Learn how to be in-demand as a GIS professional You are receiving this email as a Internet Business Systems Subscriber on behalf of American Sentinel University =============================================================================== Learn how GIS can prevent and manage forest fires You've most likely heard of the native mountain pine beetle infestation in the western forests of the United States, but did you know their presence has actually increased the wildfire potential in these areas? To ensure our woodlands are around for future generations, long term forest management plans must address and reduce the chance of these fires. Join me, Devon Cancilla, dean, business and technology for American Sentinel University, and Michael Tuffly, principal for Environmental Resource Inventory and analyst for ERIA Consultants, LLC, as we discuss the critical role of geospatial information systems in forest fire prevention and management. See how spatially explicit models are used to evaluate and mitigate fire risks. Join us on Tues., Nov. 29 at 1 p.m. EDT Register: http://www.giscafe.com/common/images/10/21472/1524222052/_ENC_EMAIL_/at.html Sincerely, Devon Cancilla, Ph.D Dean, Technology and Business American Sentinel University http://www.GIScafe.com/common/images/10/21469/1524222052/_ENC_EMAIL_/at.html Join the conversation! Check out our blog!: http://www.giscafe.com/common/images/10/21471/1524222052/_ENC_EMAIL_/at.html Check out our technology group!: http://www.GIScafe.com/common/images/10/21473/1524222052/_ENC_EMAIL_/at.html =============================================================================== You are subscribed as [_EMAIL_]. If you no longer want to receive news from our GIS sponsors but want to continue receiving other GIS newsletters, please visit https://www10.GIScafe.com/nl/sponsor_unsubscribe.php?enc_email=_ENC_EMAIL_&sk=_SUBSCRIBER_KEY_ Otherwise, if your email client supports HTML, please change your format preference to "HTML" for the best viewing experience. To change your personalized GISCafe.com CafeNews mailing subscription, go to https://www10.GIScafe.com/nl/newsletter_subscribe.php?enc_email=_ENC_EMAIL_&action=Edit&sk=_SUBSCRIBER_KEY_ Copyright (c) 2018. Internet Business Systems, Inc. All rights reserved