You are receiving this email as a Internet Business Systems Subscriber on behalf of PCI Geomatics =============================================================================== PCI Geomatics NEW! ProLines Geolmaging Server High Performance Image Processing -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you need to take the next step in GeoImaging performance? Introducing the ProLines GeoImaging Server - a high performance, cost effective solution for automated image processing and job scheduling. Reduce processing bottlenecks! * Orthorectification, pansharpening and mosaicking ready * Flexible GPU-based architecture * Job processing system * 4TB to 10TB per day of GeoImage processing * Extendable system architecture The ProLines GeoImaging Server combines the power and precision of GPUs with the accuracy and expertise of PCI's automated workflows (ProLines). ProLines help to reduce labor costs and shorten delivery cycles through the automation of repetitive and time consuming tasks providing consistent results and operational efficiency. Configured as a desk-side or rack-mount system, the ProLines GeoImaging Server can be customized to meet your needs. For more information contact =============================================================================== You are subscribed as [_EMAIL_]. If you no longer want to receive news from our GIS sponsors but want to continue receiving other GIS newsletters, please visit Otherwise, if your email client supports HTML, please change your format preference to "HTML" for the best viewing experience. To change your personalized CafeNews mailing subscription, go to Copyright (c) 2018. Internet Business Systems, Inc. All rights reserved