT and Development - Geodata and Web GIS
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Avineon provides photogrammetric mapping services for government and commercial GIS users. Our professional staff is dedicated to enhancing our photogrammetric processes and production centers to deliver the highest quality products at a competitive price. Avineon’s knowledge of advanced photogrammetric environments and geospatial applications enables us to provide support at all stages of the data collection process Avineon
    Calculating Impervious
    Featured Paper by Julia Cole

    In April 2008, MSD implemented a revised structure for charging customer stormwater services. Fees were calculated based upon the quantity of impervious surface on the customer's property.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Increasing productivity
    Featured Paper by Dani Bramante

    Critigen (UK) has a major contract with London Tideway Tunnels (Thames Water) for a multi-million dollar urban waste water tunnel development. The GIS Team is comprised of only six people, supporting a project of almost 300, with very high demanding service requests in response to changing (project) priorities and requirements.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GIS Community Standards
    Featured Paper by David Danko, Mark Reichardt (OGC), Satish Sankaran

    Interoperability is critical for federal, civilian, and defense GIS. Learn about Esri's continued support for interoperability, including new functionality available in ArcGIS 10. This session will be beneficial to users wanting to understand what the various GIS standards accomplish and how they support interoperability. The presentation will cover many of the ISO, OGC, GWG, and FGDC standards critical to the GIS community.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GIS-Integrated Work Management
    Featured Paper by Skye Perry, John Garrett

    Leading Edge Applications of GIS
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Data Sharing With ArcIMS
    Feature Article By Kent Anness, GIS Manager for the Kentucky Water Resource Information System ArcUser Online
    Managing Enterprise Land
    Feature Article By Michael F. Tepera and Todd Buehlman ArcUser Online
    Asarco's Ray Complex:
    "GPS gives mine managers and operators constant real-time data that gives everyone the ability to know exactly where ore is, what type it is and exactly where every piece of equipment is at any given time..." Thales Navigation
    Programming and Project
    AIRPORT EXPANSION IS experiencing both a renaissance and a review of priorities in light of recent events that have greatly impacted this industry. Though some airport expansion projects around the nation have been placed on temporary hold, others continue to move forward. Carter & Burgess, Inc
    Discover 9.0
    This file contains an installation of Discover 9.0 with example datasets and tutorials. This release boasts an extensive range of new features and benefits and is available to all Discover users with a valid Support and Update subscription. Discover 8.0 users will receive a 20 day evaluation upon installing. An activation code must be requested for permanent use. Encom
    Implementation of Workflows
    LinkWater is responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of potable bulk water pipelines and related infrastructure throughout South East Queensland. Esri Australia
    ArcGIS Online: Cloud
    Featured Paper by Katie Clift

    ArcGIS Online: Cloud Offerings for Your Organization
    Esri Users Group Conference
    AVArrows was developed as an alternative to the ESRI arrows line symbol in ArcView Coulter Mapping Solutions, Inc
    Mapworld Trial
    Mapworld is a Internet Cartography Flash based viewer. Its aim is to simplify the consultation of geographical information for all Internet users. Mapworld uses traditional map-making as a source of information and shows the maps through the most ordinary Internet plug-in, Flash Player (Macromedia). Mapworld is the fastest toll for map consultation on the Net and it offers countless means, delightful and dynamic, to render the cartographic service interesting for Internet users. Its strong points are: ? Compatibility with the most ordinary cartographic formats (SHP, TAB, DGN, E00, DXF,...); ? Customizing on line maps (add Flash movie, music, managing of Point of Interest) ? Minimum bandwidth server required (the server is on a Microsoft platform and weights less than 30 MB); ? Very high consultation speed; ? Automatic creation of reference maps; ? Independent data management (data sources can reside on different servers and can be in different formats); ? Dynamic maps consultation (zoom in and out in real time, drag and move, ...); ? Large format maps management (tests performed to 30GB data); ? Customizing user interface (Flash developing) ? Semi automatic importing system ? Importing script module ? Search db module ? Transparency layer plugin ? Autoswitch on/off in zoom limit ? Indipendent data session ? HTML Based viewer (swf objects for html) There is an importer (GeoImporter) that transforms traditional GIS method maps in an internal format (MWF); these maps can be managed by a server component known as GeoManager, the task of which is to take care of the interchange with the Internet client. To attain this, the client just needs the Flash Player plug-in by Macromedia. Maps will be visualized as videos assembled according to the user's needs. WCG
    A ParcelDrillDown Report
    Featured Paper by Michele Dunham

    County government agencies and departments provide parcel-based services and information to the public and other governmental organizations. The GIS Division of Ventura County has designed a flexible and easily-configurable Parcel (polygon) Drilldown Report Web Service that leverages ArcGIS Server Map Services, the ArcGIS SOAP API, and a dynamically-generated Crystal Report.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    program intended to make working with generic mapping tools (GMT) scripts easier
    The National Map From the USGS
    ArcNews Online Feature Article ArcNews Online
    The Definition and Mapping
    Featured paper by Jordan Chamberlin, Ingrid Rhinehart. Spatially explicit characterizations of farming systems are important to the definition of policies for economic growth, sustainable resource use, and improving human welfare in rural populations. Much of the developing world, however, is characterized by patterns of small-holder land use that reflects fragmented and heterogeneous livelihood pursuits. This makes the multiple, overlapping spatial characteristics of livelihood enterprises particularly challenging to map in any detailed way. This paper presents a farming system characterization for Uganda, based upon a detailed national household survey, and its spatial rendering through a cartographic model that combines survey information with land use/land cover data. International Food Policy Research Institute
    AccuGlobe 2004
    A FREE but powerful desktop GIS software program for viewing, editing, and plotting vector and raster data. Supports the most common GIS data formats. Digital Data Technologies, Inc. (DDTI)
    Developing Environmentally
    Featured Paper by Lucy Arnold

    Renewable energy will play a major role in meeting UK targets for reducing emissions. West Coast Group of companies operates within the renewable sector, with West Coast Energy involved in the identification and planning of wind energy developments and Atmos Consulting providing technical and environmental support.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GIS in Emergency Management
    Featured Paper by David Parrish

    Technology usage, geographic information systems in particular, has been steadily increasing in the public sector over the past 30 years. During this time, policy makers have shifted their attentions away from the implementation of the technology to understanding the various aspects of organizational cultures in an effort to create a more effective and efficient method of technological response in disaster situations.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Disconnected Editing
    Featured Paper by Luke Wenschhof

    GIS in the Field (Mobile GIS)
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GIS Data Assessment for

    Featured Paper by John Dirkman
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Pennsylvania Historic
    Featured Paper by Patrick Jaquay and Samuel Steingrabe

    Government - Solving Real-World Problems
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Making It Work: A Project-Based
    Featured Paper by Joshua Tootoo

    Making It Work: A Project-Based GIS Training Program for State and Local Health Departments
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Interview With Eric Carlson,
    Eric Carlson President and CEO Telcontar, Inc. Eric Carlson has worked in research, product development and executive management in Silicon Valley since 1972.
    Telcontar, Inc.
    The Bay Area Geographic
    Featured Paper By Mike Skowronek, Bruce Joffe. A multi-agency project, sponsored by Bay Area Automated Mapping Association, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Association of Bay Area Governments, U.C. Berkeley, and the Federal Geographic Data Committee, conducted a survey of the creators and maintainers of digital geographic information throughout the Bay Area. The results have been tabulated and formatted for inclusion into California's statewide geographic metadata catalog. This presentation describes the awareness and use of metadata in the Bay Area and emphasizes the importance of maintaining agency metadata in the catalog. Metropolitan Transportation Commission
    Mapping for All Seasons
    Laser technology has revolutionized the mapping industry – LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) has emerged as a proven technology for providing and complimenting mapping products. It is not only an efficient means of providing accurate data but also a flexible method of accomplishing an aerial survey without regard to season or time of day. Laser scanning provides structural and topographic detail previously unheard of. Airborne laser scanners collect accurate geo-referenced topographic data of large areas very quickly, while tripod-mounted laser scanner systems generate very dense, geometrically accurate data. Used in tandem, these scanners make it possible to generate complete solid models that are geometrically accurate on all surfaces. This presentation documents the processing and fusing of airborne and tripod-mounted data. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
    USDA Forest Service's
    The USDA Forest Service is a large, multi-departmental organization, with geospatial data created and stored locally across 16 regions and stations, and also at the main office. This case study illustrates the proposed ERDAS TITAN solution for supporting data sharing at the USDA Forest Service FSGeodata Clearinghouse and its associated regions and stations. ERDAS, Inc.
    A Comparison of Aspatial
    Featured Paper by Molly Cohn

    The modifiable areal unit problem arises when the boundaries that define neighborhoods affect perceived levels of segregation. Scholars postulate that this problem is exacerbated when neighborhoods are defined as administrative units; doing so leads to an aspatial measure of segregation, which may not adequately account for the spatial relationships among residential locations.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    A Web 2.0 Enterprise
    Featured Paper by Daniel Miller

    The host platform described in this paper is a composite of ESRI ArcGIS Server and IBM's WebSphere technologies where these softwares have enabled the NSW Land and Property Management Authority in Australia to converge its transactional business systems with its analytical platforms under a Web 2.0 Enterprise GIS Strategy.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Case Study - Using ArcGIS
    Featured Paper by Wayne Russell

    This case study describes the methodology used to baseline the network infrastructure in a large, government, multi-tenant organization of over 300 buildings and structures. There are also multiple research and test labs connecting various networks. The purpose of this effort is to identify the locations of all networks, conduits, fiber, switches, routers, etc. and to ensure that these resources are updated on a regular basis.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Featured Paper by DEBAPRIYA DUTTA

    In its journey of planned development, the current emphasis in India is on local level planning as embodied in the 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments. The concept of spatial planning is in the core of it. Considering the emphasis on development and adaptation of suitable technologies for local needs to make an impact on the lives of ordinary citizens, the Government of India has initiated a number of geo-ICT (Geographical Information and Communication Technologies)based programmes to support the local level planning since 1980s.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Implementing Mobile GIS
    Featured Paper by Douglas Braeckel

    CSX Transportation sought a mobile GIS framework powerful and flexible enough to solve field data collection needs in an extended enterprise environment covering 20,000 miles of railroad assets in 23 states.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    This Extension is used to count points from a point shape theme which are contained by each polygon from a polygon shape theme freeware
    A series of questions is asked, and the answers evaluated and reported to the us er. This is an Avenue version of Trivia.aml, using a vastly different approach in ArcView than in ArcInfo. Courtesy of Stephen Lead
    Using Digital Quality
    Featured Paper By Janette Lovely. One of the most important and challenging tasks of GIS implementation is performing quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) of converted data. Pressure from schedules, a significant increase in workload, and the tediousness of the task all contribute to the difficulty of allotting QA/QC the attention it deserves. Fortunately, digital quality assurance routines can be developed to perform many routine checks and analyses. This paper will describe the process and illustrate the Arc Macro Language (AML) scripts that were used for quality assurance of coverage, SDE, and SQL Server data at the City of Franklin, WI. PlanGraphics, Inc.
    On the Selection of an
    The last ten years have witnessed great advancements in mapping technologies, which have benefited the geospatial research community. This includes the development of Light Detection And Ranging devices (LIDAR) for measuring topography changes, development of more precise Global Positioning Systems (GPS™s) and deployment of high-resolution satellites such as IKONOS. Since a number of useful parameters can be derived from Terrain Models (TM™s) besides their representation of the terrain surface; their significance is hence growing quickly. Additionally, TM™s are also being used in coastal areas to generate Instantaneous Shorelines (IS™s) by intersecting them with Water Surface Models (WSM™s). Moreover, the production of TM™s from LIDAR data is getting popular as LIDAR data are becoming more available and convenient for the interpolation method of choice. This paper explores the suitability of some interpolation methods for creating a TM from LIDAR data. The quality of TM™s created by various interpolation methods in representing the terrain surface has been tested by studying TM™s created from LIDAR data for a study area with different values of uncertainty. These values of uncertainty have been artificially introduced to the LIDAR data before creating the TM™s. These TM™s have then been compared and analyzed along representative profiles. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
    Ten Ways to Support GIS
    Paper by Bruce Joffe. Controversy has been raging for more than a decade on the appropriateness, legality, and effectiveness of public agencies selling their digital geodata. Recent discussions among professionals from both government and private sectors, representing a wide spectrum of opinion on whether public geodata should be sold or given away freely, have yielded some interesting experiences and useful advice on effective ways for public agencies to support their GIS operations. URISA
    Measuring Patterns of
    Featured Paper by Timothy Mulrooney

    North Carolina Central University has begun working with the Durham Police Department to measure patterns of crime around the campus of North Carolina Central University. This not only benefits studies in the geospatial sciences, but also coursework in Public Administration, Social Work and Criminal Justice. In addition, these data are used in community outreach endeavors around the NCCU campus such as Habitat for Humanity.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using GIS and LiDAR to
    Featured Paper by Justin Cole

    In 2006, Monroe County flew a LiDAR elevation model for various utility or transportation improvement projects. Until a few years ago, most of this data was only available to the GIS group. The problem is, while ArcGIS can handle the size of the data, most of our consultants could not, so we came up with a workflow to help them use the data.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    ArcGIS Server as An Enterprise
    Featured Paper by Tara (TJ) Houle, Brittany Wall

    Leading Edge Applications of GIS
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Bus Accident Mapping
    Featured Paper by Leo Fothergill and Doy Miller

    Bus Accident Mapping and Analysis Application
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GeoDesign and Analysis
    Featured Paper by Eric Wittner

    This session will demonstrate GIS models and techniques in 2D and 3D that are useful during the design and assessment of facilities, neighborhoods, and land-use plans. Topics will include the integration of 3D models from third-party sources into the geodatabase, 2D and 3D suitability analysis, the use of GIS to drive/simulate urban forms, network-based location allocation of amenities, and quality/quantity of view assessment based on line of sight.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Up in the Cloud: Migrating
    Featured Paper by Vicky Tam

    Cloud and Mobile/Field GIS - Supporting Public Safety & Security
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GITA 2004 Pictures
    Pictures taken by at GITA 2004 Internet Business Systems
    Download Trial Version
    Download Trial Version of GPS-Photo Link

    System Requirements : Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, NT 4.0, Me or XP operating system.

    The program will be installed to Program Files\GPS-Photo Link and will be initially in demo mode. It will run 10 times before the demo runs out.

    Run the program from Start Menu, Programs, GeoSpatial Experts, GPS-Photo Link.
    GeoSpatial Experts, LLC
    GIS Analysis for Multicriteria
    Featured Paper by Johan van Zyl

    Development and siting of new water resources projects has become increasingly difficult in recent years due to intense scrutiny of stakeholders and special interest groups mobilizing resistance through the internet and social networking. Although public engagement in the decision making process is crucial, GIS combined with multicriteria decision analysis tools can provide a means of enhancing knowledge and information on impacts of the project for promoting compromise and reducing conflict.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The Cadastral Information
    Featured Paper by Claudia Olmos Gomez

    Using Geographic Information Systems Municipal Government updates the characteristics of the territory, such as infrastructure, equipment, services, etc. In conjunction with the Department of Ecology, civil defense, public safety, health, etc., We obtain useful information for decision making, thus minimizing work time, reduce costs and get a good tax revenue, according to the actual characteristics of premises and orderly urban growth.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    In the Cloud or On the
    Featured Paper by Jesse Glasgow, Mike Fourman

    In the Cloud or On the Ground? Different Strokes for Different Folks
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The Community Indicators
    Featured Paper by Jene Grandmont

    The Community Indicators Tool: User-Friendly Data Dissemination
    Esri Users Group Conference
    MapCalc Learner
    MapCalc Learner is a grid-based spatial analysis/GIS modeling package that accepts .tab, .shp, or .grd files. The free download is a two-week trial. The CD version contains extensive tutorial material and costs only $21.95. An instructor version is available. Red Hen Systems, Inc.
    format for Bathymetric Charts of Oceans, Greenland altimetry, rivers, coasts, as well as sources data from CIA, DMA and DCW. Pangea Network for Geological and Environmental Data
    Satellite Imagery to
    Featured Paper By Sharon Qi, David Litke, Alexandria Konduris. This paper presents the techniques used to map irrigated lands in the 174,000-square-mile High Plains area using Landsat imagery. Eighty scenes from summer and early spring (nominal date 1990) were used. U.S.G.S - Water Resources
    Lake Griffin Fish Habitat
    Featured paper by Christine Schluter, Walt Godwin. Lake Griffin has suffered from declines in desirable fish species due to the loss of habitat as a result of decreased water quality. This study outlines methods used to determine areas best suited for development of fish spawning habitat. Data sets were developed and analyzed to determine sites within the lake that provide the best conditions to support fish spawning habitat. Ideal sites consisted of areas that could support desirable aquatic vegetation. Factors considered included light penetration, presence of soft sediment, wave disturbance, and shoreline land use and existing vegetation. Jones Edmunds & Associates
    Agro-Ecology of Malaria
    Featured Paper by Ben Wielgosz

    Agro-Ecology of Malaria in Uganda: A Spatial-Probit Model
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Address Matcher for GeoMedia 3.0 This command provides an alternative GeoCoding option to using GDT data. Intergraph Corporation
    This ArcView 3.x extension removes duplicate points which fall in the exact same location. Courtesy of Stephen Lead
    Northeast Bakersfield
    Featured paper by David Dow. This paper provides a description of the methodologies and processes used for the creation of a decision/support model for land acquisition decisions on a cooperative open space project between the City of Bakersfield and other local agencies. The model uses a cost/benefit approach using components of habitat ranking, developed through an independently prepared evaluation, and estimated per acre land costs based on percentage slope and proximity. The primary goal was to derive a system for quantifying the best cost/benefit for any given area of the project and use the resultant data to target specific areas for later acquisition. City of Bakersfield
    Mining GIRAS: Improving
    Featured paper by Curtis Price, Naomi Nakagaki, Kerie Hitt, Rick Clawges. Historical land use and land cover available from USGS was batch converted by USGS and EPA to ArcInfo format in the early 1990s. This collection of files has been used for many national applications, despite many coding and topological errors. Since these files were posted in the mid-1990s a group of USGS researchers has made edits to improve these data sets. These edited files have been recently modified to create a more accurate, topologically clean, and seamless version. Several different approaches, including custom editing software and several batch processing approaches were required to create this best-available version of the GIRAS data set. U.S. Geological Survey
    Implementation of Automatic
    Featured Paper by M.K. Aggarwal, Vijita S. Aggarwal

    DTC has implemented a pilot project ‘Automatic Vehicle Tracking System’ initially in 200 buses based on GPS & GIS technologies. The online AVTS System implemented by DTC is first of its kind in India for tracking and monitoring of buses in real time. The system minimizes human intervention in monitoring the operation of buses in actual field conditions. The system provides an important regulatory mechanism for actual field operation as it generates a number of exception reports like Violation of Speed Limit, Skipping of Bus Stops, Deviation of Prescribed Routes & timings, unauthorized stopping, etc. The system uses DGPS for enhanced accuracy of vehicle tracking integrated with GIS technology.
    Delhi Transport Corporation
    CrossView for ArcGIS
    An intuitive, wizard-based plug-in, CrossView Earth Surfaces™ is the premier cross-sectioning tool and perfect complement to the ESRI ArcGIS® workflow.

    With applications to suit anyone from environmental engineers and mining analysts to planners and construction developers, CrossView makes GIS easier, saving both time and money in a number of crucial ways.

    Gain broader and more intimate visual access to geo-spatial terrains and sub-surfaces, by integrating rich data sources with simple yet demonstrative profile or cross section visualizations.

    Download 7-day Trial Software.
    A-Prime Software
    Determining Optimum Ambulance
    Featured Paper by Serpil Ates

    Health care has been one of the basic human need since the beginning of the human life and if emergency medical services fails that will cause irreversible consequences.Well-defined system requirements and the organization of Emergency Medical Services must be fully established to perform their roles on time and effective way, especially in situations that require urgent intervention such as heart attack.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GIS for Everyone - Teaching
    Featured Paper by Rachel Kornak

    International Forestry Resources and Institutions (IFRI) is a research network made up of 13 collaborating universities and non-governmental organizations around the world. Since 1992, we have collected ecological and social data for over 350 community forests in 18 countries. Most of our partners are located in countries where funding limits easy access to GIS software.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Is your GIS ready for
    Featured Paper by Haritha Vendra

    DCSE helped Jurupa Community Services District in cleaning up their sewer data and migrating the data to the District's geodatabase. DCSE also configured ArcGIS Server for the District to enable everyone in the District to view District Data and leverage the same in their day to day workflows. The first two phases of the GIS implementation called for GIS data conversion from as-builts, and existing GIS, among other sources.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using GIS to Develop
    Featured Paper by Chris Puglisi

    In the event of an emergency which requires evacuation, local emergency management agencies need to coordinate and provide transportation for those residents who may not have access to a personal vehicle. GIS software can be used to aid these agencies in more effectively allocating their available transportation resources.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Improving the Electrical
    Featured Paper by Jafrullah Mohammed, Abhinav Dehariya

    Improving the Electrical Design Process by Integration with Network Analysis Software
    Esri Users Group Conference
    CMSZoom is a highly configurable yet powerful Zoom To Address Extension for ArcView 3.0a and 3.1 Coulter Mapping Solutions, Inc.
    Idrisi utility
    Idrisi32 Service Update to v 132.11 Clark Labs
    The City of Chicago's
    Featured Paper By Jerry Johnston, Kauser Ravzi, Anna Fan. The City of Chicago has developed an automated system to facilitate the issuance of liquor licenses. Two ArcIMS applications were developed for this purpose--one that determines whether an applicant address is restricted for certain types of liquor licenses, and one that automatically identifies all registered voters living within a fixed radius of the proposed license site and sends them a notification postcard. This new, automated system offers a number of advantages over the previous paper-based methodology including higher overall accuracy in identifying potentially affected voters and a dramatic reduction in the time required to carry out the licensing process. Pangaea Information Technologies
    Disturbance Mapping and
    Featured Paper by Aaron Maxwell

    Mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia continues to be studied to evaluate its cumulative impact on aquatic and terrestrial systems. Vital to the evaluation is the ability to map disturbance features over large extents. Our approach was to integrate both Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing to classify disturbed landscape features for mining, forestry, and construction activities.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Streamline Your Cartographic
    Overview • Utilise ArcGIS 10 for smarter cartographic production • Create consistent, repeatable workflows • Increase distribution and reduce workload Esri Australia
    Using ArcGIS Server to
    Featured Paper by Brian Jensen

    MCO Group operates and maintains water and wastewater systems for many villages, cities, and towns throughout Central Wisconsin. With Operators located throughout a vast geographic area, MCO had a significant need to enhance collaboration between Operators and increase the efficiency among maintenance operations. ArcGIS Server 10 and the Flex API provided the solution to meet those needs.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Flood Map Web Application
    Featured Paper by Eric Hopkins

    Government - GIS Supporting Resource Allocation
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Results of Southern Company’s
    Featured Paper by Richard Pike, Jeremy Myers

    Safety, Reliability, and Customer Satisfaction
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using Dense Ground Control
    Featured Paper By Robert Norheim, Ralph Haugerud, Vivian Queija. This paper discusses the differences between DEMs generated by LIDAR and IFSAR in an area with a dense network of ground control points. Both are also compared with the DEM from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. Also, the effect of land cover (which ranges from pasture to dense conifer forest in the study area) on the accuracy of both methods is examined, as is any spatial patterns in the survey errors. Also, effects of the difference of the GPS technique of the ground control points on accuracy will be discussed (survey-grade differential, real-time kinematic, and total station techniques were all employed). University of Washington/USGS
    Integrating the ArcGIS
    Featured Paper By Jonathan Pickus & Rakesh Bahadur & William Samuels

    A new version of PipelineNet has been developed that integrates the EPANET hydraulic model and ArcGIS. This new version also incorporates the ArcGIS water distribution data model to represent both the GIS pipe network and associated infrastructure. The data model has been extended to include hydraulic modeling input parameters (e.g., pump controls, water demands) so that a complete EPANET input file can be constructed from the data model components. The integrated system calculates, locates, and maps the population and critical customers at risk from the introduction of contaminants to the public water supply. PipelineNet simulates the flow and concentration of biological or chemical contaminants in a city or municipality's water distribution system from single and multiple sources, simulates water tracing and ageing, aids in the location of monitoring sites, provides tools for regulatory compliance and helps to evaluate contamination mitigation alternatives (e.g., system isolation or flushing).

    Cube Base 4.1.1
    Install or update licensed copy of Cube Base including Cube Reports version 4.1.1. (38.1MB) Citilabs, Inc.
    A Comprehensive Method
    Featured Paper by Lance Loethen

    TRF manages the Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative (FFFI), which provides loan and grant financing for supermarket development in areas that are relatively underserved by fresh food retailers. TRF's Policy Solutions staff used ArcGIS to develop a methodology for identifying communities having disproportionately low access to supermarkets compared to the benchmark distances of their cohorts.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Advancing Water Utility
    Featured Paper by Brandon Pfleckl

    The Service Authority of Prince William County (SA), Virginia provides water and sewer services to a population of 360,000 and is in the process of transitioning from an Autodesk MapGuide 6.5 platform to ArcGIS Server 10. This will push the SA to the forefront of technology and business efficiency. The Autodesk platform is a standalone system with limited integration capabilities.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Imagery in the Enterprise
    Featured Paper by Dan Zimble, Daniel Oleary

    This session will walk attendees through an approach for providing a single view of an enterprise image library using image services based on the new mosaic dataset in ArcGIS 10. This approach can be used to support workflows for finding and provisioning imagery for use in analysis. The session will describe a geodatabase design for handling satellite sensors using mosaic datasets and orchestrating various capabilities through ArcGIS for Server services expressed in a Flex-based web application. The session will demonstrate an approach to designing and preparing mosaic datasets and the resultant image services for use in cached basemap services for fast visualization.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Metadata Lite: Faking
    Featured Paper by Donald Barker Esri Users Group Conference
    This utility provides a GUI interface to register and install user commands for GeoMedia. Intergraph Corporation
    How HP Is Putting A Lock
    Feature Article By Joe Francica Directions Magazine
    Risk-Era: A GIS Tool
    Featured Paper By Janet Edwards Risk-Era is a low-cost, user-friendly geographic computer system for risk management. The program is targeted for risk managers at the community level. Risk-Era is used for location and analysis of accident risks. The user completes a comprehensive inventory of sites where risks are present. All objects are then classified and other relevant data is registered. Because Risk-Eras data is located in a SQL Server 7.0 base, data from other systems can be easily imported. MapObjects was selected as the GIS component for Risk-Era. MapObjects is a good solution with several functions for geographic presentation and analysis and is affordable for communities. Swedish Rescue Service Board
    progeCAD 2009 Professional
    AutoCAD functionality at less than tenth the cost. DWG DXF PDF read write. Similar icons, commands and interface. Raster image embedding, raster-to-vector software included. DWF publishing, IntelliCAD AutoLISP interpreter, ACIS 3D Solids modelling, temporary point snap (like oSnap), layers, blocks. Hatch, block and xref editing. 3D shading and rendering options. approx. 10000 Symbols library. Special upgrade price from recent AutoCAD, Actrix, Microstation, TurboCAD Pro, etc. Easy to learn. progeCAD professional includes their proprietary Express-Tools pack Free technical support in Australia, Europe, Worldwide by progeSOFT and (
    GEOCATMIN: Geological
    Featured Paper by William Hanco Mamani

    GEOCATMIN, is the evolution of the intensive use of information technologies that the Geological Survey of Peru has implemented with the purpose of disseminating in a single platform, the large amount of information that has generated in the last 50 years(47 layers).
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GIS Mapping and Analyses
    Featured Paper by Fumiaki Yamazaki

    In Japan, many types of landslides exist and occur. Deep-seated landslide GIS maps have been completed thoughout Japan. In addition, many GIS data on geology and topography such as 10m_DEM are provided by several government, such as Geological Survey of Japan and Geographical Survey Instiute, Japan. Therefore, it is possible to analyze the relationship between the deep-seated landslides and geology and the other factors.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Implementing GIS Inside
    Featured Paper by Andrew Blues

    In the winter of 2008, the University of Kentucky began a quest to design, build, and implement a custom GIS application to support occupancy of the new 16 floor, 1.2 million square foot Level 1 Trauma Center, UK Chandler Hospital Pavilion A. UK teamed up with Esri Business Partner, 39°N, and built a system with the primary function of storing asset information and generating room data sheets for tracking and analyzing the status of occupancy.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Water Metering Project
    It has been suggested that there are 26 quantifiable variables associated with the installation of water meters in a residential setting in Tasmania catering for surface conditions, depth of meter, accessibility, whether the location of the stop tap is known, type of property usage. Esri Australia
    The Geography of your
    Tools for Working with Big Data •Enterprise Data Warehouse •Business Intelligence Reporting Tools •GIS Esri Australia
    Powering Web, Mobile,
    Featured Paper by Michael Haggerty

    IT and Development - GIS Deployment Best Practices
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Get a map or directions MapBlast
    Taking GPS to the Streets
    The state of Kentucky maintains safe highways with Magellan handheld GPS receivers from Thales Navigation... Thales Navigation
    Re-Addressing Eielson
    Featured paper by Peter Hickman, Heather Goldman, Kelly Wirtz. GeoBase, the United States Air Force's geospatial information management initiative, was tasked with re-addressing Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, in order to improve the existing illogical addressing system. The previous system, based on Facility ID numbers, made orientation difficult; GIS-based queries, efficient routing, and geo-coding were not possible. The new addressing system was developed in cooperation with the US Postal Service and several key organizations at Eielson. This paper presents the methodology by which a new, logical addressing system was developed, how it was implemented, and describes the benefits and applications made possible by the new system. Titan-Applied Engineering Solutions
    Landcover Development
    The state of Maine is a picture of natural beauty, from its rocky shorelines to its vast northern forests. Maintaining the state’s natural resources is a cooperative balancing act between private land–owners, conservation organizations and government. One of the key tools used to manage natural resources and planning for Maine’s future is remotely sensed landcover data, which have been widely used for modeling urban and forest growth, estimating imperviousness, determining cumulative impacts of landcover change, and predicting wildlife habitats . Sanborn
    Quantum GIS 1.6.0 Copiapo
    The custom installation contains various python dependencies included to run external python plugins. Kcube consultancy services
    Cemetery Restoration:
    Featured Paper by Alfred Weiss

    Cemetery personnel face various management challenges such as monument conditions and land use maintenance. Having endured decades of physical neglect, the use of GIS has greatly assisted in the restoration of Jewish Graceland Cemetery located in Chicago IL. Problems such as immensely overgrown brush, monument wear, and possible tree hazard impacts against tombstone monuments were solved using GIS.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The Greater Accra Urban
    Featured Paper by Tyler Frazier

    The purpose of this research was to create an agent-based urban simulation based on land use at the plot level for projecting the disaggregated electricity demand of the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA). A simulation system comprised of location choice, regression, and simple models were used to project household, employment and land development decisions.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GIS Centric One Call
    Featured Paper by Lew DuBose

    Safety, Reliability, and Customer Satisfaction
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Results of Southern Company’s
    Featured Paper by Richard Pike, Jeremy Myers

    Safety, Reliability, and Customer Satisfaction
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Lessons From Developing
    Featured paper by Jacobus Prins. San Diego's Pipe Cleaning Scheduler was developed as an ArcGIS extension using an ActiveX-DLL that adds three content views to ArcMap. These content views provide all the functionality to create, print, manage, and track the status of the sewer cleaning service request. Data are managed in an Access database, shapefiles, a personal geodatabase, or remote geodatabase using ArcObjects controls or ADODB. The printing tool generates a set of maps in three formats on the fly. This paper will focus on the design of the COM objects supporting the extension and the lessons learned in the development of this extension. HDR Engineering, Inc.
    Challenges of Maintaining
    Featured Paper by James Batcheller

    The Army Range Mapper (ARM) distributes worldwide GIS data to soldiers, trainers, planners and range control personnel. The ARM is one of the most utilized support web resources in the U.S. Army Europe community.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    CitizenGIS - A Configurable
    Featured Paper by Tara Baldwin

    Chesterfield County, Virginia deployed a new Silverlight web mapping application called CitizenGIS in April of 2010. CitizenGIS was developed using ESRI ArcGIS Server, Microsoft Silverlight 3 and the ESRI Silverlight API and supports average citizens seeking GIS information.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GIS for Developing Local
    Featured Paper by Cindy Williams

    Despite the tardy realization by non-scientists that climate change is real, significant change already has occurred and globally is causing loss of over 300,000 lives each year. These changes are predicted to become even more severe during the rest of the 21st century. While resources dedicated to global and national climate planning are increasing, resources available for regional scales are sparse and virtually absent for local and individual scales.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Large Scale GIS\CAD Standards
    Featured Paper by Bart Matthews

    The Southwestern Regional Office of the US Forest Service has been providing engineering and surveying geospatial mapping products for the region for over 2 decades. The Regional office took on an effort to inventory and organize these robust geospatial datasets by developing a geodatabase design that supports engineering data derived from engineering related mapping projects.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Pipe Dream to Reality:
    Featured Paper by Kathryn Browning

    This presentation will discuss how Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility leveraged GIS for asset management to build a seamlessly integrated asset inventory of horizontal assets. We will discuss where we were and why a GIS upgrade project was necessary. We will explain what we wanted and how we justified the project. We will describe what we did and the payoff.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Role of Navy METOC - Manage Navy collected METOC data - Acquire other sources of METOC data Esri Australia
    Ron Schultz'_Image_On
    Toggle image themes on or off for ESRI ArcView 3.x category: ArcView Menus/Buttons/Tools Courtesy of Ron Schultz
    ProVec 4.0
    Latest in standalone raster to vector conversion technology - ProVec 4.0 Color. Vector output to MicroStation, AutoCad, ArcInfo and MapInfo Other: MicroStation based conversion applications including contour processor, polygon processor and vectorization. Sinclair Knight Merz
    Fusion of High Resolution
    High resolution (1.25 meter) ortho-rectified radar imagery (ORI) from an airborne IFSAR platform was recently created for the whole of Great Britain as part of the Intermap NextMapUK program, and a similar initiative is underway in the USA. In order to provide a broader range of useful products, the data-base, which normally includes a single channel ORI (X-Band, HH polarization) of image data along with associated DEM, will be supplemented by a fused radar/optical layer. Intermap Technologies
    GIS Based Incentivised
    Featured Paper by Veena Rao

    Where farmers have been provided with an incentive to produce yield of a certain quality and variety it is essential to monitor this method to ensure equitable distribution of loyalty privileges. In the current case study a GIS based method has been developed to maintain a database containing required parameters. The area of study is Sameerwadi, Karnataka, India. The primary crop is sugarcane.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using GIS tools to build
    Featured Paper by Arturo Morales

    The Codelco-Chile, El Teniente copper underground Mine is located in central Chile. The analysis highlights the usefulness of GIS technologies, ArcGis 10 platform, to analyze designs offered to contractors to build new access roads and facilities for heavy equipments in order to build the new main access of 18 km into the mine.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Geospatial Capital Investment
    Featured Paper by Chris Kahn

    Utilities, Transportation, and A/E/C - Infrastructure Improvements
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Spatial Analysis of NPRI
    Featured Paper by Tali Neta

    Spatial Analysis of NPRI Carcinogen Air Emissions in Canada
    Esri Users Group Conference
    software package dedicated to analyzing and displaying interaction or flow data. This type of data is special in the sense that there are two different geographic locations connected to each data item: An origin location where the flow starts and a destination location where the flow ends. Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Intellisys Project Enterprise
    Intellisys Project Enterprise is a multi-user, multi-platform collaborative project management system for the enterprise. It gives all project stakeholders concurrent access to a project management database through an elegant and functional interface. Enable all your team members to collaborate on, plan and track trojects, regardless of their location or platform. Intellisys Inc.
    Using VBA and ArcGIS
    Featured paper by Brian Bradshaw. Layers in ArcScene containing polygon features can be extruded to create 3D blocks for display in the current scene. While this is useful for representing flat-roofed buildings within ArcScene it does not create a new, 3D shapefile and does not create buildings with peaked, or curved roofs. A method to create 3D shapefiles representing buildings with complex roofs and then export these objects to VRML was developed using a combination of VBA scripts and innovative editing of 3D shapefiles in ArcGIS. Photon Research Associates
    An Introduction to OpenGIS
    OpenGIS is the activity pursued by the Open GIS Consortium (OGC). OpenGIS seeks to achieve transparent access to disparate geo-data and geo-processing resources in a networked environment by providing a rich suite of open interface specifications. These interface specifications will enable GIS developers to create inter-operable components that provide this transparency. Cadcorp
    Public Access to County
    Featured Paper by Bruce Joffe

    In 2009, the California Court of Appeal affirmed the public's right to Santa Clara County's GIS basemap data, but the County has raised some new impediments. In 2010, the Sierra Club sued Orange County for their GIS parcel basemap, and lost in the trial court! They are now appealing the decision. We will discuss the facts of these cases and their implication for the GIS community.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Social Media & Maps
    Overview •What do we mean by Social Media? •How’s it being used? •Where’s the where? •Roll your own Social Media map Esri Australia
    Viewshed Analysis of
    Featured Paper by David Diggs

    Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), USA, is rich in Native American sites, many believed to have served religious purposes. Field and consultation data have been incorporated into successive generations of a Geographic Information System (GIS) project designed to model and predict the spatial distribution of sacred sites and ritual features believed to have constituted long-lost landscapes.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Long-term streamflow
    Featured Paper by Michael Wine

    Better Decisions using GIS: Floodplains and Riparian Areas
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Next Generation 9-1-1
    Featured Paper by Jerry Steenson

    GIS for Public Safety and Emergency Management
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The Power of Information
    Featured Paper by John Christiansen, Eric Williams

    GIS Addressing Business Processes and Needs
    Esri Users Group Conference
    ERDAS MapSheets Express v 1.3
    MapSheets Express v1.3 is a free viewing and mapping tool from ERDAS, designed for working with imagery and vector map data. ERDAS, Inc.
    WiseImage for GIS
    WiseImage Presentation
    Timing is Everything:
    Feature Article By Mark Harley, Geographic Data Technology, Inc. ArcUser Magazine
    Annotation Tools
    In order to create feature-linked annotation using ESRI ArcGIS, a user must have either an ArcEditor or ArcInfo license. The AnnoTools extension expands on the functionality of ArcGIS by allowing a user to create and maintain Non-standard feature-linked annotation in a personal geodatabase using ArcView. The annotation created using AnnoTools has all of the benefits of feature-linked annotation created using standard ArcEditor and ArcInfo tools and more.... West-East GIS Solutions
    Partnerships for GIS
    Featured Paper By Shandy Bittle, Jennifer Hayward Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has developed two shared GIS positions in Wyoming. The first partnership was in Pinedale, Wyoming, between the NRCS, Forest Service, and the BLM. The second was developed in Wheatland, Wyoming, between the NRCS, Platte County Resource District, and Platte County--the second poorest county in Wyoming. The paper explains how these partnerships were developed, how they function, the benefits each partner receives from the positions, and how future shared GIS positions could be created benefiting entities could not otherwise afford to have a full-time GIS position on their own. Platte County Natural Resources Partnership
    Water Resources for BACOG:
    Featured paper by Joel Peters, Kurt Thomsen, Janet Agnoletti. The Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG) Water Resources Committee in Northeastern Illinois is studying groundwater resources in the region for the purpose of establishing policies for development. By analyzing data layers in GIS including subsurface bedrock, groundwater wells, wetlands, watersheds, land use, zoning, and population, BACOG will project the effects of planned development on water resources, while providing recommendations for protecting sensitive environments and offering limitations on land development. The presentation will focus on strategies and methodologies incorporated in the analysis and resulting recommendations for future development. Interested parties include municipalities or regions that face similar sustainable development issues. Tetra Tech, EM, Inc.
    Using Geospatial Information:
    Geographic imaging professionals use a wide variety of data and image analysis tools to solve geographically-related problems every day. Download this white paper to learn how data derived from imagery is analyzed and applied to result in better, more informed decision making. ERDAS, Inc.
    Critical Data Collection
    Featured Paper by Jianwu Chen

    GPS and mobile GIS technology are used for different projects at South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). Here, three projects will be presented: Healthcare Facility Data Collection, Vulnerability Assessment, and Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response (CASPER).
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Effects of Logging in
    Featured Paper by Rachel Kornak

    The Congo Basin in Central Africa is home to the world's second largest concentration of tropical rainforests. These forests have been used for multiple activities with competing goals such as timber extraction, conservation, and agriculture. Massive overhauls to laws governing forests were implemented in the region in the late 1990's in an effort to promote more sustainable logging practices.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Flood: Are You at Risk?
    Featured Paper by Dave Hansen

    This concerns studies in support of a determination on whether it is in the public interest to remove four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River. Of particular interest to those living along the Klamath River downstream of these dams is the effect on flood risk. FEMA conducted a risk assessment and produced 100 year maps along the river several years ago.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Geographic Coordinates
    Featured Paper by emmor nile

    The primary concern for Incident Management Teams (IMT) is that of firefighter safety. In the 1990's the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) adopted a standard for the US National Grid (USNG). The push behind this effort was to standardize the map based coordinates used on an incident to enable communication about locations.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Risk Assessment to State
    Featured Paper by James Howell

    Mountain bugbane is an herbaceous plant associated with eastern hemlock in the southern and central Appalachians. It is rare in Maryland (10 occurrences) (NatureServe 2010) and is restricted to the westernmost county.It is found with the vegetatively similar and more common black cohosh which is wild-harvested for many ailments including menopausal symptoms. Amidst development pressure and hemlock decline, incidental collection may increase the vulnerability of mountain bugbane.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    How GIS Supports Utilities
    Featured Paper by Susan Smith-Lee

    Partner Solution Sessions
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Subnational Population
    Featured Paper by Robert Leddy

    Subnational Population Estimates for Responding to Global HIV/AIDS
    Esri Users Group Conference
    This command allows you to view/edit t he colors of all the entries in the colorscheme collection. Very useful for Thematics Intergraph Corporation
    Version 2.0 Beta of the
    This is version 2.0 Beta of the DOOGIS system connected to a spatial data server written in Smalltalk. This version demonstrates the basic capabilities needed to provide typical GIS functionality such as zooming, panning, and getting information via the World Wide Web. Object-oriented GIS GeoViewer is also available from this site. Argonne National Laboratory, Decision and Information Sciences Division
    Sample images
    Sample images for the upgrade of the 9 second Australian DEM ? a joint project of CRES and AUSLIG Joint Project of CRES and AUSLIG
    SLMSv5 - The GIS Standard
    Street Lighting Management System, Release 5TM is a fully integrated, yet inherently customizable and modularly adaptable, visual databasing solution for outdoor lighting. With an intuitive interface written in Java, and employing Oracle 9iTM as its database engine, SLMS v5TM is completely cross-platform and infinitely scalable, with many important features including centralized control of daily operations, end to end work order management, enhanced customer service with complaint intake, predictive maintenance with true forecasting, telemetry support for Telemics SoftPOWER, Inc. and Spatial Data, Inc.
    Video Interviews at ESRI
    Video Interviews taken by IBSystems at the ESRI Conference 2008 IBSystems, Inc.
    Using Geography Improves
    Featured Paper by Christopher Hall

    MSD Cincinnati uses its CAGIS Online tool to improve NPDES pretreatment data quality by integrating its iPACS pretreatment system for address validation, field investigations and data sharing. Cincinnati's regional GIS utility assists interagency database coordination which allows data owners to manage their shared data and other agencies to reliably make use of attributes for facilities in which they have a shared interest.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    ArcGIS Runtime SDK for
    Featured Paper by Jo Fraley, Nikki Golding

    DevGeo - Esri is extending the reach of ArcGIS to smartphone devices. Now you can carry your maps to the field on an iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone device to view and query maps, collect and update GIS features, and do much more. A configurable ArcGIS application and native API for each device platform are included. This presentation will provide an overview of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Windows Phone and illustrate how you can build and deploy mobile GIS solutions for Windows Phone devices.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The Impact of Travel
    Featured Paper by John Hufford

    The Impact of Travel Time on Patient Choice of OB Provider
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Assessment method for
    The weights-of-evidence analysis, a quantitative mineral resource mapping tool, is used to delineate favorable areas for epithermal gold deposits and to predict future exploration activity of the mineral industry for similar deposits in a four-county area (222 x 277 km), including the Okanogan and Colville National Forests of northeastern Washington. Modeling is applied in six steps: (1) building a spatial digital database, (2) extracting predictive evidence for a particular deposit, based on an exploration model, (3) calculating relative weights for each predictive map, (4) combining the geologic evidence maps to predict the location of undiscovered mineral resources, (5) measuring the intensity of recent exploration activity by use of mining claims on federal lands, and (6) combining mineral resource and exploration activity into an assessment model of future mining activity. USGS
    gecko! SVG Library
    gecko! SVG Library is a Microsoft.NET library and Web Service application that allows GIS developers to produce SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) maps. C#.NET source code is supplied with purchased versions of this library. gecko! SVG library can be used either in standalone .NET applications, or as a web service. gecko! SVG library can use ESRI shapefiles or RDBMS GIS data sets. It includes tracking capabilities. Simple administration and configuration using XML input files. Relational Logic
    Download MapSheets Express
    FREE MapSheets Express Download ERDAS, Inc.
    A GIScience Application
    Featured Paper by Yi-Chen Yang

    This study presents two decision support plug-ins (uWATER and uWATER-PA) in ArcGIS Explorer Desktop. Both tools are designed to provide easy access to GIS analysis functions on spatial and attribute queries, then further extended for analyzing specific environmental issue of groundwater pumping impacts.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    A Landscape Decision
    Featured Paper by Jennifer Boggs

    A customizeable spatial decision support system (SDSS) that combines principles of landscape ecology and conservation planning is now available as open-access modelbuilder and python scripts. The emerging online collaboratory welcomes interest and new users.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Benthic Habitat Mapping
    Featured Paper by John Knowles

    Benthic habitat maps are a critical base layer for marine conservation planning. For the country of St. Kitts and Nevis, which is using a GIS to zone surrounding waters, the identification of seagrass, coral reefs, sand and other benthic habitat is critical in setting conservation objectives within its multiuse zoning project. With funding from the US Agency for International Development, the St. Kitts and Nevis Government partnered with the Nature Conservancy and Nova Southeastern University's Oceanographic Center to generate a relatively low-cost, high resolution benthic habitat map for surrounding waters up to 30m.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Hydrography Event Management
    Featured Paper by Kibri Everett

    The Hydrography Event Management (HEM) tools, developed by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), are ArcGIS tools that can be used to create National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) events for both state and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) programs. These events link water related information with NHD surface water features.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Migrating the DenverGIS
    Featured Paper by Doug Genzer

    DenverGIS has worked with ESRI staff to modernize one of the most important information assets for the City and County of Denver: Parcels and the survey data that underpins them. Converted from hardcopy maps in 2002, the amalgamation of two previously-separate layers from the Assessor's Office (Tax Parcels) and the City Surveyor's Office (Subdivisions, blocks and lots) was a signal accomplishment.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Relationships Among Topography,
    Featured Paper by Peter DeCelles

    ESRI ArcMap software was applied to the Nepal Himalaya in order to understand the relationships among topography, geology, seismicity and land use. Development of a GIS-based multidisciplinary database involved scanning and manual digitization of topographical, geological and seismicity maps. From digitized topographical maps, digital terrain models, shaded relief, slope angle, slope direction and land use maps were developed and visualized in one data frame, providing a basis for several geospatial analyses.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Targeting Child Auto
    Featured Paper by Mohan Rao

    Targeting Child Auto Safety Programs to the Neighborhoods Most in Need
    Esri Users Group Conference
    30 day free trial period MapInfo Corporation
    The AddLegendStyle MapInfo application updates coded objects with Styles (color, pattern, symboltypes, linetypes ....) from a user defined Legend map to another map. Great tool when you need to put color to maps when colorinformation is lost due to conversion. Relief
    Express View for Pocket PC
    This PocketPC viewer allows users to interactively view MrSID images or DjVu documents within the PocketPC or any other WinCE compliant device. LizardTech
    Avenue Dialog Converter
    Avenue dialog converter helps to automate the process of user interface migration by converting Avenue dialog extensions to Visual Basic. Data East, LLC
    AutoCAD Map 3D Trial
    Download your FREE 30-day fully functioning trial, and as a bonus, you’ll receive the Electric, Water and Wastewater Toolkits – all for free.

    AutoCAD Map 3D delivers:
    • Seamless integration of CAD design data with GIS systems
    • The ability to work with virtually any native data format
    • Improved data accuracy with automated cleanup
    The Free Utilities Toolkits include:
    • AutoCAD Map 3D Drawing and Object Classification templates
    • A set of industry objects with corresponding real-world attributes
    • A set of pre-configured industry symbols
    • User documentation including user's guide, workflows, and data model schema
    • Instructional videos
    Analysis of Economic
    Featured Paper by Jesse Rozelle

    During the historic Red River flooding of 2009 and 2010 in the Fargo region it became a priority to develop a site specific structure dataset for use in FEMA's HAZUS (Hazards U.S.) flood model. With this structure dataset, we were able to assess the impacts to Fargo from various flooding event scenarios.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Connecting with Government
    Overview • Overview of • Guide to • Contributing data • Metadata • Data formats • Data location • Licensing • Updating and maintaining data • Finding data • Interrogating data • Providing feedback • Using data demo • The road ahead Esri Australia
    The On-Line Atlas of
    Featured Paper by Richard Lycan

    The on-line Atlas of Oregon Lakes was funded by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality through an EPA grant to facilitate sharing of water quality data. The content includes physical, chemical, and biological data; descriptive data for lake watersheds such as land cover and ownership; bathymetric maps; and downloadable PDF maps for 230 lakes.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Dekho in a Broad Organisational
    Office of Environment and Heritage *Approximately 4500 staff *Approximately 1200 ArcGIS users *Spread across NSW *Broad skill range *Varying IT infrastructure Esri Australia
    Exploring the ArcGIS
    Featured Paper by Ben Conklin, Carolyn Fish

    This session will begin with an overview of ArcGIS as an enterprise system for defense and intelligence. We'll cover examples of how thousands of users across the spectrum are utilizing ArcGIS to better support the warfighter and national policy maker. We will explain GIS as a system, linking the different kinds of users from national to tactical levels, as well as introduce new ArcGIS 10 workflows that are important to this community.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Looking for Signs and
    Featured Paper by William Flynn, GISP

    Integrating and Serving Data to the Public
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Free Mobile GIS SDK
    GeoPAD Mobile GIS SDK version 2.1 is free GIS SDK for Embedded Visual C++ 4.0, Visual C++ .NET 2005, Visual Basic .NET 2005 & Visual C# .NET 2005 (Pocket PC-PDA) running Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 5.0 with sample source code. Using GeoPAD SDK user can customize GIS application as per requirement and distribute it free Geo Soft
    ArcGIS Software-Based
    Featured Paper by Khalid Al-Arfaj, Bader Al-Khlaiwi, Zhang Huaisu

    Detecting land use and feature changes over time is fundamental and necessary for updating GIS base maps and the management of both facilities and natural resources in Saudi Aramco huge land reservations. The extraction of feature changes was traditionally conducted by visual comparison between multi-date images, or between old maps and updated remote sensing images without reliable GIS or engineering accuracy.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Boulder County Moves to LRS
    Featured Paper by John Mosher, Dave Watson

    This presentation will detail the steps taken by the Boulder County Regional LRS Cooperative to solve the many technical and organizational challenges arising from a move to the new ESRI Linear Referencing Transportation Data Model. Project participants include Boulder County, the cities of Boulder and Longmont, and BRETSA, the regional 9-1-1 provider. The participants in this regional collaboration are working together to realize the advantages offered when multiple GIS agencies share a single editing process.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Piling On: Using GIS
    Featured Paper by Gary Ostroff

    Creatively applying GIS to individual built-structures provides ways to simplify engineering calculations, analysis, and inspection work. Halcrow used GIS to speed underwater inspections, to calculate load capacity surfaces (2 and 3-D), and to process LIDAR data to generate accurate bid and quantity specifications.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Status and Vision of Seoul GIS
    Featured Paper by Daegun Park

    The paper will touch about how Seoul e-government is using in its work process and service to citizens. The GIS mainly consists of the GIS portal and Mobile GIS. It also handles the future plans for the Seoul GIS. The comprehensive Seoul GIS come through three phases: expansion of e-government in 2005; launch of ubiquitous government in 2007; and achieving world's best ubiquitous government in 2010.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    A Community Action Resource
    Featured Paper by Martin Wegman

    A Community Action Resource Atlas for Alachua County, Florida
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Come on Baby Silverlight
    Featured Paper by Andy Wright

    Come on Baby Silverlight My Fire!
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Developing Similar Applications
    Featured Paper by Shea Lemar

    Data Access for Decision Makers and the Public through Web Applications
    Esri Users Group Conference
    NCR Geospatial Data Exchange
    Featured Paper by Heidi Hammel and Robert Horne

    Government - Spatial Data Management
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GIS Approach: For Local/Community
    Featured Paper by Annette Gardner

    GIS Approach: For Local/Community Implementation Assessment
    Esri Users Group Conference
    It is a TCustomControl descendant that will let you edit numeric values (integer or floating point) with a custom edit and display mask. TCustomControl is used to fully have control over the caret shape and position. Several customizable properties will let you give good looking to your applications. Full source code Ingenieria Constru Map
    Wildland Fire Management
    An overview of Sanborn 's wildland fire management services demonstrating the application of Remote Sensing and GIS methods to meet fire prevention and mitigation planning needs Sanborn
    Easy Web-Based Data Editing
    Featured Paper By Joe Watson, Jeff Albee & Matt Faulkner

    From addresses and ZIP Codes to coordinates and countries, the majority of data has ties to geography. However, much of our data continues to be presented in a non-geographic format, through spreadsheets and other tabular databases. We have not harnessed the potential of geographic data because of cost, ease of use, and unfamiliarity with its applications. Changing the way we create and edit data to include Geography begins at data entry, which means it must be easy for all users. Using ArcIMS, the City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works has taken GIS data editing to the front lines. All Public Works Staff members have access to create and edit geographic data with ArcIMS and ArcSDE in an easy-to-use and familiar interface, a Web browser. This paper will discuss implementing ArcIMS as a department-wide solution to creating and distributing geographic data.

    City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works
    Using ENVI with Geographic
    A major focus of recent and future ENVI development is providing tools to integrate information derived from remotely sensed raster imagery into Geographic Information System (GIS) related applications. ITT Visual Information Solutions
    Bus Accident Mapping
    Featured Paper by Doy Miller

    AECOM and Towson University's Center for GIS (CGIS) partnered with the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) to create an Accident Mapping and Analysis Application. Prior to the application the MTA stored bus accident data in a SQL Server database with no spatial component. The team developed a web-based application using ArcGIS server, ArcSDE and ArcGIS desktop (ArcInfo).
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Designing Object-Relational
    Featured Paper by Elif Demir

    The coordination and effective intervention of fire, ambulance, civil defense and other actors participate in disaster and emergency situations has become a priority need. Interoperable geographic data is urgent need for Disaster-Emergency Management, in mitigation and preparedness stages, access to the region, monitoring of rescue operations, control and management activities of various logistics services depending on the quality of data.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Supporting Federal and
    Featured Paper by Charles Hamilton

    The Western Regional Partnership mission is to provide a proactive and collaborative framework for senior-policy level Federal, State and Tribal leadership to identify common goals and emerging issues in the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah and to develop solutions that support WRP Partners and protect natural resources, while promoting sustainability, homeland security and military readiness.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The Runoff Reduction
    Featured Paper by Hajime Koshimizu

    This study simulated the storm water retention on the green roof systems. Simulations were using a rational formula and calculated a peak runoff volume per each building. To quantify the effect that these systems have on storm water runoff delay and retention, peak runoff was analyzed from three different conditions; the conventional roof, a green roof system with water condition in early rainfall phase, and late rainfall phase.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Transportation Development:
    Featured Paper by Joseph Messina

    In this research, I develop spatially-explicit model-based simulations of LULCC scenarios within the rubric of sustainability science for Nang Rong town, Thailand. The research draws heavily on recent work in geography, demography, sociology, and complexity theory. An Agent Based model was built named the Settlement model. Results of the simulations are used to examine the spatial distribution and composition of LULCC in the context of urban and regional sustainability in Thailand.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using ArcGIS Server,
    Featured Paper by Brett Flodine

    In the summer of 2010 the Mayor announced an initiative to reduce the amount of graffiti in the City. This led to the City's GIS staff to be contacted by the police department's Major Crimes Unit to develop a mobile application to document graffiti in the City. The Major Crimes Unit wanted to use the information collected to prosecute the offenders and seek restitution.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using Web GIS to Collect
    Featured Paper by Brian Gustafson

    This paper covers the processes and technology that can be used to capture data from a retiring workforce. It is common for utilities to have a large number of employees scheduled to retire within the next few years and when they do, they will take valuable knowledge and data with them that is not stored in an enterprise system.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Applying GIS for Knowledge
    Featured Paper by Kizito Nsanzya

    Applying GIS for Knowledge Management in Rural Limpopo Health Sector
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Infectious Disease &
    Featured Paper by Carrie Kilby

    Infectious Disease & Biosurveillance Information Service (BioServ)
    Esri Users Group Conference
    South Florida Water Management
    South Florida Water Management District contracted Avineon to provide GIS services in support of their Land Cover/Land Use 1999 Mapping Project.LCLU data is needed to support many of the District's critical projects,such as land acquisition,land management,water management,surface water quality monitoring,and significant habitat mapping.The data is used as an integral component of models designed to understand existing conditions,develop and prioritize policy implementation strategies,and review the results and effectiveness of these projects and programs. Avineon
    GIS platform for Orange Poland
    Featured Paper by Maciej Zuber

    Radio network planning in Orange Poland is based on comprehensive GIS database and tools. Database includes scanned topographic maps, clutter data, digital terrain models, buildings maps, cities vector plans, roads and railways network, hydrography and forestry maps as well as administrative borders. It covers all area of Poland. GIS tools are necessary for capturing, storing, analyzing, managing, and presenting spatial data. Topology rules are being used in acquiring process to verify data. Geographical and non-geographical data are stored in spatially enabled database and geoprocessing models plays key role in their analyzing an modelling.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Mapping and Caching Romania
    Featured Paper by Andreea Gutu

    The Romanian Community basemap project was split into three phases. The first phase, and also the most challenging one, was to create the spatial database from existing authoritative data sources: official maps and aerial images. Using official maps at a scale of 1:100 000, published by the Military Topographic Directorate, we were able to extract all the necessary information that cover the 1:18,000 to 1:72,000 scale templates.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Modeling & Simulation
    Featured Paper by Vic Baker

    The Modeling & Simulation Capability for Consequence Management prototype allows emergency planners to design and run dynamic, time aware, ArcGIS 10 based "what-if" gaming simulations depicting the impacts upon critical infrastructure and resource consumption during a large-scale mass evacuation from the National Capital Region to a host-State.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Building Great Apps using
    Why use ArcPad Apps? •Quick launch of ArcPad projects •Easy field data collection •Create task-driven ArcPad projects •Organise multiple ArcPad projects Esri Australia
    The Durango-La Plata
    Featured Paper by Nate Archibald

    The Durango-La Plata County Emergency Communication Center built a comprehensive geodatabase for e911 dispatch and record management that deploys a complex series of cascading geocode searches bundled into a composite geolocator. The query process allows dispatchers to rapidly call up location information on computer-aided dispatch (CAD) mapping software that provides spatial intelligence such as streets and intersections, residential and business addresses, common places, major and minor subdivisions, buildings, landmarks, highway mile markers, service zones, reporting districts and administrative boundaries.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using Facilitated-Volunteered
    Featured Paper by Christopher Seeger

    This presentation illustrates how facilitated-VGI techniques and GIS Server processing have been used to collect and analyze information about the built environment from the perspective of individual users. Discussion will include the development of the Server API and geoprocessing tasks used in the processing and analysis of the information.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Visualizing High Speed Rail
    Featured Paper by Heather Schuchard

    As early as 2012, construction will begin on the Bakersfield to Merced section of the High Speed Rail. In addition to the over 100,000 new jobs it will bring, the 60-foot elevated platform and passenger station will change the face of downtown Bakersfield. Kern Council of Governments has developed 3D visualizations as a powerful public interface tool and has used them at public workshops county-wide.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Geographic Factors Associated
    Featured Paper by Mike Horst

    Esri Users Group Conference
    Public/Private Partnership
    Featured Paper by Pete Magee

    Public/Private Partnership for GIS
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Layers = Shapes = Actionable
    Featured Paper by David Schutt

    Layers = Shapes = Actionable Plans...Case Study: New Hospital Construction & Major Workforce Expansion at a respected Southern California Hospital District
    Esri Users Group Conference
    This command provides an alternative GeoCoding option to using GDT data. Intergraph Corporation
    Register for a free evaluation copy of toolkits PHAOS Technology
    The National Integrated
    This presentation will show how the National Integrated Land System (NILS) is used to create and distribute the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). NILS’s uses a centralized GIS architecture, a geodatabase, Environmental Systems Research Institute's (ESRI) ArcGIS and Survey Analyst technology, and three custom applications; Survey Management, Measurement Management, and Parcel Management to create and manage the PLSS data. NILS’s includes tools for importing BLM’s survey data into a geodatabase, for creating the legal description fabric, and for the creation of land parcels. Additionally, the NILS custom applications include a set of workflow management tools that work with ESRI’s ArcGIS allowing the BLM to standardize and automate many of their land management activities. A demonstration of NILS’s Land Survey Information System Web site will show how the PLSS data is distributed to the public and how to integrate the data with other sources. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
    GPX Converter for ArcGIS
    The GPX converter is an ArcObjects Application that allows for easy conversion of your GIS data (shapefiles, feature classes in a geodatabase) to GPX format (the GPS Exchange Format). GPX is a light-weight XML data format for the interchange of GPS data (waypoints, routes, and tracks) between applications and Web services on the Internet. The GPX Converter is build for easy integration with ArcGIS and ArcIMS. Mappamondo GIS
    DWG to PDF Converter MX
    DWG to PDF Converter MX is a DWG to PDF conversion tool, you can use it to convert DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF, DWF to PDF file without AutoCAD. Key Features : Batch convert DWG DXF DWF files to PDF file WITHOUT AutoCAD. You may set the page size directly, or select the predefined page size to set the page size quickly. Supports true colors. Can export layer and raster image object to PDF. Can export OLE entity to PDF file. Supports AutoCAD pen sets. Can adjust page size with layout. You may convert model space, all layouts, all paperspace, or last active layout to PDF file. Can export pure text format PDf file and compressed format PDF file. Can adjust the generating order of drawing file. You can set quality of PDF through DPI. Supports all versions of DWG/DXF files (Supports R2.5-2008). Easy to use. DWG TOOL Software
    Customer Service Improvements
    Featured Paper by Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative

    Customer Service Improvements Using Mobile GIS
    MAG Demographic and Employment
    Featured Paper by Scott Bridwell

    Data Access for Decision Makers and the Public through Web Applications
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The Modeling & Simulation
    Featured Paper by Vic Baker

    Government - GIS Supporting Resource Allocation
    Esri Users Group Conference
    QA/QC: Assuring Quality
    Featured Paper by Robert Borchert

    Quality assurance and quality control are two elements of a GIS project that are either overlooked or not implemented. As our various projects grew more complex and the needs of our customers grew, our company decided we needed to a take firm step toward better QA/QC. One of the ways we did this was to develop a QA/QC Checklist. This paper will discuss the thought processes we used to develop our QA/QC Checklist for our use with electric GIS. This will not be about the actual QA/QC or methods used but will cover the checklist itself and the flow of its implementation.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    View Leica Virtual Explorer
    The demos below require Leica Virtual Explorer Client to be installed and run once. Click on the link above to start installing Leica Virtual Explorer Client. After the installation is complete, start up the application once, then select one of the following demos: View a 3D city scene of Calgary, Canada ERDAS, Inc.
    PHOTOMOD GeoCalculator
    PHOTOMOD GeoCalculator is the software for points coordinates transformation, included in the PHOTOMOD system, as well as a stand-alone free application. Racurs
    Maritime Infrastructure:
    Featured Paper by Douglas Vandegraft

    Developing a marine cadastre can be a daunting exercise. This presentation will focus on a GIS vision for supporting the complexities of establishing and managing offshore boundaries and lease areas. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) is responsible for managing the offshore leasing program for the Federal Government, and has contracted with ESRI, Inc. for development of a special suite of geospatial tools.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Optimising the Geodatabase
    Overview •Design & Creation Part A •Design & Creation Part B •Production Esri Australia
    ArcGIS Online
    Overview • ArcGIS for Amazon EC2 • ArcGIS Online • ArcGIS Online Plans Esri Australia
    Using Esri Software to
    Featured Paper by Brandon Jones

    In 2009-2010 the California Department of Water Resources was tasked with conducting environmental surveys within the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta, an area directly east of the San Francisco Bay. The Bay Delta is approximately 740,000 Acres and is home to significant plant and animal life. Esri software was used to rapidly provide up to 60 surveyors with data collection tools.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Vegetation Community
    Featured Paper by Amy Forman

    The Idaho National Laboratory Site developed vegetation community maps in 1973, 1978, and 1992, however, no quantitative accuracy assessments were conducted. Our mapping process is being conducted using traditional image interpretation methods performed directly within a Geographic Information System (GIS). We digitized vegetation community boundaries in a GIS which allows image-derived data layers (e.g., NDVI, spatial texture), ancillary GIS datasets (e.g., soils, fires), and other imagery to assist with the delineation of vegetation patch boundaries.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The Northern Virginia
    Featured Paper by Michael Smith and Brendan Ford

    Government - GIS for Transportation Planning
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The Virginia Rural Health
    Featured Paper by Steve Sedlock

    The Virginia Rural Health Data Portal: Phase II
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using Mobile GIS Technology
    Featured Paper by Andrew Mehos

    In 2010 the Philadelphia Streets Department became the first City agency to implement mobile GIS technology. This was achieved with deployment of handheld devices for its fleet of 45 uniformed sanitation officers to aid enforcement of rubbish collection, recycling and dumpster laws. In a later project the Streets Department deployed mobile devices to its Traffic Division, facilitating efforts to replace 70,000 incandescent stoplight bulbs with energy-saving LED's.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Wild life management:
    Featured Paper by Suparn Pathak

    Ranthambhor National Park, is located just 14 Kms from Sawai Madhopur in Eastern Rajasthan (India). Some of the problems that are faced by park are excessive grazing by livestock, lack of adequate water and forest fires. Remote sensing analysis has been carried out using Resourcesat -1 multispectral satellite data along with DEM derived from IRS P5 stereo pair. Change detection analysis indicated areas of forest fires.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Geographic Clustering
    Featured Paper by Mike Horst

    Geographic Clustering and Factors Associated with Kindergarten through Sixth Grade Obesity Rates in Pennsylvania School Districts 2006-2009: Preliminary Results
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Products & Services of
    Featured Paper by William Stone

    Better Decisions with National Datasets
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Web Map Server (WMS)
    With SpatialAce WMS it has become easy to build user-friendly, web-based mapping applications. Any type of background maps can be combined with dynamic data retrieved from databases, such as facility locations, vehicle positions or traffic information. Carmenta
    French Space Agency Uses
    CNES uses ENVI to process and analyze data to represent the time-sequenced evolution of Earth's ecosystems, natural and cultivated vegetation, and water and icebergs. ITT Visual Information Solutions
    ENVI Othorectification
    Scientists, geospatial analysts, and technicians increasingly need to combine data from many sources in order to produce useful geospatial products for their customers. With the rise of commonly available high spatial resolution satellite imagery (such as QuickBird, GeoEye-1, and others), it’s more important than ever before to have accurate geospatial registration to ensure accurate data combination, overlay, and product fusion.

    Geospatial registration accuracy needs for this kind of work can commonly exceed those provided by more commonly used approaches, such as RPC orthorectification and simple geometric registration. In these cases, only a true rigorous sensor model orthorectification will suffice. A effective solution has to work on many different operating systems, perform block bundle adjustments with multiple simultaneous sensor models, ground control points (GCPs) and tie points – all of which is provided in the ENVI Orthorectification Module.

    ITT has partnered with Spacemetric, an image management solutions provider, who are experts in rigorous photogrammetric methods and orthorectification. The ENVI Orthorectification Module uses Spacemetric’s advanced models to quickly achieve high quality results.

    Spacemetric’s solutions are based on rigorous photogrammetric methods. An explicit mathematical formulation defines the image capture process by describing the relationship between individual pixels as imaged by the sensor’s detector array and their location on the Earth. A sensor model characterizing the specific geometrical properties of an instrument provides an interface to the full range of photogrammetric functionality.
    ITT Visual Information Solutions
    A New Parks and Trails
    Featured Paper by Breece Robertson

    Sparsely populated and characterized by rolling hills, fertile farmland, forested hillsides, and miles of marine shoreline, the San Juan islands comprise a rural County with an economy based on recreational tourism, second-home development, and the retirement industry.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    A process-based resource
    Featured Paper by Daniel Eriksson

    The information management system for mine action, has its roots in humanitarian demining. It is however increasingly used in sustainable development. Having been developed with usability and flexibility as the two core principles, the tool makes it easier for users with limited computer literacy to manage information flows. The tool includes functionalities from the creation of paper-based survey forms to the production of maps and statistical reports.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Applying the Community
    Featured Paper by Brett Horr

    This session will focus on the participation of the Town of York, Maine, in the Community Maps Program. The Town's participation was an opportunity to become the authoritative source of GIS data for the Town, in addition to opening up a new forum in which to share data.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The application of GIScience
    Featured Paper by Paul Doherty

    GIS has helped the Yosemite Search and Rescue (YOSAR) team improve its methods of operation and has been used successfully in searches for missing persons in Yosemite National Park since 2007. This presentation will highlight both applied and theoretical research developments in SAR-GIS over the past year. A blend of GIScience, GeoDesign, and interdisciplinary work within Search and Rescue is on the rise.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The City of Calgary's
    Featured Paper by John Lethaby

    The City of Calgary has been an innovator in the provision of base mapping (legal survey and ownership) services for over 30 years, maintaining the data in a highly customized MicroStation and Oracle environment. Although this environment was highly regarded for its mapping aesthetics and positional accuracy, The City recognized a growing gap between its business needs and the ability to deliver high-quality, integrated geographic information.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    'Add Theme' button modified to add a theme without the filename extension showing in the theme name. Courtesy of Ron Schultz
    Ruggedized Computing
    Feature Article By Kyle Bohnenstiehl GISVision Magazine
    Where's Waldo? An Explanation
    Featured Paper By Rebecca Robbins, The paperl provides information on international LBSs. In-depth answers to how an international locator service is used as a component within Internet e-commerce, channel management and opportunity management application is also discussed. InfoNow Corporation
    IDL Download
    IDL combines the ideal cross-platform environment for the access, analysis, and visualization of any kind of data with a full-featured suite of development tools. Originally developed to help scientists to more easily interact with their technical data, IDL provides unparalleled performance and functionality in working with any type of data. The IDL Virtual Machine is included free with the IDL download. Research Systems Inc.
    Issues regarding geographic
    The information that describes geodata set is called metadata and is used to discover suitable geodata sets for GIS applications. Metadata is also defined as ‘data about data’ (ANZLIC 1996, Kildow 1996). Metadata conforms to various many metadata standards. The GIS Community is aware of the many metadata standards that exist and in this regard, this article presents four common metadata standards: Australia New Zealand Land Information Committee (ANZLIC); Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM), Dublin Core (DC), and the international metadata standard ISO 19115. Issues regarding the use of these metadata standards are presented in this article within the context of interoperability which is understood by the GIS community and endorsed by the OGC as being the ability to share georesources. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
    Examples of Cross-program
    Featured Paper by Kibri Everett

    The Drinking Water Mapping Application (DWMA) provides a secure application for EPA staff to obtain reports and maps for managing programs under the Safe Drinking Water Act. The DWMA applies ESRI's enterprise map servers and the EPA's SDE-based enhanced National Hydrography Dataset (the NHDPlus) to locate drinking water surface intake locations within the NHD network and define source water areas relative to the intake facilities.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using Hot-Spot Analysis
    Featured Paper by Christopher Krawczyk

    Spatial analyses were conducted using ArcGIS10 to provide an evidence-based methodology for the California Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program to identify unmet need. WIC data were merged with vital statistics data for all documented births in California in 2008. Final analyses focused on mothers who were eligible to receive WIC services (i.e., had Medi-Cal coverage) but who did not ultimately receive them.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    A Spatial Analysis of
    Featured Paper by Jane Garb

    A Spatial Analysis of the Genome
    Esri Users Group Conference
    MedMap-Visualizing the
    Featured Paper by Robert Shankman

    MedMap-Visualizing the Field at HQ via the Web
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using GPS/GIS to Test
    Featured Paper By Arthur Dock. GPS and ArcView can be used together to quickly test emergency vehicle traffic signal preemption equipment. This paper describes a step-by-step testing method developed by the author. Preemption provides priority treatment by interrupting the normal cycling of a traffic signal in favor of an emergency vehicle. This assists emergency personnel in safe and timely arrival at incidents. The range setting of these devices is critical, as the traffic signal must have an adequate amount of time to display the appropriate indications. Testing provides verification of range. City of Mesa - Transportation
    Time-series satellite
    Featured Paper By Erdenesaikhan Naidansuren. This paperl presents the use of GIS and remote sensing in the assessment of vegetation temporal dynamics change in Mongolia at a broad scale. Vegetation dynamic change assessment over 10 consequent (1990-2000) years provides data in evaluating the carrying capacity of rangelands exposed to overgrazing and wildfire hazards in forest and steppe zones. ERDAS IMAGINE image processing and ESRI's ArcGIS are used to process and analyze satellite images (AVHRR) and other raster and vector data, which were created as a series of themes. The results of these themes are compared with existing raster data on vegetation classification of Mongolia. Association analyses were used to assess the effectiveness of remote sensing for the evaluation of overgrazing status and fuel loading in remote areas. A review of techniques, lessons learned, and issues is presented. University of Idaho - Environmental Sciences
    JRAPS for Mission Planning
    Featured paper by Joel Tharp. The Joint Routing and Analysis Planning System (JRAPS) was initially developed to support combat mission planning. The tool analyzes the most critical factors in strike mission planning; the threats and the geospatial factors. JRAPS has two primary functions; auto-routing and jammer planning. The auto-routing function uses a 3D air maneuver network created using "costs" associated with threats taken from the ETIRMS database. The jammer planning function shows which threats can potentially see an aircraft at any point along a flight path, and gives crucial information about that threat including which jamming type could keep sensors from seeing that aircraft. Northrop Grumman IT TASC
    ION Download
    ION, IDL On the Net, brings the power of IDL visualization, applications, and graphics to the Internet. Using the latest Java™ and Web technology, ION communicates your visual analysis in a dynamic environment to virtually any computer in the world, whether it's part of a public Web server, a proprietary intranet, or both. ION is included with the IDL 6.0 Research Systems Inc.
    GeoVisor is a powerful GIS that supports most common GIS and CAD formats (.shp, .dwg, .dgn, .dxf, ArcInfo coverages, ArcView projects, etc.) and raster formats (.jpg, .ecw, .bmp, Sun Raster, .tiff, MrSid, etc.). Furthermore, it implements local and remote layer integration (OGC Map Servers), analytical layer combination (intersection, proximity, etc..), connection to external Databases, basic tools for new cartography edition and the possibility to view maps in advanced or simple mode. GeoData Institute
    GIS for Fire Station
    The mission of the fire service is to protect life, property, and natural resources from fire and other emergencies. With increasing demands, the fire service must utilize the best tools, techniques, and training methods to meet public expectations. Risk management, preparedness, and mitigation have taken on new importance with challenges facing fire departments today. One emerging tool that is helping the fire service optimize emergency services delivery is geographic information system (GIS) technology. Esri
    EM Vision 2.3 software
    This file contains an installation of EM Vision 2.3. Encom
    Marcellus Shale: Pioneering
    Featured Paper by Jerry Klink

    The Marcellus Shale just like the Barnett Shale supplies a large portion of today's natural gas within the US. Unlike the Barnett, however, the Marcellus sits beneath mountainous surface parcels divided by streams, roads, and fence lines. Range Resources began its Marcellus exploration during 2004. Leases were limited, well pads small, and facility systems were not within reach. ArcGIS was therefore utilized to develop this age-old region.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Powering the NASA-Wide
    Featured Paper by Kelly Boyd

    The NASA-Wide Institutional Portal is a GIS-based tool that provides consolidated access to data sets related to facility master planning, environmental, cultural resource management, and emergency management to improve situational awareness of location-based issues for NASA Headquarters and interested Center personnel. The portal is enhanced as ESRI technology evolves to leverage the ability for users to add attachments to data sets and to make feature edits.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    The future of GIS and
    Featured Paper by Bernard Raterman

    KWR Watercycle Research Institute assists water companies in the Netherlands and Flanders by carrying out research and sharing knowledge. In 2009 the research project called Geo-information for water companies started. The goal is to determine and test promising technological developments for applications in the water utility sector, for example the use of Geo-services, augmented reality techniques and mobile GIS.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Annual Report in Just
    Featured Paper by Saunders Barbara & Marbury Gerald

    GIS Addressing Business Processes and Needs
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using Predictive Modeling
    Featured Paper by Christopher Oertel

    Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and GeoEngineers Applied Technology Group implemented a unique geospatial predictive modeling framework, which utilizes a combination of Bayesian statistics and GIS kriging to model the potential for environmental contamination. GeoEngineers' proven modeling framework was adapted through the project to predict where radiological constituents in the soil (Cesium 137) might be found on a large scale at DOE facilities.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Bentley SELECTServices
    Bentley offers files and applications to general users and Bentley SELECT subscribers. Bentley Systems
    Using GIS to Estimate
    Featured Paper By Christian Okeke. The six cities within Cobb County, Georgia, must petition the County Board of Commissioners to annex portions of the County into their corporate boundaries. Because the County and city governments are distinct and independent bodies, each approved petition translates into an overall loss of revenue for the County government. For example, revenue from building permits and property taxes are lost to the petitioning city. The annual financial loss of County revenue could potentially add up to millions of dollars. To help Cobb County government evaluate the financial and service delivery impacts of each annexation petition, Cobb County GIS developed the County's Municipal Annexation Model in ArcView GIS. Cobb County
    SAGA GIS -- System for an Automated Geo-scientific Analysis -- is a free Geographical Information System (GIS) under Gnu Public Licence The SAGA GIS API supports grid data like digital terrain models and satellite images, vector data, and tables. This API makes it easy to implement new algorithms and exempts the developer from hassle programming overhead like user-interface design or file-io. SAGA GIS comes with a large collection of SAGA-Modules, in areas of terrain- analysis, geo-statistics, image processing and process simulation. Scilands GmbH
    Enhancing Florida Turnpike’s
    Today, both private companies and government organizations implementing mobile technology are experiencing immediate cost savings and operational benefits. However, in this fast changing industry, only being mobile-ready is already passé. The most advanced mobile technology also provides a wide range of geospatial information, data maintenance and GIS capabilities. Organizations with geographically dispersed assets require this type of real-time enterprise mobility to maintain corporate security, manage data integrity and provide access to accurate, up to date information. ERDAS, Inc.
    ArcGIS ArcSDE Administration
    TuxedoDB is a powerful graphical, unique and specialized tool that centralizes the ArcSDE Administration duties. ArcSDE is part of ESRI ArcGIS enterprise middleware software strategy and TuxedoDB supplies ArcSDE Administrators users an intuitive and graphical environment where those operations are easier than ever before. GIS Administrators users will have many features on their hands to make them more productive. GeomMatters Technologies
    A Space-time Simulation
    Featured Paper by Francesco Tonini

    Termites are destructive insect pests that cause billions of dollars in property damage every year. Exotic invasive species have become established pests in parts of the United States. Spread models predicting the areas of infestation following initial introduction of an invasive species are important for an authoritative response.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Customizing ArcPad for
    Featured Paper by Douglas Braeckel

    New Positive Train Control requirements from congress require high accuracy location of critical assets for railroads. CSX maintains +/- 28,000 yard switches and tracks for which it must provide sub-meter positional accuracy. The Yard Stamping project had to integrate into an existing scheduled maintenance application, and bypass ArcPad's native one-record-one-location approach.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Development of Residents
    Featured Paper by Eiji Nishikawa

    The purpose of this presentation is to show the possibility of developing an information management system for supporting residents to evacuate from their home to evacuation centers and help them inquire safety of their family members, relatives or friends. In order to overcome the sensitive subject of utilizing personal information, which is definitely needed to support residents, especially those who are vulnerable to disaster, in the case of emergency, we propose local governments to cooperate with local autonomous organizations such as "Jichikai" or "Chonaikai" or voluntary disaster prevention organizations.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Featured Paper by Antonio Gomide

    Distribution Planning is a very complex task in which the planners must ensure that the system will meet the demand regarding substation and feeder capacity. The basic goal of a distribution utility could be expressed as: Supply of electricity, Good economy and Good safety. The implementation took three years of development. The solution is called GISPLAN, and can perform several types of analysis on existing and planned network: Fault Analysis, Load Flow, Technical Losses Calculations, Load Increase, Outage Management Studies, Reliability Studies, Cost Benefit Ratios Determination, and others.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Dam Removal Modeling:
    Featured Paper by Jean-Paul Bell

    Dam Removal Modeling: A Case Study
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Army Speech & Sketch:
    Featured Paper by Sean Johnson and Craig Oaks

    The Adapx CM2C2 (Capturx Multimodal for Command and Control) interface to ArcObjects allows the use of speech and sketch to multi-modally enter units (point features), control measures such as boundaries and phase lines (linear features), and areas (assembly areas, areas of interest, etc.) into a geodatabase.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Building an Enterprise
    Featured Paper by Petra Holzhaus

    Waterleidingmaatschappij Drenthe (WMD)is serving 450,000 people through 195,000 connections and producing 30 million m3 of drinking water through groundwater resources. WMD deals with changing regulations and technology, constrained budgets, aging infrastructure and departments using various data and information systems. The original need for GIS at WMD focused on map production, based on Smallworld technology.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Stuart Jacobson, President

    Stuart Jacobson President and Chief Executive Officer
    Stuart Jacobson, President and Chief Executive Officer Bringing more than 20 years of leadership experience in the global technology and software business, Stuart Jacobson was named President and CEO of Kivera in January 2003.
    Virtual Campus 101: A
    Featured Article By Suzanne Gross and Patrick J. Kennelly.

    The C.W. Post College of Long Island University is a 307-acre campus located 25 miles east of Manhattan in the town of Brookville, New York. This article documents the cyber-groundbreaking of the C.W. Post campus. The Department of Earth and Environmental Science has begun building a three-dimensional model of the campus. The project is not a completed virtual world, but it is a work in progress that will provide a framework for encouraging the campus community to interact and learn about GIS.

    ArcUser Magazine
    MapMart On-Demand Hosted
    As an ESRI Business Partner, MapMart has been selected to be a provider of bundled solutions using their new ArcGIS Image Server. MapMart On-Demand provides a single online interface where users across the enterprise have instant access to their organization’s own geospatial raster data as well as the entire library of worldwide MapMart data. MapMart
    Crises Information System
    Featured Paper by Martin Thoma

    Nowadays climate change is often discussed. Obviously, extreme weather conditions e.g. windstorms or lightning can have a large impact on the infrastructure of an electricity supplier. In times of crises events it's necessary for the crisis management group to quickly get information about the outages and influences on the network. Based on this information the group has the ability to decide which actions can be taken to face the problems.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GeoDesign and A Pattern
    Featured Paper by Curtis White

    In 1977, Christopher Alexander published "A Pattern Language" which described a variety of architecture-related design problems, each of which occurs over and over again in our environment. It then described the core of the solution to that problem as a design "pattern" that can be realized in many ways without ever being repeated exactly.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Air Pollution Emissions
    Data Access for Decision Makers and the Public for Asset Management Esri Users Group Conference
    From the Flintstones
    Featured Paper by John Newton, Maurice Thompson

    GIS Addressing Business Processes and Needs
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Does Geocoding Positional
    Featured Paper by Geoffrey Jacquez

    Does Geocoding Positional Error Matter in Health GIS Studies?
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Geomarketing for Public
    Featured Paper by Bram Piot Esri Users Group Conference
    Use of ArcObjects in
    Featured Paper By Andreas Skouloudis, Mike Mineter. Sustainability indicators aid in the monitoring of the environment. We discuss the methods used within our work for the processing of geographical data in order to derive indicators, emphasising the use of ArcObjects and ArcMap. The indicators are held in rasters representing Europe using cells of 0.3 degrees. The processing begins with the extraction of areas, lengths, and values expressing the contributions of polygon, line, and point data (respectively) from a variety of input datasets to each raster cell, achieved by an intersection operation. Further processing fuses these multiple intersected datasets to derive the indicators. Joint Research Centre Ispra
    The Role of GIS in Post-War
    Featured Paper By Dima Jawad. This paper presents the implementation of the geographical information system (GIS) in the historical City of Old Saida in Lebanon. This is a vital undertaking that entailed the collaboration of various public and private factions in a country that is going through a crucial recovery era from a long destructive war. The implemented GIS is intended to serve as groundwork for the future project of Old Saida Revitalization. The paper explains the design of the GIS, the difficulties encountered in information gathering; and the steps of data integration for different objectives such as rebuilding the infrastructure, historical renovation, development, and reconstruction; It discusses the process of employing the GIS/ArcView tools and developed scripts to attain the required design and present a sample of different analysis results from the GIS implementation. Rutgers University - Civil Engineering
    FME SDP Server
    The FME Spatial Data Provider (SDP) Server allows users of OLE DB consumer applications to directly access over 100 FME-supported formats. This enables powerful integrations and customer solutions to be quickly and easily set up and deployed. Customer data can be published directly from its native format or database system without any need for conversion. Organizations and GIS Professionals using this product will save time and money by leveraging off existing data inventories. Safe Software Inc.
    Florida Power & Light Company
    Avineon partnered with Florida Power and Light (FPL) to undertake a large-scale GE Smallworld project involving spatial repositioning and white space management for FPL's entire service territory. FPL is one of the largest, fastest growing utilities in the United States. In the year 2000, FPL added more than 92,000 accounts, 13 distribution stations and 114 feeders. FPL's assets include 34 major generating units, 436 substations, 2,580 feeders, over 68,000 miles of electric lines and over 1.1 million poles. While this project was originally intended for multiple vendors, Avineon was selected as sole vendor as a result of our exceptional quality of work and client-oriented approach. Avineon
    South Florida Water Management
    Avineon,Inc.was contracted by South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)to map the Indian River Lagoon Seagrasses from aerial photography.The study encompasses the entire Indian River Lagoon System including Mosquito Lagoon,Banana River,Newfound Harbor,Indian River,Turnbull Creek,and Saint Lucie River. Avineon
    Download Virtual Earth
    Virtual Earth 3D brings you another step closer to knowing "what it is like out there". You can search, browse, and organize local information viewed in three dimensions, just the way it exists in the real world. This enables you to more effectively find the data that is relevant to you, making Live Maps more useful than ever. Even better -- it's just plain fun! Microsoft MapPoint
    Climate Change Proofing
    Featured Paper by Jorgen Neilsen

    Cities - in particular coastal cities - need to adapt their infrastructure to climate change. Climate change will hit first and foremost through the water. Raising sea levels in combination with changes in the precipitation patterns as well as storm patterns will stress the infrastructure not least through increased flooding. There is a need for methods that allow public as well as private organizations to assess the risks and evaluate the cost/benefits (and side effects) of different adaptation measures.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Developing and Implementing
    Featured Paper by Alys Wall

    The 2007 Water Act in Australia mandated the Bureau of Meteorology to coordinate national-scale water resource data across Australia. Unconstrained by jurisdictional boundaries, the National Groundwater Information System (NGIS) will enhance understanding of Australia's groundwater resources. Integrated with surface water models it is vital information for national water accounting. In addition, the NGIS will improve understanding of groundwater dependent ecosystems and be compatible with the Australian Hydrologic Geospatial Fabric.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Infrastructure Company
    Featured Paper by Joseph Hammel

    ASFINAG plans, finances, maintains and tolls the entire Austrian motorway and expressway network covering 2,178 kilometers. The ASFINAG Geographical Information System was established in 2003. The initial aim was to store basic information about the road network and producing various thematic maps. During the last 7 years the ASFINAG GIS developed into a strong tool within the company.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Leveraging GPS to Integrate
    Featured Paper by Haritha Vendra

    Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) awarded DCSE a Project to collect GPS locations, of its over 100,000 service meters, for water, recycled water and irrigation. The scope involved creating routes as well as linking service meters with parcels. DCSE started with route analyses and generated efficient routes, using service villages and books within them. DCSE field crew used Trimble GeoXH and a DCSE-designed ArcPad application to link parcels with meters, so as to integrate a wide variety of consumer information with GIS.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    A Mobile Enterprise
    Overview •ArcGIS Mobile & your enterprise system •Mobile Workflow •Enterprise considerations •Wrap Up Esri Australia
    West Virginia Water Withdrawal
    Featured Paper by Jennifer Todd

    Knowing when it is environmentally safe to withdraw water from a stream is difficult. Looking at a stream one cannot determine if water can be removed with no deleterious effects. The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has developed guidance and a browser based application (ArcGIS Server Flex API) to help the public know when water can be safely withdrawn from a West Virginia stream to protect the aquatic habitat.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Influencing Federal Health
    Featured Paper by Jennifer Rankin

    Influencing Federal Health Policy Using Online Data Visualization Tools
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Soils Mapper - An Assessment
    Featured Paper by Cathy Raney

    Sediments and Soils: Business Justifications and Cost Benefits
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Free software upgrades for selected GPS units Lowrance Electronics, Inc.
    Neighborhood GIS: A Tool
    Featured Paper By Swasti Shah This paper presents the process of building a GIS database that can be utilized by residents for describing, evaluating, and prescribing what they believe is desirable in their neighborhoods. A prototypical GIS database developed for the City of Urbana, Illinois brought together information from the U.S. Census, the City planning department and other local data sources to present a multifaceted view of the community. Different aspects of neighborhood living including proximity to amenities, crime rates, commuting patterns, and housing characteristics, formed a part of Urbana's "Neighborhood GIS." Residents from around the City were invited to explore their neighborhoods and the City using this database and to manipulate it to build a new and unique layer representing their perceptions and opinions. HNTB Corporation
    Sharing Inter-Ministerial
    Featured paper by Arturo Martinez. The Ministry of Economy within plans of the National System of Public Investment, has initiated a test Pilot to share geographic and statistical information at inter-ministerial level. The objective is to demonstrate the viability of sharing standard information GIS at the level of the State to help tasks of identification, formulation, evaluation, and planning of projects of public investment. This Project used the Shape Format, geographic projection and datum WGS84. The generating Organizations of Information keep information in the server from the Ministry of Transports with interchange format and soon the usuary Organizations accede to this server and use the information. Peru Ministry Economic
    Surviving the Storm -
    • Covers Database conversion only using ArcSDE 8.3 and ArcGIS 8.3.
    • Preparation & Decision making
    • Designing & Building Geodatabase
    • Loading Feature Classes (FC) (non-anno)
    • Preparing & Loading FC Annotation
    • Adding other Geodatabase Functionality
    • Reloading FC Data and FC Annotation
    • Reloading “Guidelines”
    • Other Geodatabase quirks
    • Maintenance & Summary
    Harris County Appraisal District
    Cell tower locations
    Cell tower data - Loudoun County, Virginia Tower Maps
    Implementing an Analytical
    Featured Paper by Conrad Wilson

    To comply with the recently enacted Distribution Integrity Management regulation, MichCon is in the process of implementing an analytical risk model that executes within the ArcGIS environment. This session will provide an overview of the Distribution Integrity Risk Model, along with a discussion of the key project tasks and decision factors encountered during the model configuration effort.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    LUCIS Modeling for Renewable
    Featured Paper by Erik Glenn

    Sources of renewable energy are becoming increasingly important throughout the United States. From an economic development standpoint, renewable energy can serve as an important source of jobs and local growth. However, the sighting of potential renewable energy plants depends on a variety of physical and economic factors to ensure their sustainable development.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    An Enterprise Solution
    Department of Health, portfolios: • Public Health • Mental Health • Aged Care Esri Australia
    Leveraging on Technology
    About Geoscience Australia • A prescribed agency within the Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio • 750 staff across 3 business divisions and support areas • Custodian of national geographic and geoscientific information • Operational science and technical advice Esri Australia
    Safe to Save? Archive
    Featured Paper by Jefferson Essic

    Members of the Geospatial Mulitstate Archive and Preservation Partnership (GeoMAPP) have been engaged for the past three years in building state GIS data archives and developing recommendations for future archivists. One particular focus of study has been the suitability of Personal and File Geodatabases for long term data access and preservation, from which numerous questions have arisen, including: Will software in the future be able to read today's geodatabases?
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Improved Quantification
    Featured Paper by Theo Laughner

    Trends in the Transmission Market
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Adds CIT raster format support to AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map and CAD Overlay. CAD Studio
    Acquis ADE & Oracle Polygon
    ADE editing Oracle Polygon Geometries with powerful split/merge polygon functionality Acquis, Inc.
    Remote Sensing and Spatial
    Improving the timeliness and cost-effectiveness of delivering transportation projects is a major concern of the US DOT, State DOTs, and MPOs. The National Consortium for Remote Sensing in Transportation (NCRST) is a joint effort of NASA and the US Department of Transportation dedicated to develop innovative ways for using remote sensing and spatial information (RSSI) technologies to improve transportation planning and management. NCRST has five member consortia each headed by a university and consisting of educational, government, and industry representatives. One of these consortia, NCRST-E, focuses on areas designed to improve processes for completing transportation corridor planning and environmental assessment tasks. Over the past 3 years NCRST-E has conducted several technology application projects including the use of remote sensing for wetlands analysis and mapping, land use/land cover assessments, and for developing corridor oriented regional GIS databases for multi-modal transportation planning. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
    Saint Johns River Water
    Documentation of Vegetation in the Saint Johns River Management District North Shore Restoration Area and Marsh Flow-Way in the Lake Apopka Subbasin Avineon
    Planning Your Geodatabase
    The release of ArcGIS 9.2 Desktop will include significant enhancements for managing cartographic data in the geodatabase. This podcast discusses some of the data management issues that you need to consider to prepare your data for this new functionality. It is intended for cartographic and map production specialists, as well as geodatabase administrators. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
    Laser scanning uncovers
    Defects in a white concrete surface can’t hide from millions of points collected with a high-definition laser scanner.

    Things didn’t appear so cut and dried in September 2010, though, when the New Orleans District Corps of Engineers tried to determine if a stage control structure built near Zachary, La., in East Baton Rouge Parish was constructed according to design tolerances. The construction contractor’s surveyor had collected 12,000 shots on the structure surface with a total station without being able to determine if it was within the strict tolerances required. Something more powerful was needed—and laser scanning turned out to be the answer.
    Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.
    Analyzing Accessibility
    Featured Paper by Dennis Zielstra

    Transit service is only a realistic option for a pedestrian if the service is available at or near that person's location. Whereas there are a variety of measures for transit availability, such as service frequency, this presentation focuses on the spatial aspect of pedestrian accessibility to transit stations, that is, on service coverage.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Atlas of NSW - A framework
    Featured Paper by Pedro Harris, Stephen Lead, Danny Savic, Tony Hope and Daniel Miller.

    The Atlas Of NSW is a new online data-sharing framework, providing NSW Government with a mechanism for quickly web-enabling GIS layers and non-spatial datasets.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    AxisGis: A web-application
    Featured Paper by Stefan Schlaefli

    Axis GIS has been developed to support the natural hazards modeling process. It was a basic requirement, that without any GIS knowledge, exposure data of any ReInsurance policy could be rendered on an interactive base map. The application offers a couple of configurable data reports which allow to visualize ReInsurance policies using different renderers on demand within the browser.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Connecting with Students
    Featured Paper by Michelle Kinzel

    Social Media can be used as a valuable tool for educators. Students engage and network in digital mediums and educators can leverage the interest and capabilities of digital learners to mentor students, promote geospatial awareness and develop career building skills. The tools of social media can also be used to promote educational programs, new courses and GIS certificates. Come and discover how you can create and maintain a social media presence that will teach as well as network.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Los Angeles Seamless
    Featured Paper by Jeff Wingate

    Los Angeles County has begun the task of consolidating two GIS landbases separately maintained by two county departments into a single landbase that can be jointly maintained by both departments. The purpose of combining these large datasets, each containing over 2.4 million parcels comprising over 4700 square miles, is to promote data sharing and reduce redundant effort.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    What's New in Desktop
    Overview • Share your tradecraft • Streamline your mapping and visualisation processes • Manage your data more effectively Esri Australia
    Addresses and Spatial
    GNIS is “Highly” customized GIS system, working in the ESRI ArcGIS/Eview/Dekho and Telvent ArcFM environments. Esri Australia
    ERDAS LAN to TIFF file converter Intergraph Corporation
    An Introduction to the
    NGB CD's DMS Portal is based on the Naval Research Laboratory's (NRL) Geospatial Information Database (GIDB) Portal System and is a standards-based portal for geospatial information discovery, access and mapping over the Internet. DMS focuses on 3 GIS user groups ? the casual user, the operational user and the power user. A recent analysis estimated that the ratio of these three types of users was 1000:20:1. National Guard Bureau Counterdrug
    Routes, Requests, Bids,
    Featured Paper By Michelle Groce from City of Charlotte. The Solid Waste Services Department of Charlotte, North Carolina, includes three operational divisions: Collections Services, Special Services, and Community Improvement. GIS has become a critical tool in service delivery for all three divisions for developing and maintaining a wide variety of routes, managing requests for service, performing trend analysis and strategic planning, and also for parcel identification and ownership for the enforcement of the City litter code ordinance. City of Charlotte
    Urban sanitary and combined
    Watch SewerGEMS in action within GIS, CAD, and stand-alone platforms, and learn how data management and results interpretation tools make it easy to analyze sanitary and combined sewer systems. Bentley Systems
    Educational Collaborative
    Featured Paper by Roberto Flores

    Although many GK12 science educators believe GIS to be an excellent tool to teach spacial analysis and reasoning, few educators are successfully implementing it in the classroom. To help solve this problem we are developing a generic ArcGIS web interface implemented as a Rich Internet Application. By emphasizing a web-based and an easy to customize platform, we aim at lessening the technological bar preventing GK12 educators from adding GIS projects to their science education curricula.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    LUCIS as a Basis for
    Featured Paper by Paul Zwick

    The Land Use Conflict Identification Strategy (LUCIS) was developed at the University of Florida School of Landscape Architecture and Planning and describe in the ESRI press publication "Smart Land Use Analysis the LUCIS Model" March 2007. The strategy uses suitability analysis for determining land use conflicts between three major land uses 1) urban, 2) agricultural, and 3) conservation uses within a regional study area. The strategy may also be used to identify mixed use or redevelopment opportunities between 1) retail, 2) commercial, and 3) multifamily residential within urban areas.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    LAS Reader for ArcGIS
    Adds LAS Version 1.0 File read capability to the ArcGIS 9 family of products utilizing ArcCatalog. Point x, y, z and classification values are read from the file and presented as a standard 3-D point data layer which can then be used as input to extensions such as 3-D Analyst. GeoCue Corporation
    Building an Enterprise
    Featured Paper by Bryanna Vaughan, Juliette Nabahe, Thomas Gustie

    The Bishop Paiute Tribe is the fifth largest California tribe situated on a small land base of 875 acres. Current GIS users consist of four Environmental Management Office (EMO) staff, although none are full-time GIS professionals. After approximately fifteen years of using GIS with no set protocol, EMO recognized a need for reorganization and standardization of overall data management. Our GIS overhaul started with a grant task to efficiently organize EMO GIS data files with standardized projections, scales and metadata updates.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Collision Motor Vehicle
    Featured Paper by Garren Burbank

    GIS for Public Safety and Emergency Management
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Down-to-Earth Approach
    Feature Article By Monica Pratt, ArcUser Editor ArcUser Magazine
    Smart Maps for NYC Schools
    Featured Paper By Gary Ostroff. This paper describes the development of a custom thematic mapping and spatial analysis tool developed for the Office of the Chancellor of the NYC school system. The application integrates scores of databases that were kept separate and provides a tool for the creation of compelling maps that have been successfully used to brief parents and the press and as tools for a new system of administrative accountability within the Board of Education. The application includes extensive Avenue programming, which required an in-depth examination of the structure of the Board's databases. HydroQual/ComCarto
    Using ArcGIS 8.3 for Pipelines
    Featured paper by Ron Brush. Three of the primary enhancements of ArcGIS 8.3 include improved support for linear referencing, the ability to do disconnected editing, and topology. This presentation will focus on the application of these enhancements as they relate to pipeline GIS. Dynamic Segmentation of linear pipeline features in a geodatabase will be discussed with particular attention to ArcGIS 8.3 features. Disconnected editing and topology are also important for pipeline operators to understand and this presentation will discuss them and show examples of practical applications. New Century Software, Inc.
    Independent Verification
    Large volumes of elevation data are being produced by Intermap Technologies globally using its advanced interferometric synthetic aperture radar technology. The Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) group in the Customer Care division is responsible for, among other tasks, reviewing and reporting on samples of data prior to client delivery as the Production department completes project milestones. Intermap Technologies
    Provisioning to Google™
    EarthWhere can now provision custom datasets to use with your Google Earth desktop or Enterprise implementation - see how in this demonstration using DigitalGlobe™ multi-spectral imagery. SANZ
    CALMing Terminal Improvements
    Featured Paper by Donald Chinery

    Los Angeles World Airports Development Group has initiated the CALM (Coordination and Logistics Management) Program. The mission of the CALM program is to minimize passenger service interruption while over $1 billion of terminal upgrades are performed in the LAX central terminal area.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Interactive Alumni Mapping
    Featured Paper by Ben Overholt

    This session describes an alumni mapping application at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The alumni office had a database of 70,000+ records, but no way to understand the spatial distribution/concentration. Alumni are a significant source of revenue for the university tapped through direct mail, but also from alumni receptions and local alumni groups. Geography students used standard ESRI tools including Model Builder, and Flex web mapping.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    LUCIS Modeling for Renewable
    Featured Paper by Erik Glenn

    Sources of renewable energy are becoming increasingly important throughout the United States. From an economic development standpoint, renewable energy can serve as an important source of jobs and local growth. However, the sighting of potential renewable energy plants depends on a variety of physical and economic factors to ensure their sustainable development.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Featured Paper By Shawn Landry, Kyle Campbell. The quality of life in Florida is inseparably linked with its water resources and the availability of quality assured, real-time water resource data is critical to sound decision making. While several federal, state, and local agencies collect real-time water resource data, rarely is this data made available to the public and other key stakeholders. The University of South Florida working with agencies within Florida has created a Web-based application to (1) collect real-time data from multiple agencies and (2) present this data in a meaningful context using such tools as ArcIMS Software-based, real-time thematic maps. University of South Florida
    Need for Reliable and
    Featured Paper By Ravichandran Mahalingam, N. Indrasenan A reliable and integrated Geographic information System database can address the various issues normally encountered in hydrology and hydrological modeling to ensure the success of Water Resources Projects (WRPs). The integrated database is a primary requisite for ensuring proper planning, managing, and monitoring of the ecological, environmental, and even nonengineering issues of WRPs. It will help reduce the social and environmental pressures; regional, national, and international disputes; and even court litigation. This paper discusses some of these issues and highlights the need for theconstruction of integrated GIS databases with hydrological orientation to address the conflicting issues of WRPs. The study further aims to identify and ascertain the benefits of using a reliable and integrated GIS database as a vital input for WRPs. An exploratory case study of South Carolina State to construct its hydrological watershed map using ESRI's ArcView software is presented. Computer Sciences Corporation
    Avineon Geospatial Solutions
    Visualize IT. See IT Through. Avineon
    eSpatial Presentation
    Introduction to Oracle Locator and Spatial eSpatial
    Fast Tracking Management
    Featured Paper by Rouba Zantout

    We address when best to select a fast track technique for GIS Census project, and what are the constraints that are required in your project to successfully implement a fast track project management to product accurate and satisfactory results.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    GIS Tools for accessing
    Featured Paper by Anita Nemesova

    The forecast project team have produced geospatial forecasts of roundwood production from private sector forests 2009-2028 in the Republic of Ireland. Three web-based GIS tools have been developed to aid in accessing the forecasts based on free software. The timber supply forecasts are available for the four provinces, the 26 counties and for 42 towns each with 60 and 80 km catchments, stored on web server and can be accessed by hyperlinked GIS tools.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Leveraging the "cloud"
    Featured Paper by Dave Williams

    How to improve ArcGIS Server's performance, reliability, and scalability by leveraging Akamai's suite of web application acceleration services. Akamai's Application Performance Services accelerate web content by utilizing servers 'closer' to the end user and off-load infrastructure requirements from your organization's infrastructure. Akamai serves ~25% of the Global Internet traffic across their >70,000 Edge servers.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Regional Management -
    Featured Paper by Bill Russell

    The Marine Corps GIS Program (GEOFidelis) has implemented regional geospatial technology centers in an effort to better serve the organization as a whole. Established, fully-funded, and charged with providing comprehensive geospatial and technology support to the Marine Corps Installations, the regional centers have recently experienced a significant decrease in available funding from the Headquarters level along with a directive to provide a reduced set of services.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Responding to an Oil
    Featured Paper by Evan Anthony Arias

    On 11 August 2006, the tanker MT Solar 1, carrying two million liters of Petron Corporation's bunker fuel sank off the southern coast of Guimaras Island and contaminated marine and coastal environments resulting to an environmental and economic disaster directly affecting 60 percent of the island's residents who depend on fishing for their livelihood.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Lighting up LiDAR
    Overview • Tools for assessing LIDAR data • Methods for Storing and managing lidar • Seamless DEM & DSM creation • What’s coming at 10.1 Esri Australia
    Baltimore Grand Prix
    Featured Paper by Hanna Peter & Potteiger James

    Cloud and Mobile/Field GIS - Supporting Public Safety & Security
    Esri Users Group Conference
    click on "free" a calculator with really cool interface! Functions: +, -, x, /, MR, MC, M-, M+. EliteStyleSoft
    MapInfo ProViewer v8.5
    Use MapInfo ProViewer to share maps and analyses with co-workers and clients. MapInfo Corp.
    Corridor Management
    A variety of technologies are available for monitoring, managing and maintaining above ground pipeline systems. Conventional monitoring is most commonly done using visual observation from aircraft flying the pipeline on a weekly or monthly schedule. Detection of unauthorized encroachment and security risk events with aerial observation is low due to inherent limitations with this monitoring approach. These limitations include; infrequent coverage, human error in detection, limited data analysis capability and high mobilization costs. Sanborn
    GPS Mapping Software
    The Eye4Software Eye4Gps Mapping Software is GPS mapping software that can be used for a countless number of applications. The software offers functionality for managing GPS receivers (waypoints, routes and tracks), real time navigation and positioning, route planning and engineering. Eye4Software B.V.
    Demographic Trends and
    Featured Paper by Toshio Yamazaki

    Minamiosumi-cho, located in the southernmost of Mainland Japan, is outstanding in its high aging rate of population. More than fifty percent of its villages are called "Genkai-Shuraku (Critical Village)"that means more than half of the residents are over 65-year-old.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Developing a Vegetation
    Featured Paper by Chris Zanger

    The Vegetation Departure Calculator (VDC) provides a comprehensive look at vegetation conditions across the contiguous United States. The VDC was developed using ArcGIS and exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for ease of sharing among partners. The VDC includes a Pivot Table that allows users to interactively summarize and compare current vegetation conditions in many different ways (geography, agency, protected status, ecoregion, portfolio status, etc.) using consistent and comprehensive data.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Ex Nihilo Nihil: Data
    Featured Paper by Gabe Lovasz

    Nothing comes from nothing. In the desert southwest, large expanses of land, low population density, and sparse vegetation and infrastructure make ideal bombing ranges; however, these are the same elements used to assess collection priorities for limited budgets. MCAS Yuma has management responsibilities of over 1.5 million acres of non-contiguous aviation training ranges.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Comparing Methods for
    Featured Paper by Aristithes Doumouras

    Comparing Methods for Modeling Access to Trauma Center Care
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Using GIS to Examine
    Featured Paper By John Quinnell. Health care insurance companies typically reimburse claims for care provided through managed care networks (e.g., preferred provider organizations and/or health maintenance organizations) and traditional indemnity plans. Managed care plans can be expensive to administer, so it is important to verify that the savings from these arrangements are greater than the costs to administer them. Managed care savings can be benchmarked against indemnity care by using GIS to control the significant influence of regional differences on costs. Principal Financial Group
    Stream and Wetland Restoration
    Featured Paper By Kilmeny Stephens. This paper shows how GIS is being used to find sites suitable for stream and wetland restoration in North Carolina. NCDOT is seeking sites to use for mitigation for impacts to streams and wetlands. Topographic contours, streams, landuse, aerial photographs, soil information, and National Wetlands Inventory data were combined and analyzed to locate suitable sites. Different data availability in multiple river basins resulted in different approaches, with varying results. Initial data searches were followed up with field visits, and approaches to landowners to ascertain interest in conservation easements, or sale of property to NCDOT. Earth Tech
    GIS Consultant
    A GIS company Instar GIS Solutions
    World Map Data
    Free World map data for your applications! Download a free dataset that includes country, capital and population information in either ESRI shapefile or MapInfo TAB format. Blue Marble Geographics
    White Paper on Transport
    A new chapter is beginning in distribution management. Gone are the days of manual, DOS-based approaches to scheduling, routing and dispatching vehicles. Instead of spending hours each day trying to determine how to efficiently accommodate all trip requests, new technology gives transportation providers the ability to automatically produce optimal routes and schedules with a push of the button. Proficio GeoTechnologies Pvt Ltd
    DigitalGlobe – QuickBird
    The QuickBird satellite is the first in a constellation of spacecraft that DigitalGlobe® is developing that offers highly accurate, commercial high-resolution imagery of Earth. QuickBird's global collection of panchromatic and multispectral imagery is designed to support applications ranging from map publishing to land and asset management to insurance risk assessment. Valtus Imagery Services
    Emergency Response Data
    In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, demanding immediate emergency response from county, state and federal relief agencies. Government and non-government organizations (NGOs) worked frantically to aggregate the best available geospatial data as a baseline to track the devastation and reconstruction efforts. Data providers quickly generated new data, including imagery, feature datasets and location-based content, both during and after the storm. Unfortunately, many counties lacked the high-resolution imagery necessary to perform accurate change analysis preceding the disaster. ERDAS, Inc.
    Next ESA SAR Toolbox
    NEST is a new free ESA toolbox with an integrated viewer for reading, calibration, post-processing and analysis of ESA and 3rd party SAR data starting from Level 1. Distributed as fully open source, NEST allows users to easily develop new readers and post-processors for SAR data by means of a Java Application Programming Interface (API). NEST is developed by Array Systems Computing Inc. under contract to ESA. NEST 1C includes the following features: * A Display and Analysis Tool (DAT) SAR data visualisation, analysis and processing. * A Graph Processing Tool (GPT) for command line execution of batch processing chains. * A rich collection of readers and writers with an abstracted internal representation to allow easy and efficient access to SAR data * Convert data to COTS file formats for use with third-party software * Create and process graphs * Tiled image viewing and support for very large datasets * Read, display and calibrate ENVISAT ASAR and ERS 1 & 2 * Provide statistics, quick-looks and ingest parts or entire datasets * Coregister detected products * Convert Slant Range to Ground Range * Time domain mulitlooking * Mean, Lee, Frost, Gamma Map Speckle Filtering * ASAR WSS Debursting * Band Arithmetic * Image Filtering * Third-party developers are able to extend software and add new readers, writers and operators. Supported product formats include: * ENVISAT ASAR * ERS AMI 1 & 2 (CEOS & Envisat format from PGS and VMP) * JERS SAR (CEOS format) * Partial support for ALOS PALSAR and TerraSarX * BEAM DIMAP * GeoTIFF * GETASSE30 DEM * ACE DEM Download and install NEST 1C for Windows and Linux at European Space Agency
    Applications of GIS in
    Applications of GIS in Health Sciences Esri
    Unearthing Convict History
    GIS APPLICATION •Cadastral parcel mapping •Compare 1800’s street alignment •Reference of historical plans / maps •View/ reference false colour NIR imagery •Cemetery Mapping / Burial database Esri Australia
    CalAgPermits GIS Application
    Featured Paper by Mikkel Hylden

    GIS Applications: Migration and Integration Strategies
    Esri Users Group Conference
    ArcGIS for Aid Transparency
    Featured Paper by Bonnie Stayer, Dan Zimble, David Gadsden, Jeff Donze, Ken Gorton

    ArcGIS for National Government is a system that provides useful GIS maps and apps focused on enabling national government agencies and other authorities in accomplishing their missions - that is, to run their operations more efficiently; to communicate more effectively; to save money; to engage with the public; and to understand, plan, and set policies.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Improving the Geospatial
    The rapid rise in the use of digital orthophotography (digital orthophoto’s) has provided a quantum leap in the utility of aerial and satellite imagery for community geospatial applications. Production of accurate digital orthophoto’s requires an accurate digital elevation model (DEM). Although LIDAR is increasingly being used to derive DEM’s, the conventional method to produce accurate DEM’s for digital orthophoto’s is to derive them by applying photogrammetric processes to overlapping stereo image pairs. Generally speaking, once the DEM’s and digital orthophoto’s are produced, the photogrammetry firm retains the stereo pairs for use if further data products are required by the acquiring agency. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
    MapDotNet is a rapid GIS development suite of ASP.NET server controls and web services for ArcGIS that bridges the skills of the Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET developer and the GIS professional. MapDotNet does not replace your investment in ArcGIS, it enhances it. Rather than trying to manage thousands of lines of JavaScript in an HTML viewer, with MapDotNet you can drag and drop components and build sophisticated web applications in hours instead of weeks. No longer are you locked into canned frameworks or portal builders; MapDotNet allows for maximum flexibility and functionality while at the same time reducing cost of ownership. Using ESRI’s ArcSDE® and ArcIMS® products, MapDotNet allows the developer to easily and rapidly create and deploy GIS-enabled web applications and portal sites. I.S. Consulting
    Be More Productive With
    Making decisions based on geography is basic to human thinking. Where shall we go, what will it be like, and what shall we do when we get there are applied to the simple event of going to the store or to the major event of launching a bathysphere into the ocean's depths. By understanding geography and people's relationship to location, we can make informed decisions about the way we live on our planet. A geographic information system (GIS) is a technological tool for comprehending geography and making intelligent decisions. GIS
    Virtual Earth v5 Map
    A new version of the Virtual Earth map control SDK has been is now available to support the v5 API released earlier this month. For a quick preview of v5 features and functionality use the interactive, task-based SDK that lets you switch back and forth between interacting with the map, looking at sample code, and browsing the reference; or you can browse the documentation in the MSDN Library. The library versions of the SDK will continue to be be updated over the next few weeks to include more sample code and articles. Microsoft MapPoint
    Transcending Organisational
    Overview •Transcending organisational boundaries •Some facts..... •GeoEnablement - The GIS becomes part of mainstream IT plumbing •Demo – BPM & ArcGIS •Wrap up Esri Australia
    Four Iterations of Statewide,
    Featured Paper by Lawrence Thornton

    Government - Spatial Data Management
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Investigating Food Illnesses
    Featured Paper by Timothy Johnson Esri Users Group Conference
    Obstetric Fistula Patients
    Featured Paper by Jennifer Lemberger

    Obstetric Fistula Patients and Resources in Nyanza Province, Kenya
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Business GIS: Applicable
    GIS data comes from many sources: images, survey data, digitized data, scanned data. The unique integration capabilities of GIS bring together data from many sources for visual display and analysis. Consequently, GIS must support platform-independent solutions that can be implemented for varying server hardware, operating systems, networks, databases, development tools, and desktop applications in addition to Web and mobile clients. (ESRI, 2003) American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
    The Basic Flash Translator. Takes as input MID/MIF and ESRI Shape Files and translates into a Macromedia Flash Mapping Page that allows for queries, images, zooms, pans, etc. The basic tool demonstrates the power of flash technology and GIS. GeoGraphs Corporation
    Land Records Information
    This paper is about Pakistan Land Records management System. Pakistan is an agrarian country with a large portion of its revenue depending upon a two hundred year old conventional agricultural land record system. This system is not able to meet the changing demands of modern time, when large parcels of agricultural land have already been continuously divided into smaller fields as a result of inheritance from forefathers to successors. There arises a need to convert the scattered, difficult to access and unsafe data into reliable digital information using emerging technologies of Remote Sensing, Imagery Analysis, and GIS. The study aims to digitize existing land records manually sketched paper and cloth maps and inventory of their pertinent alphanumeric attributes. This digital geospatial information has been exploited to develop a Land Information System to help in better and reliable archiving and management of land revenue records to aid in decision making, strategy planning and predictive modeling. NADRA, Pakistan
    GIS Solution to Updating
    Featured Paper by Larry Rose

    Problems were discovered involving billing in our customer database. A variety of issues were uncovered that had eluded attention for many years---due to the lack of an efficient approach to solving them. GIS offered a simple and elegant way of spatially identifying the records that needed attention, as long as geographic information was available---it was not. A public/private sector cooperative effort was created to update and centralize all incorporated boundaries.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    “Keeping it Tight”
    Common Business Benefits •High-value insight for both operational and strategic decision making •Improved internal and external customer service •Extensive power to leverage spatial data with your reporting analytical capabilities Esri Australia
    Sample application for Vertical Mapper SDK Northwood Technologies Inc.
    The Importance of Developing
    Featured paper by Brian Mayfield. The number of enterprise GIS implementations is growing exponentially year after year. The concept of enterprise GIS is to provide uniformity and accessibility to geographic information. Uniformity is often the more difficult of the two objectives to achieve. In most enterprise scenarios, end users have differing levels of geographic data needs as they relate to accuracy, precision, and overall cartographic appearance. This paper discusses the importance of a uniform base map for an enterprise solution and provides the enterprise GIS manager with the information he/she needs to design a uniform basemap and to meet the expectations of their internal customers--the end users. Surdex Corporation
    Cadastral Mapping Data
    Featured Paper By Brent Mainzinger

    There are several very different data models to consider when designing a land records geodatabase--fully spatial, traditional linear, multi-tagged linear, ArcParcel Data Model, and various combinations of each. When is feature-linked annotation justified, and when isn't it worth the overhead? This session will discuss these options from the standpoint of productivity, practicality, and usability. We'll compare the cost and benefit of various approaches. A single data model will not be recommended because there is no single data model that is right for everyone. The various options, benefits, and drawbacks of each will be presented.

    The Sidwell Company
    Spatial Selection tool
    MainStreetSpatial is a FREE plug-in for use with ArcGIS that selects features in one layer based on their spatial relationship to features in another layer. For example, select all Parcels that are contained within features from a Watershed layer. MainStreetGIS
    Jobs-Housing Balance:
    Featured Paper by Mike Pogodzinski

    This paper examines the regional jobs-housing balance at the MSA level in California. Jobs-housing balance has been a concern in economic development for many years. An imbalance, defined as a mismatch between jobs within a pay category with housing affordable to people within that pay category, may be an impediment to economic growth.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    USGS National Oil and
    Feature Article By Laura R.H. Biewick, Gregory L. Gunther, and Christopher C. Skinner, U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, Colorado ArcUser Online
    Telecom GIS: An Enterprise
    Featured paper by Milind Deshpande. A new carrier in the recently deregulated India telecommunications market, Reliance Infocomm is building a world-class broadband network, IP backbone, connecting 686 cities with 60,000 kilometers of fiber that will offer terabit capacity. Reliance offers customers national coverage in fixed line, mobile (CDMA), national and international long distance telephony, as well as a full offering of data, image, and value added services. This paper discusses Reliance Infocomm's experience gained in implementation of GIS to support telecom network. Activities like equipment modeling, ISP view & geodatabase creation and use in telecom engineering are covered. Several productivity improvement tools in creating network database and pivotal role of GIS in integrating OSS / BSS / Fiber Monitoring System, data dissemination via the corporate Intranet for efficient Operations and Maintenance of the telecom network are presented. Reliance Infocomm
    Relief Shade
    'Relief Shade' is an original tool to create beautiful shaded relief images from different DEM sources and formats(ArcInfo grids, GTOPO30, SRTM, PCI, Erdas, Geotiff, etc.). To learn more about 'Relief Shade' check out: A 30 days free version is available for download directly at: Geomatics Systems Inc.
    Incorporating Geospatial
    Increasingly, geospatial information is being used to drive decisions in large organizations. In the past, geospatial technology companies focused on developing and providing solutions to data providers, geospatial service providers, airborne sensing organizations, national mapping agencies, state mapping agencies, DoD/National Programs and the natural resources sector. However, as geospatial technology capabilities have increased, more organizations outside this traditional geospatial customer base are discovering the offerings, with increasing interest in integrating this technology into their organization’s existing enterprise business system. ERDAS, Inc.
    DecisionViewer is a FREE GIS viewer, allowing you to view and perform thematic queries on SHP files. DecisionGroup
    Tax Exposure, the MTSA,
    Featured paper by Robert van Wyngaarden, Will Yancey. After the Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act (MTSA) was enacted in July 2000, all mobile calls by U.S. customers are taxable by the city, county, and state at the customer's primary place of use. The MTSA will eventually require all states to publish databases that site hundreds of millions of addresses by taxing jurisdiction. Since there are more than 7,500 local taxing jurisdictions in the U.S., accurate geocoding is vital to avoid serious tax errors. This paper describes the potential tax and administrative problems and investigates how GIS can solve them. Golder Associates Ltd.
    A3D JMapping GIS applet
    A3D JMapping applet allows to integrate easily extended GIS features such as map browsing, address searching and trip calculations into your web site. Now this applet is available for free! Anything3D
    Developing spatial applications
    This white paper introduces briefly the main features of the up coming Oracle Spatial database 10g and Oracle Application Server MapViewer 10g. Through a case study we also show that these off-the-shelf products can serve as effective building blocks for large -scale spatiotemporal data analysis and knowledge discovery projects or applications. Spatial Group,Oracle
    Building the Geospatial
    Featured Paper by Ivan DeLoatch, Karen Siderelis

    This interactive session will provide an update on the current status and next steps for the Geospatial Platform. A summary of related Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) activities will also be presented in order to describe key linkages between interagency projects. This session will specifically focus on recent progress made on Geospatial Platform technologies, federal geospatial portfolio management, and platform governance. It will also include updates from key Geospatial Platform partners. For more information, please visit
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Redistricting Greensboro,
    Featured Paper by Stephen Sherman

    Release of the 2010 census population counts (P.L. 94-171) has obliged Greensboro, NC (population 250,000) to redraw its five council district boundaries to re-balance the population of each district. This paper addresses the development of an ArcObjects based application used by the public, staff and legislators to develop and analyze various redistricting scenarios.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Converts DOS text files to UNIX text files. (removes the carriage-return character, leaving just the linefeed at the end of each line). Courtesy
    MobileMapper Office Datasheet
    MobileMapper Office™, from Thales Navigation, is a powerful office support software package, providing an easy way to view, edit and export complex GIS data on the MobileMapper™handheld GPS mapping and navigation receiver. Thales Navigation
    Investigating the Impact
    Featured paper by Patricia Stiefer, Dana Coe, Jean Wolf, Marcello Oliveira. For many years ozone concentrations in California's South Coast Air Basin have been higher on weekends than on weekdays, despite assumed lower weekend emissions. The "weekend effect" has potential implications for regional ozone control strategies. A multi-level field measurement program is collecting air quality and emission activity data to support analysis of the weekend effect. This paper focuses on GPS data acquisition and processing in ArcView to capture the day-to-day variations in light-duty vehicle driving activity throughout the region. Sonoma Technology Inc.
    Quickly Delivering High-Resolution
    Government agencies, realtors and other groups wanted complete land information access to make their processes and business activities more efficient ERDAS, Inc.
    Identifying Optimal Reintroduction
    Featured Paper by Dirk Cilliers

    The Southern Ground-Hornbill (SGH) Bucorvus leadbeateri has been indicated by various authors as a species that is vulnerable, threatened, or even extinct in parts of its historical range in southern Africa. Reintroduction of hand-reared SGH chicks are considered a viable option to address the aforementioned situation, but in order to successfully reintroduce populations into the natural environment, it is crucial to know where the most suitable reintroduction spots will be.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    Dealing with Data Distribution
    Featured Article By Christopher Thomas, Government Solutions Industry Manager.

    Sooner or later, every GIS manager gets a request to provide GIS data to a consultant or third party. On the surface this seems like a simple and straightforward request, but in reality it is fairly compplex issue. This artcile gives great practical advice in dealing with this issue.

    ArcUser Magazine
    Home and Community-Based
    Featured Paper by Bob Laverty

    Home and Community-Based Medicaid Services and Local Success Factors
    Esri Users Group Conference
    An Image Classification
    A slide presentation that demonstrates GRS's approach to developing image classification training site locations. Presented at the 2004 ASPRS Conference, Denver, CO Geographic Resource Solutions
    The Hurricane Evacuation
    Featured Paper By Earl Dame, Teresa Rodriguez. This paper presents the use of GIS in the development of the Hurricane Evacuation Assessment Toolset (HEAT) for Hillsborough County, Florida. The application has been created to assist residents by providing evacuation and sheltering information in the event of a hurricane or other natural disasters. This interactive program was designed to assist the public to determine if they are in an evacuation zone. It also provides information on shelters, hospitals, fire stations, and sandbag locations. With the additional use of the Evacuation Routing program, residents are able to quickly print maps, with driving instructions, to one of these facilities. Hillsborough County, Florida
    Terrain Avoidance Warning
    Featured Paper By Lisa Wynn. Jeppesen, the leading supplier of aeronautical navigation data and charts, now produces elevation databases for the aviation industry. Recent FAA regulations mandate that all aircraft carrying six or more passengers be equipped with Terrain Avoidance Warning Systems (TAWS) by 2005. TAWS terrain databases must meet critical data quality standards due to their role in accident avoidance. Jeppesen produces high-quality TAWS databases by employing Workstation ArcInfo with the ARC GRID and ARC TIN extensions, ArcGIS, and ArcView with the Spatial Analyst extension to generate, validate, document, and distribute these databases. An overview of TAWS and the Jeppesen database production process is presented in depth. Jeppesen Sanderson
    NHD Conflation of Tribal
    Featured paper by Kenneth Gilland, Peter Ilieve, Bill Kramer, Paul Andrews. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Water is developing a national water quality standards database (WQSDB). The database displays state, tribal, and territorial water quality standards (WQS) designated uses and criteria for the nation's surface waters. The WQSDB achieves consistency by reach addressing (georeferencing) EPA-approved water quality standards regulations to the medium-resolution, 1:100,000 National Hydrography Dataset (NHD). This study evaluates the feasibility of using high-resolution WQS tribal geographic information system coverages to prepare medium-resolution maps for the WQSDB . This effort highlights the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) of the Flathead Reservation as a case study. RTI International
    Using 3D GIS Simulation
    Featured Paper By Do-Hyung Kim & Ilir Bejleri

    The Florida town of High Springs joins University of Florida to develop a vision for the revitalization of its historic town center. An essential component of this effort is the ability to communicate to the citizens the present physical and socio-economic conditions and interactively visualize the proposed design alternatives. To achieve this objective the design team uses 3D GIS to simulate several "before and after" scenarios. This paper will discuss several key elements for the development of the 3D database and the real-time 3D visual simulation as well as the ability to interactively query and display the associated GIS information using ArcGlobe. The paper will provide a methodology for developing 3D urban photo-realistic symbology for ArcGIS using a combination of 3D modeling and soft photogrammetry software. In addition, the paper will address issues relative to advantages of interactive real-time visualization and current limitations of this technology for urban planning and urban design.

    University of Florida
    UCLA's SAS/GIS offers a code sample that creates a fully functional SAS/GIS spatial database. This sample is available in the online help. SAS Institute Inc.,
    Creating the Data Hub
    Feature Case Study Contributed By Schlumberger Sema GISVision Magazine
    QuickImageViewer is a free image viewer which has fast image display speed and smooth zoom function, especially for the huge size image, it is one of the best image viewers in the world. QuickImageViewer
    Mapping for All Seasons
    Laser scanning provides structural and topographic detail previously unheard of. When conducting a LIDAR survey, however, it can be difficult or even impossible to collect measurements on all surfaces of a structure. Since LIDAR works under ‚line-of-sight™ principles, laser shadowing can be a significant issue. But since LIDAR sensors are available on several different platforms, sensor fusion can provide the means to generate complete, accurate solid models. Airborne laser scanners collect accurate georeferenced topographic data of large areas very quickly, while tripod-mounted laser scanners generate very dense, geometrically accurate data. Used in tandem, these scanners make it possible to generate complete solid models that are geometrically accurate on all surfaces. This paper documents the processing and fusing of airborne and tripod-mounted scanner data. The survey used an Optech Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper (ALTM) and an Optech ILRIS-3D laser scanner to survey Toronto City Hall in Toronto, Canada. The final product was a fused data set that represented the entire structure and its surrounding grounds. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
    Potomac Electric Power Company
    Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCo)is a rapidly growing utility delivering to approximately 800,000 residents in Washington,DC and surrounding counties (Prince George and Montgomery counties).Its parent company,PEPCo Holdings,Inc.,recently purchased Conectiv.The combined company delivers about 50,000 gigawatt-hours of power annually to more than 1.8 million customers in Delaware,the District of Columbia, Maryland,New Jersey,and Virginia,making it one of the largest electricity delivery companies in the Mid- Atlantic region. Avineon
    Middle 90’s onwards Hyderabad has witnessed a very rapid growth of IT industry bringing along with it large scope of business and commerce. The last ten years in the city has been a period of human resource intensive dotcoms and BPOs carrying with it large numbers of people. The relatively cash rich IT industry has enabled a relatively richer common man leading to a gradual change to westernized living styles resulting in a large impact on traffic and Transport sector. Higher incomes have translated into larger vehicles plying that much more often on roads leading to heavy traffic congestions and bringing forth transport infrastructure inadequacies. SPECK
    What Is GIS: A Profession,
    What is GIS? Is it a profession unto itself? Is it simply a niche technology inside the broader discipline of information technology (IT)? Or is it a tool that cuts across numerous professional and technological boundaries?

    This debate raged over a period of weeks on GITA’s GEOXchange list server, where members routinely exchange information and discuss topics relevant to the geospatial industry. This particular thread touched off such a firestorm that the association developed a panel discussion on the topic at GITA’s Annual Conference in Denver in March 2005.
    PG-STEAMER 4.1 Full Version
    PG-STEAMER image processing software. The default evaluation version of PG-STEAMER includes a fully functional copy of the software. Pixoneer Geomatics, Inc.
    SuperMap GIS 6R
    SuperMap GIS Downloads SuperMap International Limited
    Quality Data Delivers
    NAVTEQ - working in many areas with Esri • Esri ELA with NAVTEQ • Among top 10 Esri ELAs • Hundreds of ArcGIS, ArcPad and other licenses Esri Australia
    Using a GIS to Predict
    Featured Paper By Joseph Molis

    Sanitary Sewer Overflows occur throughout the country, cause severe environmental and economic damages, and can expose the public to a variety of pathogens. GIS analysis can provide a quick and inexpensive means of evaluating an area for determining the likelihood of a Sanitary Sewer Overflow occurring. Currently, efforts to predict and eliminate Sanitary Sewer Overflows have relied on the use of hydraulic modeling and extensive collection system inventories and inspections. This methodology is often expensive and can take many years to complete. Based on historical information about the causes of Sanitary Sewer Overflows and their distribution, it is possible to identify areas at greater risk of their occurrence and direct study efforts to those regions. This paper will present an approach to using a GIS to analyze general spatial characteristics of a Texas municipality's wastewater collection system and compare the results to known historic occurrences of Sanitary Sewer Overflows.

    A spin-off project of early web development efforts for Terra Cognita, Jasper is a program that lets users create and update their web pages through their web browser. Because it is built on an underlying database, users can update the information as often as they wish. Oregon State University
    Eric Carlson, President

    Eric Carlson President and CEO Telcontar
    Eric Carlson has worked in research, product development and executive management in Silicon Valley since 1972. Most recently, Eric spent two years as a management consultant and Visiting Senior Fellow at the Santa Clara University Center for Science, Technology and Society. From 1994 to 1999 Eric held VP/GM positions at Silicon Graphics (SGI) including VP/GM of the Visual Computing Business Unit. Eric was with the ASK Group from 1990 to 1994 and held several executive positions including President and CEO. Prior to this, Eric was with Unisys, Convergent Technologies, Inc., and the IBM Research Division. His research at IBM resulted in more than 50 papers, 1 patent, and an IBM Outstanding Contribution Award for the Geo-data Analysis and Display System.
    Geodatabase Reporter.NET
    Geodatabase Reporter is a productivity and diagnostic tool for personal and SDE geodatabases. The key features of Geoadtabase Reporter.NET are: - Schema Reporting - Data Reporting - Geometric Network Rule Editor - Topology Rule Editor Geodatabase Reporter.NET is developed on top of Microsoft's .NET Framework and ESRI's ArcEngine by ESRI's Application Prototype Lab in Redlands, California. Geodatabase Reporter.NET can be used as standalone application or used in conjunction with ArcCatalog for ArcGIS 9.0. Regardless Geodatabase Reporter.NET consumes an ArcEngine (or better) license. For more information on regarding ESRI’s products and services pleace visit PREQUISITE: - Microsoft Windows 2000/XP - Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1 For more information or trouble shooting please read the user guide available from the start menu: START > PROGRAMS > GEODATABASE REPORT.NET > USER GUIDE. Esri
    Integrating GIS and Asset
    Featured Paper By Bryan May

    Managing the maintenance activities of a large municipal water system with more than 235,000 accounts is a monumental challenge. The water infrastructure assets number more than 500,000 and span a service area of over 400 square miles. The legacy software of the 1990s was inadequate at tracking work on our distributed assets. In early 1999, the Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) began looking for a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. Through an exhaustive process, the GCWW selected a leading EAM solution. While the selected software was the best overall fit for our various requirements, it lacked baseline support for GIS and addresses. This represented a significant functionality gap for the GCWW. The GCWW designed and built an application to fill the gap between our existing GIS system and the new EAM software. The integrated solution satisfies the GCWW's GIS needs without compromising a baseline implementation of the EAM system.

    City of Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW)
    Street Light Inventory
    Featured Paper By Darren Rozenek, A.J. Romanelli & John Schiebold

    The City of Akron Ohio was faced with the need to inventory and spatially locate its street light assets in a short amount of time. Using a combination of technologies, the City was able to quickly and accurately complete a street light inventory of more than 25,000 poles. Field data capture was facilitated by GPS and digital photo/attribute capture. Short ramp up times for field workers and high data collection rates (one feature/minute) allowed the survey to be completed in three months. Office data management using ArcGIS, ArcSDE, and ASP completed the data collection loop.

    Akron Public Utilities Bureau Public Utilities
    What's New in WaterCAD
    Walk through the most important new features in WaterCAD V8 XM Edition. Watch these short video clips to learn how this new version is advancing the water modeling technology once again. Bentley Systems
    A Decision-Support Model
    Featured Paper By Allan Scott, Bruce Rindahl. This paper describes the use of a well site prioritization tool that can be used by water resource planners to identify new well sites for potable water production. The tool incorporates user-defined factors such as water quality, aquifer characteristics, and impacts on existing wells. This tool uses cell-based data layers to score and weight each of these factors for the entire region based on selected shapefiles. The results are displayed as color-coded values identifying the sites that best meet the criteria. New data can be incorporated and scoring criteria changed, providing a sustainable decision making tool for water supply planners. Brown and Caldwell
    The First Step: Utility
    Featured paper by Terry Ford, Robert Moss. The Augusta Utilities Department (AUD) in Augusta, Georgia is committed to maintaining a sound, functional Water/Sewer Utility GIS with a high level of integrity. This paper discusses how together, KHAFRA and AUD are leveraging the latest available technologies to capture legacy information and organizational knowledge in a comprehensive GIS. Topics include customizing ArcGIS to capture data from scanned record drawings, using handheld DGPS units with ArcPad for field verification, developing applications to incorporate new features, quality control considerations, capturing organizational knowledge from personnel, and establishing procedures to keep the gathered information current. KHAFRA Engineering Consultants
    GPS Fleet Tracking System
    GPS fleet tracking and management system allows the enterprise to monitor their remote assets effectively and efficiently. fmsgps
    WaterCAD: Modeling fire
    Watch this eSeminar and learn how utilities, municipalities, and engineering firms use WaterCAD to analyze fire flow, water quality, and Extended Period Simulation (EPS) scenarios for their water distribution infrastructure. Bentley Systems
    Quantum GIS 1.4.0 Enceladus
    Quantum GIS 1.4.0 Enceladus with GRASS - Standalone Windows Installation File Kcube consultancy services
    MapPad allows you to save your site a nd associated text information to a simple text file, and display that information by clicking the sites on the map. Sample map and datafile come with the free software, and more maps are available. NOAA Paleoclimateology Program
    Cube Tutorial and Demo
    Install Cubetown. (88.7MB) Citilabs, Inc.
    DEMO-ike GPS laser in action
    This demo is designed to provide a simple practical example of how ike can be used to easily capture accurate GPS data from a distance. Surveylab USA Inc
    Transition of Legacy
    The Navy’s information infrastructure is largely based upon aging technologies that impair the ability to effectively and securely share information between applications. Information sharing today is largely accomplished through handshake agreements and periodic exchange of database exports. The cost of maintain obsolescent information infrastructures is significant both from a monetary and operational perspective. In many cases, the Navy maintains duplicative data collection, storage, and dissemination applications to satisfy different users rather than making use of single authoritative data store and service. The immediate financial impact is apparent as multiple infrastructures must be established and maintained. However, the secondary fiscal impact often greatly exceeds this as the duplicative data stores must be fed information which entails costly human-centric processes. Operationally, this approach leads to conflicting data stores which must usually be manually correlated and resolved to develop any semblance of an authoritative view of the environment the data stores are supposed to relate. Avineon
    allows you to view data and metadata together in ESRI's ArcView application. MetaScan does not create metadata records. You must create them using a metadata creation program like Spatial Metadata Management System (SMMS), then use the extension to open them from ArcView. RTSe USA, Inc.
    Theme Browser 2.1
    Theme Browser is a user friendly extension that add's "ArcCatalog" like capabilities to Arcview. *** Browse, Search, Preview and Add themes from user friendly dialogs *** Ability to search an entire hard drive including all of it's subdirectories in a single run! *** 6 powerful fully automatic batch conversions. Build catalogs to access tile or mapsheet based datasets geographically, rather than by filename. And much more... Nieuwland Automatisering
    STK User's Conference 2004
    GeoIntelligence Applications AGI
    City of Tucson, AZ
    Water Department Facilities Conversion

    Avineon was selected by the City of Tucson Water Department to convert potable and non-potable water infrastructure data located on existing paper-based maps (Valve Maps)into an ArcGIS SDE Geodatabase.
    Tsunami Response Efforts:
    Featured Paper By Lee Schwartz

    The December 26, 2004, earthquake off the coast of Indonesia resulted in a humanitarian crisis the likes of which has not been seen in over a century. Accurate early damage estimates were made complicated by the tsunami's broad spread--politically and geographically--as well as the narrow footprint of the coastal damage. This also made it difficult to plan the appropriate level of international response, despite the unprecedented offerings of assistance. Scientific and technical agencies that collect, process, and utilize remote sensing and GIS assets mobilized their resources quickly in an effort to provide support to the immediate post-disaster response efforts. Still, a judicious assessment of these efforts reveals serious gaps in the ability of remotely sensed data and GIS mapping tools to contribute effectively to immediate field-based relief needs. This paper will provide a critical examination of, primarily, USGS remote sensing and GIS response efforts to the tsunami disaster.

    U.S. Department of State-Office of the Geographer and Global Issues
    ArcSDE Database Administration:
    Featured Paper by Greg Tudor

    The Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) implemented SDE 3 (Spatial Database Engine) in 1997. Since that time, many changes and improvements have been made to the ArcSDE enterprise database and the geodatabase (GDB) extensions. When did we last review our SDE configuration? As part of the DNR’s GIS migration project, database administrators (DBAs) reevaluated the ArcSDE/GDB environment focusing on configuration, storage, tuning, monitoring, management, and maintenance. DBAs evaluated and modified the operating system, Oracle database, and SDE configuration parameters. DBAs improved storage portability and revised the sdedbtune keyword definitions. Spatial reference definitions, spatial indexes, and spatial view were tuned. SQL views of common orphan SDE/GDB objects and monitoring scripts were developed to assist with identifying problems and tracking usage trends. Several developing ArcSDE management and productivity tools were reviewed. The ArcSDE evaluation findings, recommendations, and results of implementation revisions are presented.
    Esri Users Group Conference
    ArcGIS Explorer
    ArcGIS Explorer is ESRI's (world leader in GIS products) free GIS data viewer. This is very similiar to Google Earth with more GIS type functionality. LaudonTech
    MapWorld live demos
    MapWorld visualizes maps in the Internet through the most common plug-in. No delay in rendering, no waiting time to see details, multi-layer system on a dynamic transport. MapWorld
    Looking at Student-Collected
    Featured paper by Thomas Baker, Steven Case. It was Alfred Wallace who first identified the geographic distribution of species as a lynch-pin to understanding evolutionary succession. Today, students must apply the same fundamental concepts to the collection, analysis, and interpretation of biodiversity and geological data. Using Web-based data entry forms and ArcIMS mapping software, students involved in PathFinder Science research ( are able to explore their data with real-time visualizations of our changing planet to better understand global warming. Center for Research on Learning
    Creating a Hydraulic
    Featured Paper By Dean Trammel Jr.

    Tucson Water (TW) is a municipal water company serving potable and reclaimed water to more than 216,000 services in the greater Tucson, Arizona, area. In mid 2004, TW completed a three-year project to convert more than 1,600 paper water-system maps to an ArcSDE geodatabase. This paper will discuss the process and problems encountered while automating the process of creating an all-pipe hydraulic model using data contained in the geodatabase. Automating the process gives Engineers the ability to quickly create hydraulic models for specific geographic areas that are calibrated to specific time periods, while eliminating cumbersome manual upkeep, maintenance, and manipulation of the model data required for specific hydraulic analysis.

    City of Tucson Water Department
    An overview of SewerCAD
    An overview of SewerCAD, Bentley's solution for sanitary sewers modeling and design. With an easy-to-use interface, SewerCAD brings you automated design, scenario management and much more! Bentley Systems
    Leveraging the Data Collection
    GeoVisus leverages the ArcGIS Server Suite from ESRI to provide their DCI©™ solution in a hosted services orientated architecture. The DCI©™ enables organizations to extend their investment in ESRI products by taking advantage of the highly-scalable hosted environment. DCI©™ is ideal for clients looking to take advantage of online mapping, wireless data collection, and hosted QA/QC tools for supporting a range of business processed that require accurate and fast access to infrastructure maps. GEO-VISUS Inc.
    The ht://Dig system is a complete world wide web indexing and searching system for a domain or intranet.cover the search needs for a single company, campus, or even a particular sub section of a web site. San Diego State University
    GT LatLong
    Convert NGS Datasheets and GPS Network adjustment logs into Survey Coordinate file formats readable by programs such as Corpscon. Geosurface Technologies
    NTXShape - NTX to Shapefile
    Converts files from the CARIS NTX format into the widely supported shapefile format, preserving virtually all features and attributes. Supports points, lines, polygons, text, spot heights and soundings. Includes a batch utility, an API, and an ArcView extension. Esri Canada
    Using GIS to Assess Grazing
    Featured Paper By James Catlin. Livestock grazing on BLM lands has a long history in the West. For more than half a century, BLM has been charged with managing the number of livestock that graze on public lands for sustained yield. This policy has evolved today to manage grazing in deference to the needs of ecological health. Range monitoring and analysis have also changed over the years and, in the process, BLM has collected decades of range data. Wild Utah Project
    ShiftASSIST for MapInfo
    ShiftASSIST has been developed to assist in the uniform adjustment of spatial datasets to maintain the relative positioning between related datasets. The tools provided with this application will assist in: - Automatic generation of the shift links (ie. The magnitude and direction of the shift between two MapInfo datasets - The batch adjustment of MapInfo tables - Cleansing and Snapping of the shifted data to ensure topological consistency. Spatial ASSIST
    MrSID Module for MapInfo
    The free MrSID Geo MapInfo Professional Module allows instantaneous viewing of .sid images in the popular desktop mapping program. Like any other raster image in MapInfo, users can zoom, pan and navigate throughout the .sid image and overlay vector data. LizardTech
    Streamlining Gas Transmission
    Featured paper by Ted Kircher, Gathen Garcia, Andy Little. New Mexico's largest supplier of Natural Gas Services was faced with the need to centralize, streamline and increase the efficiency in the management of its Gas Transmission assets in order to meet the ever-changing demands of the utility industry. Utilizing the functionality of an existing Electric Transmission System (eTAMIS) as a foundation, PNM has built an ArcGIS Gas Transmission application (gTAMIS) that includes a simple field-editing module based on ArcPad to aid in incorporating data changes. This application continues to increase corporate wide efficiency by being the geographic anchor for a comprehensive Federal and State Regulatory Compliance program. Innovative Software Solutions
    City of Naperville, Illinois
    The City of Naperville,Illinois is a rapidly growing western suburb of Chicago in DuPage and Will counties with approximately 135,000 residents.The City's GIS is a multi-departmental implementation that was built not only to serve the application requirements of the City's Electric utility,but also the Water/Wastewater utility and the Departments of Public Works,Development Services,Transportation & Engineering,Fire and Police.The City's electric service territory,roughly equivalent to the City's municipal limits,comprises approximately 46 square miles and 52,000 customers. Avineon
    LandGrabber 1.0 for ArcMap
    LandGrabber 1.0 for ArcMap adds a toolbar that enables the user to batch download USGS topo maps and photography directly from a view. Requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or Higher to function. Documentation, Tutorial, FAQs at JDGIS Consulting
    Remote Sensing and GIS
    Featured Paper By William Roper& Subijoy Dutta

    A variety of advanced technologies are available to enhance planning, design, management, operation, and maintenance of pipeline system. Aerial and satellite remote sensing integrated with GIS represents one area of rapid development that can be leveraged to assist pipeline risk assessment to assure the safety of pipeline facilities. Industrial and scientific advances in airborne and satellite remote sensing systems and data processing techniques are opening new technological opportunities to develop an increased capability to accomplish the pipeline mapping and safety needs of the industry. These technologies when combined with GIS have significant and unique potential for application to a number of cross cutting system security issues. This paper will address some of the applications of these technologies to pipeline security assessment.

    George Mason University
  • Why Land Information System
  • What is Land Information System
  • Land Information System Scenarios
  • SDI Initiatives (Global)
  • Overview of LIS and SDI
  • Indian NSDI Initiatives
  • Intergraph 2006
    "DEM Generation Using
    This article examines the extraction of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) from QuickBird stereo image pairs without the use of ground control points (GCPs). Due to the frequent unavailability of ground control points, a DEM generation method requiring no GCPs would be of significant interest to users of stereo data. The article also explores the refinement of extracted DEMs by applying horizontal shifts based on reference DEMs from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). PCI Geomatics
    eXplorerFree.exe version 6.6
    GeoConcept eXplorer FREE, the ActiveX component for cartographic visualisation It enables preparing presentations with dynamic GeoConcept maps in the tools of the Microsoft Office Suite such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Handlings (zoom in/out, move...) are done via a drop-down menu under the right button of the mouse or can be accessible behind Macro buttons of Microsoft (to set up in Visual BASIC). GeoConcept SA
    MapServer Demo Interface
    This demo uses the latest version of Mapserver 4.6
    Aqua3D - Groundwater
    Aqua 3D for Windows The most versatile groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling software commercially available. Are you tired of making compromises with your model conceptualisation and having to dumb down your data because your modelling software is inadequate to the task? Are you looking for a mathematically stable, truly time varying flow and contaminant transport modelling tool which will give you the freedom to model as you want and as the real world demands? If you are then the solution is available now with Aqua3D. The Aqua3D software is the latest development of the Aqua finite element program group. First developed in 1983 it has been continuously upgraded since then. It has been used worldwide on the most difficult modelling problems. The software comes with support and advice. Aqua3D is compiled to run Windows to obtain maximum efficiency in model set up, the fastest model run times and multi-platform capability. Vatnaskil Consulting Engineers
    MapImager for ArcGIS
    MapImager adds simple, easy-to-use image analysis and visualization tools to ArcGIS. MapImager allows you to quickly perform powerful interactive image or map comparisons within the familiar ArcMap environment. With one button you can toggle between blend, swipe, change bands, and custom morphing controls. MapImager also adds the ability to create, save and/or download customized images from various sources, and integrate these images directly within your ArcMap document. MapImager for ArcGIS works equally well with vectors, digital imagery, aerial photos, and scanned maps. Telemorphic, Inc.
    Assessment of the New
    The GEOID03 model was developed in the same manner as GEOID99 using an underlying gravimetric geoid, USGG2003, and updated GPS ellipsoidal heights on leveled Bench Marks (GPSBMs). USGG2003 is similar to G99SSS, however, it included an updated model for gravity anomalies in the deep ocean areas, GSFC00.1. The conversion surface for GEOID03 was developed from 14,185 GPSBMs at a 5 arc-minute grid interval, which provided a substantial increase in the spatial coverage and reduced errors due to interpolation. The fit to these same points afterwards was 4.8 cm (2“´¬–”²ª› ), which is comprised of both correlated (attributable to GEOID03) and uncorrelated (GPS observation error) signal. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
    World, National and Federal
    This paper describes what geospatial standards are and why they matter and discusses major standards activities at the international, national, and Federal government levels. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
    Paper Maps Interface
    Communication and information exchange has long been one of the cornerstones of humanity. Maps and map like forms have served as both organizational structures for the location of human events and navigational aid for travelers. Maps have used numerous mediums. Each medium has given the map the ability to be more flexible in its use and implementation (Table 1). For the map form, its first major evolution was to become portable so map users could take spatial information with them or aid them in getting from one place to another. This evolution was possible by moving maps from stone to paper medium. Placing maps on paper made them portable so map users could access the information stored on the map when and where needed. American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM)
    The Aggregation of Pixel
    A slide presentation that contrasts inappropriate approaches of pixel aggregation, such as filtering and smoothing with more accurate and effective techniques like ecological rule-based pixel aggregation. Geographic Resource Solutions
    Tracking and Managing
    Featured Paper By Gulla Gisladottir

    In order to take advantage of relational database functionality and ESRI's Geodatabase model, the County of Santa Cruz, California, migrated its decade old GIS from a CAD based mainframe platform to an SDE/SQL Geodatabase. The base layer for the GIS system is the cadastral layer, and our initial challenge was to develop maintenance and tracking procedures for the Assessor's Office to replace the existing CAD based editing. We would like to share our experiences with the GIS community and address the challenges and issues that we have faced and discuss how we have resolved them. The presentation will focus on the migration strategy, Geodatabase design, data maintenance procedures, Assessor's map production, and our future goals. We will also discuss how this new system is able to meet the needs of an increased number of County departments.

    County of Santa Cruz
    Comprehensive stormwater
    Navigate the stand-alone interface of CivilStorm and watch how easy it is to model every aspect of your stormwater system—including rainfall, runoff, inlet capture and bypass, gravity and pressure piping, detention ponds, outlet structures, open channels, culverts, and more. Bentley Systems
    ILS Cover Sheet Agent (CSA)
    Version: 1.0 build 93 System Requirements: OS: Windows 98, NT SP6, 2000, and XP,RAM: 128 MB and more, HDD: 12 MB International Land Systems (ILS), Inc
    Get a free MapBlast! address entry text box on your website that directly links to the MapBlast! web site. MapBlast
    SetStartUpStyle mbx for MapInfo stores your current region, lines, font and symbol styles. Next time you run MapInfo it will start with these current styles. Freeware. Relief
    Leading Incident Mapping
    At ARCBridge Consulting, we have developed an application that allows many non-GIS users simple and powerful mapping capabilities without the need for constant training. We have addressed the complications inherent in many GIS software by providing the user simple, yet powerful tools to create dynamic maps. EVENTSolv allows the user to work with all formats of SHAPE files and even SDE. ARCBridge Consulting
    Using ArcView in Conjunction
    Featured paper by Chris Garrard. Predictive spatial modeling in ecology is becoming more common, but unfortunately, not all ecologists possess the skills necessary to successfully combine statistical models and geographical information systems. In response to this problem, I wrote an ArcView extension which provides an interface between ArcView and the SAS and S-PLUS statistical software packages. The extension provides a graphical user interface which helps users create data sets with which to build models, creates script files containing the necessary code for the statistical software, and imports and maps the model results in ArcView. Logistic regression and classification and regression tree models are supported. RS/GIS Laboratories
    EasySVG for ArcGIS
    EasySVG for ArcGIS provides a simple, cost-effective solution for publishing interactive maps on the internet and intranet. If you want the benefits of providing attractive, immersive and information rich maps but without the cost and time then EasySVG can help. Easy to use wizard. Scalable Vector Graphics. Free 30 day trial. QinetiQ
    QA/QC for GIS Data: Starting
    This discussion provides a brief introduction of QA/QC and gives you a few ideas for getting started with a quality assurance program. Esri
    writing SML Scripts MapInfo Corp.
    This service uses data from the US Census and a supplementary list of cities around the world to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculates the distance between them (as the crow flies). It also provides a map showing the two places, using the Xerox PARC Map Server.
    Homeland Security, Civil
    GISCafe Special News Report Autodesk, Inc.
    Enabling Distributed
    Featured paper By Simon Doyle and Martin Daly Cadcorp
    Using ArcIMS to Facilitate
    Featured paper by Tim Smith, Jonathan Norvell, Quentin Rund. Farm management decisions are best when they incorporate the views of specialists from many areas. But a problem exists in sharing data among those involved in the decision-making process. ArcIMS has proven useful in sharing datasets and providing a mechanism for discussion of an optimum farm management strategy. Using ArcIMS in the decision-making process allows farmers and their advisers to make more efficient use of inputs in crop production lessening environmental impact and strengthening the farmer's bottom line. University of Illinois
    Photogrammetric Software
    This little tool will re-organize all of the files you have in a folder into "pack sized" folders. For instance, if you create orthos and deliver them on DVDs (e.g. to the state or county), this tool can be used to break up the output files into logically grouped and DVD sized folders. It's very easy to use and works great. It seems trivial to have such a tool but once you use it you see that it can really save you time and pain. Fagerman Technologies, Inc.
    TractBuilder Drafting Tools
    Metes & Bounds and Aliquot (quartering) tools for ArcGIS (ArcView+, 9.3 or above). The best tool for creating features form legal descriptions. Tex-to-Polygon auto-conversion, legal description extraction, specialty aliquots (the South 200 feet of the Northwest quarter of the East half), and more! TractBuilder, LLC
    IDL VM Download
    The IDL Virtual Machine™ (IDL VM™) is a free IDL runtime utility available with the release of IDL 6.0. The IDL VM provides a simple, no-cost method for IDL users and software developers to distribute compiled IDL code applets, or entire applications to colleagues and customers without additional licensing requirements or fees. Research Systems Inc.
    Creating a Transportation
    Featured Paper By Tim Gahagan & Raja Andela

    As Northwest Ohio's Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments (TMACOG) works with transportation data from several counties in Ohio as well as Michigan. With the need to manage this data effectively, TMACOG has developed an Integrated Transportation Database (ITD), which will house all of the regional transportation data in a single set of relational databases. These datasets can then be mapped using a Linear Referencing System (LRS) built on existing DOT frameworks. Tools available in ArcInfo 9 are used to build the LRS as well as conflate attributes from multiple geographic networks into one system. Once the ITD is completed, it will reduce the time needed to do various GIS analyses, produce maps, and ease the transfer of data among participating agencies. This presentation will discuss the design of the database, various conflation techniques used, and the quality control of the database.

    Enhanced Shapefile Creator 2.0
    Data East FREE Software Downloads

    Enhanced Shapefile Creator 2.0
    Data East, LLC
    Investing in Geo-Technology:
    Feature Article By Jeff Thurston GISVision Magazine
    USGS National Oil and
    Featured Paper By Laura Biewick, Gregory Gunther, Christopher Skinner. The U.S. Geological Survey Central Energy Resources Team (CERT) in Denver, Colorado, is providing National Oil and Gas Assessment (NOGA) results online at High demand for the 1995 NOGA results, and the fact that it is the first, entirely digital comprehensive domestic assessment available, prompted CERT to develop an Internet map application using ArcIMS to deliver the plays, cells, tables, and geologic reports to the public. CERT continues work on assessing oil and natural gas resources of priority basins in the United States; assessment results are made available at this site on an ongoing basis. USGS Central Energy Resources Team
    Filtering of LIDAR Data
    Featured Paper By Juliano Kersting & Ana Paula Kersting

    One of the main advantages of the airborne laser scanner systems is the high degree of detail that a portion of the land can be mapped. This overdetailed description is caused by the high number of acquired points, which makes it easier to identify objects and model the topography. However, the large amount of collected points becomes redundant in plain regions, where fewer points are needed to describe the surface. An algorithm aimed primarily at the reduction of the number of points within a TIN model produced using LIDAR data was implemented in C## language using ArcObjects and both the ArcGIS Spatial and 3D Analyst extensions. The method is based on the faces of the triangulation, in which the redundant points are eliminated by a neighborhood vertex importance analysis. The obtained results with different thresholds are presented, and map algebra calculations on raster created with two generalized subsets are used for evaluation.

    COPEL - Companhia Paranaense de Energia S.A.
    QA/QC for GIS Data: Initial
    Quality control must be organized to make the best use of time, tools, and people. Before you perform the most intensive, time-consuming inspection tasks, start with a set of quick and efficient quality control checks. This discussion provides just a few initial quality control ideas to make your QA/QC for GIS data more efficient. Esri
    Water Main Shutdown Application
    Feature Article By Jennifer Coate, Project Manager for Weston Solutions, Inc. ArcUser Magazine
    Thales Navigation Puts
    Electric company uses Ashtech Reliance from Thales Navigation to develop new mapping system? Thales Navigation
    Network Geodatabase Design
    Featured Paper By Keith Hangland, Nnamdi Agbakwu, Thad Tilton & Richard Bowen

    This technical presentation will demonstrate the design and implementation of a geodatabase for linear referencing, dynamic segmentation, and transportation network analysis. The object model offers an approach for implementing and maintaining a transportation database that supports dynamic segmentation, routing, and addressing. It covers the object model and design concepts using SDE, customization using ArcObjects in the .NET framework, and applications for the Network Analyst extension. The project demonstrates an application for modifying feature attributes, maintaining dynamic segmentation, and associating non-network features (e.g., parcels, address points, and bus stops) with a network. It also offers schema for constructing routes based on underlying feature segmentation.

    Adams County
    After Access - Creating
    Featured By: William S. Holland, CEO, GeoAnalytics Overview Overview The Context The Information Evolution Model Strategy Driving Value Examples Best Management Practices GeoAnalytics, Inc.
    ER Viewer version 7.0
    ER Viewer is an easy to use image viewer featuring interactive roaming and zooming with very large image files. A wide range of image formats* ResMap
    Feature Collection
    In photogrammetry, the term “feature collection” generally refers to the extraction of 3D information from an oriented stereo pair. 3D information usually consists of points, lines and polygons with locations stored in XYZ 3D coordinate space. Ancillary information such as annotation or data attributes may also be collected and documented during the feature collection process. ERDAS, Inc.
    GIS Map of the Philippines
    Click on the link to download. Files are in SHP format. You may need a GIS viewer to load the files. A&A Geoinformatics Corporation
    Water Data Model Development
    Featured paper by Rob Bailey, Patrick Noonan. Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities has recently developed its GIS data model for use in support of its GIS Foundation Project. The project involves the creation of a GIS data repository for water and sewer system data across the entire Utility service area. This paper will focus on the experience and lessons learned from using a previously developed data model as a starting point to develop the Utility's model. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities
    Paul McNamara, Senior

    Paul McNamara
    Senior Vice President and General Manager
    Paul F. McNamara, 41, is Senior Vice President and General Manager of SGI's Visual Systems Group. He is responsible for managing the engineering, marketing and business management for SGI's worldwide Visual Systems business including its workstations, graphics servers and graphics software product lines. He joined the company in February 2001 as Vice President for Open Source. McNamara has more than 18 years experience in the computer industry.
    Automatic drainage extraction
    The study of the topography is important of in terms of distribution and flux of water (runoff) in natural systems. The aut