$1000 off National Geographic TOPO! USA Data Set
Order the best topographic data set for all 50 states for only $1499, and get a free TOPO! Pro for ArcGIS Extension. 
Get all 50 states of TOPO! data for $1499, and you’ll also get TOPO! Pro for ArcGIS free!  TOPO! data is widely regarded as the most complete and highest-quality topographic data available.  Now you can get the entire USA on a USB drive, loaded with all 50 USA states, and TOPO! Pro for ArcGIS.  This is an amazing deal -- over $1000 off our regular price for this data and software combination.  TOPO! data is made up of genuine USGS quads, scanned at high resolution, color-corrected, then seamed together to give you the full USA panorama for any project.  Five levels of data, including:
  Two National Geographic Atlas Layers
Two USGS Layers
1: 24,000*
*Scale for Alaska and Hawaii may vary.
TOPO! Pro for ArcGIS is the easiest-to-use tool for bringing topographic data, shading, and DEM’s into your ArcGIS project.
Quickly import TOPO! Base Maps, Hillshade and DEMs into your ArcGIS Project.
TOPO! Pro for ArcGIS is our premier solution for fast and easy integration of high-quality topographic maps, hillshades, and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) into your ArcGIS project. With functionality added directly to your ArcGIS toolbar, repetitive tasks associated with importing and managing multiple raster data files become a thing of the past. TOPO! data layers are referenced to Geographic Coordinate System, North American Datum 83.
Features for both Multi-layer and Image Support Tools:
  Ability to quickly import seamless topographic maps across multiple USGS quads to your project.
Toggle on/off beautifully enhanced shaded relief generated from NED elevation data.
Support for a broad range of projections.
Small file size.
Photo-quality, high resolution graphics.
Additional features for ArcGIS Multi-layer Tool:
  Import topographic maps, hillshade, and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) into your project as separate layers. Each layer can be toggled on and off separately so you can get the exact image you are looking for in your project.
Transparency, color ramps, and visible scale ranges can be adjusted separately.
Easily combine any of the three layers to create the exact map you need.
ArcPad compatible – harness the power of TOPO! in your mobile GIS and field mapping. Export topographic maps, hillshading, and DEMs directly from ArcMap into ArcPad.
This offer is good until July 31, 2007
*Actual hard drive may vary
System Requirements:
ESRI ArcGIS 8.x and above on Windows 2000 and XP
To purchase, visit us on the web at:
http://www.ngmapstore.com/shopping/product/detailmain.jsp? itemID=547&itemType=PRODUCT&RS
or call us at (800) 962-1643 x 101.

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